I stood there looking to Renesmee for some help. I didn't know what the hell was happening, but I wanted to know. Its like Edward and Alice were having a conversation without speaking. Were they?

I had a few questions, like what the hell's the Volturi, and how do you know someone is coming? I didn't want to be rude, but I wanted to know. "It wouldn't be rude if you asked, Rachel." Edward said. I stood there frozen, I didn't say that out loud did I? "No, you didn't say anything aloud. Renesmee, take Rachel to the car. Rose grab you guys's bags, we need to go home." Oh my god. Can he read my mind? Or am I going insane. "You're not going insane. Everyone, lets go." He said, and I cringed away from Renesmee. "If you come with me, which you should, you can ask any question and get every answer." She told me, and I went. I wasn't scared of them, I was just suprised. He could read minds. I wonder what else they can do. Renesmee rushed to her car with Jacob and I. I sat in the front seat this time. I looked over at Renesmee. "Can you do anything special?" I asked. I was afraid for her answer, but I wanted to know. By now we were speeding down the road. She lifted her hand up to my face and placed her palm on my cheek. 'Yes, I can do something special.' was what I saw in my mind. "Holy shit. Thats amazing." I told her, grinning. I felt like I could curse without getting slapped, so I went ahead and did so. "Can you show me anything else?" I asked her, and she began showing picture's of me. I smiled when I saw her and I, her Esme and I. "Can the rest of your family do anything?" I asked, and she nodded.

"As you see Edward, which is my father, can read minds." did she say her father?! "Alice, which is my aunt, can see the future. Jasper, my uncle, whom is married to Alice, can know what you feel. Like your mood. Bella, my mother, can sheild you. Like your mind, so that say my father couldn't read your mind. Her power works against other powers." she told me, and I wanted to smile. This was amazing. They couldn't be human. "You're not human are you? And dont worry, you won't scare me. Just tell me what you are." I said, knowing it would be something crazy. "Well, Jake is somewhat human. He is a shape-shifter. He can turn into a wolf. He and I are the most human." She said, and I looked back at Jacob. He smiled at me, and I smiled back. "I am half human.. half.." she said, and I nodded, signaling her to continue. "Half vampire." She said, and I smiled. I love vampires. If they were seriously vamps, I knew why they didn't bother to be around blood. "And, and the rest of my family," she stuttered "Esme, Alice, Carlise, Emmett, Jasper, Rose and my parents are full vampires." She told me, and we then pulled into the drive way. Esme and Carlisle were out there waiting. I got out of the car and smiled. "You're vampires. Thats awesome." I told them, and they looked relieved. "I won't freak out, just don't kill me. Please." I said to them with a smile, and they smiled back. "And no I don't think you're insane. Well, maybe Carlisle." I told them smiling. Renesmee and Jake walked up. "Why is that?" Carlisle asked with a grin. I laughed out loud. "You're a doctor! But I guess your're probably like, three hundred years old right?" I asked them, jokeing. He nodded. Ah, joy. He was three hundred. "Lets go inside, okay?" Esme said taking my hand, I went inside with them. We walked through the foyer, into the living room, down the hall and into the library. Everyone else was already there. Carlisle went to what looked to be like the head of the room, Esme went with him; she pulled me up there as well. "Okay, the first thing we must adress is Rachel, do you agree?" Carlisle said, and everyone nodded. "Okay, say anything and ask anything you'd like Rachel." Carlilse said, and I smiled.

"So you're all Vampires with the exclusion of Jake and half of Renesmee?" I asked, they laughed but nodded. "Renesmee is the child of Edward and Bella?" they nodded. "Im not going to die, right?" I asked, looking at Esme. Everyone laughed, so I took that as a no. Not if they could help it. "So my guess is my next question should probably be my last one, right?" I asked, looking at Edward. "Why are you looking at me?" he said sarcasticly. I rolled my eyes, everyone laughed. "Yes, your next question should be your last question." He told me, and I smiled. "Can I ask a question?" Emmett said, and I laughed. "Sureeee." I sang, and he nodded. "You're not scared?" He said, and I shook my head. "You don't want me to eat you do you?" He asked, and I laughed. "No, not really. I wouldn't mind if I wasn't living here. I don't want to leave you guys." I told them, and Esme hugged me. "Alice, what was that? I only caught the end of it.." Edward said. I knew he was in her head, so I refrained from questioning. "He looks.. familiar. But not really." Edward said, he was far away in another realm. The realm of Alice's mind, to be exact. "He does look familiar. Like I have seen him before..." Alice agreed. The room was tense, quiet, still. They didn't have to breathe. Holy crap, I want to be a vampire.... Emmett looked really impaitent, like he was itching to go kick some vampire ass. I laughed and everyone looked at me, I just looked at Emmett. They all rolled their eyes and smiled, all of them except Alice and Edward. "Whenn!" Emmett said, "When can I kick someones ass!" he cried, and everyone, including Alice and Edward, laughed at him. "Gimmie a sec, Em." Alice said, and she stared off into space, everyone waited, tense. "Four days. Or so, something like that." Emmett groaned, I guessed he wanted it to be sooner. I was right becasue I saw Edward smile and nod at me. "Okay, so can I ask my question now mister mind-reader?" I said, sarcastically. Everyone laughed at my bluntness, even Esme and Carlisle.

