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Marico India- A leading Indian MNC group with a market cap of Rs 25000 crore ($4.1 billion) Dear Shareholders, Ht gives me immense pleasure in presenting to you the 27th Annual Report ofthe Company. 2014-15 was a year ‘af transition for the counhy and also fer your Company. The new government af the Centra was sworn in with the mandate of bringing the economy back on the growth track. With this backdrop, | stepped down in my operational role and Mr. Saugata Gupta, the CEO of the FMCG business was appointed os the Managing Director of your Company, The Board hes directed me to continue to actos the Chairmen of the Boord, mentoring and advising the MD for your Company's strategy ond fulure road map. During the yaor under review, your Companys unified FMCG business has delivered good growth in line with its strategy, despite « continuing dificult macro environment. We continue to drive successful resuts and grow our 33 profitably. The consolidated top line grew 22% on the back of an underlying volume growth of 4%. lidated profit after tox grew 18% compared to last year, despite unprecedented input cost inflation. Your Company will sey focused on the five transformational areas for growin — Innovation, Go-To-Market transformation, Value Management, Talent Valve Proposition, and IT & Analytics, while deriving further synergies from the unificotion of Domestic and Interotionol FMCG businesses. IVIOAT (in terms of brand value) porn Pie copie of rar ago. The lng etm potential of he ternational bornesr ed has planned sirategic brand building investments in core markets of Bangladesh, Vieinom, Middle East North Africa (MENA) and South Africa coupled with expansion in adjacent markets such as Nepal, Pakistan, Cambodia, Myenmor, Sr Lanka and East Arica. Your company aspires to be a leading emerging market multi-national with leadership in two core categories oF nourishment and male siting in two continents Asia end Alrica. With coniinued focus on 5 areas of transformation, the Company plans fo meet this ospiration by seeking fo win amongst consumers, trode ond talent. ial Responsibility Policy of your 1e tots purpete wih voraus nserver, Sf Protec Fer Heart Campaign’ wundhed in 2014, Nar Sher JAmio's child education cause of "Chotte Kedam Progati Ke Aur and Social Innevotion Acceleration Progrom (SIAP] lof Matico Innovation Foundation (MIF) are just « few noteworthy examples. The Directors’ Report carries a detailed lupdate on these initiatives. during the year. A study of India’s Best Boards wos canducted jointly by The Economic Times and Hay Graup Ind Your Board emerged as one of the four campanies that were recognized as the country’s Bes! Boards. Your Board } vil continue to remcin committed fo furthering the interest offs shareholders ood initiative by the dbmpany L wish to re-offirm our commitment to innovation and purpose-inspired growih, which will continue to be ot the heart of everything wa do. | would also like to alfribute our success over the past year to our employees & associates wha heve demonsiroted their obiliy 1o embrace change ond proscivaly infivence the course of our business. Losily | would like fo thank all the shareholders for their resolute frus in the Company and look forward fo their continued support and participation in the growth of the Company. Marico has strong presence in more than 25 countries and now expanding With warm regardits international geographies (good job here) Harsh Mariwala—e Regarded as "Wealth Creator- FMCG" at Zee Bussiness India's best Market Analyst Award 14' Chairman since 1990 o 5 year CAGR: Turnover- 18%, Profit- 15% (Rural sales up from 25% in FY10 to 33% in rea) FY15 and 67% of Revenue comes from Urban while 33% from Rural Good Performance!! REVENUE FROM OPERATIONS inne. 7000 000 5000 4000 2000 EVA neve. 450 400 380 300 250 200 150 100 50 ° g 3 09-10 10.41 1142 12-13 1314 1415 18 O71 10AY 12 12-19 1914 4S DIVIDEND DECLARED (%) 400 350 300 250 200 150 100 so ° 2 8 09-10 Wo.N 11-12 12-13 19:14 1415 So good oppurtunity lies in the Rural segment * NET PROFIT inner. 700 600 500 400 m6 a7 300 200 ° ® e910 10.91 1192 12-13 13:14 148 EBIDTA MARGINS (*) 200 180 169 uo 120 109 80 60 40 20 00 4a 1a 196 160 182 09-10 10.01 112 12-13 19-14 1418 CASH PROFITS Intex. 70 00 500 40 300 200 100 09-10 10.1 11-12 12-13 18:44 1418 Noje 1: FYT4 financials do not include the Skin Core Business {Koyo} which hos bean de-merged effective April 1,2014 “Note 2: Includes a special Siver Jubilee Dividend of 175% to commemorate 25 yeors since incorporation e- hest in last five years ANNERURE ‘B’ TO THE DIRECTORS’ REPORT Information required under section 197 of the Companies Act, 2013 read with the Companies (Appointment ‘of Managerial Personnel) Rules, 2014 Al HUL's MD & CEO earns 93:1(almost similar)

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