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S H A P I N G M E S S A G E S | D E E P EN I N G E N G A G E M E N T | B U I L D I N G V A L U E


- Distilling Complex Information Into Clear, Powerful Messages That Drive Engagement & Build Value
- Led Team That Drove a $1 Billion Increase in Market Cap
- Helped Steer Fortune 50 Company Through One of the Centurys Biggest Financial Scandals-


Energetic leader with extensive experience creating and executing world-class
strategic communications programs that change stakeholder perceptions, build
support, and create value. Expert storyteller trained to craft powerful
messages by NIRI head and a speechwriter for a U.S. presidential candidate.
Exceptional oral and written communication skills; deep understanding of
corporate finance, capital markets and rules and regulations. Meticulous;
innovative; motivated.
Strong track record working in high-pressure environments with top-tier
analysts, fund managers, media, and management, including C-suite executives
from SoftBank, Sequoia, and Goldman.
Proven ability overcoming challenges and building premium valuations for
multibillion-dollar companies; grew institutional sharebase from 0 to more than
30 percent and captured leading analyst coverage for technology company
previously abandoned by both segments, catapulting share price from $1 to

I have over 30 years of experience
in global tech and can confidently
say he is the total package, with all
the skills and experience the best
businesses require. In sum, you
want Brad on your team. John
Stringer | CEO of GigaMedia
Limited | 2012
Brad was a key part of our
management team, helping to
shape our IR message and market
communications that drove our $1
billion market growth. Arthur
Wang | CEO of GigaMedia Limited

Masters Degree |Josef Korbel School of International Studies, University of Denver
Bachelors Degree | Bowdoin College (ranked #4 in U.S.)
Investor Relations & Strategic Communications | IPOs | Strategy & Message Development | Media Relations |
Financial Modeling | Stakeholder Targeting | Research | P&L Analysis | Speechwriting | Matrix Management |
GIGAMEDIA LIMITED | Taipei, Taiwan | 2001 2014
$1 billion+ global entertainment leader with operations in U.S., Europe, and Asia; developer and operator of leading
software; currently a diversified holding company.
Overarching impact: Transformed perennial underperformer with a tarnished financial brand into an exciting leader
with a strong global reputation and premium valuation, driving a $1 billion increase in market cap. Overcame severe
challenges, including a declining reputation, financial performance and share price; distrust of Chinese companies;
no analyst coverage or institutional investors; a complex structuring of business; and a rapidly changing legal


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Recruited by CEO to hold sole responsibility for communicating to and educating audiences about the companys
strategy, business activities, financial performance, operating model, key metrics, and plans for building long-term
shareholder value. Reported directly to and worked with executive management team. Advised CEOs and CFOs on
multiple turnarounds, restructurings, acquisitions and other corporate changes. Communicated daily with investment
community, serving as key relationship lead responsible for quantitative analytics, including detailed knowledge of
financial statements. Led earnings process, drafting all press releases and materials and collaborating with internal legal,
finance, and business divisions; wrote annual reports; prepared speeches and presentations for industry conferences.
Ensured all content was of the highest quality, creative and compelling, and aligned and integrated with the appropriate
corporate and cross-functional messages. Acted as editorial gatekeeper ensuring accurate, clear, and concise messaging.
Wrote for and managed creation of a wide range of standard and next-generation communication vehicles, from
PowerPoint to video and social media. Supported senior management with setting guidance and managing expectations,
peer benchmarking, market intelligence and investor feedback. Maintained analyst, investor, and competitive
intelligence databases; monitored estimates. Provided updates to management for the board, as requested, with
periodic presentations to the board regarding investor-related topics. Partnered with both internal and external
corporate counsel on SEC compliance, governance, and annual meeting related matters, including proxy solicitation.
Developed company disclosure guidelines and took responsibility for regulatory disclosure requirements, including the
website, demonstrating expertise in SEC and GAAP reporting requirements and Sarbanes-Oxley. Managed SEC and
NASDAQ reporting with no issues.
Partnered with CEO and CFO; identified vision; created, articulated, and managed new investment thesis and growth
story following the largest strategic shift in the companys history.
Ensured critical clarity and consistency in messages designed to differentiate and rebrand the company in the
financial community, drive engagement, and increase value. Created evergreen playbook on the company story for
fast reference and reliable availability; aligned all colleagues under One Voice Policy.
Leveraged innovative, multi-channel communications and unique messages to cut through the clutter and capture
interest. Networked with diverse internal stakeholders at all levels of the organization to gather information,
ensure an in-depth understanding of the business and accurate, informed marketing of the story.
Established buy-side and sell-side agenda, including implementing product and business model education,
explaining competitive advantages, and setting expectations.
Strengthened company credibility, changed market perceptions, and generated investor confidence. Transformed
weak and failing company image to one of a dominant global leader with a top-caliber management team, unique
products, and the ability to thrive in high-growth, high-margin markets in Europe and Asia, estimated at $10B+ / CAGR
4 percent and $4B / CAGR 9 percent, respectively.
Monitored peer group activity and industry best practices; developed new ideas for company communications,
including repackaging of content for website and social media, which drove trading volume.
Tracked trends, opinions, and reactions to financial market and company-specific issues; analyzed implications and
provided strategic recommendations to senior management. Anticipated market reactions to potential disclosures
and advised accordingly.
Established rapport and credibility with diverse groups and individuals from senior executives and front-line
employees to industry and equity analysts, PR teams, journalists, investors and other stakeholders.
Drove continuous improvement by capturing feedback, conducting ongoing measurements of program
effectiveness, and enabling two-way engagement.
Created three new company website versions, all based on award-winning designs, supporting delivery of key
messages and increasing transparency, credibility, and interest. Earned raves for website content: Theres no better
example of unique, actionable, financial content than what Brad Miller has assembled on the corporate IR website of
GigaMedia. (
Created new non-GAAP metrics to focus valuations on the best-performing business areas and more simply
compare earnings in different periods during business transition. Enhanced earnings release format.
Coordinated active and systematic investor meeting and call program; briefed management for calls, meetings and
media and partnered closely with senior management on public responses. | 503-654-3893 | Milwaukie, OR |


