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13850 Federal Register / Vol. 71, No.

52 / Friday, March 17, 2006 / Notices

concerned), and again annually if the Consideration of Comments Office of the Secretary (OS), Department
employee serves for more than 60 days As noted, public comment is again of Health and Human Services, is
in the position. invited, this time particularly on the publishing the following summary of a
Most of the persons who file this proposed further modified OGE Form proposed collection for public
report are current executive branch 450 summarized in this notice and comment. Interested persons are invited
Government employees at the time they available without charge from OGE to send comments regarding this burden
complete their report. However, some upon request (see the FOR FURTHER estimate or any other aspect of this
filers are private citizens who are asked INFORMATION CONTACT section above). In
collection of information, including any
by their prospective agencies to file new accordance with the Paperwork of the following subjects: (1) The
entrant reports prior to entering Reduction Act of 1995 (44 U.S.C. necessity and utility of the proposed
Government service in order to permit chapter 35), public comments are information collection for the proper
advance checking for any potential invited specifically on the need for and performance of the agency’s functions;
conflicts of interest and resolution practical utility of this proposed (2) the accuracy of the estimated
thereof by recusal, divestiture, waiver, modified collection of information, the burden; (3) ways to enhance the quality,
etc. accuracy of OGE’s burden estimate, the utility, and clarity of the information to
enhancement of quality, utility and be collected; and (4) the use of
Reporting Burden automated collection techniques or
clarity of the information collected, and
Based on OGE’s annual agency ethics the minimization of burden (including other forms of information technology to
program questionnaire responses for the use of information technology). minimize the information collection
2002 through 2004, OGE estimates that The Office of Government Ethics is burden.
an average of approximately 277,215 Type of Information Collection
planning to submit to OMB, after this
OGE Form 450 reports will be filed each Request: New, Regular Clearance.
notice and comment period, a modified Title of Information Collection: The
year for the next three years throughout OGE Form 450 for three-year approval
the executive branch. This estimate is Effect of Reducing Falls on Acute and
under the Paperwork Reduction Act. Long-Term Care Expenses.
based on the number of reports filed OGE especially invites comments on the
branchwide for 2002 through 2004 Form/OMB No.: OS–0990–New.
further changes to the proposed Use: ASPE is planning to conduct a
(272,755 in 2002, 263,463 in 2003, and modified OGE Form 450 that are
295,426 in 2004) for a total of 831,644, demonstration and evaluation of a
intended to make it easier for filers to multi-factorial fall prevention program
with that number then divided by three complete and for agencies to review.
and rounded, to give the projected to measure its impact on health
Comments received in response to this outcomes for the elderly as well as acute
annual average of 277,215 reports. Of notice will be summarized for, and may
these reports, OGE estimates that 7.6 and long-term care use and cost. This
be included with, OGE’s future request will be accomplished by obtaining a
percent, or some 21,068 per year, will be for OMB paperwork approval for the
filed by private citizens. Private citizen sample of individuals with private long-
proposed modified OGE Form 450. Any term care insurance who are age 75 and
filers are those potential (incoming) comments received will also become a
regular employees whose positions are over. We will employ a multi-tiered
matter of public record. After reviewing random experimental research design to
designated for confidential disclosure any comments and deciding on the
filing as well as potential special evaluate the effectiveness of the
proposed modifications to the OGE proposed fall prevention intervention
Government employees whose agencies Form 450, OGE will also publish a
require that they file their new entrant program. The project will provide
second paperwork notice in the Federal information to advance Departmental
reports prior to assuming Government Register to inform the agencies and the
responsibilities. No termination reports goals of reducing injury and improving
public at the time it submits the request the use of preventive services to
are required for the OGE Form 450. for OMB paperwork approval. positively impact Medicare use and
Each filing is estimated to take an
Approved: March 14, 2006. spending.
average of one and one-half hours to Frequency: Reporting, on occasion.
complete. This yields an annual Marilyn L. Glynn,
Acting Director, Office of Government Ethics. Affected Public: Business or other for-
reporting burden of 31,602 hours. OGE profit, not-for-profit institutions, and
previously has published an estimate of [FR Doc. E6–3937 Filed 3–16–06; 8:45 am]
Federal government.
only 15 hours because we were not BILLING CODE 6345–02–P
Annual Number of Respondents:
previously required by OMB to make a 4,166.
branchwide estimate, and 15 hours is Total Annual Responses: 4,166.
the applicable regulatory minimum. The DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND Average Burden Per Response: 1 hour.
current burden hours therefore account HUMAN SERVICES Total Annual Hours: 1,477.
for private citizen filers whose reports To obtain copies of the supporting
were filed each year only with OGE Office of the Secretary statement and any related forms for the
itself. In the past, the number of private [Document Identifier: OS–0990–New; 60-day proposed paperwork collections
citizens whose reports were filed each Notice] referenced above, access the HHS Web
year with OGE itself was less than 10, site address at
but pursuant to 5 CFR 1320.3(c)(4)(i), Agency Information Collection infocollect/pending/ or e-mail your
the lower limit for this general Activities: Proposed Collection; request, including your address, phone
regulatory-based requirement is set at 10 Comment Request number, OMB number, and OS
private persons. Thus, OGE reported the document identifier, to
current annual burden of 15 hours. The AGENCY: Office of the Secretary,, or call the Reports
sroberts on PROD1PC70 with NOTICES

proposed estimate of burden hours Department of Health and Human Clearance Office on (202) 690–6162.
includes private citizen reports filed Services. Written comments and
with departments and agencies In compliance with the requirement recommendations for the proposed
throughout the executive branch of section 3506(c)(2)(A) of the information collections must be
(including OGE). Paperwork Reduction Act of 1995, the received within 60 days, and directed to

