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Vol. 59 No. 10


Newsjournal Of Kansas and Nebraska Southern Baptists

October 2015

Missourians on Mission (M.O.M.) served at Christ the Lord

Community Church, Salina, Kan., in late July. The church
meets at Webster Conference Center and is constructing
its first building. The group helped with drywall work and
helped the building project make great progress.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Join us in PrayerWalking through the
Overland Park community.

9:00 am 11:30 am
We will meet prior to the KNCSB Annual Meeting
at Blue Valley Baptist Church
8925 W. 151st Street
Overland Park, Kansas

The Missourians on Mission sewing team kept busy making

items for Salina charities. M.O.M. served at Christ the Lord
Community Church in late July. Part of the M.O.M. group
worked on Christ the Lords new building. On Thursday,
July 30, the groups creations were distributed to four local
charities. The ladies in Christ the Lord Community Church
assisted in the effort. They are starting a sewing ministry in
the church.

See KNCSB Proposed 2016 Budget and Annual Meeting Schedule

(turn to pages 4 & 5)
Kansas Team Serves in
Saskatchewan (see page 6)

The 2015 KNCSB meeting will be held Oct. 12-13 at Blue Valley Baptist Church, 8925 W.
151st St., Overland Park, Kan. One Mission is the theme based on Ephesians 4:4-6. Derrick Lynch, pastor of Blue Valley Baptist Church, will be the Bible study leader. Information
about the meeting also may be found on the KNCSB Web site at


The Thought Occurred to Me

By Bob Mills

KNCSB Executive Director

Most churches this time of year are preparing budgets for the upcoming year. Having been a pastor I
know what that process is like. It seems there are so
many needs vying for a limited amount of estimated
income. Thank you for your contributions through the
Cooperative Program in 2015. Please consider these
two items as you develop your 2016 church budget.
First, one of the best-kept secrets in the Kansas
Nebraska Convention of Southern Baptists (KNCSB)
is the Webster Conference Center (WCC). It is a place
where almost 200 children and youth came to faith in
Christ this summer. It is a place where many re-commitments were made during our summer programing.
It is a place where significant discipleship training took
place during the Normative Conference. It is a place
where university students come for a fall retreat. It is a
place where 400 women from all over our convention
come for a Wonderful Weekend for Women. Webster
Conference Center is also a place for outside groups
representing governmental, civic and private family
gatherings. Webster Conference Center is a wonderful
environment where individuals can encounter Christ,
resulting in life change.

Let me ask you a questionwould you and your

church prayerfully consider
placing WCC in your church
budget? I am not suggesting an amount; I am just
asking you to consider
putting something in your
2016 budget. WCCs physical plant is improving and
growing with many events
using our facility. WCC is a
year-round facility not just a
place for children and youth
Bob Mills
for summer programming.
In fact, the vast majority of
users are adults.
All capital improvements come through special gifts
to WCCNO USER FEES are ever used to fund a capital improvement project. This helps us keep the user
fees below what other camps and conference centers
charge. Each church giving a little will reduce our need
to do capital fund raising events in the future. The
thought occurred to me that if every church gave something, what a difference that would make to the future

of Webster Conference Center!

Second, thank you again for your gifts through the
Cooperative Program. The Cooperative Program is
an effective mission funding channel through which
churches give to support state, national and international missions, six seminaries, the Ethics and Religious
Liberty Commission, and the Executive Committee.
KNCSB is a newer work convention with fewer churches to support church planting, evangelism, and church
strengthening emphases. Therefore, a higher percentage of our total income stays in KNCSB with the balance sent on to the other Southern Baptists Convention
entities. The Cooperative Program allows us to work
together more effectively than working independently.
KNCSBs Cooperative Program income for the last
three years has been approximately $2,710,000 per year.
I would ask that you prayerfully consider increasing
your Cooperative Program gifts by a half to one percent for 2016. You and your churches are to be commended for your faithful giving. Thank you for your
generous support through the Cooperative Program
this year and for what you will do in 2016!
Our Cooperative Program heritage has taught us
that we can do more together than we can do separately.

First the background, we all know the story of
Jonah. He ran from God because he did not want
the assignment to bring any mercy to the Assyrians.
They were exceptionally cruel, exceedingly wicked
and excruciatingly undeserving of grace... just the
kind of people God would save.
Well, Jonah found his way to Assyria, courtesy of
the USS Fishbait and confirming his greatest fears...
every last one of those evil Assyrians repented..
So, thats a happy ending, right? Well, kind of...
Enter the prophet Nahum, nearly 100 years after
Jonah. The Assyrians are back at their old game only
larger in number, increasingly aggressive and as
cruel as ever. Talk about backsliding!
All of Israel is in fear once again of being overrun
by such an awful foe, but Nahum speaks the words
of God in chapter 1, verse 12:
Thus says the Lord, Though they are at full
strength and many, they will be cut down and pass

Booyah baby! Now thats some smack talk.

