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Eton HRO

FR-250 Discount Price


Eton E5
$139.95 – HRO Price
The E5 is the world’s leading por-
table, multi-band and Single Side AM / FM
Band (SSB) enabled radio. The E5 Shortwave
unites performance and mobility
into one compact unit, bringing the power of local and world-band radio into the palm of your Radio,
hand. The ultimate in portable technology, the E5 is the latest edition to the Etón Elite range, Flashlight,
demonstrating how form and function can work in harmony. Cell Phone
• Digital world-band radio. Charger
• Auto scan, manual scan, direct key-in entry,
• AM / FM-stereo and full shortwave coverage tuning buttons and tuning knob.
from 1711 to 29999 KHz. • FM station tuning storage (ATS) provides • Nine band tuning – receives AM, FM and 7 short-
• Earphones included. automatic acquisition of the strongest sta- wave bands.
• PLL dual conversion. tions in your area. • Built-in power generator recharges the internal
• Synthesized tuning system. • Full-featured world time zone clock, sleep Ni-MH battery and cell phone batteries.
• AM / SW circuitry. timer, 4 programmable alarm timers and • Can be powered four different ways: 1) From the
• Single side band (SSB) and wide-narrow weekday view display. built-in rechargeable Ni-MH battery that takes its
bandwidth switch. • Station name input features allow a 4-char- charge from the dynamo crank and from an AC
• 6 digital tuning methods via 700 acter input of the stations call letters. adaptor (AC adaptor not included); 2) From 3 AA
memory programmable presets. • Dimensions: 6”W x 4 ”H x 1”D. batteries; 3) From the AC adaptor alone (AC adaptor
• Weight: 12.2 oz. not included); 4) From the dynamo crank alone,
even with no battery pack installed.
AM / FM Shortwave and XM Satellite Radio • Earphone jack: 3.5 mm stereo earphone socket.
• Cell phone charger output jack 3.5 mm.
Eton E1XM • Incorporates a Þne-tuning control knob superim-
$CALL – for your posed on the main tuning control knob.
Special HRO Price • Built-in white LED light source.
Satellite Radio subscription • Pleasant audio from the 2 1/2 inch speaker.
not included. • Built-in antennas: telescopic for FM and SW; internal
ferrite bar antenna for AM dimensions.
• Dimension: 6.7" W x 6-1/4" H x 2-1/2" D.
• Weight: 1.3 lbs.
Eton FR-300
$49.95 – HRO Price
• Frequency coverage: 100-30,000 kHz pushbuttons, and auto-tuning.
– shortwave, medium wave, AM broadcast • Direct shortwave band entry allows instant
band, and longwave; 87-108 MHz FM access to the shortwave band of choice. AM / FM
broadcast band; XM radio satellite radio. • Selectable AGC: fast and slow mode. Radio
• Reception modes: AM, FM-stereo, single • Display backlighting.
sideband (selectable USB/LSB) and CW. • Dual programmable clocks with WWV
• Large digital display. auto-setting. NOAA,
• Programmable memories: 500 user pro- • Dual-event programmable ON / OFF tim- TV VHF,
grammable with alpha labeling plus 1200 ers. Flash-
user deÞnable country memories. • Superior audio quality via a bridged type
• Memory scan function. audio ampliÞer.
• Digital phase lock loop (PLL) synthesized • Separate, continuous bass and treble tone and Cell
tuning with direct digital synthesis (DDS) controls. Phone
for drift-free frequency stability and Þnest • Headphone jack; stereo line-level input. Charger
tuning resolution. • Stereo line-level output.
• Dual conversion superheterodyne circuit. • Calibrated LCD signal strength meter. • AM and FM; TV1 and TV2 – VHF channels 2-13.
• High dynamic range allowing for detection • Built-in antennas: telescopic antenna for • NOAA weather – all 7 channels plus "Alert."
of weak signals in the presence of strong shortwave and FM reception; ferrite bar • 3 LED light system with emergency ßash.
signals. antenna for medium wave AM broadcast • Siren.
• Selectable bandwidths: 7.0, 4.0, 2.5 kHz reception. XM antenna extra. • Crank-charge system charges built-in battery.
for excellent selectivity. • External antenna connection. • Charges rechargeable battery via AC adaptor/char-
• Single sideband synchronous AM detector: • Power sources: four internal D cell bat- ger (not included).
selectable USB/LSB or double sideband. teries (not included) or the included AC • Can be powered by 3 AA batteries or, with all bat-
• IF passband tuning. adaptor. teries removed, by continuous cranking.
• Tuning modes: variable-rate tuning knob, • Dimensions: 13-1/8 x 7 x 2-1/2 inches. • Dimension: 6.7" W x 6.5" H x 2.5" D.
direct keypad frequency entry, up/down • Weight: 4.2 pounds. • Weight: 1.3 lbs.

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for Special HRO Price

S-350 DL
Black with Headphones
for Special HRO Price
$149.95 – HRO Price
The S-350 offers exceptional value and
superior reception of AM, FM and international short- The Yacht 400 just gets better! The G4000A has
wave. An analog receiver with digital frequency display and clock, it the same techical speciÞcations and basic appear-
offers the best of both worlds to the radio enthusiast. Utilizing single- ance as the Yacht Boy 400 but with addition of
conversion superheterodyne circuit design, it's powered by 4 D cell a leather case. This now brings the receiver into
batteries (not included) for exceptionally long play time and comes the "Porsche" design family of radios. World
with an AC adapter. It receives continuous shortwave from 2.3-27.41 Radio TV
MHz, covering all 13 international shortwave broadcast bands of 11, Yacht Boy Handbook
13, 16, 19, 22, 25, 31, 41, 49, 60, 75, 90 and 120 meters. Get news
and events from all over the world and superior reception of your
550 Complete source-
favorite domestic AM and FM stations, including those often hard to $99.95 book for 1000+ English
pull-in AM talk shows. It's ideal for the AM DXing enthusiast. HRO Price broadcasts. Stations
listed by country and
Travel the world frequency. Pages of
• Highly sensitive, selective • Main tuning knob and indepen-
from the comfort of advice, tips, Internet
analog tuner. dent Þne-tuning control knob. addresses. 2008edi-
• Digital frequency readout. • Left/right line level outputs your home or tune
tion. HRO Price:
• Liquid crystal display for fre- (stereo in FM). in the sounds of
quency and clock. • Earphone socket. home when you're
• Digital clock with wake-up & • Built-in telescopic antenna for on the road. The
sleep timers. YB550 is a light- The
FM and shortwave.
• Rotary volume control and • Built-in ferrite bar antenna for weight, compact Shortwave
variable RF Gain control. AM. unit with direct key
• Variable, independent bass/ in, manual/auto tuning or manual/auto scan of 100 Guide
• DC socket for AC adapter
memories. Shortwave tuning from 1715 - 29995 This simple and com-
treble control. (included) or optional DC car
kHz; AM (MW) 520-1710 kHz and FM 87-108 prehensive guide to
• Low-pass Þlter for shortwave or boat adapter. listening to shortwave
and AM reception. MHz. Features a dual clock, clock and sleep timer,
radio is by the pub-
auto power off and AM/FM stereo.
lishers of WRTH. It is
perfect for the listener
Be Ready for the Next Power Blackout and DXer alike, and its
compact form makes it
ideal for travelling.
HRO Price: $15.95
Discount Price

