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Individual Assignment

To prepare the subsequent session you have to interview a person who is not a
student of this class who has just bought a product defined in the table below.
Each of you has to interview by yourself. The interview question will need
around 30 to 60 minutes. The goal of this exercise is to broaden and deepen your
understanding of consumer behavior, especially in identifying the decision
process of the product. The information you collected will be very important to
develop a marketing plan.

The list of questions is the general guideline in interviewing. You can alter the
sequence and add some questions. Keep in mind that after the interview you
ought to be able to describe (a) how your respondent decided and (b) the
external factors (environment) that affect the respondent. Basically, you audit
the decision making process.

As a ticket to enter the class discussion you have to bring a poster (maximum 2
pages), which summarized your findings and thoughts.

Your Respondent Opinion on:

A product bringing personal identity, like Jeans, perfume, or shoes.

General Guidelines

Your task is to describe the relationship between the consumer and the product
or service.

How would you describe the consumption experience?
How is the product/service used or consumed? Who use it? When?
Where? How often? What feelings and opinions surround the
consumption experience?

What type of a relationship does the customer have with the product or service?
How long has the relationship been going on? How has it evolved and
changed over time? What terms best describe the relationship (analogous
to human relationships): partnership, master-slave, best friend, casual
acquaintance, true love, dependency, or transitory passion?

What kind of things have gone wrong in the relationship?
Stockouts, unavailability of parts of service, inappropriate
communication, quality laspes, violations of norms or expectations or

What positive surprises have occured?
Exceptional service, welcome communication, performance above
expectations, affirmation of values?

Is the customer satisfied or dissastisfied with the product or service?

What factors influence the level of felt (dis)satisfaction? How were
expectations formed? Did the product exceed them or fall short? How?

What is the meaning of this product or service to the customer?
How does the product fit into the consumers life? What role does it play?

What role does the brand play in all of this?
What is the brand name?
Did the consumer really attached to the brand?

Please write your findings on one or two posters and bring it to the class.