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Federal Register / Vol. 71, No.

30 / Tuesday, February 14, 2006 / Rules and Regulations 7679

■ 2. Amend § 232.101 by: 1999 and February 5, 2001. The Business Information (CBI) or other
■ a. Removing the word ‘‘and’’ at the September 20, 1999 submittal revises information whose disclosure is
end of paragraph (b)(7); the numbering and format of the Utah restricted by statute. Certain other
■ b. Removing the period at the end of Administrative Code (UAC) rules within material, such as copyrighted material,
paragraph (b)(8) and in its place adding Utah’s SIP. The February 5, 2001 is not placed on the Internet and will be
‘‘; and’’; and submittal restores a paragraph that was publicly available only in hard copy
■ c. Adding paragraph (b)(9). inadvertently deleted from Utah’s rules form. Publicly available docket
The addition reads as follows. when the State submitted their SIP materials are available either
submittal dated September 20, 1999 that electronically in Regional Materials in
§ 232.101 Mandated electronic
renumbered the UAC rules. The EDOCKET or in hard copy at the Air
submissions and exceptions.
intended effect of this action is to make and Radiation Program, Environmental
* * * * * these provisions federally enforceable. Protection Agency (EPA), Region 8, 999
(b) * * * In addition, the approval of Utah’s SIP 18th Street, Suite 300, Denver, Colorado
(9) Documents filed with the revision dated September 20, 1999 80202–2466. EPA requests that if at all
Commission pursuant to section 33 of supersedes and replaces previous SIP possible, you contact the individual
the Investment Company Act (15 U.S.C. revisions submitted by Utah on October listed in the FOR FURTHER INFORMATION
80a–32). 26, 2000, September 7, 1999, two SIP CONTACT section to view the hard copy
* * * * * revisions submitted February 6, 1996, of the docket. You may view the hard
Dated: February 8, 2006. and one submitted on January 27, 1995. copy of the docket Monday through
Jill M. Peterson, Some of the provisions of the rules Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., excluding
Assistant Secretary. submitted in Utah’s SIP revisions will Federal holidays.
[FR Doc. 06–1322 Filed 2–13–06; 8:45 am]
be addressed at a later date by more FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT:
recent SIP actions that have been Catherine Roberts, EPA, Region 8, 999
submitted which supersede and replace 18th Street, Ste. 300 (8P–AR), Denver,
the earlier SIP submittal actions. EPA CO, 80202–2466, (303) 312–6025,
will be removing Utah’s Asbestos Work
DEPARTMENT OF THE TREASURY Practices, Contractor Certification,
Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade AHERA Accreditation and AHERA
Throughout this document, wherever
Bureau Implementation rule R307–1–8 and
‘‘we’’, ‘‘us’’, or ‘‘our’’ are used, we mean
Eligibility of Pollution Control
the Environmental Protection Agency
27 CFR Part 41 Expenditures for Sales Tax Exemption
rule R307–1–6 from Utah’s federally
Importation of Tobacco Products and enforceable SIP because these rules are Table of Contents
Cigarette Papers and Tubes not generally related to attainment of I. General Information
the National Ambient Air Quality II. Summary of Final Action
CFR Correction Standards (NAAQS) and are therefore III. Summary of Public Comments and EPA’s
In Title 27 of the Code of Federal not required to be in Utah’s SIP. Finally, Response
EPA will be removing Utah’s National IV. Statutory and Executive Order Review
Regulations, parts 1 to 399, revised as of
April 1, 2005, on page 894, in § 41.86, Emission Standards for Hazardous Air I. General Information
paragraph (d), in the last sentence Pollutants (NESHAPS) rule R307–1–
4.12. Utah has delegation of authority Definitions—For the purpose of this
remove ‘‘ATF’’ and add in its place document, we are giving meaning to
‘‘TTB,’’ and on page 902, in § 41.126, for NESHAPs in 40 CFR part 61 (49 FR
36368), pursuant to 110(k)(6) of the Act, certain words or initials as follows:
last sentence, remove ‘‘regional director (i) The words or initials Act or CAA
(compliance)’’ and add in its place therefore we are removing the existing
mean or refer to the Clean Air Act,
‘‘appropriate TTB officer.’’ language (R307–1–4.12) that was
unless the context indicates otherwise.
approved into Utah’s current SIP
[FR Doc. 06–55506 Filed 2–13–06; 8:45 am] (ii) The words EPA, we, us or our
because it is no longer required to be in
BILLING CODE 1505–01–D mean or refer to the United States
the SIP. This action is being taken under
Environmental Protection Agency.
section 110 of the Clean Air Act. (iii) The initials SIP mean or refer to
DATES: Effective Date: This rule is State Implementation Plan.
ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION effective on March 16, 2006.
AGENCY (iv) The words State mean the State
ADDRESSES: EPA has established a of Utah, unless the context indicates
40 CFR Part 52 docket for this action under Docket ID otherwise.
No. EPA–R08–OAR–2005–UT–0001. All
[EPA–R08–OAR–2005–UT–0001; FRL–8027– documents in the docket are listed in II. Summary of Final Action
4] the Regional Materials in EDOCKET On October 13, 2005 EPA published
(RME) index at a notice of proposed rulemaking (NPR)
Approval and Promulgation of Air
rmepub/. On November 28, 2005, RME, for the State of Utah (70 FR 59681). The
Quality Implementation Plans; Utah;
EPA’s electronic public docket and NPR proposed approval of the
Rule Recodification
comment system, was replaced by an recodification of the UAC rules that had
AGENCY: Environmental Protection enhanced federal-wide electronic docket previously been approved into Utah’s
Agency (EPA). management and comment system SIP, removed from Utah’s SIP rule
ACTION: Final rule. located at language that is obsolete or is generally
rmajette on PROD1PC67 with RULES

Therefore, you will be redirected to that not related to attainment of the NAAQS
SUMMARY: EPA is taking final action to site to access the docket EPA–R08– and is therefore not appropriate to be in
approve State Implementation Plan OAR–2005–UT–0001. Although listed Utah’s SIP and arranged rules to allow
(SIP) revisions submitted by the in the index, some information is not for a more coherent SIP structure. The
Governor of Utah on September 20, publicly available, i.e., Confidential formal SIP revisions were submitted by

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