Analyzing Nakshatra Gochara using Sarvato Bhadra Chakra By Balaji Narasimhan <sherlockbalaji@yahoo.

com> Using Sarvato Bhadra Chakra (SBC), one can consider the impact of the Nava Grahas on all the 27 Nakshatras. To do this, one follows a few simple rules: • • • Surya, Kuja, Sani, Rahu, and Ketu are always malefic. Guru, Sukra, Budha, and Chandra are always benefic. Stars are Neutral (E.g. Star#10), Benefic (E.g. Star#18), or Malefic (E.g. Star#25).

The rest is simple. One just assigns a number based on the Vedai as under: • Malefic Graha affecting: 1. Malefic Nakshatra = Very Malefic [-2] 2. Neutral Nakshatra = Malefic [-1] 3. Benefic Nakshatra = Neutral [0] Benefic Graha affecting: 1. Malefic Nakshatra = Neutral [0] 2. Neutral Nakshatra = Benefic [+1] 3. Benefic Nakshatra = Very Benefic [+2]

In essence, a malefic graha can at best be neutral, while a benefic graha can at worst be neutral. The Various Combinations • • For 1 particular Nakshatra, there are 27 possibilities. Take all the 9 grahas, and you have 9x27 = 243 possibilities for one Janma Nakshatra. To get all Janma Nakshatras, one multiplies this by 27 to get 243x27=6,561 possibilities.

Of course, this is just a listing of all the existing possibilities. On a particular day, the overall Vedais are going to be 9 grahas affecting 9x4 = 36 points. (NOTE: There are different opinions concerning this, but we will take the Vedais for all directions. For example, a planet in Swathi will also affect Satabisheka (Front Vedai), Jyeshta (Left Vedai) and Rohini (Right Vedai). Since this is just for one Janma Nakshatra, we multiply this with 27 for all the Janma Nakshatras, and get 36x27 = 972 possibilities. This is the maximum output possible per day. Some times, if grahas are aspecting Abhijit, then they cannot be counted, and the output could be marginally lesser.

Case Study Let us study what happened to a Punarvasu Native on 21st August, 2004, when Sury was in Makh, Chan was in Chit, Budd was in Makh, Sukr was in Arid, Kuja was in Makh, Guru was in UPha, Sani was in Purn, Rahu was in Aswi, and Ketu was in Swat. Placing all of the above in the SBC graph, we get the following image:

The planets cast their vedais in three directions and affect sensitive points for each star. Since the native’s star is Punarvasu, we calculate for Punarvasu and get: Graha Sury Chan Budd Sukr Kuja Guru Sani Rahu Ketu Grand Total Total -6 7 2 4 -6 5 -2 -6 -4 -6

The total for each Graha is worked out by taking into consideration all the vedais. For example, let us consider Ketu, placed in Swat, and is affecting Jeys, Rohi, and Sata. 1. 2. 3. 4. Swat is the 9th star from Purn, and is benefic. Benefic Star+Malefic Graha = 0 Sata is the 18th star from Purn, and is benefic. Benefic Star+Malefic Graha = 0 Jeys is the 12th star from Purn, and is malefic. Malefic Star+Malefic Graha = -2 Rohi is the 25th star from Purn, and is malefic. Malefic Star+Malefic Graha = -2

Thus, Ketu’s score adds up to –4. On the whole, as per nakshatra gochara, Purn natives would have had a bad time on 21st August 2004. However, this native was almost drowned, but his alert father saved him. To understand this, we need to consider his chart, because nakshatra gochara depends on the Dasa/Bukti and the overall nature/strength/weakness of the birth chart.