FR-200 Yacht Boy 300PE
$79.95 – HRO Price
The FR-200 Emergency
Radio is powered by a The Yacht Boy 300PE covers broadcast AM and
built-in rechargeable Ni-MH FM (in stereo by earphones), and 13 SW bands
battery pack (included), charged by turning from 2.3-26.1 MHz. Expanded shortwave cover-
the dynamo crank built onto the radio. It can also be powered by 3 AA age now has 2.3-7.8 MHz in SW1 and 9.1-26.1 Passport to
batteries (not included) or an AC adapter (not included). It receives in SW2. The improved AM / shortwave tuner World Band
AM, FM, and continuous shortwave from 3.2-22 MHz, which covers eliminates audio muting when the ± tuning buttons
shortwave bands 13, 16, 29, 22, 25, 31, 41, 49, 60, 75 and 90 meters. are pressed. Features digital tuning and display Radio
You'll get great reception of your favorite local AM talk shows and FM with 24 memories and direct frequency entry. News and shows from
music stations and can also listen to international shortwave stations Includes an alarm clock with wake-up to a radio 160 countries. Reviews
from all over the world. The radio even has a built-in emergency station and 90-minute sleep timer. Has a dynamic and advice on how to
light right on the front. Sound from the built-in speaker is great and micro-speaker and a jack for earphones. Use the get started listening
the included nylon carrying case (with shoulder strap) protects it from telescoping antenna or attach an external antenna to international radio.
the elements. Plug your favorite earphones (not included) into the to the jack. Preserve the titanium-look Þnish with 2008 edition.
earphone jack for private listening. the protective travel pouch included. HRO Price: $19.95

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Discover AOR, the serious choice in Advanced Technology Receivers

Blocked – $999.95 ATS-404
All-Mode $79.95
AR-8600UMKII $Call – HRO Discount Price HRO
Unblocked – $999.95 Discount
HRO Discount Prices This handheld wide range receiver has all mode
reception including super narrow FM, wide and This digital, AM/
narrow AM, USB, LSB, CW and standard AM FM stereo short-
and FM modes. Covers 500 KHz to wave receiver pro-
3000 MHz (cell band blocked) with vides continuous
1,000 me-mory channels (20 banks coverage of all shortwave bands
of 50 ch.). True carrier reinsertion in and any frequency in between; has an auto
SSB modes. Includes 3 KHz SSB preset system; auto memory scan; human wake
filter! Detachable MW antenna system; illuminated display with seconds display;
with negative feedback. Computer keypad entry; 45 preset memories; auto/manual
control and programming (requires search and 12/24 hour display.
Use this versatile receiver as a mo-
optional connection cable). Down-
bile, base, or transportable. Power it
load free control software from AOR
by an external 12VDC power supply,
web site! Optional internal cards
optional DC lead from a 12V vehicle,
or from an optional internally Þtted
expand capabilities. MMR77
NiCd battery pack. All mode: (narrow $49.95
FM, wide FM, narrow AM, plus the HRO Dis-
standard modes) with SSB capability. count Price
Steps down to 50Hz, has a TCXO for
high stability, and an RS232 port for The MMR77 is a top quality AM/FM Radio with
computer control with free software multi-purpose emergency capabilities. It features a
from the AOR web site. Frequency dynamo powered one-minute wind for 30 minutes
coverage is 530 kHz to 2040 MHz play time. It can be powered by 2 standard AA
with no gaps (cellular blocked). Noise batteries or an optional AC adapter.
limiter and attenuator, band scope
with save trace facility, twin frequency
readout with bar signal meter, separate ATS-505P
controls for volume and squelch, pro- $119.95
grammable scan and search, custom
back-lit LCD display, a total of 1000
VR-5000 HRO Discount Price

memories in 20 memory bands. $CALL – HRO Price The world's first

This multimode desktop scanning receiver has con- affordable profes-
tinuous frequency coverage from 100 kHz to 2.6 GHz sional digital multi-
Digital Modem (cellular frequencies are blocked and non-restorable). band receiver offers the per-
Features direct keypad entry, a wide variety of scanning formance and features of more expensive table
capabilities, and 2000 memory channels which may model receivers. It has continuous coverage,
be separated into as many as 100 memory banks. auto-memory scan, SSB reception, auto present
Memory banks and memory channels may have system, human wake system, illuminated display,
alphanumeric labels. Sort channels by frequency, dual time, 12/24 hour display, AM/FM stereo/SW
alphanumeric name or by operating mode. receiver, auto/manual search, tone control, keypad
entry, 9/10 kHz switch.

ARD9800 $239.95 – HRO DIscount Price
Digital SSB
$549.95 – HRO Discount Price • Direct recall of a
The ARD9800 modem connects to the favorite station.
microphone input of any transceiver. • 5 tuning methods.
The user simply wires a connector for
FRG-100B • Auto SW search.
his particular transceiver, connects the $CALL – HRO Price • Three timers.
speaker output of his transceiver to the This receiver provides general coverage of CW, SSB, • Mono / stereo selector switch.
modem and then connects the modem AM and FM modes from 50 kHz to 30 MHz. • 306 memories: 261 SW, 18 MW, 18 FM, 9 LW.
to a 12VDC power source. The normal • Tuning steps: select standard or user-program- • ATS auto tuning system.
analog operation of the transceiver mable. • SSB (LSB and USB) with 40 Hz tuning steps.
remains intact. Digital voice HF is • LCD display w/10Hz read-out. • Wide / narrow Þlter.
possible by selecting the Digital Mode. • Broadcast band mode. • Manual editing to insert 8 alpha-numeric charac-
Incoming digital voice signals are • 50 tunable memories. ters on the display.
automatically decoded, no selection • Multi-function scanning. • PLL dual conversion receiver with tone control.
is necessary. No modiÞcations are • Adjustable BFO w/ selectable CW sideband. • Separate audio recorder output & standby control
needed to the transceiver. • Optional FM unit, CW Þlters. jacks.

