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A Lesson Plan in Geography 6

Through the use of varied pictures, the Grade six pupils are expected to:
a. know about topography of the Philippines and its kind,
b.state and explain the pictures being shown, and
c.appreciate the importance of the country’s topography and its natural resources by
showing pictures that they can find in their barangay.
II.Subject Matter:
Topic:Topography and Natural Resources of the Philippines
Materials:pictures,strip of words,manila paper,cartolina,map
Reference:Yaman ng Pilipinas,Batayang aklat sa Heograpiya,Kasaysayan at Sbika 6
ni:Maritez B.Cruz,Julia T.Gorobat,Norma C.Avelino pp.52-55
Values: To be able to appreciate the importance of things around us
III. Procedure:
Teachers Activity
Good Morning class

Pupils Activity
Good morning teacher

Kindly arrange your chairs; pick up the pieces students will pick up the pieces of paper,
of papers on the floor
arrange their chairs
Let’s all prepare now for the prayer

yes teacher

student J please lead the prayer

Are you ready to pray classmate?
Yes we are ready to pray
In the name of the father and of the son and of
the holy spirit...Amen.

Prayer position and bow down your heads


present teacher. or somewhere in Cebu or anywhere in the Philippines. rivers. rivers you noticed? Did you saw mountains. and in your community? Is it plain? mountainous and steep Mountainous. Cabahug and so on.Bereso.Arcilla. or is it near the shore? Yes. Chocolate Hills teacher places far from your community like Bohol. we visited the province What did you notice in your environment there’s a lot of trees teacher. Lesson Proper: . present ma’am How are you today class? Were good teacher Where did you go last weekend? We went to the beach teacher Teacher. springs or even volcanoes? All these are one of those natural resources that the Lord God provided us and should be taken cared of..Ok settle down Let’s check your attendance.. teacher we traveled in Badian Kawasan I supposed you have traveled in provinces or in falls. mountains. That’s good What kind of landforms and water forms have Beach teacher. present teacher.

waterform Very good. LANDFORMS: SIERRA MADRE-located in southern Luzon MT. your correct student B Chocolate Hills teacher. the landform and waterform.waterform . rivers and lakes. Volunteer Yes. landform Next. Are we clear? Yes teacher I want volunteers. very Goodstudent A Mountain teacher. correct How about you student B Yes. On the other hand. It is located in Mindanao TAAL VOLANO-an example of active Volcano in Batangas. the Philippines is surrounded by waterforms.APO-highest mountain in the Philippines. I want you to name it and tell me its kind whether it is a landform or water form.a large body of water Falls teacher.Example of landforms are mountains.valleys. landform Another one Ok. that’s correct Beach teacher.waterform How about this one? Lake teacher.hills. volcanoes and others while water forms are beach.Teachers Activity Pupils Activity I have here different pictures of natural resources. Yes student A Ok. class The topography of the Philippines has two Kinds. WATERFORMS PACIFIC OCEAN.

Any questions class? Clarification? Yes teacher Yesterday. The parks and wildlife in Quezon serves as national park that most locals visit.It helps in the economic growth of the country because of the tourist spots like chocolate hills in Bohol. and silver are present in our country. The Banaue Rice Terraces serves a great attraction for locals and tourist.Tabon cave in Palawan and many other. also provides us with the supply of water specially in irrigation system. It has a fertile. MARIA CHRISTINA FALLS-in pagsanjan. shells and corals are rich in Philippine seas. Example of waterforms: LAGUNA LAKE-one of the biggest lake in Manila. SOUTH CHINA SEA-located in the west side of the Philippines. extensive coastline and rich in mineral deposits. A mineral like carbon. lakes and beach serves as tourist spot and relaxation both local and foreign .True indeed that the Philippines is one of the richest country in the world None so far teacher because of its abundance in natural resources. Importance of Topography The country’s water forms helps in strengthening. arable land. you were assigned to bring pictures of different natural resources that you can find in your community. and energy to dam sites. gold. Pearls.located in the east of sulu. . something about it. Rivers. and a source of electricity in different parts of the Philippines. SULU SEA-is a body of water in the sout hwestern area of the Philippines. Right? I will call you one by one and tell me The students will answer and share. Natural Resources in the Philippines The Philippines is rich in natural resources. diverse flora and fauna.

Write the letter on the space provided. The Philippines is called _____because it is sorrounded by water and hundred islands.Mt.island c. a.Karingal b.Mt.Apo d.ocean d._____is the largest body of water found in the west side of the Philippines.The teacher will call the students Very good .Pacific Ocean d. The largest lake in Luzon is _____.Mt.lake 2.class IV. a.Sulu Sea b.archipelago b.Evaluation: Fill in the blanks with the correct answer.Mt.South China Sea c. The highest mountain in the philippines is_____. c. 1.Everest .Albay 4. a.Palawan Sea 3.

Banue Rice Terraces b. a.Parks and Wildlife d. Gold.Palawan Sea 8. It serves as National park like_____in Quezon City.Gold c.Laguna b._____is composed of waterforms and landforms.Pagsanjan Lake c. a.Chocolate Hills 6. a. . minerals b.lake d.Archipelago 7. Mountain that was made to plant rice is _____.Chocolate Hill V._____ is the important jewel or treasure found in shells. Silver and Nickel is an example of _____.La Presa c.Assignment: In a short bond paper. aMinerals b. a.Philippines d.Albay c.Laguna Lake 5.Sulu Sea b.Silver 9.Agusan Lake d.Pasig River b. A large body of water that located in the east part of the Philippines is _____.lumber c.Pacific Ocean d.Pearl d.wood 10.South China Sea c.a. a. Make a poster about Natural Resources in the Philippines and how should we preserved it.La Presa c.Parks and Wildlife d.Banue Rice Terraces b.