The native was running Sani - Sukra - Budha. Sani is in the star of Sukra, a maraka who owns the 2nd and the 7th houses. Budha is the lord of the 3rd [nervous system] and the 6th [sickness] houses. This could indicate some danger, especially since the native was quite accident-prone. Now, the question is, can SBC refine this further? Now that we have the birth chart, we can also analyze sensitive points like the Tithi, Day, Name, and Lagna as under:

The Name, Tithi, Day, and Lagna are all subject to malefic influences. This could lead to serious problems, and could even result in death if benefics are not also safeguarding these points. Fortunately, Tithi and Day are protected by Budha, who, as a retrograde planet, gains greater power. Best of all, Lagna is protected from Sani’s malevolence by Guru, who, by himself, can nullify several malefic influences. To gain a deeper understanding, let us consider all the 36 vedais of the Nava Grahas affecting Punarvasu: 1. For Purn, Sury affecting Makh [04] = -0 2. For Purn, Sury affecting Asle [03] = -2 3. For Purn, Sury affecting Bhar [23] = -2 4. For Purn, Sury affecting Srav [16] = -2 5. For Purn, Chan affecting Chit [08] = +2 6. For Purn, Chan affecting PBha [19] = +1 7. For Purn, Chan affecting Mool [13] = +2 8. For Purn, Chan affecting Mrig [26] = +2 9. For Purn, Budd affecting Makh [04] = +2 10. For Purn, Budd affecting Asle [03] = +0 11. For Purn, Budd affecting Bhar [23] = +0 12. For Purn, Budd affecting Srav [16] = +0 13. For Purn, Sukr affecting Arid [27] = +2 14. For Purn, Sukr affecting PAsh [14] = +0 15. For Purn, Sukr affecting UBha [20] = +2 16. For Purn, Sukr affecting Hast [07] = +0 17. For Purn, Kuja affecting Makh [04] = -0 18. For Purn, Kuja affecting Asle [03] = -2 19. For Purn, Kuja affecting Bhar [23] = -2 20. For Purn, Kuja affecting Srav [16] = -2 21. For Purn, Guru affecting UPha [06] = +2 22. For Purn, Guru affecting Reva [21] = +0 23. For Purn, Guru affecting Purn [01] = +1 24. For Purn, Guru affecting UAsh [15] = +2 25. For Purn, Sani affecting Purn [01] = -1 26. For Purn, Sani affecting Mool [13] = -0 27. For Purn, Sani affecting PBha [19] = -1 28. For Purn, Sani affecting UPha [06] = -0 29. For Purn, Rahu affecting Aswi [22] = -0 30. For Purn, Rahu affecting PPha [05] = -2 31. For Purn, Rahu affecting Rohi [25] = -2 32. For Purn, Rahu affecting Jeys [12] = -2 33. For Purn, Ketu affecting Swat [09] = -0 34. For Purn, Ketu affecting Sata [18] = -0 35. For Purn, Ketu affecting Jeys [12] = -2 36. For Purn, Ketu affecting Rohi [25] = -2

The 23rd star is called the Vinash Nakshatra. It is affected by Kuja and Surya, both malefics, and though protected by Budha, is still under considerable danger. Kuja is the natural karaka for accidents and violence, and so his impact could be dangerous. Though SBC is not opposed to Parasara’s techniques, we need to understand that gochara is subtly different from natal significances. For example, Guru, even if a functional malefic, will deliver good results while transiting the 5th house. Similarly, in SBC, Kuja, as a malefic, may cause problems even if he is the lagnadipati as in this case. But fortunately, it all ended well because the native’s father, heeding the advice of the author of this piece, kept an eagle’s eye on his son in the period Aug 1 – 21 2004. Thus, while his son developed cramps in both his feet while swimming, he was able to rescue him and protect him from death. While arrogance might compel an astrologer to claim credit for the right prediction, modesty—and more importantly, reason—dictates that the save was possible due to the benevolently benign aspect of Guru. Endnote SBC is an excellent tool, and, in tandem with an analysis of the Rasi Chart and Dasa/Bukti, can help the seasoned astrologer to make the right predictions. Other enhancements are possible, such as: • • One could study the latta of the grahas, which is always malefic. We could consider the retrograde aspect of planets, which enhances their natural strength. Retrograde Sani is even more malefic, while retrograde Guru develops greater power to do good.

But, end of the day, it must be stressed that SBC should not be treated as a standalone system. The convenience of a system that enables one to graphically see transits must not blind us, and make us feel that understanding these principles is a panacea for all ills. SBC will not help an astrologer who uses it as a shortcut to bypass the rigorous system propounded by Parasara. SBC is a lamppost. Use it like an intelligent person, to light up the way, not as a drunkard who leans against it for support! ***

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