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Planned and facilitated global road shows and showcased company in equity conferences, including representing
company and presenting at conferences internationally. Attracted multiple investors through equity conference
presentations, together buying more than five million shares and holding positions representing nearly 10 percent
of the float. Maintained productive relationships with principal investors, with resulting stock ownership lasting
Successfully targeted and secured top-quality investors; rebuilt global institutional sharebase from zero to 30+
percent, including Tiger funds, Barclays, and Fidelity.
Powered sell-side coverage from zero to six analysts, including Bear Stearns, Citigroup, and Merrill Lynch.
Achieved premium valuation, with price targets implying a P/E ratio of 25X, equal to industry leaders and significantly
exceeding peer average of 20X; stock trading reached PE of more than 35X.
Managed multiple projects and deadlines simultaneously in a fast-paced and complex international environment
with the highest standards; earned reputation for flawless execution.
Demonstrated excellent business acumen: proven ability to quickly understand company strategy, financials,
market trends, etc., and translate them into clear, relevant communications.


Selected to help start-up a leading strategic financial communications practice, developing IR programs that were
integrated with client PR services. Key member of team that grew practice from zero to $1.4 million in less than two
years. Advised executives and in-house communications professionals on ongoing opportunities and challenges,
including IR, reputation management, media relations, corporate positioning, transactions, and crisis communications.
Counseled a wide variety of listed companies, including major multinational corporations and leading technology firms.
Led reporting process; optimized targeted roadshows and conference attendance opportunities; developed strategic,
compelling messaging to elevate client presence in investment community; researched client company perceptions;
coordinated investor meetings and site visits. Tapped as go-to for writing new client pitches and communications
materials due to expert writing skills and ability to synthesize information and translate it into strong investor messages.
Participated in PR meetings with prospective clients as IR subject matter expert, marketing value-added IR services.
Spearheaded the recovery of investor confidence for Fortune 50 healthcare company McKesson Corporation as it
struggled through one of the largest financial scandals of the 20th century.
Completed investment community research and analysis for strategic alignment of action plans with market
perceptions in partnership with McKessons Investor Relations Director. Interviewed 50+ analysts and fund
managers, developing report outlining communication solutions. Provided concepts and solutions adopted by
McKesson to repair reputation. Ogilvy crisis team awarded top honors for managing McKesson crisis.
Restored investor confidence in Starnet Communications International Inc., an online gambling operator, following
a raid on company headquarters by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and subsequent legal charges.
Facilitated media training with the CEO of Starnet Communications, using former White House reporter to sharpen
CEOs ability to perform with media in high-profile case covered by CNN and ABCs Nightline. Generated a doubledigit rebound in share price for Starnet through strategic plan emphasizing transparency and expert media
handling, including securing interview for Starnet CEO on Bloomberg TV.
Powered communications driving IPO successes for webMethods and KPNQwest and capturing PR industrys CIPRA
award; developed investor messages, targeted key influencers, and provided analyst outreach.
Led financial communications initiatives for diverse companies with major analyst communities, including multibilliondollar oil and gas giant Perez Companc and multibillion-dollar diversified multinational Alfa each covered by over 20
analysts. Perez Companc was the largest independent energy company in Latin America. Alfa has operations in Mexico,
the United States and other 21 countries across the Americas, Europe and Asia, including Newpek, an oil and natural gas
extraction company. | 503-654-3893 | Milwaukie, OR |