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Moral Decay Among Muslim Teenagers in Malaysia

Nowadays, we can see Muslim teenagers around us, not only dressed in
improper attire but they also behave in rude ways. They seem to forget their
culture and religion. For them, freedom and happiness must be their first
aims. Their tradition culture and religion should be left behind because they
only restrain them from achieving total freedom in their life.

For example, in Edisi Siasat 2006 program dated on 30th April 2006, they
shot a videoclip in one of nightclub in Kuala Lumpur area. From that scene it
showed female and male teenagers dancing in wild manners without notice
that there was a camera capturing their bad and wicked behaviors. With sexy
luxury casual dressed the female teenagers without any shame danced in the
group of man as they are high-class entertainer for male teenagers there.
According to Edisi Siasats host they just took ecstasy and felt energetic and
excited. They were able to dance the whole night without break. Some of
them are studying in higher institutions and come from elite families.

Therefore, nowadays we witness moral decay not only happening to low class
people without high education. But it is also happening to elite, high class
and professional group to achieve particular aims and satisfactions. And we
can say that most of these problems occured to Muslim teenagers. When
these social problems have spread among our teenagers, all of us started to
show fingers to parents. But in this situation we should not blame each other.
Instead, we need to find out the solution to reduce or to stop these problems.
As great scholars stated Every illness have its remedy.

When we ask this Millenium teenagers regarding these issues they will say
ooo.. Government must put Closed-circuit Television (CCTV) at all areas in
town and the authority should increase their efforts to solve this criminal
issues But if we think deeply, how much CCTV could help the authorities to
solve this problem? Should government spend the expenditure to make sure
that all areas in town in the whole Malaysia has CCTV? This suggestion is
unreasonable. Should we put all these burden to the authorities and
government? What is our role to protect ourselves in this moral problem?
Thats are the thinking of our millennium teenagers. This assumption is one
of the factors for moral decay among them.

According to Russell Kirk in Wikipedia website, moral decay can be defined

as the loss of an aim or object in life such as life values or moral values. From
this definition we can simplified that moral decay is a decline of moral
values . According to Al-Ghazali this moral decay happens when there is an
inverse relationship between prosperity and moral decline. Its occurrence
influenced by hedonistic worldview and lifestyle . From that statement we can
say that moral decay or moral incline happens when wealth, physical and
emotional satisfaction and pleasures become as the fundamental goals in our

In my opinion, the main cause of this problem is devoid of Islamic values. This
is because Islam is the way of Muslim life. Islam is a complete religion where
it gives us guideline through Quran and Sunnah which cover all aspects in
human life. It is including the way we behave in our daily life. As Prophet
Muhammad S.A.W. said,
'This Deen or way of life is easy'; 'Make it easy, don't make it difficult; 'Let
people rejoice in being Muslims and not run away from it'.
According to Tn. Hj Nik Mustapha Bin Nik Hassan in his article Lets stregthen
our ethical practice, Islam is of the view that moral acts are not
distinguishable from religious acts. The more religious an individual is, the
more morally upright he will be . It means Islamic teaching is not just focus
on how to lafadz (recite) a kalimah (statement) Lailahaillallah Muhammadur
Rasullah (There is no God except Allah, Prophet Muhammad is a Mesanger of
Allah) correctly, and perform other Ibadah (deeds) like praying, fasting,
paying Zakah and performing Hajj (Pilgrimage) in the right way. In Islam
Ibadah is cover every single act in our daily life and every Ibadah has their
own method to perform them. Therefore, have good attitude and manner is a
part of Ibadah. The way we perform Ibadah is refer to our Prophet
Muhammad S.A.W because he is a best model for us. His good manner and
attitude were declared by other scholars even from other religions. Prophet
Muhammad S.A.W. very particular in the way he communicates, he sleeps
and even the way he eats. All the actions have the right way to perform.
As Allah have stated in Quran,
Ye have indeed in the Messenger Of God a beautiful pattern (of conduct) for
any one whose hope is in God and the Final Day, and who engages much in
the praise of God(Al-Ahzab 33:21)

Nowadays, some of Muslim teenagers have forgoten all these teaching and
they seem never heard about the moral conducts that have stated in Islam.
Their lives are full with meaningless freedom and happiness. As a result, most
of them have involved in social problems such as drug addict, suicide, illegal
sexual intercourse, loafing without any benefit intentions, illegal motor racing
and others. All these problems occurred around us.
Therefore, we should take note from the speech of Dato Sri Abdullah Ahmad
Badawi during Courtliness Campaign. As he said that to bring back moral
values in our life, we have to start practice it individually, and then bring it to
families. After that it will effects to society and nation .
Simply said, the responsible in turning to the path of Islam is on our shoulder.
We as Muslim should upholding and practicing the values and norms
preached by Islam. We need to strengthen ethical practice in our life. All of
these values and ethics have stated in Quran and Sunnah of the Prophet
Muhammad S.A.W and his companions. The Prophet S.A.W was sent as a
teacher and as a role model for all of mankind. He was sent as a warner of
Allah wrath and punishment, a bearer or good tidings, as well as a guide to
I have been sent into this world to perfect the best of moral conduct in
human behavior, to educate and purify them (74:2).
When we has strength hold in Islamic teaching, it easy for us to invite and
teach our children. It is because Islamic environment which has cultivated in
family will make them easy to understand Islam. Besides, Islamic practice will
result the Islamic values such as Amanah (trustworthy), generous, tolerance
and feel of respect among the family members. All the family members also
know their own responsible in the family. The father is responsible to give
Nafkah (breadwinner) for the family members, take care for his wife and
children, teach them about Islam, give them educations and others. The
mother is responsible to take care the welfare and maintenance of her
husband, give birth and growing the children. The children also should
respect their parents and their siblings. When they are growing up and their
parents getting old, they should take care their parents and as their parents
caring them when they small. All of these are the small part of the
responsible in family institution. When the all-family members follow all the
Islamic teaching, this family will achieve the success in world and hereafter.
This scenario also will invite the rahmah (blessing) from Allah.
When all Muslim family in Malaysia society follows the right path of Islam,
Insya Allah (By Allah Willing), all the outside bad culture will not easily
influence our society. This scenario will lead others to respect Islam as a
formal religion in Malaysia and Insya Allah (By Allah Willing) the dream of our

Prime Minister to see our teenagers, as a strong basement for our country
development will become true