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SWL Antennas Log Periodic
Digital Mode,
Diversity Receive

IC-PCR-2500 IC-R2500
• 3 receiver screens. • Wide LCD display
• PC controlled • Digital mode reception.
• 0.10-3299.999 MHz AM, FM, • 1000 alphanumeric memory
The DX-SWL is tuned for the most
WFM, DV (UT-118), P25 channels.
popular SWL bands (13, 16, 18, 19, CLP5130-1
(UT-122) main rcvr. Cellular • 0.10-3299.999 MHz AM, FM,
21, 25, 31, 41, 49, 90 and 120 me-
blocked. WFM, DV (UT-118), P25 The CLP5130 antennas are high gain,
ters). It can be used as a multi-band
• Bandscope / time-line (UT-122) main rcvr. Cellular wide band VHF/UHF log periodic
transmit antenna with the appropri-
scope. blocked. beams for horizontally polarized base
ate antenna tuner. Length is 60 feet.
• DSP capability station use. Covers amateur bands
Requires a single support. Standard
coax connects antenna to your radio. from 50–1300 MHz, FM broadcasting,
scanning, VHF / UHF TV, air band com-
IC-R75 Feed point is 50 ohms. SO-239 con-
munications, government and business
nection. HRO Price $90.95
The IC-R75 covers 0.03- bands.
60 MHz – marine, ama- DX-ULTRA
teur radio and short wave The multi-element DX-ULTRA has Forward gain is 10 to 12 dB – 10 to
broadcasts. Features a high stability receiver circuit, superior extremely low-noise performance. 16 times the gain of a nondirectional
dynamic range, twin PBT, DSP capabilities, provisions for 2 optional Tapered wing design allows broad- discone type antenna. The VSWR is
Þlters, FM mode standard, alphanumeric read out and selectable band operation. ConÞgure as dipole, less than 2.0:1 across the band. The
RF gain/squelch control. inverted vee, or sloper. Covers MW, high-quality aluminum antennas have
a boom design that allows movement
IC-R1500 tropical, SW, government, military,
of the phasing line. Distortions in the
embassy, maritime, aircraft, and
The IC-R5100 is a wideband commercial frequencies. 80 feet vertical and horizontal planes are mini-
mobile receiver with a remote long. Made with ISO-RES inductors mized and element adjustment is not
control head (cable supplied). It and parallel wire elements. Uses the necessary. The boom-to-mast bracket
covers 0.01 - 3299.999 MHz (cel- Delta-C center insulator, Delta-CIN is made of a lightweight and rugged
lular blocked). end insulators, and 12 gauge solid magnesium alloy.
copper wire with grey PVC insulation.
Features include: 60 channel per second Elements are separated by grey PVC
scan; optional DSP with UT-106; 1000 alpha- rod. HRO Price $119.95
numeric memory channels arranged in 21 banks; CTCSS/DTCS
tone and pocket beep; VSC (Voice Squelch Control); IF Þlter and
IF shift (CW,SSB); Noise blanker (SSB, CW,AM); RF attenuator;All
functions are available when connected to a PC. Cloning function
allows you to read/write memory channels from the PC.

SWL Sloper
The Sloper covers SWL bands
from 11-120 meters. Automatic
ICF-SW7600GR band switching. SO-239 connector
$159.95 – HRO Price for attaching coaxial cable. HRO
Price $99.95
Travelers love this versatile World Band Radio® receiver with
stereo FM reception and instant access to all channels and Eavesdropper™
bands. Built-in clock timer has sleep / stand-by functions. This high performance trapped
• AM (LW, MW, SW) / FM stereo reception. dipole for the 11-60 meter SWL
• Dual-conversion superheterodyne circuitry. bands is 42 feet long. Twin lead or
• 10-key direct access™ tuning. coax models are available. HRO D-130J
• Liquid crystal display (LCD). Price $89.95
• PLL quartz synthesis tuning gives D-130NJ
accurate, drift-free frequency Super Wideband
• A 3" speaker and high / low tone Active Antenna AN-1 Discone
provides a wide range of sound For the SW listener with space
for music or news. problems, the AN-1 has a frequency Monitor 25-1300 MHz.
• Manual & automatic scan tuning. range of 150 kHz to 30 MHz. Has Transmit on 50, 144, 430, 1200 MHz. All
• A jack for easy antenna connection. a low noise FET in the built-in pre- stainless steel. Input power 200 watts.
• Antennas: built-in ferrite bar for MW /LW & a telescoping amp. Built-in attenuator. Requires Impedance: 50 ohms. VSWR: 1.5:1.
whip. 6 AA batteries or AC-12 adapter. Length: 1.7 meters. Mounts on 1" to
• SSB circuitry for reception of voice and Morse code (CW) on Antenna can be used inside or out- 2" masts. DJ-130 UHF and DJ-130NJ
amateur bands. side. Comes with 39 feet of cable. Type-N connector. HRO Price D-130J
• Requires 4 AA batteries (not included) or the optional worldwide HRO Price $89.95 $99.95; D-130NJ $99.95

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Com Nav / Com

Global Positioning Systems
VXA-150 VXA-710 Spirit Geko™ Series
Pro V Navigators
Gekos are the smallest, lightest (3 oz.), waterproof
GPS units on the market; inexpensive, with sleek
Vertex Standard VXA-150 Airband transmit and re-
designs and simple operating systems.
Pro V is a communications- ceive (5 watts P.E.P).
only airband Navigation with VOR / CDI
transceiver. display. Business band ra-
Geko 201
• 5 watts pe p dio receive. FM broadcast
transmit pow- receive. NOAA weather
er output. channel receive. Powered
•Direct fre- by a long life lithium Ion
quency entry battery. Submersible de-
from 16 but- sign. Comes supplied with
ton keypad. rechargeable
• Backlit key- battery and
pad and dis- charger,
play. headset
• Te n N O A A adapter an-
weather chan- tenna and
nel receive. belt clip. 3
• 150 memory channels with 8 year parts
character alpha-numeric display. and labor
• One touch monitor for easy warranty.
squelch access. Geko 101
• Comes with rechargeable battery,
battery charger, headset adapter, eTrex™ Original eTrex™
antenna and belt clip. 12 Parallel Channel GPS Legend C & Vista C
• Three year manufacturer parts
and labor warranty. The eTrex Legend C and eTrex
VXA-300 Vista C bring exciting new features
Pilot into the popular eTrex series
including a 256 color, TFT dis-
play. These models, among the
$CALL smallest handhelds, are housed
Nav / Com for HRO Price
in water proof cases.
Airband transmit and re- Each has a 12 channel GPS
IC-A4 ceive (5 watts P.E.P). receiver, an ARM processor, high
$CALL Navigation with VOR / resolution liquid crystal display,
for HRO Price
CDI display. Extra loud and a rocker switch for quick, ac-
audio ampliÞer and large curate map panning. All offer full
The IC-A4 is a low LCD display. Powered by a navigation capabilities, satellite
cost, light weight long life nickel status, position format options
and compact por- metal hydride and interface in English, French,
table for providing battery. Sub- German, Italian or Spanish. Load
The six-ounce eTrex™, only
reliable communi- mersible de- the optional Map Source to display
four by two inches, operates 180
cations for pilots. sign. Comes addresses and businesses.
hours on two AA batteries. It will
The channel name supplied with
maintain satellite lock even while eTrex Legend - Color
function allows rechargeable
in forest-like conditions. It stores Basemap for North, South and
you to assign 5- battery and
up to 500 user waypoints with Central America. 8 megabytes of
character names charger, head-
icons and has Garmin's exclusive internal memory. Accepts down-
to each channel. set adapter,
Trac-Back™ to help you return load data from Garmin's entire line
Transmits and re- antenna, and
home. Animated graphics help of MapSource CD-ROMS. HRO
ceives on all 760 belt clip. 3-year
you identify way-points. HRO Price $299.99
aviation channels. parts and labor
Price $99.99
Has 2 scanning modes. warranty. eTrex Vista - Color
eTrex Camo In camoußage cas- Same as the Legend plus a de-
ing. Operates on six "AA" batteries tailed basemap, built-in baromet-
(not supplied) or use the included ric altimeter, electronic compass,
Call HRO for Up-to-Date Quotes AC adapter on 110-120 VAC.HRO and 24 MB internal memory. HRO
Price $129.95 Price $349.99

