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MADLAB THEATRE AND GALLERY ANNOUNCES New Date for Opening New Space Media Contacts: Andy Batt

, Managing Director,, 614-571-3886 For Immediate Release: Despite enormous efforts by their board and ensemble and their many many many friends, on a level with the building of the pyramids, MadLab Theatre and Gallery has pushed back opening their new space at 227 North 3rd st. from Friday March 12th to March 19th. The Killing ‘em With Kindness Comedy Festival will still start on March 12th with national touring act, The Cody Rivers Show. It will be presented at MadLab’s old space at 105 N. Grant Ave. and now becomes the newest final show at 105 N. Grant. Ave. Fake Bacon and The Shimmy Shake Project will now be the opening acts at the new space on March 19th and 20th. All other information on the comedy festival remains the same (see below).

MadLab Theatre and Gallery will present The Kill ‘em With Kindness Comedy Festival at 8:00, March 12th-April 17th, Fridays and Saturdays, with a Thursday show on April 15th at MadLab Theatre and Gallery, 227 N. Third St. Columbus. Tickets cost $10, $8 Students/Seniors, $6 Members. Call 614-221-5418 or visit MadLab presents The Kill ‘em With Kindness Comedy Festival
Friday Saturday Friday Saturday Friday Saturday Friday Saturday Friday Saturday Thursday Friday Saturday March 12 March 13 March 19 March 20 March 26 March 27 April 2 April 3 April 9 April 10 April 15 April 16 April 17 8pm 8pm 8pm 8pm 8pm 8pm 8pm 8pm 8pm 8pm 8pm 8pm 8pm The Cody Rivers Show The Cody Rivers Show Fake Bacon/Shimmy Shake Project Fake Bacon/Shimmy Shake Project Comedy’splosion Comedy’splosion See You Thursday See You Thursday The Regime The Regime FFN’s Wheel of Improv FFN’s Wheel of Improv FFN’s Wheel of Improv

All performances at: MadLab Theatre and Gallery, 227 N. Third St, Columbus, OH 43215, Ticket prices are $10, $8 Students/Seniors, $6 Members For reservations call 614.221.5418 or send to Order tickets at:

THE KILL ‘EM WITH KINDNESS COMEDY FESTIVAL marks the first production at MadLab’s new space at 227 North Third Street. This six week festival features a different comedy act each weekend highlighted by the opening act - THE CODY RIVERS SHOW from Washington. Who will actually open the festival and close MadLab’s old space at 105 N. Grant Ave. Each weekend will bring you anything from sketch comedy to short-form improv, from stand-up to long-form improv. It’s a little something for everyone each week. THE CODY RIVERS SHOW - March 12-13 The Cody Rivers Show creates kinetic and unpredictable comedy theatre that has amazed audiences and defied description for the past five years. Pushing the envelopes of physical theatre, dance, music, and high-concept comedy, The Cody Rivers Show delivers unique shows unlike any other comedy act, past or present. Their latest new piece - ‘Right Back Where We Finished’ - sprints between precocious youths, game theory, pioneer-era linguistics, ants and prairie dogs, the confessions of an unruly teen, eccentric old men, baby, jockeys, ping-pong, and oh so much more. It’s like running a marathon, doing algebra, and eating cake all at the same time. Andrew Connor of The Cody Rivers Show, on MadLab’s new space: "Having grown up in Columbus and gone on to do theater all over the world, it's really awesome to be able to come back home to a thriving fringe theater scene like the one that MadLab is cultivating. For them to be buying a new space and amping up their operations in the current economy is a real testament to their success and the strength of Columbus audiences. It's totally against the national trend of theaters and arts organizations imploding. Columbus is one of our favorite tour stops - always fun shows - and we're super excited to be coming back." FAKE BACON/SHIMMY SHAKE PROJECT - March 19-20 Fake Bacon & The Shimmy Shake Project will be teaming up to bring you the finest in shortform improv comedy. Whether putting their own spin on classic improv games or hitting you with their healthy dose of troupe originals, their high-intensity show is certain to generate laughs both long and loud. COMEDY’SPLOSION - March 26-27 Comedy’splosion returns to MadLab! This will be the third year Columbus-based stand-up comics Justin Golak & Sumukh Torgalkar have put on the mammoth weekend of shows which celebrates stand-up comedy in Columbus. Billed as a stand-up show run by stand-up comics, for stand-up comedy fans, Comedy’splosion features established Columbus-based comics performing alongside standout up-and-comers from the Columbus comedy scene. Come out and see the best stand-up comedy that Columbus has to offer. SEE YOU THURSDAY - April 2-3

See You Thursday is the resident troupe of Pull The String Productions, a non-profit organization developed by co-founders Bill Sabo and Sean Wheeler to promote the awareness, education and creative development of improvisational performance in Central Ohio. See You Thursday's show format involves various non-related scenes divided by blackouts and music. The scenes can possibly be related, but generally develop independently from one another. Nothing is scripted out; everything that happens between the performers on stage is entirely spontaneous and made up on the spot. The scenes are character-driven, and with the exception of a suggestion given at the top of the show, audience participation is non-existent (with the hopeful exception of laughter, of course).

THE REGIME - April 9-10 With our newest revue, The Regime is celebrating one more comedy show for Columbus audiences. After four huge ha-ha bashes, quite frankly, we're wondering why we don't have our own t.v. show yet. Where's the love, Hollywood? (And by love, we mean cash.) "Can't Somebody Else Do It?" is the second most-asked question by Americans. It's a thought that's crossed everyone's mind at some point, from Jesus to John McCain. It's also the title of our fifth show, natch. You're going to love this show so much you're going to want to make love to it in the backseat of your automobile. And that's cool. You have our blessing.

FULL FRONTAL NUDITY’s WHEEL OF IMPROV - April 15-17 For the last four years, FFN has brought you Columbus’ only true long-form style of improv, creating full thirty to sixty minute plays right before your eyes. This time, you will decide which format of old they will resurrect before your very eyes as they will be at the whim of the deadly....Wheel of Improv!! With a spin of the wheel by one of the audience members, the troupe will have to jump into and maybe out of one of these longform shows: FFN’s Sketch You Can Believe In FFN in Reverse What’s On Your Mind Now? Dramatic Turn Looking for Love FFN in Spaaaace!!! What’s On Your Mind? The Love Jungle CSI: Columbus

Do they dare?