Even though they are at full strength and many,
its not a factor worth consideration in this equation.
Check the math, any number divisible by God equals
And, how does Nahum back up this claim? His
description of the Lord earlier in the chapter includes
mountain melter, earth heaver, ocean drier and giant
stepper in which the clouds are just the dust of His
We need to hear smack talk like that today.
There will be many things that come against you,
the church and our faith in the coming days. We will
be ridiculed, marginalized and attacked.
But, never forget, even though they are at full
strength and many, they are no match for the God
who is in the whirlwind, who breaks rocks into pieces, is poured out like fire and comes at His enemies
like an overwhelming flood.
Endure saints. Press on and hold fast. No matter
what happens in this world, the throne room of grace
is unchanged.

Presidents Perspective
By Andy Addis


KNCSB Convention President


To say that I have enjoyed serving as your president and vice-president for the last four years would
be one of the greatest understatements ever to have
crossed my lips. And, one of the great joys has been
my opportunity to share with you in this written
Thank you.
So, in my last article as
president, I feel a sense
of reaching out into the
future for a word about
where we are all going as
believers, as a convention,
as the church. I begin with
a confession.
I love smack talk.
Whether in the stands,
on the sidelines, or in the
game, I love talking a big
game even if I cant play.
Yeah, I know... Ill pray
about it.
Andy Addis
There is just something
great about getting in the other guys head and
watching them unravel.
Unfortunately, the only smack talk being bellowed
these days is against the church, and its servants. Its
becoming more and more difficult to proclaim much
of anything even close to good news since the world
is doing such a good job of shouting us down.
So, you can imagine how thrilled I was just the
other day when I found some Godly smack talk right
there in the pages of Scripture.
I was having my morning quiet time out of
Nahum (you always sound extra spiritual when you
let people know you were casually reading a minor
prophet), and one solitary line jumped up off the

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Sharing & Strengthening

Gods Plan for Sharing

By Jon Sapp

KNCSB State Director of Evangelism


Have you seen the movie, The War Room? If you

havent, I would encourage you to see it. In the movie,
the characters are challenged to let God do their fighting for them as they develop a prayer strategy for the
various areas of their lives. What an important concept
for each of us individually, for each of our churches
and also for our convention!
This fall, KNCSB along with Blue Valley Baptist
Church, our Annual Meeting host, will allow you
to join in prayer for the city, church plants, Johnson
County Community College and the Annual Meeting.
We will be spending time together on Monday morning, October 12th. We will begin at 9:00 AM and conclude with lunch at 11:30. Join us at Blue Valley Baptist
Church, 8925 W 151st Street, Overland Park, KS.
The last time we were in the Kansas City area for our
Annual Meeting in 2012, we PrayerWalked several new
church plants and places of need. One of those places
was the City Light Church. They were renovating a
theater into their present meeting place. Saw dust and
freshly painted walls heard our prayers for this church
to grow, for God to use it in the community and to

transform individual lives.

Now three years later, God
has answered those prayers
as City Light plans to plant
another church. Some of
those participating in that
2012 PrayerWalk believe
God heard and is answering
their prayers. They own
a part in the reproduction
as they prayed and now
watching God work.
Another example where
prayer and PrayerWalking
Jon Sapp
made a difference occurred
in Sublette, Kansas. Shane Lester, pastor of the Sublette
Southern Baptist Church, along with other pastors and
churches in the area decided to host Real Encounter
Ministries as an evangelistic outreach. Lester and the
church bathed their plans and the communities in
prayer. Lester reported the prayer team gathered in
the high school gym and prayed over every seat. The
night of the event, over 1,000 people were in the gym.
The high school Principal reported that was the larg-

est crowd he had ever seen. More importantly, Lester

reported more than 200 responded to the invitation.
They recorded 113 decisions to begin a relationship
with Christ. 70 reported rededicating their lives to
Christ and the remainder requested prayer for situations in their lives. Prayer and praying over the place
where the event took place impacted lives!
Would you join by participating in PrayerWalking
Monday morning, October 12th? Join us and be a part
of something bigger than yourself as we ask God to
fight for us and the believers and churches of the area.
Lets rally together to ask God to change lives. And
once you have participated, lets make prayer the foundational strategy for all we do. Who knows what God
is waiting to do as we get our lives in line with Him.
As we claim scriptures and scriptural principles over
the lives of others, He will bless. Finally, as we watch
and wait expectantly for Him to transform our lives,
the lives of others and our communities we wont be
Whats your prayer strategy? Do you need to learn
how to allow God to fight for you? Prayer is foundational as we grow into Gods plan for sharing.

