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Hamid Dabashi
9 hrs

FUCK YOU COUNTERPUNCH! I detest bullies and I will never be bullied

Lately the pages of the so-called Counterpunch" have become a fertile
ground for ad hominem attacks against me --that Counterpunch" chooses
to publish miserably failed graduate students, vicious anti-Bahai racists
angry with me because of my defending the defenseless Bahais in Iran,
born again Vladimir Putin sycophants, jingoist fascists and plain liars'
diatribes against me is of course their pathetic choice and a measure of
their non-existent credibility--but if they and their ilk think by publishing
these vicious ad hominem attacks against me they will silence my criticism
of the ruling regime in Syria or their Russian and Iranian supporters-- they
have not pissed on a hard rock yet --anyone slightly familiar with my work
knows that I have never ever spared any state from the sharp edge of my
principled criticism, including Qatar, and particularly on the pages of
Aljazeera --the incurable malady of these illiterate bastards is that they think
by such personal attacks against me they will silence me and turn me into a
pathetic, morally bankrupt, intellectually corrupt buffoons like them silent
on the murderous regime of Bashar al-Assad and his supporters --of course
they will not succeed there is very little I can do for or about vindictive
failed graduate students, or could care less about racist anti-Bahai bigots,
or pro- mass murderer Bashar Assad, angry with me because I am
identically critical of all tyrants I detest tyrants and I detest those who
excuse and go deaf, dumb, and blind on tyrants: from those ruling my
homeland, to those ruling the country in which my family and I live, to those
ruling the Arab and Muslim world, and those ruling Palestine they dare
not come near my scholarship, and they can find nothing in my politics that
questions the fact of that record the only thing they find fault with is the
fact that I publish (among scores of other places) with Aljazeera ---I happily
and proudly publish on Aljazeera (as do scores of other critical thinkers) for
it facilitates a global reach for my thoughts I have never had through any
other medium I have found and I am honored by the solidarity of friends
and comrades from Asia to Africa, Latin America, Europe, and North
America precisely because I publish on Aljzeera --I have consistently and
continuously criticized Qatar, Saudi Arabia, all other Persian Gulf states,
including and in particular the ruling regime in Iran, with identical critical
judgment (as I must and as I will continue to do) and these vile and
corrupt minds will of course not stop me It is not a secret that since the
rise of the Green Movement in my homeland I have been at odds with a
certain bankrupt streak of the Western Left that is mentally challenged and
cannot compose a compound sentence in which both the US and Russia,
Iran and Israel, the corrupt ruling regimes in the Arab world and the racists
in Europe, are denounced for their murderous chicaneries when buffoons
like those who now write against me in Counterpunch" were busy pushing
dope in their neighborhood I have stood up against warmongering of US
and Israel anywhere from Afghanistan to Iraq to Syria to Palestine to Libya
as I will continue to do so non-Stop! I am persona non grata in my own
homeland and I have put my wife and children through hell for standing up
to US warmongering from New York --I have nothing but my good name to
leave for my children and I will not allow vile and vicious losers to tarnish
my good nameso those pathetic losers who have now found a haven in




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Hamid Dabashi
James Bondarchuk --James you just take care of that
precious jewel standing next to you and let her take care of you --and I'll
handle this corner of the sandbox--love!
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2 8 hrs
James Bondarchuk Will do.
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1 8 hrs
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Temesgen Abate Keep up Sir your articles, kind of sorties confounds,
disrupts the neat ``binary`` classifications of the neoliberal order. It is a
dissonance to ears, disorients, dislocates, disrupts the ideological divide which

hides in its crevices the Putinists, Washington consensus ideologues, the

Neocons warmongers, repressive Ayatollahs, Zionist mercenaries, European
racists and emerging market autocrats. But now they found their nemesis in
your vintages!
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5 8 hrs
James Bondarchuk Even granting the premise that your criticisms of the
Iranian and Syrian governments resemble in some respects those of the U.S.
State Department, to infer that you "stand with Empire" is absurd! Talk about a
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2 8 hrs
Fatima Faye We are with u Dr., And will stand with u against all liars and
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4 8 hrs
Hojjat Ba Dear Sir, your courageous scholarship is an inspiration and a
guiding light. You are one of very few public intellectuals (in the sense of
Edward Said) and academics who truly understand this maxim by Martin
Luther King Jr. and follow it to the heart ... See More
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1 8 hrs Edited
Cheryl Heartsees Seelhoff Speak! And deep respect.
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2 8 hrs
Mahrokh Parsi Mr.Dabashi, are you really surprised? what did you expect
from hearless , small minded, little people who are being controled & brain
washed because their brain is so small and they don't even know it.May God
bless you and protect you from bad people.
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1 8 hrs
Moon Elhassan People cannot fathom someone criticising Israel, Iran and
Assad in the same breath... Who cares? You're awesome!
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7 9 hrs
Lyes Benarbane You know, for all of the author's accusations that your
opinions mirror those found among the beltway's think-tanks, I fail to find
nearly anything close in your writings (press or academic). Regime toadies
(esp. those who have anything less than utter... See More
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3 9 hrs
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Mani Shokoufandeh We are with you brother one love
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3 8 hrs
Fariba Behnegar Wahid? Haha.. what happened to Nima? Frankly, I am quite
surprised that you let him get under you skin. I was hoping that 'F' bomb to be
reserved for someone more worthy of it!
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1 8 hrs
Rochelle Terman So, do you not see the irony of responding to an ad
hominem attack by making another ad hominem attack?
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2 8 hrs
Joshka Wessels Amen and about time for an op-Ed on this !
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Emmanuelle Royd I think you're right Rochelle but though I'm a failed student
myself I accept the outburst from a person who daily shares much more.
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Mehdi Samadian However right might be your argument, your choice of
language degrades your objectives Dr. Dabashi.
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Steve Rough Media that state they tell the Facts and Name the Names, rarely
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