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You will now be able to see your restored messages. If you want to revert the re
storation, simply change the backup filename back to what it was, rename "msgsto
re.db.crypt7.current" to "msgstore.db.crypt7" or "msgstore.db.crypt8.current" to
"msgstore.db.crypt8", and follow these steps again.
WhatsApp Support Team
How to Recover Deleted Whatsapp MessagesWhatsapp messages info is Saved in Phone
memory of Android devices. These messages are retrieved by us by doing some sim
ple steps. Whatsapp takes backup day-to-day at 4 AM mechanically. Those messages
can be restored by us simply which are done till that time. Here is the step by
step process to recoup your deleted whatsapp messages.1. Visit your Android dev
ice's Settings, thenthen tap on Applications Option and eventually click on What
sapp2. There would be warning message, click OK at that time, simply hit once on
then and Clear data. Now you've deleted all of your app's messages and data3. N
ow return back and begin Whatsapp messenger app. Now as you've removed all your
saved data in above you will be welcomed with Configuration Screen of Whatsapp4.
Here you may Configure the Whatsapp by entering Mobile number to you. Simply pa
t on the Restore buttonRecovery. And after clicking on Restore button old messag
es have been restored by you. Dependant on your Chat history Whatsapp will resto
re your messages.5. When its done, you may be able to determine Congratulation m
essage with amount of messages recovered.That's it!!This time, your whatsapp mes
sages that were Deleted have been successfully restored by you.So guys this is t
he tutorials to recover your whatsapp messages. If you have any queries regardin
g this procedure do let us know through the comments
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net Can t Block This http://cantblockthis. But every newbie can easil y edit your template and delete your We hope that you have liked our article. So even programmers think about how to secure their code s. Of course you need to add free templates too if you want to get more users. Usually flash drives are very small size to carry where we can store GB s of information in Here we are giving the steps w ithout using any third-party application just by following the root directory yo u can easily block any website. ================================================================================ ================================================================================ =========================================================== Every internet user carries a USB flash drives because it keeps data secure and sharing the information is a very easy task from one space to EXCS HideMyTraxProxy https://hidemytraxproxy.USB flash de vices are used in the wide way as it provides lot of facilities to its customers to perform their work in the easy PRO Unblock Working Proxy http://workingproxy. For example you are creating a template for Blogger/WordPress platforms and sell ing them Just Proxy ProxyOne HideMyAss UK Star Doll Proxy http://stardollproxy. If you don t know what is Encryption then you can read it here on the VPN Browse Proxy-2014 http://proxy-2014. For that there are a lot of tools th at you can easily encrypt your HTML or JavaScript code. .net Web Proxy Free http://webproxyfree. But the main thing is that if you add the templates for free what y ou will get from that. 2015 No Comments Mikael Aleksanyan How to Encrypt HTML/JavaScript How to Encrypt HTML JavaScript Security is main thing. Today i will show you how to secure your HTML/JavaScript code by encrypting i t. So to secure your code you must encrypt it.The Best Proxy Greatest Free Proxy http://greatestfreeproxy. Just follow to next step s. Well the main thing is that you can add your templates we bsite or your information to footer of that Hide The Internet http://hidetheinternet. Support us by sharing it more with your Proxay ViewTube ================================================================================ ================================================================================ =========================================================== Home HTML JavaScript How to Encrypt HTML/JavaScript code to keep it safe How to Encrypt HTML/JavaScript code to keep it safe HTML JavaScript January 23.