Two With KNCSB Ties Pass Away

By Eva Wilson

Associate Digest Editor


Two men with KNCSB ties recently went home to be

with the Lord.

Richard Lee Rich Murrell went home to be with

the Lord on Tuesday, Aug. 25.
He had served on the staff of Nall Avenue Baptist
Church, Prairie Village, Kan., until recently.

Kansas and Nebraska Southern Baptists Working Together with Southern

Baptists Across America Through the
Cooperative Program.

Church Seeks Music/Youth Minister

First Southern Baptist Church in Salina, Kansas is

actively seeking a full-time Music and Youth staff position. Responsibilities will include developing a weekly
blended worship service and developing a vibrant and
comprehensive youth ministry with students in grades
6th 12th. Please send your resume and questions to . You can also visit www. for more information about the church.


Todd Beck was tragically taken in an accident on

Friday, Aug. 21, in rural Leavenworth, Kan.
He was the son-in-law of KNCSB staff members Peck
and Sue Lindsay.
Todd was born Feb. 25, 1965, in Topeka, Kan., the
son of Loren and the late Betty Jo (Walthall) Beck. He
graduated from Seaman High School in 1985.
He attended Washburn University and graduated
from the Kansas State College of Engineering in 1990.
Todd married Natalee Lindsay on May 26, 1990, in
Topeka, Kan.
Todd worked at Guarantee Mutual in Omaha, Neb.,
for six years. He worked at Cerner Corporation for the
past 19 years and was a Senior Technology Architect in
the CWx Technology Improvement group.
Todd was a member of Eudora Baptist Church,
Eudora, Kan., and enjoyed supporting and participating in various missions activities. He was an incredible
and dedicated husband and father and was his kids
biggest fan.
Todd is survived by his wife, Natalee; a son, Jacob;
three daughters, Emma, Annie and Jenna, all of
Eudora, Kan.; his father, Loren Beck of Topeka, Kan.;
two sisters, Cristy Reichert of Topeka, Kan., and Jamie
Stephens of Berryton, Kan. and her son, Brian; and
daughter, Paige.
A service celebrating his life was held Tuesday, Aug.
25, at Eudora Baptist Church.
Memorial contributions may be made to the Beck
Family Childrens Educational Fund in care of WarrenMcElwain Mortuary, 1003 John L. Williams Dr., Eudora,
KS 66025.

He was born Oct. 30, 1948, in West Plains, Mo., to

Vera Ovene Lee and Walter M. Murrell.
He was a 1966 graduate of Willow Springs High
School. Rich earned a bachelor of journalism degree
from University of Missouri-Columbia in 1970 and
remained an avid Tiger fan.
He served in the U.S. Army Reserves for 21 years,
completing his service as a major.
Following a brief career in advertising, he became
business manager of the Agape Players and performed
with the Christian singing group that toured the United
States and many foreign countries.
He later earned a master of divinity Degree from
Midwestern Seminary, Kansas City, Mo., and a
doctor of philosophy in religious education from
Southwestern Seminary, Fort Worth, Texas.
While working on his PhD, he served as an associate
dean of students at Texas Christian University.
After completing his education, Rich joined the
staff of the Southern Baptist Sunday School Board
(now LifeWay Christian Resources) working first
in Nashville, Tenn., as director of adult discipleship
resources and later in Reno, Nevada, as a network
partnership director. He also served churches in
Middletown, Pa., and Nashville.
He returned to Kansas City in 2009 and until recently
served as the minister of administration for Nall
Avenue Baptist Church, Prairie Village, Kan.
Among his many volunteer roles, he was committed
to the Willow Springs Scholarship Club.
Rich was preceded in death by his parents and
brother, William H. Murrell. He is survived by brothers
Dallas Murrell, Metamora, Ill., and Bill Holden, Dudley,
Mo., many cousins, a loving extended family and many
dear friends.
The funeral was held Saturday, Aug. 29, at Nall
Avenue Baptist Church. A graveside service was held
Monday, Aug. 31, at Howell Memorial Park Cemetery,
Pomona, Mo.
Memorials may be sent to the Willow Springs
Scholarship Club, P.O. Box 484, Willow Springs, MO

Kncsb proposed 2016 budget

In accordance with the constitution, the proposed 2016 KNCSB budget is presented below. Messengers will vote on the proposed Resources for Ministry at the Monday evening session, October
2015, when the convention meets at Blue Valley Baptist Church, Overland Park, Kansas.



