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KTSE Mentorship Program

Greetings to all the KTSE scholars ! Everybody would be very busy now, with the
new academic year in full swing. From KTSE, we would like to start a new initiative
the KTSE Mentorship program. We got the idea for this program from one of our
KTSE students itself. Sneha Gada (KTSE 20xx batch) had cleared her medical entrance and was pursuing dentistry. We came to know that Sneha was guiding two
students from the later KTSE batches, who were preparing for the medical entrance
exam. She would check with these students on a regular basis and give useful advice
to them.
This would be very effective as she herself had recently gone through the same exams and the advice flowing
from this experience was very current and relevant.
We want to now formalize this and have the KTSE Mentorship program. Below are the salient features of the program

Senior KTSE scholars (those who are past XII) would be appointed as mentors

The assignment of mentors to students would be done by KTSE team based on the Mentors experience and
the career aspiration of the junior student. For example: A senior KTSE scholar who has gotten through
IIT would be mentoring 5 students in Std XI who are studying for the IIT exam

The mentor should be calling up the juniors in his pool on a regular basis (every month a time should be
fixed) to check on progress and guide through any obstacles. The junior student should also feel free to
call his mentor when needed.

The mentor should give general guidance to the junior students. He is not required to coach the students
on actual questions from the subjects, but mainly should guide the junior student in the right direction what classes to take, how to plan, how much effort to put, what books to study, which institutes to apply
for etc.

Initially the mentorship program would be focused primarily on helping students get into a professional
course past the XII std. Later, the mentorship program would be extended for helping students go into
the job/professional market once they graduate.

Each Mentor would be assigned around 5 students. KTSE scholars from the junior batches would be in his/
her mentorship pool

The KTSE team will be preparing a mapping of mentor-students and circulate the list to all the KTSE scholars.
We look forward to the experienced seniors helping the juniors as they make their way towards their education goals
and dreams!


A lot of times, people don`t know what they

want until you show it to them STEVE JOBS


I am Khushboo Gala, currently in first year of medical college. I passed my 12th HSC with 87.87% and
Medical CET with 180/200 and all-Maharashtra rank 241 and regional rank 149. I am studying in Grant
Medical College and JJ group of Hospitals which is ranked 8th in India. I love music, art and languages
and am an avid reader and writer. I am also a part of PETA and take an active interest in nature and
animal rights.
Deesha Shah currently in FYBCOM (H.R. College) CPT marks : 159/200 HSC : 83.17% Inspired by my
uncle, I am aspiring to become a chartered accountant. I have started with this course To opt for a
course like that of CA u need not be born intelligent, but u definitely need to be hardworking. Do not
run away from working hard, cause today you might feel miserable, but in the long run, this is what is
going to help you. So be firm, be determined, be confident and no one can resist you from being a
I am Disha Dedhia pursuing Chartered Accountancy course studying in H.R. College.
I believe that hard-work and positive thinking are key to success. This helped me to get NTSE, KTSE
scholarships and flying colours to my expectations. I am actively participating in various clubs and
NSS activities in my college. My hobbies are drawing, reading and cycling.KTSE organisers and group
have inspired me to always look forward inspired by success achieved by group members. I would also
like to be socially active going forward to help not only community but also society at large. With this,
I end, saying NEVER SAY DIE and follow this with conviction.

Name:Parth Nilesh Khimsaria

Email ID:
Participation in Social Cause Support Activity:
Global Cancer Concern India (GCCI) 2002-2003
Global Cancer Concern India (GCCI) 2004-2005
Help Age India
Hobbies: Writing Poems, Reading, Cycling, Cricket, Tennis.I have currently got admission to Oregon
State University, USA for pursuing my engineering.

Jenil Dedhia ,currently pursuing chemical engineering from IIT,Bombay

I love watching movies,reading books,playing cricket,table tennis,chess. "Set a goal and direct all your
efforts and abilities towards achieving it."For JEE aspirants,I would say that JEE is not tough but
compititive.Hence,a lot of practice is required on your part. Life at IITB is outstanding.You would get
to do whatever you like to and learn a lot,may it be academics,sports or cultural activities

Ankita Kirti Pasad, FYBDS( MGM Dental College,Kamothe, Navi Mumbai). I love to read novels, watch
tv, movies, hanging out with friends, listening to music, trekking. I also like Maths. I have got a few
medals in Maths and Cyber olympiads during school. I believe that the people who get on in this world
are the people who get up and look for the circumstances they want and, if they can't find them, make

Pranuj Shah, currently pursuing Metallurgical engineering from IIT Bombay.

