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Taufik Hidayat (born 10 August 1981 in Bandung, West Java) is a retired

Indonesian badminton player. He is a former World and Olympic champion in men's
singles. He has also won the Indonesian Open six times (1999,
2002, 2003, 2004 and 2006).



When he was young, he joined the SGS Club, a

badminton club in Bandung, where he trained under Iie
Hidayat won the men's singles competition in
badminton at the 2004 Summer Olympics. In
August 2005, he won the men's singles competition
at the IBF World Championships. He also won the
gold medal at the Asian Games twice, at Busan in
2002 and Doha in 2006.
Popular media has at times focused on the perceived rivalry between Hidayat and
Chinese player Lin Dan, referring to the two as "arch rivals". [3][4][5]
In November 2012, Hidayat built a badminton training center named Taufik
Hidayat Arena (THA), located at Ciracas, East Jakarta. The Center is owned and
named after himself. THA is structured based on true passion, forms of struggle,
and desire of a former of World and Olympic Champion, Taufik Hidayat


Bambang Pamungkas (born 10 June 1980), also known as Bepe, is


Indonesian professional footballer who plays for Persija

Jakarta in the Indonesia Super League[2] and previously the
Indonesia national football team. His natural position is
striker. Bambang made his name in South East Asian
football when he scored the only goal for Indonesia at the
2002 Tiger Cup semifinal against Malaysia,[3] and was the
tournament's top scorer with eight goals.[4]
Bambang is considered to be an outstanding header

of the ball,

and has a reputation for sharpness in the penalty box.

national team,[5] and is

earned 85 caps and 37 goals with the Indonesia

perhaps the team's most popular player among its
supporters.[6] He is considered as one of top ten
Asian players of 2012 by ESPN Soccernet.[7]
Bambang played for several clubs around his

hometown as a youth, before beginning his senior career with Persija Jakarta. He
was the club's top goalscorer in 19992000 Liga Indonesia with 24 goals. In 2000,
he joined EHC Norad in the Dutch Third Division. But after only 4 months he
returned to Persija, the only Indonesian club he ever played for.


Chris John (born September 14, 1979 in Banjarnegara, Indonesia) is an Indonesian
former professional boxer. He was a former featherweight world champion at

WBA (Super). His ten-year reign as featherweight champion was the second
longest in the division's history (after Johnny Kilbane)

and his 18

successful title defenses was the second-most in the

featherweight division (after Eusebio Pedroza).
John is the fourth Indonesian to win a boxing world


following Ellyas Pical, Nico Thomas and Muhammad

On December 19, 2013 Chris John announced


retirement from boxing


later captured a bronze medal in the 100 m backstroke at the 2003 Southeast
Asian Games in Hanoi, Elsa Manora Nasution (born October 25, 1977 in Jakarta) is
a retired Indonesian swimmer, who specialized in backstroke events. [1] She
represented Indonesia at the 2000 Summer Olympics, and Vietnam. She is also a
third eldest sister of Muhammad Akbar Nasution, an elite breaststroke and medley
swimmer, who competed with her at the Olympics as part of the Indonesian squad.


Nasution is divorced from her husband Ricky

Subagja, a prominent badminton player and 1996

Olympic doubles champion.[4]
Nasution competed only in the women's 100 m
backstroke at the 2000 Summer Olympics in
Sydney. She achieved a FINA B-cut of 1:05.69
from the Asian Championships in Busan, South

She challenged seven other swimmers in heat

two, including teenagers Sherry Tsai of Hong

Kong (aged 17) and Kuan Chia-hsien of Chinese
Taipei. Keeping her pace from the start, she
shared a fifth seed with Uruguay's Serrana
Fernndez in a matching time of 1:06.57,
almost a full second below her entry standard.
Nasution failed to advance into the semifinals, as she
placed thirty-eighth overall in the prelims.



Francisca Valentina national taekwondoin


Central Java, Indonesia defended pd

student world championships in South
Korea 25-30 May 2012. Frances yg jg

gold medalist
from Semarang,

in SEA Games XXVI / 2011 was when contacted

Wednesday (9/5), said, he was elected

along with

three athletes from other regions

appear pd

upcoming world championships in


asked pd targets world

championships next student, he


there is no specific target. He

claimed, just trying to look up.
According to him, the power of

taekwondo when ni very evenly so that can not be mentioned one strong state, while
others who are less strong / weak. After SEA Games gold medal in 2011, Siska
(close calls Francisca Valentina) underwent surgery in the Central Hospital of the
Army (Army Hospital) Gatot Subroto Jakarta because his left foot injury. In the
conditions of the injury, Siska can still donate a gold medal for Indonesia pd SEA
Games in 2011, after winning over Malaysia Nurul Asfahlina athletes with a score of


Denny Sumargo (born in Luwuk, October 11, 1981, age 33 years) is a
basketball player nationality Indonesia Minangkabau-blooded Chinese.
Denny played for the team Garuda Flexi Bandung.

After his move to Jakarta in 2000, Denny immediately

joined the club Aspac. Fans of Michael Jordan and Kobe
Bryant is indeed aspire to be a
professional basketball player to join the
club and also Satria Muda Aspac and plays as

shooting guard / small forward.