Proposed 2016


Proposed 2016









D. Convention Meetings and Reports




E. Office Administration





F. Building Operations







Webster Conference Center


Judea Fund (KNCSB)


Cooperative Program



North American Mission Board



North American Mission Board (Prepaid)




LifeWay Christian Resources



KS-NE Foundation


Viola Webb Missions Offering

Collegiate Ministries Fundraising

National Student Ministries

Baptist Digest Advertising


SBC Cooperative Program (24%)*


A. Foundation
B. Webster Conference Center
C. Baptist Digest

G. NAMB-Funded Ministries



H. Field Ministries




I. Personnel Benefits and Travel





J. Personnel Saleries
















*50% of CP income that exceeds budget requirement will be sent to SBC. SBC Cooperative Program reflects an increase of .5%

A. Foundation
B. Webster Conference Center
C. Baptist Digest
Printing and Distribution
Production and Travel Expenses
D. Convention Meetings/Reports
Presidents Travel
Mission Board/Committee Meetings
KNCSB Leadership Team Meetings
Annual Meeting
Annual, Book of Reports and Calendar
Professional Fees
Church Ministerial Annuity/Disability
E. Office Administration
Office Supplies
Printing Supplies
Equipment Maintenance/Repairs
Equipment Rental
Computer Network


F. Building Operations

Building Maintenence/Repairs
Building Maintenance Contingency
Kitchen/Bath Supplies
G. NAMB-Funded Ministries
NAMB Missionaries
Church Planting Funds
Church Planting Development
Existing Church Evangelism Strategies
Church Planting Evangelism Strategies


Proposed 2016























H. Field Ministries
Associational Assistance
Church Leadership Development
Church Planting Start-up Funds
Church Worship
Collegiate Ministries
Discipleship Training
Eagle Retreat
Family Ministry
Historical Data/Archives
Latino Youth Celebration
Lending Library
Mens Ministries
Normative Conference
Partnership Missions
Prayer Ministy
Stewardship/Cooperative Program Promotion
Sunday School
Viola Webb Missions Offering Promotion
Womens Leadership
I. Personnel Benefits/Travel
Payroll Taxes
Workers Compensation
J. Personnel Salaries
Elected Personnel
Employed Personnel
Service Awards
Collegiate Ministries


KNCSB Annual Meeting to be Held October 12-13

Annual Meeting Schedule

KNCSB annual meeting

Oct. 12-13, 2015
Blue Valley Baptist Church
Overland Park, Kan.
Theme: One Mission (Ephesians 4:4-6)




Monday evening, Oct. 12

Pre-Session worship Blue Valley Worship

Call to Order/Welcome Andy Addis
Directed prayer time
Worship & praise Blue Valley Worship Team
Credentials Committee
Committee on Order of Business
Mission Board
Committee on Committees appointed
SBC Executive Committee report
Dr. Frank Page
Miscellaneous business
KNCSB 2016 budget presentation
Bob Mills
Bible study Derrick Lynch
Worship & praise Blue Valley Worship Team
Presidents message Andy Addis
Closing prayer

Tuesday morning, Oct. 13

Directed prayer time

Worship & praise
Committee on Committees appoints:
Time, Place and Preacher Committee
Resolutions Committee
Nominating Committee report




Introduction of representatives
of agencies and boards Bob Mills
Bible study Derrick Lynch
Viola Webb Missions Offering report
Mari Parker
Miscellaneous business
Partnership reports Mari Parker
Worship & praise
Annual sermon Casey Ingold
Closing prayer

Tuesday afternoon, Oct. 13

Directed prayer time

Worship & praise
Committee on Committees appoints:
Committee on Order of Business
Credentials Committee
Resolutions Committee report
Miscellaneous business
Kansas-Nebraska Southern Baptist
Foundation report Doyle Smith
Evangelism report Jon Sapp
Bible study Derrick Lynch
Introduction of new pastors & staff
David Manner
Election of officers
Webster Conference Center report
Church planting report Georges Boujakly
Committee reports:
Time, Place and Preacher Committee
Credentials Committee
Worship & praise
Keynote address Steve Dighton
Introduction of new officers Bob Mills
Closing prayer/adjourn

Ministers Wives Fellowship

Yes, its that time again, time to gather with

other ministers wives for some fun and encouragement! Put this date on your calendar!
Monday, Oct. 12 Coffee fellowship for
ministers wives at Blue Valley Baptist Church,
Overland Park, Kan., from 1:15-3:30 p.m. (while
our guys are in the leadership meeting)
Please RSVP to Patti Boswell at granaboz@mac.
com as soon as you can so we can plan accordingly! I cant wait to see you!