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AvMap G5
A new Touch in APRS
HRO Price $649.95

The AvMap G5 personal navigator is

a smart driving assistant for your busi-
ness or pleasure trips throughout North
America. The unit comes preloaded with
highly detailed Teleatlas street maps of
North America on a 2GB SD card and
gives you color 2D and 3D views with
turn-by-turn voice prompts in 14 differ-
ent languages.

The practical AvMap G5 is easy to use

with a built in highly sensitive 20 channel
Sirf 3 GPS engine for fast and highly
accurate Þxes. The ultra bright non-glar-
ing 5 inch TFT touchscreen is easy to
view. Night mode and auto brightness
features make viewing easy and hassle-
free in any lighting condition.

Working in conjunction with Kenwood-

USA, the G5 is your out-of-the-box solu-
tion for APRS operations. Watch APRS
activity right on the screen and you can
distinguish between Þxed and mobile
APRS stations. You can even set your
G5 to navigate to your favorite APRS
station and get rerouting instructions
when the new position is reported.

Included with the G5 is a Kenwood-

ready cable and exclusive APRS inter-
face built into the G5. This bi-directional
RS-232 APRS interface is balanced for
ALL current APRS ready Kenwood ra-
dios. Other features include: detachable
12v power cable, bi-directional NMEA
183 serial port, external antenna port,
NTSC / PAL video and audio input, PC
connection for software updates via
USB port, off road, fastest route and
least turns calculations with turn details.
Routing instructions include current
road name and house number with road
name and the next turn command. “Drive
Me Home” rapid command. Improved
† Included with EMAP DELUXE and works with MAPSOURCE CD's to download waypoints and routes. intuitive touch screen address lookup
All Mapsource CD's will work with both eMap and eTrex, however, on eTrex, map detail will not be downloaded. with millions of points of interest.

Mid-Atlantic 1-800-444-4799 • Northeast 1-800-644-4476 • New England 1-800-444-0047 43

BearTracker Mobile Trunking Scanner
BCD-396T BC-246T Scanner with GPS Support
TrunkTracker Handheld
IV Handheld $CALL – HRO Price
• 1600 Proper programming is
channels critical to the success
typical and enjoyment of scan-
• 6000 / 2500 maxi- BC-BCT-15 $CALL – HRO Price ner listening. BuTel
dynami- mum. software is he world's
• Frequency • Frequency coverage • BearTracker™ Warning
cally al- 25-54, 2500 dynamically most user-friendly and
coverage System.
located allocated channels. feature-rich scanner
25-54, • Closs Call™ RF Capture
channels. • Up to 400 Systems. software. The software
108-174, Technology.
• Tr u n k - • TrunkTracker III. allows you not only to
216-225, • Dangerous Crossing,
Tracker • Location-Based Scan- program your scan-
400-512, Dangerous Road and
IV (Moto- ning. ner but also control it
806-956, POI Alert.
rolaAPCO • 100 System Quick and conduct signals
1240- • Public Safety Scanner.
25 Digital, Keys. logging with the PRO
Motorola, 1300 MHz versions. Requires
EDACS, (excluding TrunkTracker III Windows 98 or later.
LTR). cellular).
• Close • Dynamically allocated mem- For Bearcat
Call™ RF capture. ory. BC-796D Scanners
• Fire tone-out. Alpha tag- • TrunkTracker III design.
• Alpha tagging. $549.95
ging. Search with scan. HRO Price HRO Prices
• 100 quick key random • S.A.M.E. weather alert. Basic version $39.95
access. • 10 custom search ranges. Pro version $69.95
• Continuous coverage • 10 preprogrammed service
searches. The BC796D APCO 25 Digital Trunking Scanner con- ARC8
- 25 MHz to 1.3 GHz
• Automatic repeater re- nects you to both analog and digital trunking systems on (BearTracker 8)
(cellular blocked).
verse. conventional frequencies. Monitor Motorola Type I, II, IIi ARC230
• DCS/CTCSS rapid de-
• Close Call™ RF capture. Hybrid and APCO Phase 1 Digital Systems, EDACS and (Sportcat 230)
• DCS/CTCSS rapid de- DACS SCAT, LTR trunking systems, conventional digital ARC246 (BC-246)
code. APCO 25 frequencies, CB, GMRS, FRS, marine, business ARC250 (BC-250,
• Pager skip / channel alert. band, amateur radio, aircraft, FM & TV broadcasts. 785, 296, 796)
BC-RH96 • Backlit display. ARC330 (BC-330)
• PC control includes a PC Has 1000 channels, 1000 talkgroup ID's, multi-system ARC396 (BC-396)
Remote Head cable to transfer information tracking, included PC programming software and cable, ARC780 (BC-780)
for Scanners from the computer. 10 priority channels, priority talkgroups, priority plus scan- ARC898 (BC-898)
ning, CTCSS and DCS squelch modes, prepro-grammed ARC996 (BC-996)
Lets you fully control your service search, data skip, SAME weather alert with FIPS,
BCD996T or BCD396T
Trunking / turbo search and scanner clone mode. For ICOM Scanners
TrunkTracker IV Digital Mobile Series
scanners or the BCT15 Base / Mobile Rig HRO Price $39.95
and BR330T Trunk Track- BC-350C
er III scanners, includ- $129.95 – HRO Price ARC2 (ICOM R2)
ing volume and squelch!
The BC-350C has 100 chan-
BC-898T ARC3 (ICOM R3)
Turn your handheld scan- $CALL
ner into a mobile, or in- nels, 14 band coverage, 800
HRO Price For AOR Scanners
stall your mobile scanner MHz, preprogrammed service
when space is limited. search, local police, Þre/EMS
scan, marine, air, CB, one ARC5000
The perfect companion • Multiple channels - 500 • Priority operation. (AOR 5000) $99.95
to your Uniden Bearcat touch weather, backlit display, in 10 banks. • Conventional and
AC or DC operation. ARC8200
Public Safety Scanner. • Frequency coverage 25- trunked search opera- (AOR 8200) $69.95
54, 108-174, 216-512, tions. ARC8600
· Backlit keypad and dis- BC-T8 806-956 MHz (excluding • AC adapter, SC power (AOR 8600) $69.95
play. cellular). cable and automotive
$199.95 – HRO Price
· Compact size. • 1000 talk group ID's.10 power outlet plug.
· Includes 10 foot data This rig has 250 channels, 14- lists of 10 per bank. • Programmable delay.
cord and power cable. band coverage, Trunk Tracker • TrunkTracker III tech- Programmable search. Software is sold
· Controls all functions technology, pre-programmed nology for motorola, 100 search skip memo- on a non-return-
including volume and trunked state highway patrol, EDACS and LTR sys- ries. able basis. Any
squelch. highway patrol alert, local tems. • AM / FM / NFM modes. software problems
will be resolved
· Full remote control for police, CB, weather, Þre, EMS, • DCS / CTCSS rapid • Frequency steps 5, 6.25, under the terms of
the BCD996T, BCT15, 800 MHz, air, DOT and news, decode. 12.5 and 25 kHz. the manufacturer's
BCD396T and the backlit keys and display, AC or • S.A.M.E. weather alert • 200 talk group skip warranty.
BR330T. DC operation. memories.

