Question Bank for Customer Relationship Management Paper Qs No Question Unit I : Introduction to CRM 1) Define CRM giving example

? 2) Write short notes on any 3 : i) Analytical CRM ii) Operational CRM iii) CRM Engine iv) Front Office Solutions 3) Explain Customer Lifecycle Unit II : eCRM 1) Features of eCRM Unit III : Sales Force Automation (SFA) 1) Explain the needs and barriers of SFA 2) Explain any 4 functionalities of SFA 3) Describe Data Synchronization 4) Explain some of the applications of SFA Unit IV : Enterprise Marketing Automation (EMA) 1) What are Business Analytic Tools? What does a Business Analytic Application do? 2) Explain Campaign Planning & Management? 3) Describe in brief any 2 EMA Components? 4) Write short notes on any 2 : i) Enterprise Marketing Automation ii) Opt-In/Opt-Out iii) Response Management Unit V : Call Centers mean Customer Interaction 1) What is a Customer Interaction Center? 2) Explain the functionality of Call Center? 3) Write short notes on any 3 : i) Automatic Call Distribution ii) Interactive Voice Response iii) Web enabling the call center iv) Automated Intelligent Call Routing Unit VI : Implementing CRM 1) Write short notes on any 5 : i) Kick off meeting ii) Requirements gathering iii) Prototyping iv) Power User Beta Test v) Training vi) Roll-out & System hand off Unit VII : Application Service Provider (ASP) 1) Who is an ASP? 2) Explain the role of an ASP? 3) Explain some advantages and disadvantages of implementing ASP? 4) Explain some criteria for selecting an ASP?

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