it is just only for the reading information purpose when it is write protected. They vary from different sizes and the memory spaces and it is smal l in size which can carry a lot of information in GB s which is very useful to the regular PC users to carry to any place. Stay tuned to learn about higher level security in JavaScript coding. And we also cannot copy the files of the pen drive which is write pr otected. How to Encrypt HTML/JavaScript How to Encrypt HTML/JavaScript Example for this tutorial 2) After we need to open this website. ================================================================================ ================================================================================ =========================================================== Pen-drive is a device which data can be transferred from one computer to the oth er computer. 4) After we need to select the type of code HTML or JavaScript. You can also add additional features which are available at left side of website. button and to select all encrypted code you can press on Now we can test the HTML file and see that its working fine! How to Encrypt HTML/JavaScript How to Encrypt HTML/JavaScript That s it. Hence people prefer Flash drives and Me mory cards to carry the needed information. Advantages for the USB write protection are we can prevent virus attacks and als o Malware and virus can change settings into read only and can t be changed. There is a small button on the Memory card which makes the data for read only purpose to the user. 5) Now press on Obfuscate Select we can have a option to the pen drives in which they can be write protected since we cannot edit the write prote cted files. 3) Now copy your code and insert into the text field. Now you can Secure the footer information of your template.1) First of all we need to have a code we want to encrypt. USB device Steps: How to remove write protection of Pen-Drive/Memory Card Here let us discuss about the removal of write protection in Transcend memory ca rd or pen drive Download the application Online recovery tools and run it on your personal c omputer After the downloading connect the pen drive/memory card to you personal comp uter There you can see two options available on the downloaded application if you select the first option then the whole data will be removed and also the write protection will be removed If you want to remove only write protection then you click on the second opt .

USA via Google Earth . 2. giant triangle in the middle of Arizona (33. Tanzania via Google Earth 4. -112. Wittmann. mysterious pattern in the desert. USA (33.62?E) An interesting.49? S 31°23 46.747252.62?E) Red Sea Governorat e. 5. California. 4.49? S 31°23 46. Egypt via Google Earth 2. Tanzania (4°17 21.) A building complex that s shaped like a Swastika (32°40 34. ================================================================================ ================================================================================ =========================================================== 1.58?W) See the Swastika-shaped building? 3. USA via Google Earth 3. -112.) This random.58?W) Corona do.46? E) Kigosi Game Reserve.633853) That's a completely random triangle located in Arizona.10?N.10?N.) A massive herd of water buffalo (4°17 21. Kigosi Game Reserve.633853 ) Wittmann.19?N 117° 9 27.46? E) This is a massive herd of water buffalo. 33°37 54.) A mysterious pattern in the desert (27°22 50. Arizona. Arizona. 33°37 54. California.ion by securing all your pen drives data in the safe mode Later this process click on the start button to complete the needed formatti ng process Removing write protection using Registry Editor Click on the start button search for the run dialogue box and open it then t ype regedit in that box registry-editor After pressing the ok button it will take us to the settings part which are related to the system settings in the windows Then search for the following register key from the edit menu in the setting s window HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\StorageDevicePolicies remove-write-protection-using-registry-editor If you do not find the following registry key from the edit menu then you sh ould download the batch file from the below link given and run on your computer then it will automatically adds to registry editor Download Here After the running of the application you again search for that key then ther e go to write protect key and change the value from 1to 0 in which here 0 define s OFF and 1 defines O change-value-from-1-to-0 Then from this process we can remove the write protection in the pen drive a nd memory cards.747252. Coronado. Egypt (27°22 50.19?N 117° 9 27. USA (32°40 34. Red Sea Governorate.

