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Federal Register / Vol. 71, No.

76 / Thursday, April 20, 2006 / Notices 20383

number of responses multiplied by the Unit 51, Riverdale, MD 20737; (301) DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE
reporting burden per response.) 734–3265.
All responses to this notice will be Forest Service
summarized and included in the request SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: The
for OMB approval. All comments will Animal and Plant Health Inspection Eastern Arizona Counties Resource
also become a matter of public record. Service (APHIS), Animal Care, is Advisory Committee
announcing four additional meetings to
Done in Washington, DC, this 14th day of discuss the enforcement of the Horse AGENCY: Forest Service, USDA.
April 2006. ACTION: Notice of meeting.
Protection Act (HPA). Two prior
Kevin Shea, meetings for this purpose have been
Acting Administrator, Animal and Plant SUMMARY: The Eastern Arizona Counties
held in Shelbyville, KY, on February 8, Resource Advisory Committee will meet
Health Inspection Service.
2006, and in Springfield, MO, on March in Payson, Arizona. The purpose of the
[FR Doc. E6–5942 Filed 4–19–06; 8:45 am] 13, 2006. Notice of the earlier meetings meeting is to review and approve
BILLING CODE 3410–34–P was published in the Federal Register projects for funding.
on January 18, 2006 (71 FR 2902), and
DATES: The meeting will be held May
on March 7, 2006 (71 FR 11373). These
DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE 19, 2006, at 12:30 p.m.
meetings are designed to provide a
ADDRESSES: The meeting will be held at
Animal and Plant Health Inspection forum for information dissemination on
current initiatives by Animal Care. the Gila Community College Payson
Service Campus, 201 Mud Springs Road,
Further, these meetings provide the
[Docket No. APHIS–2006–0003] opportunity for industry members and Payson, Arizona. Send written
other interested parties to provide comments to Robert Dyson, Eastern
Horse Protection; Public Meetings in suggestions for the HPA Operating Plan Arizona Counties Resource Advisory
California, Kentucky, Tennessee, and
for 2007 and beyond and comments on Committee, c/o Forest Service, USDA,
other Horse Protection Program matters P.O. Box 640, Springerville, Arizona
85938 or electronically to
AGENCY: Animal and Plant Health during the listening session period on
Inspection Service, USDA. the agenda. Each attendee who wishes
ACTION: Notice of public meetings. to comment should indicate at FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT:
registration his or her intention to Robert Dyson, Public Affairs Officer,
SUMMARY: We are advising the public address the Deputy Administrator Apache-Sitgreaves National Forests,
that the Animal and Plant Health during the listening session and will be (928) 333–4301.
Inspection Service’s Animal Care allotted a set amount of time. SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: The
program will host four additional meeting is open to the public.
The meetings will, with the exception
meetings to present current information Committee discussion is limited to
of possible minor modifications, follow
on the enforcement of the Horse Forest Service staff and Committee
the agenda below. Registration for each
Protection Act (HPA) and provide a members. However, persons who wish
meeting will start 30 minutes prior to
forum for horse industry members and to bring Pub. L. 106–393 related matters
the meeting.
other interested persons to comment on to the attention of the Committee may
the Horse Protection Program, Welcome and Overview: 15 minutes. file written statements with the
development of the HPA Operating Plan Horse Protection Program Update: 1 Committee staff before the meeting.
for 2007 and beyond, and other Horse hour, 45 minutes. Opportunity for public input will be
Protection matters. This notice provides provided.
Listening Session: 1 hour, 45 minutes.
the meetings’ agendas, locations, and Dated: April 13, 2006.
dates. Remarks and Closing: 15 minutes.
Deryl D. Jevons,
DATES: The meetings will be held in Meeting notices, copies of the Horse
Acting Forest Supervisor, Apache-Sitgreaves
Dallas, TX, on April 19, 2006, at 1 p.m.; Protection Act, HPA regulations, the National Forests.
in Somerset, KY, on May 17, 2006, at 1 HPA Operating Plan for 2004–2006, and
[FR Doc. 06–3774 Filed 4–19–06; 8:45 am]
p.m.; in Pomona, CA, on June 12, 2006, other relevant documents are available
at 2:30 p.m., and in Chattanooga, TN, on on the Animal Care Web site at http://
September 11, 2006, at 1 p.m.
Registration for each meeting will start Please note that these meetings are DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE
30 minutes before the meeting. being held to provide for the exchange
ADDRESSES: The meetings will be held at of information on the enforcement of the Forest Service
the following locations: Horse Protection Act and are not an
Dallas, TX: Sterling Hotel Dallas, 1055 opportunity to submit formal comments DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR
Regal Row, Dallas, TX. on proposed rules or other regulatory
Somerset, KY: Center for Rural initiatives. Written comments will be Fish and Wildlife Service
Development, 2292 South Highway 27, accepted and should be mailed to:
Suite 300, Somerset, KY. USDA, APHIS, Animal Care, 4700 River Southeast Alaska Federal Subsistence
Pomona, CA: Kellogg West Road Unit 84, Riverdale, MD 20737. Regional Advisory Council Meeting
Conference Center, 3801 West Temple AGENCY: Forest Service, USDA; Fish and
Done in Washington, DC, this 14th day of
Avenue, Pomona, CA. Wildlife Service, Interior.
April 2006 .
hsrobinson on PROD1PC61 with NOTICES

