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Thermography in Electrical

VdS 2858en : 2004-03 (01)

up-dating etc. g. overhead wire etc. A qualified evaluation of these images delivers important information for the operator. Depending of operation conditions these intervals may vary. For an expert analysis of the determined faults it may become necessary to perform additional measurements at the electrical installation (e. to discuss the evaluation of the measurement with this expert. g. If given. visual accessible.Thermography in Electrical Installations Thermography – what is it? Thermography is an objective image-giving measuring method with which the surface temperature can be determined contactless.). The measuring tool used for thermography receives emission which is not visible for the human eye and converts this in visibly thermal images. middle and high voltage switchgear installations switchgear and control cabinets. It is recommended to perform thermographical measurements in co-operation with the responsible electrical expert resp. busbar systems. Weak points of electrical installations can be detected in a very short time. fuse boxes electrical machines and drives electrical equipment in mobile installations cable boards. Thermography – purpose and benefits VdS 2858en : 2004-03 (01) Measurements may be performed normally only on installation components which are open resp. Thermographical inspections should be performed yearly if possible in connection with the required periodic inspections of the electrical installations. shall be removed or doors shall be opened. current or voltage). Thermography – Where? Purpose and benefits are Typical fields of application of thermography are: J J J J J reduction of risks of fire and accident documentation of installation statuses and potential risks early detection of weak points respectively damages rise of availability and reliability of installations avoiding of consequential loss J J J J J Thermography may offer an important decision guidance in order to plan and realize necessary measures (e. J J transformators of all performance classes and voltages power factor compensation equipment low. . of environmental influences as well as the results of former thermographical inspections. installation components in order to detect installation faults as potential malfunction sources. covers etc. maintenance. The inspection interval depends of the load of the system. perform periodic inspections of the electrical installation. Thermography – When and how often? It is recommended to J J Thermography – how to do it? Thermography allows determining temperatures J J J 2 under realistic operational conditions in a secure distance for the engineer to all dangerous installation components without disconnection of consumers so to say in active operation perform an initial inspection for new installations resp.

Electrical installations have to be inspected according to national regulations. He has given proof of his expert qualification and disposes of the necessary measurement equipment. laws and standards like the following in Germany. J J „Technische Prüfverordnungen“ of the respective German Bundesländer BGV A2 (Unfall-Verhütungs-Vorschrift (UVV) der Berufsgenossenschaft (German Accident Prevention Regulations of the German Accident Insurance Fund) 3 .VdS 2858en : 2004-03 (01) Thermography in Electrical Installations Examples of flows Contact failure Faulty screw terminals Faulty wrap connection Thermography – by whom Thermography – importance? The VdS-approved electrical thermographer is recommended. A respective list of these electrical thermographers is regularly published by VdS Schadenverhütung (VdS 2861).

Germany Phone: +49 221 7766 444 Fax: +49 221 7766 307 E-Mail: hschmolke@vds. 172 . it represents an auxiliary. However..vds.Thermography in Electrical Installations J J DIN VDE 0105. m. Fire insurers condition (article 3602) (German Feuerversicherungs-Klausel (Klausel 3602). supplement measuring method and allows especially analyses and evaluations of the status of the installation. Thermography.174 • 50735 Kö Publisher and Publishing house: VdS Schadenverhütung GmbH Amsterdamer Please visit us on our website: www. however. . the standard inspection report (VdS 2860) as well as the guidelines for approval of electrical thermographers (VdS 2859) and further information on the subject are available at the following address: VdS Schadenverhütung Security Amsterdamer Straße 174 50735 Köln (Cologne). All rights reserved. current measurements etc. which until today were possible only with great effort/expenses. cannot substitute these inspections of electrical installations.0 • Fax: +49 221 77 66 .341 Copyright by VdS Schadenverhütung GmbH. VdS 2858en : 2004-03 (01) Hints and contacts A list of VdS-approved electrical thermographers (VdS 2861). which requires in addition an inspection on the security regulations of the fire insurers. Thermography this way is part of the state of security techniques. Germany Phone: +49 221 77 66 . periodic inspections. which requires the inspection of the proper status of the electrical installation. Especially it does not replace the necessary visible controls. which have to be performed in the course of the a. function tests.