32?W) Walsh. 16.) The Badlands Guardian in the mountains (50° 0 38. USA (37. USA via Google Earth 15.) A message of love (43. Argentina via Google Earth 9. w hich is made out of 70. Oregon.) This random Coca-Cola logo in the middle of nowhere (-18. California (33.867886. Dayton.20?N 110° 6 48.849556) More strange patterns.987) Córdoba. USA (1. USA via Google Earth 13.645074.85123) A giant target in the desert. Sydney. USA via Google Earth ADVERTISEMENT 12.97?W) Firefox logo in a cornfield. 9. Nevada.836379.901693) Columbia Station. -115. -116. U SA via Google Earth 8. Id aho.901693) A heart-shaped lake 10. Boise National Forest. 93. -70.249941 ) Arica. 151.) Potash ponds in Utah (38°29 0. Idaho.080506) Homebu sh Bay.529211. Homebush Bay. Moab. .) This lake in the shape of a heart (1.629562.563936. Utah. 17. this one being in the sand in Nevada. -70.529211.16?N 109°40 52.391674) A giant Mattel logo.87?N 123° 6 48. -116.742118) China via Google Earth 11. Boise. Córdoba.921277. Arica.) A forest in the shape of a guitar (-33.452107. Sydney. 12. USA (37. -81.452107. USA (38°29 0.849556) Nevada. Utah.16?N 109°40 52. Ohio.) A giant Firefox logo in a cornfield (45° 7 25. Australia via Google Earth ADVERTISEMENT 7.85123) Nevada. Ohio.836379.80?W) Moab. Canada via Google Earth 6. El Segundo.645074. -81. aka the floating forest.) This giant target in the desert (37.629562. 11. -63. USA (45° 7 25. Chile (-18. 93. Boise.87?N 123° 6 48.993081) Boise National Forest. Australia (-33. which is a shipwrecked boat covered in tre es.32?W) The Badlands Guardian in the mountains.303921. Canada (50° 0 38. Walsh.993081) I wonder what they made this out of? 13. 6. Alberta. USA (43.000 empty Coke bottles. -63. 8. Columbia Station. USA via Google Earth 10.) A strange pattern in the middle of a desert (40. China (40. Oregon. Chile via Google Earth 16.80?W) Potash evaporation ponds at the Intrepid mines. this is the world's largest coca-cola logo. -116. 18. -116. USA via Google Earth 14.303921. 151.867886. Arica y Parinacota. -118. Argentina (-33.987) A guitar-shaped forest. Alberta.080506) SS Ayrfield. Gobi Desert. 7.249941) 50 meters tall and 120 meters wid.20?N 110° 6 48.97?W) Dayton. Nevada.) The shipwrecked SS Ayrfield covered in trees (-33.5.) A strange pattern in the sand (37.563936. -115.742118) Another mysterious pattern but this one is in the middle of the desert.

23. Yellowstone National Park. USA via Google Earth 21. 27. -118. -111. -111. Okinawa. Arizona via Google Earth 19. Wyoming.00? S 31°11 15. USA (44.357896.40? E) A giant pool of hippos bathing.525049.391674) El Segundo. 11.864841.022388) The Barringer meteor crater.) The Barringer meteor crater (35. -110.) And finally BATMAN (26. -110. Tanzania (6°53 53.921277.) UTA Flight 772 Desert Memorial (16.) The Grand Prismatic Spring (44.783809) Batman! 29.953808) Sahara Desert.953808) UTA Flight 772 Desert Memorial. 24.357896.022388) Winslow.027185.864841. USA (35.525049. southern Ténéré of Niger (16. Winslow. Japan (26. Sahara Desert.40? E) Katavi National Park.783809) Okinawa.00? S 31°11 15. 127.) A giant Mattel logo (33.027185. California via Google Earth ADVERTISEMENT 17. Arizona. 26.) A giant pool of hippos bathing (6°53 53. Tanzania via Google Earth 20. 11. Japan via Google Earth ================================================================================ ================================================================================ =========================================================== ================================================================================ ================================================================================ =========================================================== ================================================================================ ================================================================================ =========================================================== ================================================================================ ================================================================================ =========================================================== ================================================================================ ================================================================================ =========================================================== ================================================================================ ================================================================================ =========================================================== ================================================================================ ================================================================================ ===========================================================' ================================================================================ ================================================================================ =========================================================== .83819) The Grand Prismatic Spring 28. 127. Wyoming.83819) Yellowstone National Par k. Katavi National Park. southe rn Ténéré of Niger via Google Earth 18.

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