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C o l l e g e o f t h e N o r t h At l a n t i c Q ata r


Engineering Technology

Whats inside

Welcome to the School of Engineering Technology


The CNA-Q story


Why a diploma works for you


Why you would like it here


Choosing an Engineering Technology program:


Chemical Laboratory Technician

Chemical Processing Technology
Electrical Engineering Technology
Mechanical Engineering Technology (Industrial Maintenance)
Process Automation Engineering Technology
Telecommunications Engineering Technology


Oil and Gas Training Centre


Labs and shops


Application checklist


Entrance requirements / How to apply and register


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The instructors are

one of the most helpful
resources on campus.
They are friendly and
available even outside
of classes.
Zain Mahmood
Telecommunications Engineering
Technology, Class of 2012

Working in engineering was my dream.

CNA-Q made it come true.
Mrdia Mohammed
Telecommunications Engineering Technology, Class of 2011

over 50%
of new entrants to Qatars
energy sector were trained
at CNA-Q
(Energy and Industry Training and
Development Liaison Committee, 2011)

Welcome to the School of Engineering Technology

at College of the North Atlantic Qatar
Join our alumni in the workforce over 50% of
new entrants to Qatars energy sector were trained
at CNA-Q.
learn practical skills in the best oil and gas training
facility in the Gulf CNA-Qs Oil and Gas Training

Balance classroom lectures with hands-on projects

and real-world problem solving.
Learn from friendly instructors with years
of industry experience. You will feel welcome here at
CNA-Q just ask our students!


CNA-Q at a Glance
Opened in 2002
Large campus with modern facilities
Located in Duhail, northern Doha

4,676 full and part-time students in

the 2010 2011 academic year

2,500 alumni from full-time


3,500+ graduates from part-time


380+ Canadian instructors

25+ countries represented by

our students

20 student clubs and societies


The CNA-Q Story

CNA in Qatar

college of the north atlantic qatar is a

partnership between the State of Qatar and College
of the North Atlantic in Canada. We officially opened
in September 2002. CNA-Q fills the States need for
graduates who have hands-on training in their field
of study and are ready to start work right away. As
the second largest post-secondary school in Qatar,
CNA-Q now has 2,000+ full-time students.

college of the north atlantic (cna) was chosen by

the State of Qatar from top colleges around the world
to fulfill Qatars need for a technical college. With 40+
years of success and a long list of program offerings,
CNA created what is now Qatars premier technical
college CNA-Q.


full and part-time students

in 2010 2011 academic year

CNA-Q programs are tailored to Qatars top industries.

Our institution complements degree-granting
universities in Education City and elsewhere in Qatar.
When you join CNA-Q, you are joining a community
of over 20,000 students enrolled every year at CNA
campuses in Canada and Qatar.

Diploma vs. Degree

People ask us all the time why we offer diplomas
and not degrees. Its because many jobs require
specific expertise that you dont get in a university
degree program. CNA-Q gives you the education
you need to qualify for those jobs right away.

Heres why a CNA-Q diploma

works for you:
find your place in qatars economy
CNA-Q programs train you specifically
for top industries in Qatar
graduate sooner
Diploma programs are often shorter than
degree programs
Be a leader in your field
Our programs are often the first and
only of their kind offered in Qatar
transfer your credits
Apply to universities in Canada, the US
and the UK through 60+ articulation

With 17 campuses in Canada

and one in Qatar, CNA delivers
full and part-time programs to

students every year

All Engineering Technology students enrolled

in a 3-year diploma program complete a

in their last year of study

Why you would like the School of Engineering Technology

The School of Engineering Technology is about more than workshops and lab manuals.
Read more to find out how you can build your resume and have a lot of fun while doing it.


Real work experience

capstone Project competition

All Engineering Technology students enrolled in a
3-year diploma program are required to complete
a Capstone Project in their final year of study.
Students study a problem, design or technological
application, and report their findings. Students can
then present to a panel of judges from the College
and industry in the Capstone Project Competition.