My email My interests include pretty much of everything......sports(cricket , table
tennis etc.) , reading novels, watching movies, pc games.For jee aspirants, It is extremely important for
you people to maintain a cool and calm head during your jee exam. Silly mistakes are bound to haunt you
the most if you are not careful during your paper (something which has heavily affected me). I have seen
many people who preform extremely well during their class tests but fail to repeat their performance
during jee. IITB life is simply rocking.... All the hard work is worth

Aman Haria, My hobbies include Playing Cricket & hanging out with friends. Im currently doing my
from HR college, along with CA. I love to explore new places & go for small week-end trips to keep myself
refresh for my studies. A message for all the students... Make sure you go for an outing atleast once in a
year, if not a long vacation then atleast a small 2-day trek, once a year. Make sure you have enough refreshments regularly. It is extremely important along with what you are pursuing in life. Stay focused. Our

Im Vamil Sangoi, . Im currently pursuing EXTC engineering from DJ Sanghvi College of Engineering.After
10th std ive learnt one big lesson while preparing for JEE that i would like to share with my juniors. PRESSURE IS NOT GOOD FOR GREAT.At resonance(my coachin classes for jee) i used to come amongst the
top 5 in the city nd top 400(out of 10000 pupils) in the country.. that was my aggregate rank. but during
jee, pressure got the better of me nd i scored a mere 209, not enough to make it to the IITs.i was very
depressed. then came bits where i scored 249. it could get me into bit goa/hyderabad/ranchi/dubai. but i
chose not to go anywhere as my aim was IITs and BITS PILANI. i had failed probably the 1st time in my
life and hopefully the last time :/With my cet marks i got into EXTC engineering at DJ Sanghvi.

HI! I am Sohil Ketan Gogri . I am currently studying in VJTI, Matunga in the IT stream.My preference was
IT over Computers because I had a great interest in programming. I just love programming in C, C++ and
Java. Apart from programming my hobbies are playing games like cricket, football, table-tennis, chess, etc.
Well I also enjoy watching football.

My name is Yash Sangoi.I am doing EXTC (electronics & telecommunication engineering) from
S.P.College.My hobby is to play cricket.I believe in working hard and not thinking about the results.

Name: Niyati Sangoi. Doing 1st year MBBS at R.C.S.M. Govt. Medical College, Kolhapur. Hobbies: Reading
novels,painting,listening to music.E-mail ID: Message: Hardwork has no substitute.

Hi! I am Pooja Maru studying in F.Y.B.Com at Nagindas Khandwala College,Malad(W).I am also studying
IPCC course. I know samayik and pratikraman and have also given exam upto 4th shreni of Dharmik Shiksha Board, Mumbai.Contact number:9867057128.Email

Hi I am Darshil Dharod. I am currently in my first year

in IIT Kanpur pursuing B Tech in Civil Engg.
I like playing football and I am getting many opportunities in IIT kanpur. I also like to take part in
the cultural activities taking place here. I think I have made a right choice in choosing this institute.

I am Janhavi Bharat Shah, currently studying my MBBS (1st year) in B.J.Medical College, Pune

I am Prapti Praful Chheda.Right now I am at Nasik doing my MBBS from Loni College.

Hello, I am Samyak Bipinchandra Shah. I am studying in K.J.Somaiya College, Vidyavihar.I am in my

first year of computer engineering.

Rushabh Savla, in FYBE, Computer Engineering from D.J.Sanghavi College of Engineering

I love sports. Especially football. I love playing the game and follow it on TV (I'm a hardcore Liverpool fan). Gaming, photography, movies and hiking are things I like. I love cooking. And I'm obsessed
about reading. For me it's all about balancing Academics with everything else. Studying smart, not
long and still have fun. Studying for knowledge and not marks.."If you always do, what you've always
done. You'll always get, what you've always got."