44 Phone Orders West 1-800-854-6046 • Mountain / Central 1-800-444-9476 • Southeast 1-800-444-7927

Take Control With GRE! Scanner Books
Digital HRO stocks many books with
PSR-100 frequencies for localities around the
$99.99 – HRO Price country. Contact your nearest HRO
Handheld for details.
• Five pre-programmed bands: Desktop & Mobile
Marine, Fire / Police, Air, Ham,
2 Way
Weather. Radios &
• 200 channel memories.
• 200 channels automatic scanning
for VHF to UHF. for
• Quick program.
• Built-in priority channel.
PSR-600 HRO Price 21.99
$499.99 – HRO Price
• Selected bands from 25-1300 MHz (cellular
PSR-200 • Intuitive "Object Oriented" user interface
$99.99 design for ease of use.
HRO Price
• Powerful and ßexible scan list functionality.
Southern California
• Flexible Free-Form Memory Organization. Frequency Directory
• Weather alert / Skywarn. • Menu-driven programming with context-sen-
• Five pre-programmed bands: Marine, Fire / Police, sitive help. Covering 10 Southern
Air, Ham, Weather. • Upgradeable CPU and California counties in
• 200 channel memories. DSP Firmware lets you detail, the SCFD is
• 200 channels automatic scanning for VHF to UHF. keep you radio current with the most up-to-date
• Quick program. software enhancements. scanner information
• V-Scanner Technology lets resource for the area.
you save complete radio con- Organized by county
Triple Trunking Þgurations for quick recall. for easy use, this
• Multi System Trunking. 448 page directory
includes frequencies, channel numbers,
PSR-300 PL tones, trunked frequencies and maps.
HRO Price: $24.99
HRO Price $499.99
HRO Price
Southwest Frequency
• Selected bands from 25-1300 Directory (10th Edition)
MHz (cellular excluded). HF Receiver
• 700 MHz coverage.
• Upgradeable CPU Þrmware for The most up-to-date
future rebanding. NRD-545 directory for Arizona
• Multi trunking of Motorola (type has 256 pages of
$1799.95 scanner frequen-
I, II and hybrid analog system) HRO Price
EDACS and LTR. cies, codes, aircraft,
• Pre-programmed conventional bands. businesses, and
• Scan both trunking and conventional channels at talk-groups for public
the same time. safety. Organized by
• 1500 ID memories in 10 banks. county, it includes detailed coverage of the
new Phoenix/Mesa digital trunked radio
system. HRO Price: $34.95

Northwest Frequency
The NRD-545 HF receiver provides clear, Directory (10th Edition)
distortion free sound through the application of
PSR-400 40-bit digital signal processing (DSP). 13 types The most complete
$199.99 – HRO Price of circuits are handled by the DSP unit including scanner information
• Desktop / mobile scanner. all mode detection, IF Þlter, pass band shift, for western Wash-
• Selected bands from 25-1300 MHz (cellular ex- noise reduction, beat canceller, noise blanker, ington and Oregon.
cluded). notch Þlter, AGC, BFO, RF Gain, squelch, tone Covers 38 counties
• 700 MHz coverage. control and s-meter. Features a variable tuning on 324 pages of fre-
• Upgradeable CPU Þrmware for future rebanding. system, high sensitivity, wide dynamic range quencies and codes
• 10 bank and 100 channel memories for trunk bank RTTY demodulation, large LCD display, remote for aircraft, Þre, res-
and channel combined with conventional mode control by a personal computer. The NRD-545 cue, amateur, busi-
memory. covers .01 to 30 MHz and 30 MHz to 2000 MHz nesses, and more. Written and edited by
• Multi trunking of Motorola (type I, II and hybrid analog with the optional board. Covers all modes with local experts. Includes digital trunked radio
system) EDACS and LTR. outstanding sensitivity. systems. HRO Price: $34.95

Mid-Atlantic 1-800-444-4799 • Northeast 1-800-644-4476 • New England 1-800-444-0047 45