Engineering Technology students can gain practical

work experience in their final year through industry
partnered activities. Our students use their skills and
knowledge to solve problems, design solutions,
create applications, present to industry representatives,
and more.

cna-q skills competition

All CNA-Q students are invited to participate in
the annual CNA-Q Skills Competition. There are
30+ categories, ranging from Mechanical Design
to Public Speaking.

Chemical Laboratory Technician students complete

a 30-hour practicum that enables them to gain
experience in a workplace setting.

The Green Home Sustainable Energy and Home Automation project

woN 2ND PlACe ouT of 74 ComPeTiTorS

DiD you kNow?

at QNRFs 3rd Annual UREP Competition, held in March 2011

Research initiatives
Students have the opportunity to conduct research
projects with instructors at CNA-Q. Some projects are
funded by the Qatar National Research Fund under the
Undergraduate Research Experience Program (UREP).
save the turtles
One of CNA-Qs most successful research projects
began as an Engineering Technology students
research project. Build an Environmental Research
Robot to clean the beach at Ras Laffan Industrial
City a nesting habitat for the hawksbill turtle in
Qatar is now a multi-disciplinary project involving
Math, Science and IT. In 2011, the project won a
$15,000 US Ford Motor Company Conservation
and Environmental Grant for student involvement
in research. It also won $70,000 US in 2008 from
green home
The Green Home Sustainable Energy and Home
Automation project involves 3 instructors and 9
students in the School of Engineering Technology. The
goal is to reduce electricity and water usage through
devices such as light sensors and gray water
recycling, The next step is to construct a green villa
in partnership with the Qatar Green Building Council.

This project was devised by a team of Process
Automation Engineering Technology instructors
and students. The team uses the Internet to remotely
run engineering labs from any location in real time.
The project was awarded SEED funding of 63,000 QR
in 2011.

Part-time studies
The School of Engineering Technology also offers
Continuing Education courses to the community and
Corporate Training courses tailored to industry needs.
Areas include:

Engineering Technology graduates

can transfer their credits and
continue their studies.
We have articulation agreements with
universities worldwide, including:
Cape Breton University, Canada
Indiana University Purdue University
Indianapolis, US
Lakehead University, Canada
Memorial University of
Newfoundland, Canada
Teesside University, UK

Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) Technician

University of Bradford, UK

Gas Chromatography

University of Leeds, UK

CISCO: CCNA Exploration

University of Liverpool, UK

Supply Chain Management Diploma (PMAC)

Power/Steam Engineering
For part-time studies and short courses, contact
the Corporate Training and Continuing Education
Department at:

For detailed information, consult

the latest Academic Calendar.

Chemical Laboratory Technician

Electrical Engineering Technology

Mechanical Engineering Technology

ChooSiNg AN eNgiNeeriNg
TeChNology ProgrAm

Do you like
...doing chemistry in a lab?
Try chemical laboratory technician
...learning about oil and gas?
Try chemical Processing technology
Chemical Processing Technology

...making things work with electricity?

Try electrical engineering technology
...building and fixing equipment?
Try mechanical engineering technology
(Industrial Maintenance)
...using remote controls to operate
Try Process automation engineering

...communicating with high-tech devices?
Try telecommunications engineering

Process Automation Engineering Technology

Telecommunications Engineering Technology

you will SPeND

30 hourS in the lab
in your Chemical Laboratory
Technician Practicum

Chemical Laboratory Technician

so you are interested in being a chemical
laboratory technician
One of your favourite school subjects is chemistry.
You want to learn how to make products we use every
day, such as plastics and rubber, from raw materials
like oil and minerals. You are interested in topics like
quality control and research.
You will graduate with a Chemical Laboratory
Technician Certificate (Level 1).
Potential career choices
Lab Technician
Environmental Tester
Research Assistant
sample course listing
Workplace Safety
Analysis and Sampling Techniques
Quality Assurance
Note: You do not need to take the Chemical
Laboratory Technician program prior to taking the
Chemical Processing Technology program.

