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Staff Music Therapist Needed

Are you a creative and compassionate board certified music therapist? Are you dedicated to your
clients, your colleagues, and growing your professional and clinical skills in a team environment?
Then we want you!!
Start Date: September 2015
Number of Positions: 2, one position is approximately 30hrs with a primary caseload in Southern
New Haven and Fairfield counties, one position is appoximately 15-20hrs with a caseload based in
East Central CT
Hours: Both positions will be growing to full time, Tuesday-Saturday, afternoon and evening
availability required
Pay: Salaried, Based upon experience
Overview of Infinity: Infinity has been serving children and adults in Connecticut for over five years.
We believe that the possibilities for treatment options and growth are endless and we work as a team
to collaborate on cases to best serve our clients. We believe in community outreach and providing
opportunities for individuals of all ages and abilities to achieve their goals in their homes, schools, and
communities. We value collaboration between our clinicians, self-care, and continuing education. We
work in homes, schools, rehab centers, nursing homes, and more throughout CT to serve children
and adults with developmental disabilities, mental health disorders, trauma, and more. We currently
are a team of five music therapists and we are excited to be be growing!
Job Description: Staff music therapists are responsible for assessing individuals and groups, writing
treatment reports, maintaining sessions, providing stellar sessions, and working with the Infinity team
as well as our teams in the community to design comprehensive music therapy programs. Staff music
therapists will work in schools, homes, and facilities as assigned and must be comfortable moving
between individual and team environements. Staff therapists participate in marketing events,
professional development days, and other events. Travel is requried to our clients. Staff therapists will
also attend weekly staff meetings to discuss agency and client topics, attend and conduct trainings,
and participate in self-care projects.
Experience/Requirements: Applicants must be board certified music therapists in good standing or
be able to obtain their board certification within thirty (30) days of hire. Applicants must have
experience working with children and adults with developmental disabilities and mental health
disorder. Applicants should have strong verbal and written communication skills, be able to work both
independenlty and as a member of a team, have strong music skills, and be creative in their
treatment planning.
Benefits: CBMT yearly dues, CMTE allowance, Paid Time Off, Lending Library, Instrument
Allowance Budget, Professional Liability Insurance, Cell Phone, Professional Supervision, Monthly
Self-Care Meetings, Paid Trainings, Paid Holidays, AFLAC (supplemental health insurance)

This job may be for you if:

You are comfortable working in private homes and working hand in hand with families.
You are open to feedback from others and enjoy expanding and improving your scope of practice/
You have reliable transportation and are comfortable with traveling in between clients.
You currently live in Connecticut or are willing to relocate to Connecticut.
You have strong music skills and are able to come up with original songs on the spot.
You work hard to fine tune your sessions. You understand the concept of the bell curve, watching for
signs of overstimulation, and can comfortably lead on a variety of instruments.
You are a creative, out of the box thinker.
You are quick to communicate by email, text, and phone.
You can strike up a conversation with anyone.

This job is not for you if:

You are not receptive to feedback.
You feel like you work better all of the time on your own.
You are not willing to travel to your appointments or the office.
You are not familiar with the Code of Ethics or do not agree with its importance.
You are not flexible with scheduling.
You want to start your own private practice.
You are not comfortable talking to people in person or on the phone.
You are not planning to stay with the practice for at least one (1) year, or this job is just a stop on the
way to somewhere else.
You have difficulty finding balance between different assignments.

Do you think you would be a good fit? Please submit the following information to
1. Cover Letter: please include why you think you would be good fit with our practice and when you
would be able to start
2. Current Resume
3. A video demonstrating your vocal and guitar skills
4. A paragraph of what you expect from a music therapy supervisor
5. A sample session plan for a 8 year old child with special needs with a focus on expressive
communication, attention to task, and social skills (please include at least two goals with two
objectives each)

Please direct all questions to Jona Jeffcoat, MT-BC, Director of Services at (860) 518-5557 or