Radio Protectors
Gordon Flash Cards

West Lord
Study for your license
Study with the Best! exams with these easy-
to-use Flash and Pass
Part HRO study ßash cards.
Number Description Price
Secure Shock Technician Class
Study Manuals
Absorber GWTM Technician Class Book $18.95 Flash Cards
GWTW Technician Audio Theory 27.95 Flash-TECH $24.95
New design water
resistant carrying Course on 6 CDs
cases are made of NCS Tech Book plus 39.95 General Class
bouncy, tough neo- Analyzer POUCH Software Package Flash Cards
prene and nylon. A Neoprene & nylon plus water- GWGM General Class Book 20.95 Flash-GEN $39.95
bun-gee type para- resistant padding protect your GWGW General Audio Theory 29.95
chute cord restraining analyzer. Clear window over Course on 4 CDs Extra Class
strap secures the HT. read-outs. Back-pocket for ac- GWEM Extra Class Book 21.95 Flash Cards
Has a durable quick- cessories. Includes adjustable GWEW Extra Audio Theory 39.95 Flash-EXTRA $39.95
release clasp on a web belt loop. shoulder strap. Specify any Course on 7 CDs HRO Prices
model. HRO Price $24.95 ECS Extra Book plus 44.95
Software Package
TPG Tech plus General 69.95 Good Info
Value Package
HOS W5YI Ham Operator 39.95
Software – no books
HOSB W5YI Ham Operator 89.95
Software plus 3 books
GUS General Book plus software 44.95
Morse Code Study Materials
GW05 Morse Code 0-5 wpm 29.95
Chest POUCH 8 CDs
"Hands-free" security. Double-ply Packer GW13 Morse Code 6-16 wpm 29.95
cordura "bib" with adjustable harness.
Pouches for radio & spare battery. POUCH 817 6 tapes DXing 101
GW20 Morse Code 10-28 wpm 29.95
Pen holders and big pocket on back The Packer Pouch 817 was es- DXing 101 features
6 tapes
for accessories. Specify ANY radio pecially designed for the Yaesu the DXing advice of
GWCT CW Refresher Course 14.95
or pouch. HRO Price $25.95 817. HRO Price $24.95 several noted DXers
0-5 wpm, 2 audio CDs
WMC W5YI Code Software 19.95 and technical gurus. It's
0-48 wpm true, practical advice
for those just entering
Other Books into HFing and the DX-
GSTD Getting Started 19.95 ing world. HRO Price
in Electronics $24.95
MINI-1 Mini Notebook, Vol. 1: 12.95
timer, op amps, optelectronic
circuits and projects
MINI-2 Mini Notebook, Vol. 2: 12.95
science and communication
circuits and projects
MINI-3 Mini Notebook, Vol. 3: 12.95
electronic sensor
circuits and projects
MINI-4 Mini Notebook, Vol. 4: 12.95
electronic formulas, FM 101
symbols and circuits Learn all about re-
BELC Basic Electronics 19.95 peaters – the jargon,
BDIG Basic Digital Electronics 19.95 protocol, offsets, tones,
BCOM Basic Communications 19.95 Q signals, and more.
(analog) Electronics Learn how to choose
GROL Get Your Commercial 39.95 and use equipment.
Radio License – Book Understand the inner
GRSP Get Your Commercial 69.95 workings. Extensive
Radio License – Book plus glossery of terms. HRO
W5YI Study Software Package Price $12.95

46 Phone Orders West 1-800-854-6046 • Mountain / Central 1-800-444-9476 • Southeast 1-800-444-7927

Ham Overview Radio Manuals
Ultimate Nifty Mini-Manuals
DX World Map™
Mini-Manuals are fully
laminated, spiral bound
booklets, 4.25 x 8 inches,
providing simpliÞed step-
by-step instructions for
all your radio's features.
These short-form manu-
als are smaller, more
Ham Radio For durable, and easier to
use than manuals normally supplied with a radio.
Hams do cool things like talking
to folks around the world and
helping with communications
during emergencies. If hamming
it up sounds like fun, here's
the scoop, including licensing Millennia Arts' wall map combines contemporary cartogra-
requirements and how to set up phy with updated Amateur DX information. Extraordinary
a station. And if you're already detail and quality make this an exceptional choice for
licensed, this book will help you reference or display or for a contest.
start sounding (and feeling)
like a pro! The Ultimate DX is a complete Mercator-style political world
map with time zones. All countries have their DX call sign
The Dummies Way preÞxes indicated. Comprehensive band plan charts for
• "Get in, get out" information. amateur radio allocation are conveniently located on the
• Explanations in map for quick reference.
plain English. HRO
• Icons and other Price • Accurate DX call sign • RST system details.
navigational aids. $21.99 preÞxes. • International phonetic
• Top ten lists. • Accurate world CW alphabet.
• Tear-out cheat sheet. zones. • MagniÞed views of the
• A dash of humor and fun. • Complete HF / UHF / Caribbean & Europe.
VHF band plan charts. • World Time Zone separa-
Discover how to: • Amateur Radio common tions.
• Understand ham jargon. frequency guide. • All US regional codes.
• Communicate on the air.
• Prepare for license exam. TWO SIZES HRO Prices
• Set up a radio shack. MA36L 24 x 36" Laminated $23.95
• Help in an emergency or MA25L 18.5 x 25.5"Laminated $19.95
natural disaster.
• Be a ham on the go.
CQ Publications
Reference BOOKS ARC2008 Amateur Radio Calendar 2008
BAUBAU Building & Using Baluns & Ununs
U.S. Repeater Map Book LMOA Lew McCoy on Antennas
HRO USRG 14th edition Quadantennas Quad Antennas
Price The PERFECT traveling companion for the radio enthusiast. TPROM Packet Radio Ops Manual
$12.95 Road maps show major highways and cities in every state.
Amateur radio repeater frequencies are included. This is a Ham Magazines
must for truckers and travelers. Enhanced maps provide
Third great highway detail. HRO Price $9.95 CQ CQ Monthly
Edition CQVHF CQ VHF Quarterly
Guides to Technical Radio Popular Popular Communications
Pocket ModiÞcations & Alignment Controls QST QST Monthly
Reference RTM MT Monitoring Times Monthly
This concise all-purpose refer- Easy to follow instructions (with detailed drawings) to Scanning USA Scanning USA
ence has hundreds of tables, enhance almost all brands of amateur HT's and mobiles. WRN World Radio News
maps, formulas, constants & Includes extended frequency plans.
conversions. More than 200 Volume A (Icom, Kenwood, Scanners) Software is sold on a non-returnable basis.
new pages and thousands of Any software problems will be resolved
Volume B (Alinco, Standard, Yaesu, others)
under the terms of the manufacturer's warranty.
updates! HRO Price $19.95 each

Mid-Atlantic 1-800-444-4799 • Northeast 1-800-644-4476 • New England 1-800-444-0047 47