Hello, this is Jaanavi Paresh Dedhia, I am re-appearing for my CET exam.I was in D.G.Ruparel College.I wish to study in Mumbai itself! My aspiration is medicine.

Naitik Talakshi Soni

College: D.J.SANGHVI COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING. My hobbies are Reading,Cycling,LAN Gaming,Trekking..

Lead your life like a dictionary ...providing a meaning to

everyone who refers you.Thats an ideal scholar...


What student loans entail and how do you get one
School and college fees are relatively low, but it is not the case with higher studies, especially when it is pursued
abroad.Hence, banks and financial institutions provide educational loans to fund studies.These are special purpose loans
that help the students cover the cost of pursuing a higher degree or some specialised courses. They are also referred to
as student loans.
Who is eligible for educational loans?
Anyone seeking an educational loan from any bank in India has to fulfill the following three criteria:

He\she must be a citizen of India

He\she should have secured admission at a university in India or institution overseas.

He\she should have got admission into a professional or technical course after an entrance test or other selection

Loan amounts,Terms & Conditions:

Banks are willing to give around Rs.15 lakhs for those applying abroad while those applying in India get upto Rs.7.5
lakhs.The other factor that determines the amount of the loan is the security that is given for the loan.Every student
loan of a huge denomination is a loan that is secured,so the student who is availing of the loan must provide some security, in most cases provided by a guarantor who might be a parent or guardian of the student.The government , after
consultation with the RBI and the Indian Bankers Association , came up with a comprehensive educational loan scheme.
According to the scheme, a student can take a loan ranging upto Rs. 7.5 lakh for studying in India and upto Rs. 15 lakh
for studying overseas.This is not a stable amount for banks in India. The State Bank of India (SBI) is now offering loans
upto Rs. 20 lakh, while recently , Indian Bank has increased its limit to Rs. 15 lakh for courses in India and upto Rs. 25
lakh for courses abroad. The information listed above is subject to change with time and hence students are requested
to check again from the banks for updated information. The repayment of the loan is either one year after the course
period or six months after getting a job , whichever is earlier.

What are the documents required?

Marksheets of the last qualifying examination for school and graduate studies in India.

Bank statement for the last six months of the borrower

Proof of admission to the course for which the loan is being applied.
Scheduling of expenses for the course.
Copies of letter confirming the scholarship.
If applicable,copies of foreign exchange permit needs to be attached as ell.
Two passport size photographs

Income tax assessment order

Brief statements of assets and liabilities of the borrower.
What is the interest rate charged?

Standard interest rates for getting student loans in India are 12 to 14% per annum.Some banks like SBI provide you
with a choice between fixed and floating interest rates.
Income tax benefits
Under section 80 (e) of the income tax act, a person can claim the interest paid toward the education loan as tax
deduction. A few condition apply for the same though.It can be claimed only if the loan is taken for a full time
graduation or post graduation course.