Chattanooga, TN: Miller & Martin

Kevin Shea, ACTION: Notice of meeting.
PLLC, Volunteer Building, 832 Georgia
Avenue, Suite 1000, Chattanooga, TN. Acting Administrator, Animal and Plant Date: May 10, 2006.
FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Mr. Health Inspection Service. Time and Location: 10 a.m., Alaska
Darby G. Holladay, APHIS Legislative [FR Doc. E6–5943 Filed 4–19–06; 8:45 am] Daylight Savings Time, by
and Public Affairs, 4700 River Road BILLING CODE 3410–34–P teleconference. For how to participate,

VerDate Aug<31>2005 14:56 Apr 19, 2006 Jkt 208001 PO 00000 Frm 00002 Fmt 4703 Sfmt 4703 E:\FR\FM\20APN1.SGM 20APN1
20384 Federal Register / Vol. 71, No. 76 / Thursday, April 20, 2006 / Notices

please see SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION the availability of approximately requirements imposed on ten or more
below. $495,000 in competitive cooperative persons * * *.’’ (44 U.S.C. 3502(3)(A))
SUMMARY: This notice informs the public agreement funds for fiscal year (FY) Because the RFP will receive less than
that the Southeast Alaska Federal 2006 to conduct research on the 10 respondents, the Paperwork
Subsistence Regional Advisory Council national economic impact of all types of Reduction Act does not apply.
will hold a public meeting on May 10, cooperatives. USDA Rural Development
2006. The public is invited to hereby requests proposals from
participate and to provide oral institutions of higher education Federal Agency: Rural Business-
testimony. interested in applying for a Cooperative Service.
competitively awarded cooperative Funding Opportunity Title: Research
research agreement. The intent of the on the Economic Impact of
Southeast Regional Advisory Council Cooperatives.
will meet by teleconference on May 10, funding is to encourage research on the
critical issue of the economic value of Announcement Type: Initial
2006, for the purpose of reviewing and announcement.
providing comments on the Federal cooperatives.
rulemaking which would result in DATES: Interested parties may submit Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance
Federal subsistence management of completed applications for the Number: 10.778.
certain marine waters in the vicintiy of cooperative agreement on paper or Dates: You may submit completed
Makhnati and Japonski Islands within electronically according to the following applications for the cooperative
the City and Borough of Sitka, Alaska, deadlines: agreement on paper or electronically
and for discussing other matters Paper copies must be postmarked and according to the following deadlines:
affecting subsistence users in Southeast mailed, shipped, or sent overnight no Paper copies must be postmarked and
Alaska. This meeting is open to the later than June 30, 2006, to be eligible mailed, shipped, or sent overnight no
public to provide testimony. To for FY 2006 funding. Electronic copies later than June 30, 2006, to be eligible
participate, call toll free, 1–888–982– must be received by June 30, 2006, to be for FY 2006 funding. Late applications
4496. The Teleconference Leader is Ms. eligible for FY 2006 funding. Late are not eligible for FY 2006 funding.
Melinda Hernandez and the Passcode is applications are not eligible for FY 2006 Electronic copies must be received by
Makhnati. funding. June 30, 2006, to be eligible for FY 2006
FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: ADDRESSES: Applicants may obtain funding. Late applications are not
Chair, Federal Subsistence Board, c/o application forms, guides, and materials eligible for FY 2006 funding.