KNCSB Leadership Conference

(formerly Pastors Conference)

Monday, Oct. 12, from 1-4 p.m.

Blue Valley Baptist Church, Overland Park,
Ministry Staff Collaboration is the theme for
the 2015 KNCSB Leadership Conference.
Merle Mees will be the featured speaker. He
is lead pastor of Pleasant Valley Baptist Church,
Liberty, Missouri, where he has served since
2007. Prior to serving at PV, Merle served at
Westside Family Church in Lenexa, KS, and
Western Hills Church in Topeka, KS. He is a
graduate of Midwestern Baptist Theological
Seminary. His mission is to live a life that causes
others to applaud Jesus.
Merle has been married for 35 years to Karen,
who is a licensed professional counselor. They
have two married adult sons and a rambunctious
Scottish Terrier named Lucy Lu. Together, Merle
and Karen have been serving chuches since they
were newlyweds. As a result of both of their
vocations and experiences, they have developed
a great passion for helping ministry leaders live,
love, and lead from a healthy soul.

CrossOver Overland Park

CrossOver is the evangelistic outreach that

precedes each KNCSB annual meeting.
CrossOver Overland Park will meet Monday
morning, Oct. 12 at 9am at Blue Valley Baptist
Church. We will conclude with prayer walking
and survey work.

KNCSB Missions Celebration


The KNCSB WMU Annual Missions

Celebration will be held Monday, Oct. 12,
from 4:15-6:30 p.m. at Blue Valley Baptist
Churchs Ridgeview Campus, 1325 S Ridgeview, Olathe, Kan. Cost is $5 per person and
includes dinner, so pre-registration is required
by Oct. 1.
To register, mail names and contact information along with payment to: Womens
Leadership Dept., 5410 SW 7th St., Topeka, KS
66606. For more information send an e-mail to


Kansas Team Serves in Saskatchewan

By Debbie Carter

Flint Hills Baptist Association


To those who arent in the

know, Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, may sound like some
far-away northern outpost or
village. And it may conjure
up images of Royal Canadian
Mounties on horseback riding
to a remote fort on the edges of
But there are 21 Kansans
who know better! These are the
folks representing nine different
Flint Hills Association churches
who traveled to Moose Jaw this
summer from July 25 to Aug. 2.
Escaping from the summer
Kansas heat was easy: they
piled into two vans and took
a two-day trip to Moose Jaw.
They found it to be just a little
larger than Emporia, Kan., and
strangely similar in many ways.
Their purpose and mission
was simple: Participate in a
mission trip to Moose Jaw in
Canada and to come alongside
the members of the Calvary
Baptist Church serving the community of Moose Jaw.
The Kansas team worked
with Calvary Baptist Church to
conduct Vacation Bible School
in the morning and basketball
clinics in the afternoon.
In the evening they visited
refugees who have relocated
to Moose Jaw. As a result, each
day was filled with opportunities to share Jesus across the
Other Kansans put on their
work clothes and made repairs
to the Calvary Baptist Church
building itself, taking on every-

thing from repairing a leaky

roof and patching sheetrock to
installing walls in order to create separate classrooms.
Talk to any of the 21 missionaries from the Flint Hills Association who went on the trip
and youll find that the mission
venture was a blessing and even
a life-changing experience. They
formed bonds with the people
of Calvary Baptist Church and
brought back with them a heart
for the work and mission of the
church in Moose Jaw.
Anita Stamps from Wanamaker Road Baptist Church in
Topeka said it was an amazing,
life-changing experience. The
children and families that were
touched by the mission projects
continue to be lifted in prayer
across Kansas because of this
Pastor Bob Butt of Calvary
Baptist Church shared that the
Kansas team meant the world
to us. They were able to help
us do things we could not have
done on our own. We were able
to get closer to families in the
community with a credibility
that will allow us to continue to
The mission trip itself is one
of the first fruits of a growing
partnership between the Flint
Hills Association of Southern
Baptist churches here in Kansas
and the Northern Lights Association of churches in Saskatchewan.
Northern Lights Association
consists of 14 churches that are
spread over an area about four
times larger than the 21 counties
of the Flint Hills Association.