.)1 (

) (


Our students practice in our

Oil and Gas Training Centre, the
largest and most inclusive training
facility of its kind in the Middle East

In the plant I work in, I used to memorize a lot of tasks without

understanding the theory behind them. After studying at CNA-Q,
I became more confident in my job. Its easier now that I understand
the theory.
Mansour Mana Chemical Processing Technology, Class of 2010
Plant Supervisor, Qatargas

Chemical Processing Technology

so you are interested in chemical
Processing technology
You want to work in the oil and gas industry. You want
to know more about how crude oil is changed into
useful products, like fuel for your car. You are interested
in processing plants, doing activities such as design,
operation, maintenance, fractionation, and distillation
Level 2 Chemical Processing Technician Diploma
Level 3 Chemical Processing Technology Diploma
Potential career choices
Petrochemical Technician
Process Plant Operator
Chemical Technologist
sample course listing
Power Plant Components
Process Troubleshooting
Applied Thermodynamics
Simulation and Design

Four Engineering
Technology Students
participated in the annual
Newfoundland and Labrador Oil
and Gas Industry Association
(NOIA) conference in St. Johns,
Canada in 2009. They met the
Honourable Danny Williams,
Premier of Newfoundland
and Labrador at the time,
and participated in several
media interviews.


Electrical students and instructors are

involved in a project called Smart Traffic,
seeking ways to make traffic lights more
effective and responsive to traffic flow

Electrical Engineering
so you are interested in electrical
engineering technology
You are curious about how electricity works your
mobile, your car and more. You would like to learn
about how electricity is used in industry. You are
interested in areas like motors, generators and
electrical circuits.
Level 2 Electrical Power Systems Technician Diploma
Level 3 Electrical Engineering Technology Diploma
Potential career choices
Electrical Technologist
Power and Water Utilities Technician
Construction Site Electrical Engineer Assistant
sample course listing
Power System Transformers, Switchgear and
Electromechnical Motor Controls
Pressure and Level Measurement and Control

I learned many new skills at the College, such

as report writing. My math also improved.
Saad Ali Al-Ahbabi
Electrical Engineering Technology, Class of 2009
Senior Technician, Halul Terminal, Qatar Petroleum



We have 2 generator/transformer units in our

Terco Electrical Power Systems Simvulator Facility


Researchers from CNA-Q and Sohar University in Oman have

PArTNereD oN A $396,900 uS QNrf ProJeCT

called Innovative Intelligent Computerized Numerical Control (CNC)
Machine Employing Computer Vision System

Mechanical Engineering
so you are interested in mechanical
engineering technology
You like to know how things work. Designing,
operating and troubleshooting mechanical devices is
interesting to you. You would like to know more about
topics like pumps, engines and hydraulics.
Level 2 Mechanical Technician
(Industrial Maintenance) Diploma
Level 3 Mechanical Engineering Technology
(Industrial Maintenance) Diploma
Potential career choices
Mechanical Supervisor
Production Resource Manager
Mechanical Designer
sample course listing
Mechanics Statics and Dynamics
Preventive and Predictive Maintenance
3-D Modelling/CAD

.) (


Women in Engineering
This field is not just for men!
More and more women
are joining our Engineering
Technology programs. We
encourage females working
in the engineering field to
share their experiences with
our students.


Process Automation
Engineering Technology
so you are interested in Process automation
engineering technology
When you were a child, you liked to operate things by
remote control like mini trucks and airplanes. Now you
are curious about how you can control an entire power
plant from a control room. You would like to know how
this can save time and money for industry.
Level 2 Process Automation Technician Diploma
Level 3 Process Automation Technology Diploma
Potential career choices
Field Technician
Instrumentation Planner
Control System Design Operator
sample course listing
Electromechanical Motor Controls
Safety Shutdown and Machine Monitoring Systems
Advanced Process Control Applications

You have many choices

with this program. You
can work in any industry
that can be controlled
without having to work in
the field, like petroleum.
Mehdi Djeffal
Process Automation Engineering
Technology, Class of 2013


Students gain hands-on

experience in our
Siemens 3G
Telecommunications Lab

Upon completion of this program,

graduates will be fully prepared to take
the cisco ccna exploration exam

Engineering Technology
so you are interested in telecommunications
engineering technology
You like to communicate using technology. You want to learn
more about how digital and fibre-optic technologies work.
You are interested in topics like microprocessors, satellites
and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP).
Graduates will be fully prepared to take the CISCO CCNA
Exploration Exam.
Level 2 Telecommunications Engineering Technician Diploma
Level 3 Telecommunications Engineering Technology Diploma
Potential career choices
Network Technologist
Telecommunication Engineering Assistant
Software Engineer
sample course listing
IP Routing/Switching
Broadcast Engineering Technology
Digital Signal Processing