Office of Subsistence Management, U.S. for the cooperative agreement at http:// The Paperwork Reduction Act of 1995
Fish and Wildlife Service, 3601 C Street, (Pub. L. 104–13): There is no public
Suite 1030, Anchorage, Alaska 99503; reic.htm or by contacting USDA Rural reporting burden associated with this
telephone (907) 786–3888. For questions Development at (202) 690–0368, (TDD: notice.
related to subsistence management (800) 877–8339, Federal Information
Relay Service) and ask for the I. Funding Opportunity Description
issues on National Forest Service lands,
contact Steve Kessler, Subsistence cooperative research agreement This solicitation is issued pursuant to
Program Leader, 3601 C Street, Suite application kit. the Agriculture, Rural Development,
1030, Anchorage, Alaska 99503; Submit completed paper applications Food and Drug Administration, and
telephone (907) 786–3592. for a cooperative agreement to USDA Related Agencies Appropriations Act,
Rural Development’s Cooperative 2006 (Pub. L. 109–97), as amended by
Dated: March 30, 2006. Programs, Attn: Cooperative Research, the Department of Defense
Thomas H. Boyd, Mail STOP 3250, Room 4016—South, Appropriations Act, 2006 (Pub. L. 109–
Acting Chair, Federal Subsistence Board. 1400 Independence Avenue, SW., 148) directing funds ‘‘for a cooperative
Dated: March 30, 2006. Washington, DC 20250–3250. The research agreement with a qualified
Steve Kessler, phone number that should be used for academic institution to conduct
Subsistence Program Leader, USDA-Forest FedEx packages is (202) 720–7558. research on the national economic
Service. Submit electronic applications at impact of all types of cooperatives.’’ The
[FR Doc. 06–3766 Filed 4–19–06; 8:45 am], following the Secretary of Agriculture has delegated
BILLING CODE 3410–11–M; 4310–55–M
instructions found on this Web site. the program’s administration to USDA
the program Web site at http:// The primary objective of this
DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE cooperative research agreement program
reic.htm, which contains application is to facilitate university research on the
Rural Business-Cooperative Service guidance, including an Application national economic impact of
Guide and application forms. Or you cooperatives. The research program will
Request for Proposals: Fiscal Year may contact USDA Rural Development need to develop a methodology for
2006 Funding Opportunity for at (202) 690–0368 (TDD: (800) 877–8339 collecting and assembling basic impact
Research on the Economic Impact of Federal Information Relay Service). data on a periodic basis; apply the
Cooperatives methodology to collect data and
AGENCY: Rural Business-Cooperative estimate economic impact of
Paperwork Reduction Act cooperatives; estimate cooperative
Service, USDA.
ACTION: Initial notice of request for Under the Paperwork Reduction Act, specific community impact multipliers;
hsrobinson on PROD1PC61 with NOTICES

proposals. 44 U.S.C. 3501 et seq., OMB must and conduct other appropriate studies
approve all ‘‘collections of information’’ to examine the socio-economic impact
SUMMARY: Rural Business-Cooperative by USDA Rural Development. The Act of cooperatives on their local
Service programs are administered defines ‘‘collection of information’’ as a communities.
through USDA Rural Development. requirement for ‘‘answers to * * * The cooperative agreement proposal
USDA Rural Development announces identical reporting or recordkeeping must address the following deliverables:

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