A mission team from Flint Hills Baptist Association in Kansas recently took a mission trip
to Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. The trip was part of a partnership with the association and
Northern Lights Baptist Association in Saskatchewan. (Below, left) The Flint Hills mission
team conducted Vacation Bible School in the morning and led basketball clinics in the association. In the evenings team members visited refugees who have settled in Moose Jaw.

Donna Elliott Goes to be with the Lord

Donna Elliott, wife of Mark
Elliott, director of missions in
Eastern Nebraska Baptist Association, went to be with the
Lord on Monday, Sept. 14.
She was born April 17, 1950,
in Tahlequah, Okla., and married to Mark R. Elliott on Aug.
7, 1970.
Born to James E. and Sara
(Murrell) Sooter she grew up
as the compliant middle child.
Her early childhood was spent
in Bluejacket, Okla., and moved
with her family to Vinita, Okla.,
at the beginning of third grade.
Donna graduated as valedictorian of Vinita High School
in 1968 and graduated with
a bachelor of science in math
education from Oklahoma State
University in 1972.
She taught one year at Ketchum High School in Oklahoma
before choosing to be a full-time
wife and mother.
She was the proud mother
of four children: Brian Daniel
Elliott who preceded her in

death; Sharon Michele Dennis, Morrison, Okla.; Emily Jo

Elliott, Manhattan, Kan.; and
James Patrick Elliott, Colorado
Springs, Colo.
She was preceded in death
by her parents James and Sara
Sooter and twins siblings Ray
and Sandra Sooter.
Donna was an active member of First Baptist Church of
Vinita where she served in the
pre-school area and played the
piano and organ (1973-1985).
When the family moved to Fort
Worth she was an active member of Gambrell Street Baptist
Church and served in the preschool and childrens ministry
Later she served as pianist
as well as childrens and preschool director at First Southern
Baptist Church of Fort Dodge,
Iowa (1988-1993).
Then she served as a preschool teacher and pianist at
Southern Hills Baptist Church
in Sioux City, Iowa (1993-2001).

After Mark and Donna

moved to Nebraska in 2001 she
served in the pre-school area at
LifeSpring Church, Bellevue.
Donna is also remembered as
a lady with a green thumb with
her house filled with beautiful
In addition she will be remembered for keeping the spirit
and the tradition of sending
Christmas cards and an annual
Christmas letter.
A memorial service was at
LifeSpring Church in Bellevue,
Nebraska on Wednesday, Sept.
The funeral was held at First
Baptist Church of Vinita, Okla.,
on Friday, Sept. 18, with burial
at Fairview Cemetery in Vinita.
Memorials may be sent to
Eastern Nebraska Baptist Association to help pastors with
health-care coverage. The address is: ENBA, P.O. Box 6157,
Omaha, NE 68106.
Please designate for the
Donna Elliott Memorial.


Stewardship of Pain
You know how sometimes you hear
a speaker and
she talks for
three hours and
three words stick
to your mind?
Those three
words wiggle
their way in to
your thoughts
and emotions
and you are
consumed by
those words for
days, no, weeks
That happened to me at WWW in September
while listening to Sophie Hudson. I
know she had lots of great things to
share; I took pages of notes! But these
three words, stewardship of pain, are
still causing deep thought.
Stewardship of pain. Were taught
about stewardship as far as our financial
giving to our church: 10 percent of our
earnings are returned to God through our
tithe to our church. We are taught stewarding our time: serving through your
church and your community is a must for
a Christ Follower. But pain? Really?
Biblical stewardship, according to
Chris Goulard, Pastor of Stewardship
at Saddleback Church, basically boils
down to three things:
1. God owns it all.
2. We are all stewards.
3. We have a responsibility to manage it for His glory.
In light of this definition, lets look at
what scripture has to say about pain.
n Pain produces intimacy with
God. In Job 42:5, Job said, I had heard
rumors about You, but now my eyes
have seen You. We experience God
at a deeper level during times of pain.
God owns it all!
n Pain equips us to comfort others.
2 Corinthians 1:3-5: Praise the God
and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ,

