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Este cuadernillo de examen contiene las siguientes secciones:

• Comprensión escrita o Reading Passage.

• Comprensión oral o Listening Comprehension
• Uso de la lengua o General Language:
Text A, B, C, D
• Hoja de respuestas o Answer Sheet
• Expresión escrita o Writing Composition

MUY IMPORTANTE: Answer sheet.

En la última hoja o Answer Sheet, el alumno deberá consignar su nombre y apellidos,

así como el número de su D.N.I.

Al tratarse de un examen de tipo elección múltiple, el alumno deberá indicar la opción

correcta de cada pregunta en dicha hoja de respuestas.

Por último, la composición escrita o Writing Composition se deberá redactar en el

reverso de esa hoja de respuestas.
Reading Passage M odule 4

Dear Patrick,

We've decided to stay in a self-catering cottage and we've found a nice one in the Lake District, in
Cumbrian countryside. It's less than two hours' drive from Manchester and just one mile from
Coniston. Coniston is a small village in the heart of the Lake District. The village offers shops, cafés
and pubs, so we can go for a drink in the evening.
It is a perfect place for walking and climbing and activities for all the family. I think it is an ideal
place for the children. The cottage is only ten minutes' walk from a lake and we can hire a boat and
go fishing. I know you lo ve going fishing so you can get some físh for us!
The cottage has all mod. cons., microwave oven, fridge, electric cooker, water heater, electric oven
and dishwasher. There is also a barbecue and a big garden área with garden furniture where we can
relax and enjoy the view from the lake and the mountain. We can even eat outside (weather
Now, the cost. It's a bit more expensive than last year's place - £550 for the week. There's room for
eight people, so if your sister also joins us it would be cheaper. Give me a ring and we'll discuss
details. Looking forward to hearing from you.


Which statement is false?

a The cottage is located in Cumbria.
b The cottage is in the Lake District.
§r The cottage is one mile from Manchester.
d The nearest village is only one mile away.

According to the text, what activities can they do near the cottage?
a Cycling.
b Sunbathing and swimming.
e Walking, climbing and físhing.
d All the above.

"The cottage has all mod. cons." means that...

a the cottage has a modern construction.
b the cottage has got all modern conveniences.
c the kitchen is modern.
d the cottage is well located.

Gilí says that...

a if the weather is good they can eat outside.
b the weather is good in the Lake District.
c she likes barbecues.
d she loves going físhing.

In the cottage...
a there are eight rooms.
b there's a room for eight people.
c eight people share a room.
d eight people can sleep.
General Language Module 4

Tutor: Helio. Can I help you?

Student: 11) ... I want to learn English.
Tutor: Do you have time to study and practise? You 12)...
Student: Yes, I have time in the evenings. I can attend classes three times a week.
Tutor: Do you enjoy 13)...
Student: Well, I think Fm 14)... learning languages. I have a good ear for languages. I can
French and Germán.
Tutor: That's great! What do you think it is important in learning a language? Student:
It's useful to meet friends and speak the language. I try to watch films, listen to songs and
read books and magazines. I also use the dictionary to 15) ...

a Can you advice me?

%l Could you give me some advice?
c Would you advice me?
d I need advice.

a should practise a l
b should to practise a lot.
c ought practise a lot.
d used to practise a lot.

a to learn languages?
Jtf learning languages?
c learn languages?
d can learn languages?

14 a good with
b goodin
c good at
d good

a look new words.

b look up new words.
c look for words.
d make up.

General Language M o dule 4


My friend Alice prefers 16) ... medicine to traditional or conventional one. She says that
practitioners of that kind of medicine listen to their patients while traditional doctors only have time to
write out a 17).... Doctors have so many patients that they are 18)....
In western medicine doctors don't usually look at the real illness. They only look at the
patient's 19) .... On the other hand, alternative medicine takes a holistic view. Its practitioners say
that we need to look at people's 20) ... : what they eat and drink, the stress they suffer, if they do
some exercise, etc. Sometimes it is important to change the way we live in order to feel better.

a different
B alternative
c homeopathy
d oriental

a recipe 4-MA
b prescriptive
C al
d pills uage


f? overbusy


a symptoms
b eyes
c appearance
d ill

a style
b lifestyle
c lifeway
d work
Module 4


Sandra: What job are you doing now, Geoff?

Geoff: Pm a hair stylist and a make-up artist.
Sandra: How long 21)... this job?
Geoff: 22)...fouryears.
Sandra: Whatareyour23)...?
Geoff: I went to a beauty school for one year and then I worked as an assistant in a salón
until I felt confident to work on my own.
Sandra: What are your 24)...?
Geoff: I usually work fíve hours a day, but I have some busiest periods, at Christmas, for
Sandra: What is special about y our job?
Geoff: Well, every person is different, so it's never monotonous and you never get bored.
Apart from that, you 25)... to wear a uniform and you can take your holidays when
you decide.

21 a did you have

b do you have
c have you had
d are you

22 a in ^
% for
c ago
d --

23 a experience
b qualities
c degree
d qualifícations

24 a working hours
b hours of work
c times of work
d working time

25 a should
b don't have
c can
d may
_______________General Language ______________M odule 4

My husband's mother doesn't like my children's manners and she is always telling
me that I must be 26) ... with my children. She told me the other day that I must tell them
that they cannot come back home so late at night, that they have to 27) ... their own rooms,
eat 28) ..., like fresh vegetables, that they watch too much TV and so on. I agree on all that,
and I think children should take some responsibilities, but I also think that they should enjoy
while they are young.

a witness
b more polite
c more wicked
d stricter

a wear
b cleanup
c discuss
d check-up

a proper meáis
b proper food
c fast food
d health food

29 Pronunciation: ¿Qué palabra tiene un sonido vocálico diferente al subrayado en la frase

can't go"
a Heart
b Arm
c Can
d Car

30 Pronunciation: ¿Qué palabra no contiene el sonido subrayado en la palabra "needed"?

a Decided
b Wanted
c Opened
d Waited