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Women And Global Warming!!

The Data Provided below is Bizarre and Sexist….

“In the Genesis creation story, after God gave Adam dominion over the
earth, he eventually also told man to rule over woman.”
With 92 percent of Americans telling the World Values Survey they believe in God, it's no
surprise that media and critics represent feminism and global warming in a fundamentally similar
way. Sometimes opinions about important issues are more formed by the terminology (or
ideology) representing them, than the issues themselves. Sensationalizing stories about climate
or women's issues is also a common habit which contributes to making them surreal to the
public. Just like sex sells, so does sexism. Why settle for sensible remarks when you could have
scandalous verbal jousting.
Pat Robertson's (Author,Broadcaster,Humanitarian,Businessman) contribution to the
conversation: "Feminism is a socialist, anti-family, political movement that encourages women
to leave their husbands, kill their children, practice witchcraft, destroy capitalism and become
It is surprising to me that someone who calls himself a humanitarian doesn’t have a liberal view
about women ..!! And lesbians who are “Gay” women, are humans..!
Male chauvinism has now reached newer heights, they proudly proclaim that excessive global
warming is the result of women stepping out of their houses to work and drive cars. Is it so hard
to accept that now women are at par with men when it come to becoming a professional who
lives an independent life where she decides what to study, how to study, where to study, whom
to be with and be responsible for her own self. Wherever women have adequate access to
contraception, education, the right to work, equality before the law, the birth rate plummets. And
this is where western liberal proclivities towards cultural relativism (it believes that truth is
relative and it has an objective standard depending on the morals and situation of the individual)
start to break down. However much we might want to respect other cultures, those that deny
women these rights are directly harming all of us, even if our own society is an equitable, it still
suffers from a gender-blind ideal social and political system. Many women in rich countries
already choose to limit their families; Britain's average birth rate per family is a modest 1.97,
roughly average for the developed world. But this means a vast number of women are still
having more than three children and, given the disproportionate bulk of their carbon footprint,
they need to be persuaded not to. This doesn't have to take the shape of draconian legislation, but
rather positive incentives. We should not deny women autonomy over their own bodies (as many
pro-life campaigns seek to), but we could make child benefits for smaller families much more
generous. We could also offer middle-class families generous tax breaks if they have two
children or less. This isn't taking away people's rights, it's just weighting the options differently –
and, in turn, better protecting the rights of others who share this planet.
It's simply a matter of maths: the Earth can only host a finite number of people. And surely
educating and bettering the lives of the world's women, for whatever purpose, is no bad thing?
Illustration: Ireland thinks abortion is a crime so heinous it should be punishable by life in
prison -- unless you don't do in on their soil, in which case it's perfectly okay? Sounds to me like
the government is a bit of a Cowardly Lion, not brave enough to fully defend women's rights
against anti-choice agitators.
It is a very famous thought shared by some intelligent economists and socialists that if one
woman in every house hold is literate she has the power to literate all others. Unless we want a
world ravaged by droughts and floods, we are going to have to start demanding women be
treated as equal citizens – everywhere. In fact, you don't even have to call it feminism. You could
call it calculated self-interest (why should I drown because of some developed countries who
cannot control CO2 emissions).
Illustration: In Suriname(a sovereign state in the north of South America), no one listened
when women pointed out that a local river’s annual floods were getting worse and that perhaps
the village should relocate to higher ground. It was wiped out the following year. When drought
hit Micronesia, women were digging wells and creating new water sources long before the
government decided what it could do. When Hurricane Mitch killed thousands in Central
America in 1998, no one died in the Honduran town of La Masica because women there
participated equally with men in all relief operations, went on rescue missions, rehabilitated local
infrastructure, distributed food and took over the task, from men, of monitoring the early-
warning system for disasters.}story.
I have included all these illustrations not to prove that men are not doing anything about global

In we can only achieve true equality when we can stand shoulder-to-shoulder with men, look at the cataclysmic destruction of the
world's ecosystem and proudly proclaim that at least half of it was our fault."(nikki hollis)