Edward and Bella 24 BPOV The rest of the week we were trying to figure out who it was that

sent me the note. Edward was always near me, standing in a protective crouch. Once, when he thought I wasn’t looking, he hissed at the window. There was no one there. I think he’s going insane. “Edward, I’m going to go visit Billy and Seth at La Push, okay?” I asked. I saw Edward grow stiff. “Okay, let me drive you to the border line.” He said. I shook my head no. “Edward, your eyes are pitch black. You need to hunt!” I said. Edward turned into a statue. “I would never hurt you Bella. I have enough self control.” Edward said. “That’s not what I meant. I already know that. What I meant was, you need to hunt. For yourself, not for me. I know how much pain you’re going through just standing next to me. Please? I don’t want to be the one who’s causing you all this pain.” I said. “You aren’t the one. The person who is terrorizing you is.” He said coldly.

“Please?” I asked. He was still not responding. “Please? I’ll take my truck. I haven’t been driving in a while.” I added. “Fine. But even if you get an inch of a feeling you’re being watched, call me immediately.” He said sternly. I nodded my head eagerly. “Of course.” I said. He gave me a forced, strained smile and kissed me good-bye. I grabbed my car keys and flew out the door. EPOV I heard the vampires outside follow Bella. I didn’t know how I couldn’t read their minds. Bella was the only one who could do that. The probably have a block working with them. (A/N: Blocks are vampires with the power of blocking people’s minds when nearby.) Once they were gone, I took out my phone and called the one place I never had called before. “Ciao?” The receptionist answered. “Posso comunicare prego con Aro Volturi?” I asked. (A/N: Can I speck to Aro Volturi please?) “Appena un minuto.” She replied. (A/N: Just a minute.) I waited impatiently. “Hello?” Aro said.

“Aro, it’s me Edward Cullen.” I said. “Ah, Edward. What is it that you need?” He asked. “It has to do with Bella. There are two unknown vampires stalking her and sending her threats. She’s alone right now and they are following her. Can you please come and help us?” I asked. “Of course, where shall we meet you?” He asked. “Near my house. Follow my trail leading into the forest and you should find us there.” I said. “Okay Edward. We’ll see you there.” He said. Even though they were planning on Bella, I’m glad we have their help. They wanted Bella to become an immortal and would kill anyone in their way. BPOV Everything had been going well, I was almost there. I was just about to call Edward when I got snatched out of my car. I screamed as loud as I could. Hopefully Edward or one of the other Cullen’s would hear me. “Nice to see you again.” A voice said.

Suddenly, I was only aware of the pain. It felt as though my left leg was broken, so was my arm, a few fingers and a few ribs. I had never felt too fragile and broken. Not even when the James incident happened. I heard the sound of laughing. I warily opened my eyes and met two pairs of pitch black eyes. *Hoped u liked it! Ashley(1Ashapea1) I can assure u that u will be in the next Edward and Bella story! I hoped u liked it! COMMENT PPL! It makes me write more and faster! Thnx for all the great ratings and comments u’ve all been giving me!  ♥peyton

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