CNA-Q courses helped me understand industry needs

and gave me practical experience in labs. For example,
the VoIP course gave me hands-on experience in the
VoIP technology readily used in Qatar.
Hina Shaikh
Telecommunication Engineering Technology, Class of 2010


Oil and Gas Training Centre

the only training facility of its kind in the gcc
The OGTC enables our students to train on scale
versions of equipment that is actually used in industry.
You will learn how changing different settings will
affect temperature, level and flow within a piece
of equipment.
7 main pieces of equipment:
liquid-liquid extraction
Removes impurities from oil
fixed Bed reactor
Uses heat to break down crude oils into
usable products
Water Purification Plant
Cleans water for use in plant operations
Packed distillation column
Separates two substances using different
boiling points
ph control Plant
Prepares waste for disposal
gas absorption trainer
Removes unwanted gases from natural gas
three-Phase separator
Uses gravity to separate gas, oil and water

We are delighted with the quality of

students who have graduated from the
Engineering Technology programs at
CNA-Q over the past four years. Our
employees who have graduated have
grown and matured into competent
well-rounded employees, holding key
positions within the organization.
Robin Ullrich
Training and Development Superintendant


The Siemens 3G Telecommunications

Lab was built in 2006 through sponsorship
by Siemens and Qtel at a cost of

2.47 millioN uS

Labs and Shops

Gain up-to-date training on modern equipment used
in industry. Come visit the School of Engineering
Technology to see our state-of-the-art labs and shops.
computer numerical control (cnc) lab
Learn to cut, sculpt and engrave at the touch of a
button using our full-size 3-axis CNC milling machine.
This lab also has metalworking lathes used to mass
produce parts such as engine crankshafts. All
CNC models are capable of computer-aided
manufacturing (CAM).
electronic fabrication lab
Make electronic devices at your workbench.
Each bench has soldering, de-soldering and fume
exhausting capabilities. Learn to build electronic
circuits and kits, etch and drill custom circuit
boards, and much more.
electrical motors lab
Learn about areas such as three-phase power
generation and distribution. Design, operate and
analyze different types of AC and DC motors
and generators. Use a graphic simulator for the
construction, operation and analysis of motor and
generator circuits.

electrical Power systems lab

Gain hands-on experience in the operation, control
and protection of medium and high-voltage electrical
power systems. Power system software simulation
packages are also used to study system load flows
and protection system coordination.
fluids lab
Learn to demonstrate and analyze the properties of
fluids, using equipment such as flume tanks, water
hammers and flow measurement instruments. This
enables you to evaluate pumps, turbines and other
fuild machinery in an industrial setting.
industrial controls (Plc) lab
Learn to automate electromechanical processes,
such as assembly lines, from remote terminals. Use
portable programmable logic controller (PLC) trainers
from Allen-Bradley. Processes are displayed by
human-machine interface (HMI) software.

instrumentation and Process control lab

Gain top training in automation of the energy industry.
Learn to use calibration instruments, Feedback
process control trainers, Foxboro distributed control
systems (DCS) and FOUNDATION fieldbus trainers
for digital two-way communications in a plant
machine shop
Gain exposure to issues found in mechanical
maintenance departments in this industry-strength
workshop. Learn hands-on machinist skills, such as
turning, milling, grinding and drilling, using precision
machinery and tools. Equipment includes a full-size
CNC lathe, CNC mill and 16 manual lathes.

siemens 3g telecommunications lab

Use the same equipment as telecom service
providers throughout the world. In addition to 3G voice
and data, you will learn about land-based telephone
systems, fibre-optics, Internet and network services,
and antennas and microwave transmissions.
thermodynamics lab and steam Plant
Gain hands-on experience in power engineering in this
full-size steam plant. Learn to use systems such as
gas and steam turbines, gasoline and diesel engines,
and steam and water treatment plants.