Aprilia Manganang. Through hard spike spike-born player Tahuna, North

Sulawesi, 27 April 1992., Electric PLN won many victories. His figure is not
as pevoli glimpse of another woman.
April, so he is usually called, has an athletic body, almost like a man. He has a

muscular foot, which allowed

him to jump high. Perhaps
April was pevoli women with


highest leap this time in

Indonesia. April's high
jumping ability makes it
easily perform over-block or
pass blocks of an opposing
player when he was thumped
the ball over the net.
Since the first round until the final round four, Aprilia is one of the engines
diarsiteki points for a team coach from China, Tien of May. If Aprilia could
bring his team to become champions in the final Proliga beat Jakarta PGN
Popsivo, it is not impossible pevoli who had a hobby of these roads will be
elected as the best player or the MVP this season.


Suzanna Wibowo (born 25 November 1963) is a former Indonesian professional

tennis player. She is sometimes known by her maiden name, Suzanna Anggarkusuma.
She first represented Indonesia in the Fed Cup in 1981. She made her debut as a
professional in July 1986, aged 22, in the doubles competition of an ITF
tournament in Brindisi, Italy, which she and partner Yayuk Basuki won. She played
her last professional tournament in June 2006, in New Delhi, at the age of 43.
She was part of Indonesia's Fed Cup team in 1981, 1982, 1983, 1984, 1985, 1986,
1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993 and finally in 2003.
Wibowo won the gold medal in the Women's Doubles at the 1986 Asian Games and
1990 Asian Games, partnered both times by Yayuk Basuki. She also won the bronze
medal in the Mixed Doubles at both of those tournaments.


The girl who was familiarly called Eka already exist joined the race since the 5 th
grade. Although initially not aware of talent to run, but the girl from Kediri is
never absent participated every time there is a race. Initially, the motivation girl
born July 8, 1996 this contest, just want a fad. But not unexpectedly, it took him
until keperlombaan fad levels of local, provincial, national and international.
"At first I participated just for fun race from school. But since winning continues,
I was not aware already become athletes and carry the name of Indonesia to the
international level, "said the rabbit enthusiasts. Eka various competitions had been
achieved, such as the 3rd Place Junior Youth Championship 2012, 3rd Place Women
Youth Run 100 meters, SEA 2012 Singapore Youth Championship and 1st Run Relay
4 x 100 meter Princess Youth, SEA Youth Championship 2012 in Singapore. To
continue his run of this achievement, Eka now live in Jakarta and attended the
School Athlete, SMAN Ragunan in South Jakarta.


Irene Kharisma Sukandar was born in Jakarta on April 7, 1992, he was Grand
Master Chess Princess from Indonesia. Irene was the daughter of second child of
three siblings, spouse Singgih Heyzkel and Cici Ratna Mulya. Now he sits as grade
II SMA Nusantara, Jakarta. But, because of busy practicing or playing chess, he
was forced to frequently miss school. Funnily enough, he did not remember the
name of her classmates. "You see, the frequency we see rarely. In fact, what their
opinion about me, I do not know really, "he said. Outside busy playing or practicing
chess, he also has a line of hobby. Among other things, reading history books, play
billiards, listen to music instrumental and acapella, or jog. Irene was the daughter
of the pride of Indonesia. What are its goals? Just like what he achieved on the
Indonesian Chess Association (PERCASI) and the National Sports Committee of
Indonesia (KONI), "I want to win the Grand Master and world champion," he said.


Indonesian national championship medalist in fencing in 2013 was certainly heat up

the Fencer screening arena. Arifa Annisa Safara who won a gold medal at the
National Championship Degen number 2013, will also contribute to the selection.
Similarly, silver medalist number Degen, Ryan Primary.
'' We expect a lot Fencer Solo who qualify in the selection. Their ability is quite
unreliable, '' said coach Pengkot Fencing Association of Indonesia (IKASI) Solo,
Hendra Faradila, Friday (23/8).
Annie and Ryan is optimistic to win the competition and enter the Java team. '' My
toughest competitor, Naji Katus of the Holy. He won silver at the championships
Stem Open 2011 and I win gold. I'm sure he's still able to overcome the later
selection, '' said Annie.


Karateka Fidelys Lolobua deeply satisfied with the results he achieved the silver
medal in the men's individual Kata number 2014 Asian Games Incheon, South Korea.
"I am satisfied, I play loose, and I think this will be my last Asian Games," said
Fidelys after competing in Gyeyang Gymnasium, Incheon, Thursday (2/10).
"This is my best performance, I've been trying," he added.
When asked about the athlete's final match against Malaysia, Fidelym said he was
sure would win saw his opponent had an error and shaky at the beginning of
"On first appearance he made a mistake and then he faltered. In fact, if real on
the ground, he was not sure to win," he said.


Athletes bridge Indonesia Taufik G ASBI shows 4 medals were successfully

acquired during the Sea Games XXVI after receiving the medal final, Monday
(21/11) in the Ballroom of Hotel Jayakarta Daira Palembang. Taufik managed to
obtain two pairs of gold of men's and mixed numbers, one of the butler male silver,
and one bronze for the men's team numbers.


Golf athletes homeland, George Gandranata competed against top athletes abroad.
The man who once won four professional tournaments was admitted, a match in his
hometown this time becomes the main focus last year.
"It is nice it feels to be here. This tournament is one that I prepare well for this
year, "he said. Through this match, George not only want to show the ability to
shoot holes of golf, but also entertain the supporters of Indonesia.