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San Antonio, Texas 78216 Houston, Texas 77041

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March 10, 2010

To: Greystar Management

Attn: John Corr
Job Name: Jackson Square Apartments
2500 Jackson Keller Rd.
San Antonio, TX 78230
(210) 342-4995

Fire Rehab Building 5 Unit 503

HB Southern Builders LLC proposes to do all necessary work to finish out and make ready for move in the interior of
unit 503 as well as exterior repairs needed on building 5.

Scope of Work:

Interior Scope
Framing Replace damaged or missing framing EA 1
Windows Install new 3'0 x 4'0 double payne window EA 3
Drywall Hang, Tape, Bed, Float and Texture SF 4624
Insulation Install Batt R13 in exterior and party walls SF 1632
Insulation Blown in R30 above 2nd floor ceiling SF 590
Electrical Relocate panel, pull main srvc and all circuits to include HVAC, trim out EA 1
Replace HVAC new Split System package to include new duct and trim out EA 1
Paint Walls, Ceilings and Trim - 2 color and 2coat SF 1180
Paint Closet Shelves EA 1
Replace Decorative handrail LF 16
Replace Base mould 3" LF 306
Replace Window Stool LF 18
Replace 36" Six Panel Hollow Core Metal Door EA 2
Replace 24" Pre-Hung Interior Door EA 7
Replace 32" Pre-Hung Interior Door EA 2
Replace Deadbolt Exterior Door EA 2
Replace Door Hardware Passage EA 6
Replace Door Hardware Privacy EA 5
Replace Keyless Deadbolt EA 2
Replace Closet Rod LF 16
Replace Closet Shelf LF 16
Replace Light Fixture - Dining (to match existing property fixtures) EA 1
Replace Ceiling Fan with Light Kit (to match existing property fixtures) EA 2
Replace Light Fixture - Bedroom (to match existing property fixtures) EA 2
Replace Light Fixture - Closet (to match existing property fixtures) EA 3
Replace Light Fixture - Hall Sconce (to match existing property fixtures) EA 1
Replace Light Fixture - Kitchen (1x4 Wrap Around) EA 1
Replace Light Fixture - Vanity (to match existing property fixtures) EA 3

03/10/2010 30590961.xls 1
Replace Bathroom Exhaust Fan EA 3
Replace Kitchen Cabinets Uppers (to match existing property cabinets) EA 1
Replace Kitchen Cabinets Lowers (to match existing property cabinets) EA 1
Replace Kitchen Countertop (Laminated Formica) EA 1
Replace Stove (Estate 30" Electric White) EA 1
Replace Refrigerator (Estate 14.4 Cu Ft White) EA 1
Replace Dishwasher (Estate Wht/Bl) EA 1
Replace Disposal EA 1
Replace Vent Hood EA 1
Replace Kitchen Sink EA 1
Replace Kitchen Faucet EA 1
Replace Bathroom Cabinet (to match existing property cabinets) EA 2
Replace Bathroom Cabinet Vanity (to match existing property cabinets) EA 3
Replace Bathroom Vanity Top with Sink EA 3
Replace Medicine Cabinet EA 2
Replace Shower Curtain Rod EA 1
Replace Bath Tub (Standard) EA 1
Replace Walk in Shower Tile Surround EA 1
Replace Tile Tub Surround EA 1
Replace Tub Faucet EA 2
Replace Walk in Shower glass door EA 1
Replace Toilet EA 3
Replace Toilet Seat EA 3
Replace Mirror EA 3
Replace Shower Head EA 2
Replace Bathroom Sink Faucet EA 3
Flooring Carpet and Pad Standard 2 story YD 101.5
Flooring Floor leveler SF 100
Flooring Install sheet vinyl (INSTALL OVER EXISTING VINYL FLOORING) SF 218
Make Ready Make Ready Package 2-2.5 EA 1
Final Clean Make Ready Clean 2-2.5 EA 1
Total Interior $31,597.34

Exterior Scope
Framing Replace damaged or missing framing EA 1
Framing Replace Hardi Soffit SF 27
Framing Replace Window Shutter to match existing EA 4
Replace Light Fixture - Exterior (to match existing property fixtures) EA 2
Replace Gutter to match existing LF 18
Roofing Repair built up asphalt roof deck (Hot Mop) SQ 1
Paint Power wash brick at back of unit to remove smoke and suit EA 1
Paint Caulk prime and paint all new materials to match existing EA 1
Total Exterior $2,272.42

General Conditions:
Insurance, Taxes, Permits, Overhead, Superintendent Fees, Dumpster Fees, and Final
Clean Up $3,386.98

Permits and Fees:

03/10/2010 30590961.xls 2
HB Southern will be responsible for any permits or associated fees for this project.

HB Southern will provide dumpsters and will maintain debris removal throughout the day with a complete pickup of all
debris at the end of each work day.

Completion Schedule:
HB Southern will complete the project within 30 calendar days from start of construction.
**HB Southern cannot be responsible for delays caused by weather.

Any work not described in the attached scope of work

1 year for all materials and workmanship

We propose to provide all labor, material and equipment to perform all work listed in the scopes of work listed above
in a professional and timely matter with all work meeting or exceeding city and state building codes for:

Our bid price is guaranteed for 30 days. Work will be billed weekly as job progresses. Net 30

Thanks for the opportunity to bid this project. We look forward to working with you in the very near future.

Approved by: Date:

Please fax a signed copy to (210) 579-1925 so we can schedule a start date.

03/10/2010 30590961.xls 3