20, 2015
We have a moral, ethical, and survival imperative to
learn about climate change, and to act appropriately
and decisively.
Global warming and climate change exist, due to us
humans. Impacts are seen now, and in the absence of
substantial action, will be increasingly harmful to lives,
peace, and justice worldwide, including in the U.S.
Future impacts include insufficient food and water
along with increased disease. The US Defense
Department calls climate change a national security
The worst climate impacts can be avoided if we act now,
responsibly and vigorously. The best framework is
Climate Change Risk Management. We have a great
opportunity – a strong, fair and binding international
climate agreement. Negotiations are going on now and
will conclude in Paris in December. Progress toward an
agreement is being made in the US and China. You can
write to newspapers and to government officials
supporting a climate agreement.
We are here to affirm our commitment for climate action.
The road is difficult. We cannot be pessimistic. We must
not have future generations say, of us: "They knew but
did not act." We all can help. YOU can help. Thank you.
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