The ARRL Handbook ARRL Antenna Compendium Satellites & Space
for Radio Amateurs Volume 7
43 all new articles! Nine articles
The most com- deal with low-band antennas and
The Radio Amateurs
plete update in a operating, 4 on antennas for 10 Satellite Handbook
decade! Entire sec- meters and many more. Learn how By Martin Davi-doff, K2UBC (author
tions are updated: analog to motorize a tower, how to safely of the highly acclaimed predecessor,
and digital signals and com- The Satellite Experimenter's Hand-
put up a through-the-roof antenna
ponents; surface-mount book).
system. CD-ROM included with
components; high-speed
multimedia (HSMM); previ- propagation prediction software!
HRO Price $24.95 The most com-
ously unpublished anten-
nas and advice on baluns; satellites and EME, Yagi Antenna prehensive book
ever written about
now with new phase 3E details; oscillators, DSP Classics amateur satel-
and software radio design; a new chapter with This collection of articles covering lites! Long-time
Internet tips for hams, wireless Þdelity (Wi-Fi) satellite opera-
all types of beam antennas was
and other wireless and PC technology. tors and begin-
taken from QST, QEX, NJ and
other ARRL publications. Written ners will enjoy its
Thorough coverage of theory, references in-depth cover-
and practical projects. Here is an unmatched by some of the best known au-
thors on the subject, the articles age: setting up a station, choosing the
source for building receivers, transceivers, power right antenna for the right satellite, and
supplies, RF ampliÞers, station accessories and provide the reader with a histori-
tracking the “birds.” Includes operating
antennas. Now with more antenna projects and cal perspective, novel ideas and
details for every active amateur satel-
a 10-W, 60-meter SSB transceiver! Something computer optimized designs. HRO Price: $17.95
lite, the upcoming Phase 3D satellite,
for all skill levels. and all Amateur Radio operations
The ARRL Antenna Book from the US Space Shuttles (SAREX)
Includes ARRL Handbook CD (version 9.0) 21th Edition and Russian Mir space station. Thor-
– the fully searchable and complete book on Hams and professionals will Þnd ough appendices covering proÞles of
CD-ROM (including many color images). projects and practical informa- computer programs, Internet sites,
Softcover w/ CD $39.95 tion on designing, building, and FCC Rules, and a complete history of
Hardcover w/ CD $54.95 installing almost any imaginable amateur satellite and space operations.
type of antenna. Select and use HRO Price $24.95
Ham Radio FAQ the proper feed line and antenna
You've got questions . . . tuner. Expanded coverage of
We've got answers! The low frequency antennas. Greatly
ARRL Lab's Technical In- expanded coverage of elevation Anthology,
formation Service and "The angles needed for world-wide HF propagation. New 5th Edition
doctor" have been answer- chapters cover the fundamentals, including the effects Here are the best
ing ham's questions for of irregular local terrain, plus more information on mobile articles on current
nearly 8 decades. This book is a compilation of and maritime antennas. Software included (MAC and (and future!) ama-
actual questions and their answers. Also includes PC). Retail $39.95 teur spacecraft
a reference chapter. HRO Price: $14.95 from QST, The
APRS Moving Hams AMSAT Journal,
ARRL 2007-08 on Radio the World Wide Web and other sources.
Repeater Directory and the Internet We’ve included recent satellite columns
Now in two sizes: Desk- from RadCom (Great Britain), Radio
Your one stop for quick-and-easy
top and Pocket Size ZS (South Africa) and Amateur Radio
instructions for installing and using
• Thousands of FM voice and (Australia). Includes speciÞc operating
the exciting new APRS software.
ATV repeater frequencies. details for the newest amateur satel-
Anyone with a packet station and
• Latest directory of Fre- lites! HRO Price $15
computer can join the fun. APRS
quency Coordinators. provides a real-time map display of
• Coverage of North, Central, South America, & participating stations. When used with a GPS receiver, it Weather
some listings in Europe and the Middle East. is ideal for tracking moving stations. Separate sections Satellite
• Now including IRLP (Internet linked) nodes. cover DOS, Windows and MAC platforms. Chapters
Pocket Size $10.95 Desktop size $15.95
include custom installation, map-making, hardware An easy-to-use
requirements, and even specialized uses such as direc- reference for any-
Software on CD tion Þnding, telemetry and DX plotting. $17.95 one interested in
viewing our world
Stealth Amateur Radio from space. The
TravelPlus™ for Repeaters Operate from Anywhere expanded 5th
2007-2008 edition. Kirk A. Kleinschmidt, NT0Z edition has an interface project that
With this traveling allows you to capture images from
Set up and operate a low power
companion, you'll various weather satellites and HF
(QRP) station without calling atten- WEFAX broadcasts (a kit is available).
never be alone on
the road. Locate ham tion to yourself. Install safe anten- You’ll learn how weather satellites
radio repeaters on any nas, including indoor antennas. function, how to build or modify your
US or Canadian travel Build invisible antennas. Install and own receiving equipment and how to
route using this map- operate a portable station from most buy or build the right antennas. $20.
based software. Point anywhere. Handle interference to Companion software (revised for the
and click. It's that easy. Includes the entire ARRL and from your station to nearby consumer electronics 5th edition) available for IBM PCs and
Repeater Database. HRO Price: $39.95 devices. HRO Price $14.95 compatibles. $10

48 Phone Orders West 1-800-854-6046 • Mountain / Central 1-800-444-9476 • Southeast 1-800-444-7927

HK Hints and Kinks (16th ed.)
ITRFD Intro to Radio Freq. Design
Low Band DXing
Microwave Experimenter Manual
Low Power Communication QST View
OM Operating Manual The Art and Back issues of QST
PDOYA Yagi Design on CD-ROMs. All the
RASH The Radio Amateur's Science of QRP ads, articles, columns
Satellite Handbook by Richard Arland, K7SZ and covers have been
Reßections SWR Theory Here’s the low-down scanned in black-and-
RFE RF Exposure and You
RFI Radio Frequency Interference
on low power operat- white to read on screen
RSGB-Awards Awards Book ing, from selecting gear, or print. Easy-to-use
RSGB-Opman Amateur Radio Operating to advanced operating software included allows
Manual techniques, antennas, you to: search for articles
RSGB-RCH Radio Communication emergency communications, solar power, and by title and author, select
more! 208 pages. HRO Price: $14.95 speciÞc year and issue, and browse
SA Satellite Anthology individual articles. Available sets: 1990-94; 1985-89;
SEH Satellite Experimenters QRP Power 1980-84; 1975-79; 1970-74; 1965-69; 1960-64; 1950-
Handbook Whether you’ve just been 59; 1940-49; 1930-39. Each set is an indexed. Requires
SSS Spread Spectrum Source bitten by the urge to oper- Windows 3.1 or higher. Each set $39.95
Book ate ßea power, or you’ve
TFRB FCC Rule Book (13th ed.) already discovered just
TLT Transmission Line Transformers
how much fun it is to ARRL Periodicals
TAH ARRL 2008 Handbook
WSH Weather Satellite Handbook operate with 5 watts or
less, this is the book
Each space-saving CD-ROM
you’ve been looking for.
ARRL LISTINGS It’s crammed with projects
is a compilation of
DXCC LIST OfÞcial ARRL DXCC List an entire year’s
LB Log Book you can build and resource information you can
use. In addition to the best recent QRP-related periodicals! You’ll
ND Net Directory
articles from QST, QEX and The ARRL Hand- Þnd the full text of
RD Repeater Directory
book, there’s a new, in-depth article on NN1G’s every QST (AR-
popular 40-40 transceiver. $12 RL’s membership
ARRL READING journal), QEX (The
CQGS CQ Ghost Ship
DVQTH Death Valley QTH ARRL Experimenter’s
DXBD DX Brings Danger Study With ARRL Exchange) and NCJ
DXCC Companion DX Guidebook (The National Contest
HFNH Help for New Hams Journal). Includes every
MBQ Murder by QRM
NCJ Bi-Monthly National article, column, product re-
Contest Magazine view; drawing, table, illustration and photograph (many
NS Night Signals Ham Radio in color); and more than 1000 advertisement images,
Novice Notes
QRP Notebook
License indexed alphabetically by vendor and product. Search
engine Þnds information quickly by article titles, call
QST Monthly Magazine of ARRL Manual signs, names or just about any word. Bookmark your
SOSAM SOS at Midnight Includes the latest ques-
YVC Your VHF Companion favorites. Windows printing and clipboard support.
tion pool with answer
ET Easy Target Novel
key, for use to pass the
35-question license
ARRL MAPS test. Designed for self-
WM World Map (Azimuthal)
WM-R World Map (Robinson)) study or classroom use. Discover the unique mix
GRID ATLAS Grid Locator Atlas of technology, public service, convenience, and
GRID MAP Grid Locator Map fun that makes up ham radio. Retail $19.95
MONA Amateur Radio Map of
North America ARRL’s Tech Q&A
Take the quick and easy path to your Þrst ham
license. Pass the 35-question Technician class
examination by studying
this question pool with
brief, clear explanations.
3rd edition, for exams
beginning July 1, 2003.
Retail $12.95
Gen Class Video /
IBM Exam
AB 21st Antenna Book Tech Class Video /
ACVOL5 Antenna Compendium Vol. 5 IBM Exam (New)
ACVOL6 Antenna Compendium Vol. 6 HRLM Ham Radio License Manual
ACVOL7 Antenna Compendium Vol. 7
RSGB-ANT H.F. Antenna Book TAGCLM General Class Manual
RSGB-WIRE Wire Antennas TAECLM Extra Class Manual
YAD Yagi Antenna Design TFRB FCC Rule Book