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Federal Register / Vol. 71, No. 52 / Friday, March 17, 2006 / Notices 13851

the OS Paperwork Clearance Officer at to train retired persons to serve in their Office of the Inspector General (OIG).
the following address: Department of communities as volunteer expert The AoA will evaluate project
Health and Human Services, Office of resources and educators in preventing performance data, and provide support
the Secretary, Assistant Secretary for and identifying health care error, fraud, and technical assistance, in
Budget, Technology, and Finance, and abuse. The award is a cooperative coordination with the Center, to assist
Office of Information and Resource agreement because the AoA will be projects in improving performance.
Management, Attention: Naomi Cook substantially involved in the The AoA will provide information to
(0990–New), Room 531–H, 200 development and execution of the grantee leadership to assist in
Independence Avenue, SW., activities of the projects. AoA will understanding the strategic goals and
Washington DC 20201. provide mentoring, on-line training and objectives, policy perspectives and
Dated: February 8, 2006. other technical support through its priorities of the Assistant Secretary for
Robert E. Polson, National Consumer Protection Aging and the Department of Health and
Technical Resource Center (the Center). Human Services. The AoA will also
Office of the Secretary, Paperwork Reduction
Act Reports Clearance Officer. The Center will also provide technical share information with the grantee
assistance and support to the grantee in about other SMP projects, including
[FR Doc. E6–3933 Filed 3–16–06; 8:45 am]
volunteer recruitment and management; integration grants, and other federally
will ensure currency in Medicare and sponsored projects and activities
Medicaid program information, fraud relevant to the interests of SMP projects.
DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND prevention and identification
2. Anticipated Total Priority Area
HUMAN SERVICES techniques, outreach strategies,
Funding Per Budget Period
complaint management, tracking and
Administration on Aging reporting; and will share approaches for The AoA intends to make available,
reaching targeted populations. The AoA under this program announcement,
Availability of Funding Opportunity project officer for the SMP project grant grant awards for up to twenty-eight (28)
Announcement will also provide technical assistance cooperative agreements at a federal
and support on grant management and share of up to $180,000 per year for a
Funding Opportunity Title/Program project period of up to three (3) years.
implementation issues, including
Name: Senior Medicare Patrol Projects. With the exception of Guam and the
Announcement Type: Initial. execution of the cooperative agreement.
The AoA will conduct at least one U.S. Virgin Islands, grantees are
Funding Opportunity Number: HHS–
national conference and one regional required to cover 25% of the total cost
Statutory Authority: The Older meeting in alternate years for the of the project from non-federal case or
Americans Act, Public Law 106–501. purpose of providing technical in-kind assistance.
Catalog of Federal Domestic assistance and training to SMP projects. III. Eligibility Criteria and Other
Assistance (CFDA) Number: 93.048, Grantee participation in these Requirements
Title IV and Title II, Discretionary conferences is specified as part of the
Projects, and the Health Insurance cooperative agreement. The grantee and 1. Eligible Applicants
Portability and Accountability Act of the AoA will work cooperatively to Eligibility for grant awards is limited
1996 (Pub. L. 104–191). determine the priority activities to be to public state and local agencies,
Dates: The deadline date for the completed by the project and develop federally recognized tribes, or nonprofit
receipt of applications is April 28, 2006. the work plan for each year of the agencies, organizations, and
project. Within 45 days of the award institutions, including faith-based
I. Funding Opportunity Description and 45 days of each continuation award, organizations, in the following 26 states
This announcement seeks proposals the project will agree upon and adhere and 2 territories: Alabama, California,
for the Senior Medicare Patrol (SMP) to a work plan that details expectations Connecticut, Hawaii, Iowa, Illinois,
Projects which will serve as model for major activities, products, and Indiana, Louisiana, Maryland,
projects that demonstrate effective ways reports during the current budget Minnesota, Missouri, Mississippi, North
of utilizing retired persons as volunteer period. The work plan will include Carolina, North Dakota, Nebraska, New
expert resources and educators in specific steps and a timetable for Hampshire, Nevada, New York,
community-based efforts to prevent and implementing statewide program Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South
identify health care error, fraud and coverage. The plan will also specify Carolina, South Dakota, Utah, Vermont,
abuse in the Medicare/Medicaid actions to expand program access to Wisconsin, Wyoming, Guam, and the
programs. Applicants under this target populations. The work plan will Virgin Islands. The competition is
announcement must provide a also include staff assignments, work limited to the 26 states and 2 territories
comprehensive plan for statewide SMP locations, and other areas that require specified above. Competition is limited
program coverage targeting isolated and AoA consultation, review, and/or prior to those specified states and territories
hard-to-reach, beneficiaries, their approval. Either the AoA or the project because the current three-year grant
families or caregivers and address the can propose a revision of the final work period for Senior Medicare Patrol
five SMP program objectives. A detailed plan at any time. projects within these states and the one-
description of the funding opportunity The AoA will specify project year capacity building grants in the
including the program objectives and performance criteria and expectations territories will end on June 30, 2006.
application materials may be obtained at relative to the SMP program objectives The AoA is currently funding SMP and will monitor, evaluate and support projects in the remaining 24 states, the
fundopp.asp or the projects’ efforts in achieving District of Columbia and Puerto Rico.
sroberts on PROD1PC70 with NOTICES

II. Award Information performance goals. The project will In order to ensure the program
provide program performance output, reaches Medicare/Medicaid
1. Funding Instrument Type outcome and activity data semiannually beneficiaries in the maximum number
Cooperative Agreement. Grantees will utilizing the performance instrument of states, given available funding, only
carry out cooperative agreement awards developed by the AoA and the HHS one project from each state or territory

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