Most of the students dont know about most different engineering branches and which one to choose. You all wont get a complete idea of all the
branches even if you research from anywhere. So, it is advisable to take admission in any branch of engineering in a better college,if you are not
inclined towards any specific branch of engineering. When you have a choice between a better branch and a better college, preferably choose the
better college.
Computer Science
Computer science is the study of the theoretical foundations of information and computation and of practical techniques for their implementation
and application in computer systems. It has nothing to do with the knowledge of computers you have at this level. It involves inventing algorithms to
create, describe and modify information and creating and modifying existing programs. Computer science courses have a lot of pure mathematics in
the curriculum.
Information Technology
Information technology is a general term that describes any technology that helps to produce, manipulate, store, communicate, and disseminate information.The basic difference between CSE and IT is that IT is solely a software engineering. It rests only with the software part while CSE includes
both hardware and software. CSE deals with, along with the software subjects, hardware subjects as well like Compiler, Automata. These are all
machine and hardware related subjects while designing of Algorithms, details of OS are few concerns of IT.
Civil Engineering
Civil Engineering deals with design, construction and maintenance of all kinds of constructions like roads, bridges, dams and buildings. Majority of
the curriculum is Mechanics. It also contains some courses of Mathematics, Design and Project Management. Some sub-disciplines of Civil Engineering are Construction Engineering, Earthquake Engineering, Structural Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering and Environmental Engineering. Primarily
the jobs in Civil Engineering are monitoring constructions, designing, managing projects and specialised consulting.
Chemical Engineering
It is a wrong notion that chemical engineering has a lot of chemistry. Chemical engineering is the branch of engineering that deals with the application of physical science (e.g., chemistry and physics), and life sciences (e.g., biology, microbiology and biochemistry) with mathematics and economics,
to the process of converting raw materials or chemicals into more useful or valuable forms. It involves the design, improvement and maintenance of a
process involving chemical transformations on a large scale.
Electrical Engineering
Electrical engineering is a field of engineering that generally deals with the study and application of electricity, electronics and electromagnetism.
It covers a range of subtopics including power, electronics, control systems, signal processing and telecommunications. Electrical Engineering includes Electronics Engineering.
Electronics Engineering
Electronics Engineering is a discipline where electronic components are used to design electronic circuits, devices and systems. It deals with analog
electronics, digital electronics, consumer electronics, embedded systems and power electronics.
Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering
Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering is very similar to Electronics Engineering. Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers have to get
breakthroughs in the applications such as satellites, next generation mobile phones, air-traffic control, the Internet etc.
Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical engineering is a discipline of engineering that applies the principles of physics and materials science for analysis, design, manufacturing,
and maintenance ofmechanicalsystems. It is the branch of engineering that involves the production and usage of heat and mechanical power for the
design, production, and operation of machines and tools. It includes topics from Mechanics, Material Sciences and Thermodynamics.
Aerospace Engineering
Aerospace engineering is the primary branch of engineering behind the design, construction and science of aircraft and spacecraft. It is broken into
two major and overlapping branches: aeronautical engineering and astronautical engineering. The former deals with craft that stay within Earth's
atmosphere, and the latter deals with crafts that operate outside of Earth's atmosphere. Aerospace Engineering deals with the design, construction, and application of the science behind the forces and physical properties of aircraft, rockets, flying craft, and spacecraft.
Material Science and Engineering
Material Sciences is a study of the physical and chemical behaviour of elements, compounds and different mixtures. These Engineers use technology
to sign and manufacture better materials and try to decrease the cost of manufacturing.


18th June, 2011 saw beaming parents and gleaming students entering SEEPZ coming to our office premises for the Annual Get
together of KTSE. As a regular tradition, this year too, the function was an amazing blend of enthusiasm, curiosity and
knowledge. Parents were happy for their children as they were now a proud part of KTSE.After clearing the KTSE exam and the
personal interview, its a great feeling to be called a KTSE Scholar.
The event began with a brief introduction to the concept of KTSE by Aatish Sir himself. Then the 2011 scholars were awarded
with certificates followed by lectures by Mr.Lax Jain (M.S.,Chemical Engg, immediate past president of KVO-Seva Samaj) and
Mrs. Ela Dedhia (Ph.D in Textiles & Clothing,post graduate in Education Mgt & Vice President of KVO Seva Samaj) who were are
chief guests.Then we had various presentations by our senior students on selected topics like Management,AIEEE & IITJEE
Preparations, Studies abroad, Architecture etc.Really enriching!!Kudos to our senior scholars!!
The function ended with break out sessions (stream-wise) between parents and senior scholars followed by snacks and refreshments.A knowledgepacked event, indeed! We were overwhelmed with the compliments and co operation of parents.And we expect the same from each and every member of the KTSE family.
Life is very precious.Let us make it inspiring and beautiful by our good deeds..


If you think you are are,
If you think you dare not you don`t,
If you`d like to win;.. but think you can`t
Its almost a cinch .you won`t
If you think you`ll are lo st,
For out in this world, we find,
Success being with a fellow`s will
Its all in his state of mind
For many a race is lost , Before even a step is run.
And many a coward falls, Before even his work has begun.
Think big and your deeds will glow
Think small and you`ll fall behind
Think that you can and you will
Its all in the state of mind.
Life`s battles don`t always go to the stronger or faster man,
But sooner or later the man who wins, is the man who thinks he can.