You can learn something on

paper, but you double that by
doing it practically in the lab.
Thats how you understand.
Hisham Saif
Telecommunications Engineering
Technology, Class of 2012

materials lab
How do we know materials are safe for use in
industry? In this lab, use a microscope to inspect
metal and plastic material specimens and determine
material composition and properties. Learn about
heat treating, quality control and mechanical
failure analysis.



Applying to the College?

Heres what you will need:
Completed application form
Pick one up at the Registrars Office in
Building 1 or download it from the College
website at:
official copy of secondary school grades
If you have not attended a State school, we
will provide you with a letter to take to the
Ministry of Education to validate your grades.
Copy of passport photo page
Copy of Qatar National
identification Card
letter of sponsorship from the
sponsoring organization (if applicable)
Processing fee of 100 Qr

Note: Students must be legal residents of Qatar

and possess a Residency Permit ID number in
order to be eligible to apply to the College.

Entrance requirements

Physical capabilities

High school graduation certificate with the following:

Some programs may not be suitable for applicants

who have difficulty seeing colours.


Minimum 60%

English Language
(Grade 12 level)

Minimum 60%

Academic Mathematics
(Grade 12 level)
Advanced Mathematics
(Grade 12 level or equivalent)

Minimum 60%

Minimum 50%

Two Science courses selected from: Biology,

Chemistry, Geology, Physics. One must be
Grade 12 level; the other may be Grade 11 level.
Chemistry and Physics are highly recommended.

Note: Qatari Nationals 19 years of age or older who do

not meet the entrance requirements for this program may
be considered on an individual basis under the Mature
Student Clause.

Physical strength and agility may be required for

some programs.
Employers will normally demand that all applicants
take a physical test before being hired.

How to apply and register

Just follow these 4 easy steps:
1. Submit your application (please refer to the
Application checklist on the opposite page).
2. Write our entrance examination (English and
Math placement test).
3. Wait to hear from the College if you have been
accepted to your program.
4. Register for your program during the scheduled
registration time at the beginning of each semester.
Note: Students in their final year of high school will
be accepted conditionally pending receipt of final
exam results.




Get your workout between classes at

the gym, in the pool or on the field.



School of
Engineering Technology



Where you will spend most of your

time in classes and labs.













Get extra help in areas like

writing, math, independent
learning, and career
counselling. Check your
College email account in our
computer lab. Grab a table
with your classmates for a
relaxing place to study and
do group projects. Staff are
always available for support.







Buy your lunch from the co-ed cafeteria

in Building 13 or the male and female
cafeterias in Building 3.

Check out our selection of books and

electronic resources. Book a study
room for some quiet time.

Finding your way around the Campus

01 Auditorium, Lecture Theatres,
and Exhibition Hall
02 VIP Entry
03 Administration, Finance,
Marketing and Registrars Office
04 Art Room
05 Academics and EFL Classrooms
06 Bookstore and Student Affairs
07 Language Studies and
Academics Faculty

08 Oil and Gas Training Centre

09 School of Engineering Technology
10 School of Information Technology
11 Business Studies Faculty
12 Centre for Banking and Financial
Studies, Corporate Training
and Continuing Education, and
Security Academy

13 Cafeteria
14 Library
15 Central Plant
16 Facilities and Campus Services:
Shipping and Receiving
17 Female Recreation Centre
18 Male Recreation Centre
19 School of Health Sciences
20 School of Health Sciences


E1 Courtyard
E5 Tennis Courts
E6 Soccer Pitch

Enjoy a break
from studying.

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Special thanks to the Dean of

Engineering Technology and the
faculty and staff of the School of
Engineering Technology for their
valuable contributions. A very
special thanks to our students
and alumni for sharing their stories
and bringing CNA-Q to life on
campus and in their careers.

Leigh McGlone
Hassen Rathore
Maram Al Mahmoud
Hanane Korchi (Arabic)
Jennifer Tipple
Diane Martin
Adrian Haddad
Dr. Naji Al Hadithi

Questions about the School of

Engineering Technology
Chair of Engineering Technology
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Questions about applying or registering

Questions about part-time studies

Registrars Office
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Corporate Training and Continuing Education

Phone +974 4495 2123



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