the Father of mercies and the God of

all comfort. He comforts us in all our
affliction, so that we may be able to
comfort those who are in any kind of
affliction, through the comfort we ourselves receive from God.
For as the sufferings of Christ
overflow to us, so through Christ our
comfort also overflows. If we are afflicted, it is for your comfort and salvation. If we are comforted, it is for your
comfort, which is experienced in your
endurance of the same sufferings that
we suffer. And our hope for you is firm,
because we know that as you share in
the sufferings, so you will share in the
comfort. We are all Stewards!
n Pain produces growth while
conforming us into the image of God.
James 1:2-4: Consider it a great joy,
my brothers, whenever you experience
various trials, knowing that the testing
of your faith produces endurance. But
endurance must do its complete work,
so that you may be mature and complete, lacking nothing.
And Romans 8:28-29, We know
that all things work together for the
good of those who love God: those who
are called according to His purpose.
We have a responsibility to manage it
for His glory!
Practically, how do we sum this
up? Pain? We all have it at some point
in our lives. When God allows pain,
He will purpose it to grow us up and
to help others. Take your pain experience and lay it before God and ask
Him, what next. Who can I minister to
because of this pain? Then be obedient
to His direction.
Another thought that comes to mind
is, perhaps our pain is not meant for
the whole world to hear about. Maybe
Gods best use of our pain is one on
one, face to face. Steward your pain. I
hope and pray these three words mess
you up for awhile like they have me!

Christmas is just around the corner and many Kansas-Nebraska Southern Baptist
churches will be collecting the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering for International Missions.
Kansas-Nebraska overseas workers have written inspiring stories of how God is at
work. Read these stories at
These stories may be downloaded and copied to use as bulletin inserts.

Womens Leadership Has

New Ministry Assistant
Jessica Ruhnke has joined KNCSB as ministry assistant to Mari Parker. Jessica and
her husband Aaron, along with their four-month old daughter, Lydia Grace, live in
Auburn, Kan.
Jessica is from Wathena, Kan., and graduated from Cowley County Community
College in 2008 with a degree in Criminal Justice and from Washburn University in
2013 with a second degree in Social Work.
Her favorite food is mashed potatoes. When Jessica has free time she loves to read
and sing (to herself)! She feels best in the color (K-State) purple, which also means
she loves K-State football!
Jessica remembers watching over and over again Steel Magnolias and Grumpy
Old Men with her grandma and considers them her favorite movies.
Jessica brings strong organizational and time management skills to our office,
which will be needed as this position is now part time. Her former employment developed tremendous people skills as a Family Advocate for NE Kansas Community
Western Hills Church is where the Ruhnkes serve, currently leading a small group
in Parenting the Love and Logic Way, working with students, and participating in
womens and mens small groups.
Jessica says one of her spiritual markers has been the birth of their daughter. To
experience bringing a life into this world has made God even more real and has
caused her to desire a deeper relationship with Jesus. She loves praying over Lydia
and then opening her eyes and seeing a sweet grin on Lydias face! The weight of being a Godly parent is pushing Jessica to be a better follower of Christ.
Her favorite Bible verse is Romans 15:13 (NIV)
Welcome Jessica!

Shine 2015: Through His Eyes

Register now! Yes, right now! Get
with your youth leader, or your daughters Youth leader and do it! Your teen
girls will not want to miss this special
weekend designed just for them.
Through His Eyes is our theme,
based on John 15:16a, You did not

choose Me, but I chose you. Join 500

girls and their leaders at Webster Conference Center Nov. 6-7, 2015!
Oh, and by the way, Blanca will be
there! Check her out at
See you soon!


Lottie Moon Christmas Offering 2015

Jessica Ruhnke has joined the KNCSB staff as ministry assistant to Mari
Parker. She is pictured with her husband, Aaron, and their daughter, Lydia

Clique. Un-clique.


Were a friendly church! Its a phrase

heard regularly in most churches. Often,
the more true statement is, Were really
friendly with one another. Is it possible
that newcomers at your church or small
group perceive your sweet fellowship as
Answer this question: Do you function more as a social club or an army
of God? If your Sunday School class is
comfortably stagnant or your church is
plateaued or declining in attendance,
perhaps its time to un-clique.
As the fall semester kicks off, try these
simple ideas to un-clique your class:
nStop and refocus. Teach members
to pay attention. When a guest arrives,
members immediately change their
focus from chatting with one another to
warmly welcome the guest.
nEvery members a greeter. Train
members to see every guest through
Gods loving eyes, and connect personally. Learn their name. Listen well and
introduce guests to others. Learn their
name. Sit nearby guests. Have real conversation with them. Learn their name.
Tell them about church events and ministries they might enjoy. Invite a guest
to join you for lunch. Get to know them
and share your own Jesus story. Dont
forget to learn their name.
nAdd chairs, and move over. Anticipate guests. Provide plenty of seating so
a guest never has to search awkwardly.
Members can make guest seating less
intimidating when they avoid saving
seats in worship. Give up your end-ofpew seat rather than forcing newcomers
to climb over you. For a Sunday School
class, rearrange classroom seating often.
Change from rows to a circle, or face a
different direction.
nAvoid exclusive phrases. Most of us
are related. Weve all been friends for
years. We all grew up in this church.
Phrases like these inform guests that
theyll never be accepted. Show love for
one another, but never at the expense of
excluding others.
nInvite. Challenge class members to

