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Celebrity Event Concepts
Golf Days Fishing Charters Cricket Days Testimonials Cricket and Football Tours—local and o/seas Celebrity Coach Trivia Master Tennis Days Lawn Bowls – 100 bowl challenge Send a Celeb • Sporting Teams Calcutta – NRL, AFL, A-League, Super 14 • Bar and Auction Girl hire – put that icing on the cake for the ultimate sportsmen’s luncheon or dinner! • • • • • • • • • • Ask us how to put together any one of the celebrity concepts above that will not only entertain your clients/guests/members but assist in your fundraising events.

Pre-packaged Shows
Taking into account the memorabilia, raffle items, ticket selling tips etc you will receive with the promotion kit you should pay no more than $1000 net for any one of these entertainment filled packages.

The Whole 9 Yards
Includes - MC/Comedian, Celebrity Speaker, and a band/musician The ultimate function package and what every Sporting Club, Pub or Hotel needs to put on a great show, add value to its ticket sales and look after its patrons, members and guests. A great way for a Pub or Hotel that sponsors a local sporting club to put on an end of season presentation night.

Wild Colonial Boys
- The K Faktor has put together a gang that would keep Ned Kelly honest. We have brought together the bad boys of Australian Football, Cricket, Racing and Boxing to ensure you’ll never forget their infamous moments that live long in our minds and stories. Choose 2 Wild Boys of Aussie Sport from our wild boys stable and The K Faktor’s own international musician, Sasha Karcher, will come out and sing our version of ‘Wild Colonial Boys’ with acoustic guitar accompaniment. Apart from the 3 entertainers you will also be provided with a Wild Boys quiz including prizes guaranteed to help make a great show for all your patrons. See separate flyer for more details.

Birth of Origin – RAUDONIKIS (BNE) and BEETSON (BNE)
A very popular duo and both born entertainers. Hear some very funny stories from two Kangaroo and Origin Skippers. The first two Origin Captains, one an Immortal and the other voted one of the Twelve Toughest in Rugby League over the past 50 years. The boys bring some very special and unique memorabilia*.

Happy Punters Tour – Malcolm JOHNSTON (SYD) and Dougie
WALTERS (SYD) A hilarious duet that will keep you in stitches and make you wish you left your political correctness back in the 70’s! Voted one of the best 2-man shows in Australia.

Harrigan vs. Tallis or Blocker or Siro!
Referee Bill HARRIGAN (SYD) vs. Gorden TALLIS (BNE) or Blocker ROACH (SYD) or Paul SIRONEN (SYD)

We’ve seen these guys argue on TV during international, origin and club games. Let’s see how tough Billy is without the protection of his whistle!

Champion Heavyweights – Arthur BEETSON (BNE) and Aussie
Joe BUGNER (BNE) Both gents are larger than life and their stories of being two of the greatest Australian sportsmen in the past 50 years are something not to be missed. Who could have thought 2 blokes that love a fight could command an audience and the English language as well as Big Artie and Aussie Joe!

Battle of the Football Codes


The footy codes take each other on. Which is the best footy code and why? Lets leave it up to these legends to present their arguments as to which footy code is the best in Oz. Choose a footy legend from two opposing codes to entertain your members and guests with their tongue in cheek (and sometimes serious!) comments on why their code is the best.

Lets hear it from both ends of the Wicket!
Doug WALTERS (SYD), Rodney HOGG (MLB), Jeff THOMSON (BNE), Carl RACKEMAN (BNE), David BOON (TAS), Merv Hughes (VIC), Kerry O’Keeffe (SYD) Anyone who has ever played cricket will have had this debate. Is it the batsmen or the bowlers that win matches? Who is more important to the side and why? Only 2 speakers attend based upon availability.

State of Origin, AFL style - Doug HAWKINS
(MLB), John PLATTEN (SA), Phil CARMAN (MLB), Neil KERLEY (SA), Gary BAKER (TAS) and many others 1977 was the start of a great rivalry between WA, SA and VIC. The K Faktor can’t wait for the AFL to resurrect this bitter rivalry and has started its own war between the states. Which state produces the best footballers? Has the selection criteria ever been fair? Only 2 speakers attend base upon availability

Your Choice!
Choose 2 speakers and let us package a show to suit your club.

What you get……………….


SAVINGS and $$$ making ideas

Includes the following – - Advertising and marketing pack; a CD with event poster templates and speakers pictures - Money making ideas, savings, auction and raffle items worth over $3000 - Ticket sales and marketing tips - The K Faktor support via website advertising, speakers pictures and bio’s, and over the phone enquiry support

When you book one of The K Faktor entertainment packages we keep the show price low by allowing the two celebrities to bring along 4 pieces (2 each) of their own memorabilia. 5 pieces are brought to the show with the full proceeds of the first item going back to the booking venue – you! Auction value of this first piece is $500-$800, thereby effectively reducing the package price by $500-$800 already. In addition, the 4 pieces brought by the speakers have very obtainable reserves. Anything made over the reserve price goes back to the booking venue – hence more savings!

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