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1.1 Introduction and State of the problem
The energy from renewable sources has become bidding issue in recent years. Many individuals
and organization have become business concerned about the future energy needs of our society and
commence exploring for ways to encounter these needs. With the finite and rapidly consuming reserves
of oil, coal and natural gases it become has primary issue to discover sources of renewable energy and
apply system that tackle them. An energy infrastructure based on renewable resources would be better
able to support the demands of a society with continually increasing energy demands due to its growth
and size and its increased standard of living. The adoption of such system would also positive impact
on our environment. Renewable forms such as solar, wind geothermal power produce almost no
pollution. The implementation of renewable energy systems may even be a knowing investment and
over a period of time, these savings in energy costs may exceed the price of the system.
Solar technology has evolved drastically since humans became interested in the sun, the
photovoltaic effect was discovered in 1800s and since then, scientific progress has been made towards
harnessing the suns power. Today there are so many types of solar technology, including crystalline
silicon (common traditional method) and newer alternatives such as string ribbon and thin film
Solar energy was renewable resource. Although it cannot utilized at night or on cloudy days, its,
availability may be generally relied upon the day after day. The solar energy supply will last as long as
the sun. Solar cells are long las ting sources of energy which can be used almost anywhere. Solar cells
are also totally silent and non-polluting. Compared to other renewable sources they also possess many
advantages. Of all the advantages of solar energy over oil, this perhaps the most important.
They have no moving parts they require little maintenance and have a long lifetime. Although
solar panels and their accessories (solar lights etc.) may be expensive to buy at the onset, money is
saved in the long sun.

Solar powered are very easy to install. There are few wiring matters and slight require to ever
comprehend bearing trenches. Solar cells can be also be installed in a disseminated manner.
In some cases of using solar panels, the light from the sun that absorbs by the cells is not much
efficient in capturing light and heat. Other radiation waves is striking off the earths surface becomes
waste and because of the design also of the solar panels that is confined to do so. Mostly designs of
the solar panels are plain rectangular slant preceding sun strike light movement so that not all lights
towards cells is transmitted.

So far there are research also about capturing light and heat efficiently. This device called
Peltier Element or (Thermoelectric generator) can approximately accurate and concentrated getting the
heat and light energy form delivered and prove that not only device like such solar panels can absorbs
light and heat energy. This study as alternate as solar panel, can establish or demonstrate that
Thermoelectric (Peltier element) can do the same thing as solar panel do, more efficient, modest cost,
easy to install, silent and no electrically moving parts, totally nonpolluting, required least maintenance
and have a long and retentive life time.

Energy from the sun is widely available and free. Today rising oil prices is major frustration on many
government as well as individual levels.

1.2 Objectives
1.2.1 Main Objectives - To develop Prototype Peltier Element alternate as a Solar Panel that
proves not all light and heat emitting absorb by the use of solar panels

1.2.2 Specific Objectives

1. To produce economical electricity the same with Solar Panel can emit.
2. To ensure the safest way of the user to test this prototype.
3. To reduce wastage of sun light reflection, capturing focus light mostly (Fast Charging)
4. To establish all weather durability of this device and backup source to sustain the power
of this device
5. Test the functionality and effectiveness of the system through different maintenance due
vary climate conditions.
6. To evaluate the reliability of the project and its impact to the students.

1.3 Significance
This project is important to Global Community because this will serve as alternate for
source of an electricity soon in residential houses, industrial company and its saves
electricity cost & efficiency.

This project will benefit the:

1. Community especially to the commercial buildings, schools and residential houses
or from electricity lost
2. Consumer that is need electricity in every usage.
3. Environment, to reduce wastage produce by the sunlight.

1.4 Scope and delimitation

1.4.1 Scope
The project, along with idea, principles and proposed design is composed in order to
show the efficiency of the system. The purpose of this study is to provide a device that will
captures light concentrated that solar panels does and plus absorbing heat, heater than solar

1.4.2 Delimitation
The limitation of this project are:
1. The system wont work when there are no sunlight or heat detects
2. A TEC (Thermoelectric cooler) or Peltier is easily destroyed if the temperature of the hot
side gets too hot. While testing for short periods make sure the hot side is mounted on a
large heat sink.
3. No sufficient energy to supply many electrical components, load can register to the
supply with low wattage. Disable load such a heavy requirements in electricity carrier.
4. The design was not stable in the wind and there was also some problem of running out
of Peltier material while the reflector was adjusted, and, hence, several designers have
tried to improve upon it.
5. Weather conditions will affect the charging of the Peltier element.