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While the exponential growth of smartphones entails several business opportunities for content
providers, it also brings in a host of challenges. Primary amongst these is the fact that mobile
devices operate on different platforms, such as Android, iOS, Windows mobile, BlackBerry, etc.
Content providers have to contend with issues such as how many platforms can be supported. In
this context, a mobile content delivery platform comes in handy as it eliminates the complexity of
supporting multiple devices, screen sizes and operating systems.
Typically sold as a service, a mobile content delivery platform uses either a JavaScript or Ajax code
to provide a common platform. Using a common platform, in turn, allows businesses to publish
information across multiple devices seamlessly.

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A few key strategies for creating a cost-effective platform include:

Effectively utilizing existing ECM content

By making use of existing ECM content, ROI is positively impacted

Ensuring that publishing across different platforms is done in-sync

This goes a long way in ensuring that content across platforms such as the internet, mobile
applications, etc is in tandem

Rendering of content as per specifications of the device

With different devices having different specifications such as screen sizes, processing
capacities, etc, it is important that content is displayed as per individual capacities

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Ensuring that there is rich delivery of content

This can be achieved by seamless integration with mobile software development kits

Facilitation of the publishing process

Using a unified system results in a highly efficient mechanism of publishing content through a
single click structure

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Use cases for a mobile content delivery platform

A few use cases include:

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Key features
Easily deployed and scalable
Updation in real-time
Easily integrated
Platform agnostic
Effectively priced

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Clearly the use of a content delivery platform goes a long way in allowing companies to improve content
accessibility. Moreover, while it helps improve costs on one hand, it also offers increased revenue streams.
To recapitulate, the key advantages of using a mobile content delivery platform are:
Delivering rich, interactive, multimedia experiences
Agile content that adjusts to specifications of different platforms
Ease of migration in case of legacy content
Creating new revenue streams
Improved ROI

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