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Drug Name Action Indication Contraindicati Adverse Effect Drug Nursing Responsibilities

on Interaction
Generic Rebamipide is Acute gastritis
Name a mucosal & acute
protective exacerbation Lactation. Rash, pruritus,
Rebamipide agent and is of chronic constipation,
postulated to gastritis. diarrhea,
increase Gastric ulcer. nausea.
Brand Name: gastric blood
Mucosta prostaglandin
and decrease
Drug free oxygen
Classification radicals.
Agents & Dosage:
Antiulcerants Oral
Peptic ulcer,
Adult: 100
mg tid, in the
evening and
before bed.
Drug Name Action Indication Contraindicati Adverse Effect Drug Nursing Responsibilities
on Interaction
Generic Symptomatic Alkalinization
Name relief of Patients with Diarrhea or of gastric
hyperacidity renal failure. constipation content
Aluminum associated w/ Partial may occur to decreases the
Magnesium peptic ulcer, intestinal patients taking bioavailability
Hydroxide gastritis, obstruction, antacids of Fe,
esophagitis & appendicitis, containing Mg ketoconazole
Dosage: dyspepsia. fecal & Al. The &
Brand Name: Adult 1-2 tab Supplement to impaction, following tetracyclines.
1 hr after each H2-blockers or gastric outlet occur rarely: The absorption
Kremil S meal and at proton pump obstruction & Due to of
bedtime. inhibitors for constipation. Al(OH)3: tetracyclines is
rapid relief of Phosphate Proximal further
Drug ulcer depletion, low myopathy; reduced by its
Classification symptoms. serum encephalopath chelation with
: Antiflatulent to phosphate & y & dementia Al & Mg ions.
Antacids, alleviate the osteomalacia. may occur in
Antireflux symptoms of patient w/
Agents & gassiness, renal failure;
Antiulcerants including post- intestinal
op gas pain, obstruction;
associated w/ fecal
hyperacidity. impaction;
Drug Name Action Indication Contraindica Adverse Drug Nursing
tion Effect Interaction Responsibilities
Generic A Used in the . Before:
Name semisynthetic treatment of Hypersensitivit Diarrhea,
macrolide resp tract y to nausea, -Note sensitivity to
Clarithromycin antibiotic infections; skin clarithromycin, abnormal erythromycin or any
derived from & soft tissue erythromycin taste, macrolide antibiotics.
Brand Name: erythromycin infections, or any dyspepsia,
that is active leprosy. macrolides. abdominal -List drugs currently
Baclecin against a Prophylaxis & pain/discomfor prescribed to prevent
variety of treatment of t & headache. any interactions.
microorganism oppurtunistic
Drug s. It can inhibit myobacterial -Document onset,
Classification protein infections.
severity and
: synthesis in Alternative to
macrolide bacteria by penicillins for characteristics of S&S.
antibiotic reversibly prophylaxis of
binding to the endocarditis.
50S ribosomal Eradication of
subunits. This H. pylori in
inhibits the peptic ulcer.
-May administer with or
of aminoacyl without food.
-Explain effects of the
and prevents
peptide chain drug and its side effects.
-Administer as
Dosage: prescribed.

m avium
complex 500 After:
mg bid for 7-
14 days. -Report adverse effects
Leprosy, H. or lack of improvement
pylori after 48-72 hr.
severe -Report any persistent
infection 500 diarrhea.
mg bid.
administration of

Drug Name Action Indication Contraindica Adverse Effect Drug Nursing

tion Interaction Responsibilities
Generic Domperidone is For Reduces
Name a peripheral managemen Hypersensitivit Drowsiness, absorption of
dopamine- t of y. GI extrapyramidal digoxin.
domperidone receptor blocker. dyspepsia, haemorrhage, reactions, Increases
It increases heartburn, obstruction galactorrhoea, absorption of
Brand Name: oesophageal epigastric and gynaecomastia; aspirin,
peristalsis, lower pain, perforation, constipation or paracetamol
Motilium oesophageal nausea, and patients with diarrhoea, and oral
sphincter vomiting. prolactin lassitude, diazepam.
Drug pressure, gastric releasing decreased libido, Enhances CNS
Classificatio motility and pituitary skin rash, itch. depression by
n: peristalsis, thus hormone, Potentially phenothiazine.
GIT facilitating Dosage: chronic admin Fatal: Antimuscarinic
Regulators, gastric emptying or routine Convulsions, agents and
Antiflatulents and decreasing Nausea prophylaxis of arrhythmias and opioids
& Anti- small bowel and postoperative cardiac arrest, antagonise GI
inflammatorie transit time. vomiting nausea and dysrrhythmias in effects. May
s, Antiemetics Onset: Oral: 30 Adult: 10- vomiting. patients with CV antagonise
min-1hr. 20 mg every disease or hypoprolactina
Duration: Oral: 4-8 hr. Max: hypokalaemia, emic effect of
6-8 hr. 80 mg/day. patients on drugs such as
Absorption: Child: >2 cancer bromocriptine.
Peak plasma yr and >35 chemotherapy. Increased
concentrations kg: 10-20 Seizures; effects when
after 1 hr mg 3-4 hypertensive used with
(rectal), 30 min times daily. crisis in patients CYP3A4
(oral). Max: 80 mg with inhibitors such
Distribution: daily. phaeochromocyt as
Enters breast Oral oma. erythromycin or
milk (small Non ulcer ritonavir.
amounts). dyspepsia
Protein-binding: Adult: 10-
>90%. 20 mg tid
Metabolism: and at
Extensively night.
hepatic. -after meals
Urine (as
faeces (as
drug); 7.5 hr
(elimination half-

Drug Name Action Indication Contraindicati Adverse Effect Drug Nursing Responsibilities
on Interaction
Generic Hypersensitivit Before:
Name Semisynthe-tic y or allergies
broad- to the drug. GI: diarrhea, - Note reasons for
Amoxi-cillin spectrum nausea, therapy, onset, and
penicillin dyspepsia, characteristics of S&S.
Brand Name: closely related vomiting,
to ampicillin. abdominal
Amoxil Binds to pain -Check for any allergic
penicillin- Dosage: CNS: reactions.
Drug binding headache,
Classification proteins (PBP- dizziness, -Note expiration date as
: 1 and PBP-3) 500mg per confusion, expired products are
Anti-biotic, in the cap hallucination, nephrotoxic.
penicillin cytoplasmic insomnia
membranes of 2 caps PO 2x
bacteria, thus daily Allergic:
inhibiting cell urticaria, mild During :
wall synthesis. skin eruption,
Cell division anaphylactic -Identify client
and growth
are inhibited. Miscella- -Assess client in semi-
Destroyed by neous: hearing fowler’s position and
penicillinase, loss, rash, administer the
acid stable alteration in
and better sense of smell,
absorbed than hepatic failure
-Discontinue drug and
ampicillin. .
notify physician if a
(Spratto, et al; sensitivity reaction
2008: 73) occurs.



-Assess patient 30-60

minutes after

-Report unusual
symptoms like bruising,
bleeding, sore throat,
and worsening of