invite their unchurched acquaintances

weekly. Print business-card-style invitations for members to carry with them.
Teach members to be alert for guests
in worship services, and invite them to
their small group.
nProvide frequent entry points.
Guests are always welcome, but intentionally plan special days to encourage
members to bring newcomers. Use any
excuse. A new Bible class or sermon
series is beginning. Were going out for
lunch after church together. Bring your
neighbor early next week for tea. Keep
members thinking of the lost people they
nConnect digitally. Guests feel welcomed when individuals send an email
to invite them back next Sunday. Add
guests names to your class or church
group email list immediately. Friend
them on Facebook.
nState the goal often. Remind the
group that we are organized to reach
those who dont yet know Jesus. Strive
for second-time guests and new members. Small groups can set numeric goals
for growth. Ask every guest if theyd like
to join the class. They dont have to be a
Christian yet to join Bible class. Church
is not a closed group.
nUn-clique leadership. Involve more
people in large and small leadership
roles. Many responsibilities are appropriate for newcomers, so offer a place of
service as soon as possible.
nPlan for explosive growth. When
members bring their lost friends, and
the church warmly envelops guests with
Gods love, growth will happen. Get
ready for them. Mentor potential teachers and leaders. Intentionally create new
breakout groups, or multiply your class.
No one can accuse a growing group of
being cliquish!
The Great Commission is too vast, and
eternity is far too important for us to sit
in a huddle. Make a commitment today:

Diana Davis is an author, columnist

and ministers wife.


Thank you for your continued support of this mission facility as we

continue to reach people for Christ and train believers for the work of
the ministry! The WCC Staff

Featured Video

Available to churches cooperating with KNCSB by contacting

or calling either 785/228-6800 or 800/984-9092. Ask for Barbara Spicer

Breathe: Making Room For Sabbath

by Priscilla Shirer
Includes two DVDs and a study journal. This kit shows us how to
breathe and build margin into our lives for God. He wants us to be able
to walk in freedom and enjoy it but along with many gifts He has given
us He also includes boundaries in which to enjoy those gifts.


Take the next step.


 @MBTS | MBTS.EDU | 816-414-3733 | KANSAS CITY, MO

THE SHIFT TO FALL: Summer is done and we praise God for what He did in
the lives of thousands of children and youth, but now we make the shift to fall.
Between now and the end of May, the vast majority of events held at WCC are for
adults. Many dorm rooms have been converted to motel rooms to house adults
coming for life changing meetings.
VIST THE WCC WEBSITE: If you will visit, you can sign-up
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Also on this site you can register your Dillions card and find other companies,
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your everyday purchases.
VOLUNTEERS NEEDED: As we attempt to finish the Dining Hall and Picnic
Pavilion Projects, we need volunteers who could assist the WCC Staff for a day or
more. Individuals and small groups looking to assist should contact Bill Cooke
toll free at 1-877-WCC-RESV.
THE SEWER PROJECT: Work continues to progress on converting WCC from a
septic system to a connection with the City of Salina. Pray for the success of this
project before winter arrives.
THE ROAD AND PARKING LOT PROJECT: Plans are being finalizing and
money is being raised to repave all of the roads and parking lots at the Conference
Center. If you have been blessed by God and desire to share your blessing with
others, send your contributions to:
Webster Conference Center
5410 SW 7th Street
Topeka, KS 66606-2398
Attention: Roads and Parking Lots
DIGEST: Dr. Mills has written a timely article about WCC. Check it out and pray
about how your church can be on mission to reach thousands for Christ at WCC in
2016 and beyond.

Session 1: The Freedom of the Sabbath
Session 2: Stops Along the Sabbath
Session 3: Double Portion Friday
Session 4: Coming Into Focus
Session 5: Closing Summary from Priscilla




For us murder is once for all forbidden; so even the child

in the womb... is not lawful for us to destroy. To forbid
birth is only quicker murder.... The fruit is always present
in the seed.
Tertullian (Early Church Apologist)