Mid-Atlantic 1-800-444-4799 • Northeast 1-800-644-4476 • New England 1-800-444-0047 49

Amateur Computer Clock
CD-ROM World Watch™
2008 &
HRO Price Screen Saver
HRO Price $49.95
Keep time with the world.
With Geochron World
This is the most extensive radio amateur direc-
Watch Time Piece for
tory on the market. Incorporating both the North
Windows®, just glance at
American and International editions of the world's HamCall™ CD-ROM your computer screen to
most respected callbooks, it provides more than 1.6 HRO Price $50.00
million listings in more then 250 countries, islands, see whether the rest of the world is open for busi-
HamCall™ contains more than ness. The current time for any city in the world is
and dependencies. By including several countries
1,623,000 Us and International call- displayed in an attractive graphic. You can even
not found in other directories, the Callbook offers
signs on one CD-ROM updated every set it up as a World Watch Screen Saver. Custom-
unmatched world coverage.
month. When you buy a HamCall ize the display using various maps, user-deÞned
CD-ROM, it will contain the latest cities, and map settings. The graphic shows you
• Windows / DOS plat- or applications. Im-
listings at that time. Your purchase instantly which parts of the world are in sunlight
form. port data into logging
entitles you to a FREE password to and which are dark. Individual clocks across the
• Data display by call- spread sheet, word
access the HamCall Internet search bottom of your screen display local time for any
sign, last name, city, processor, or label
service for a full 6 months. This lets locations you select. International Daylight Savings
license class, issue, printing program. Log-
you search by callsign, name, address, Time adjusts automatically. With orders of 20 or
and expiration dates. ging program inter-
class and more. more units, the Geochron World Screen Saver can
• Search U.S. stations face available.
by callsign, last name, • Listings of clubs, be customized to show your company name and
• Run HamCall from your hard drive. logo. A pull-down menu allows further customizing.
and city. "Then and Now" call
• Ability to skip already printed la- Available for Microsoft Windows® 3.1 and above.
• Search international letter changes, mili-
bels. Windows '95/98/NT/2000 compatible.
by callsign, last name, tary, and silent keys.
• Double click any address to send
city. Text search by • Text Þles listing pre-
email or a web address to visit it.
name, street, city, fixes by countries
province, or region af- (40 zones), DXCC
• Add your own notes to any call- Wall Clock
ter selecting country. countries list, cen-
• Print entire Þeld search results (US Standard GEOCHRON
• Unique sound output sus of amateur pre-
records only).
of Morse code alpha- Þxes, QSL bureaus, Global Time Indicator
• Calculates short and long path dis-
bet can be used by the reciprocal operating A "must item" for a First Class Ham Shack.
tance and bearing.
blind or anyone who agreements, 10-me-
• Choose display font and color.
wants to learn Morse ter beacons, 6-meter
• Shows country ßag and map.
code. beacons, international
• Shows CQ, ITU zone, continent.
• Windows clipboard "Q" signals, and much
• History list shows each call sign
tool for single label more.
• View and search internet proÞles for
more than 35,000 hams.
• Search for club, military, RACES,
vanity and silent keys.
Ham Radio CD-ROM • Over 122,000 email addresses.
• Latitude/longitude for more than 90%
Version 29 – HRO Price $24.95 of US and DX addresses. US lat/long
Use the QRZ callsign data base with several ham is calculated from the street address
radio logbook utilities. QRZWIN call sign search-and- for precision down to a few hundred Size: 34" x 22" x 5"
retrieval software allows easy access to more than feet.
Geochron is a true global time indicator. At any
600,000 names and addresses of US and Canadian • Easy to use main menu.
moment, Geochron displays the correct time ev-
hams. The full name, address and FCC license • Data displayed includes: call sign,
erywhere in the world – the week, date, the sun's
information is included with each record. QRZWIN name, address, license issue date,
declination and distribution of daylight and darkness
provides editing and printing functions which make license expiration date, birth date,
on the earth's surface.
custom mailing lists easy. Import the information to previous calls, previous class, grid
your favorite word processor for advanced formatting square, county, time zone, area code,
Geochron is available in four (4) models and a
and list processing. QRZ features an open database email address, QSL manager and
multitude of housing Þnishes and trim colors. Pack-
with documentation so users can create their own WWW home page.
aged for "drop shipment" anywhere in the world via
custom applications. Also on the CD: the complete • Edit information, change addresses,
UPS or DHL. Geochron can be surface mounted on
text to FCC approved license examinations, ques- add new records, delete edited re-
the wall like a picture or recessed using optional
tions and answers, current rules and regulations, and cords, add email addresses, phone
mounting brackets.
100's of shareware utilities. For use with Windows numbers, fax numbers and add your
3.1, Windows 95, or DOS software. own notes. Call HRO for special pricing opportunities.

50 Phone Orders West 1-800-854-6046 • Mountain / Central 1-800-444-9476 • Southeast 1-800-444-7927