"Sure, your best bet of people to ask would be Jasper, myself or Carlsle." He said, and I smiled at Carlisle. "What is the Volturi?" I asked, and everyone sighed. I guessed this was a difficult subject or something, but I wanted to know. Renesmee drug me to sit in one of the chairs, so I guess it would be a long explaination. Carlisle walked over and sat in one of the chairs beside me, Renesmee and Alice sat on the floor in front of me. "Rachel, the Volturi is a powerful vampire family. They're concidered royalty, almost, to us. To all other vampires. We have had, well we have had some serious trouble with them in the past. With Bella, for one, and again with Renesmee. Its been about six years since they've bothered us." Carlisle began, his tone solemn. I guess that I should have respect for whoever he was speaking of.

In the end, around an hour, I had heard of the Volturi. I had learned that Bella and Edward had been together since Bella was seventeen, and human. I also learned that Edward left her, and when he had heard she'd died he went to the Volturi to be killed. The Volturi wouldn't allow it so he was going to show himself to the humans, but Bella got there in barely enough time. And then Renesmee was concidered a danger! Pfft, if you looked at Ness you'd see Alice more dangerous then her. But I knew why they thought so, and I know that it was because of Irina, and Jacob's back of shape-shifting wolves. It was an intersting night, but Esme sent us upstairs to get ready for bed and to do our school work. I wanted to hear more about the family, about their past. But I was told that had to wait.

As Renesmee and I were walking up the stairs I guessed she was impaitent at my human speed so she picked me up and ran. I giggled like a little kid the whole was. "Was that fun?" Renesmee was questioning my sanity. I heard Edward laugh downstairs, and I didn't know if it was at me. I rolled my eyes. "Put me down." I said, and she did. She walked over to her closet laughing at me. "Hey, Ill do your homework if you help me with something." Renesmee called, and I smiled. "What do you want now, Cullen." I said jokeingly, I heard her laugh. "I need your help, were going to pass out flyers to our

super secret part tomorrow. Whats today? Tuesday? We'll have it Friday night." I felt like she was talking to herself more then me, but Alice suddenly appeared in my closet and pulled me over to Renesmee's. "Can I help...?" Alice asked in a small, sweet voice. I couldn't help but laugh. Renesmee rolled her eyes, "As if you didn't see yourself in my party house going hog-wild with decorations.." Renesmee said, and Alice started jumping up and down. "Whats the theme?!" Alice said, and Ness and I both rolled our eyes. "Go ahead and tell me what you want it to be.." Nessie said, and I laughed again. Alice thought for a moment, "Oh! How about like, Hollywood? Ill get strobe lights, a red carpet. We can make non-alocholic drinks. I want to go do the invite right now. How many? Five hundred? They'll look like admission tickets! Oh, yay. Lets go!" Alice said, and she took our hands as if to drag us out of the room. I dropped my pajama's and went with her to the computer room. We ended up printing off five-hundred invites, though I doubt that many people would show. Tomorrow Emmett, Rosalie, Edward, Jake and Bella were going to stay home to put a swiming pool in, they were also going to go buy the food, the glasses and everything else. Jasper had to teach, Alice, Renesmee and I had to give the invites out. We also printed ten special tickets to give to people who would come over to help us sample the drinks for the party. Renesmee did my homework like she promised she would and we went to lay in our beds. "Is this really happening? I mean we don't know who's coming, but were throwing a party? Really Renesmee, really?" I said as we were drifting off to sleep. I heard her laugh and roll over in her bed, ending that non-conversation. In my dreams that night I saw the Volturi. Renesmee had put the picture of them in my head, and now thats all I saw. In the middle of the night I saw them coming for me, and I shot up in bed gasping for air. I knew I couldn't go back to sleep, I would have another nightmare. I looked at the bedside clock, it said six in the morning. I shurgged out of bed and walked down the stairs. No one was there. I kept walking around the house, but I couldn't find anyone. "Hello!?" I shouted, but I didn't get an answer. "Hello?" I shouted again, and I saw a shadow at the end of the hall. I didn't waste time to find out who, or what it was. I ran, more like sprinted, back up the stairs into bed. I put my head under the blanket right as I heard the door open. "Rachel? Were you

just downstairs? Its Rosalie, I didn't mean to scare you." I heard Rose say, and I peaked out of my covers to be sure it was her. It was. I sat up, "Yeah. I had a nightmare and I couldn't fall back asleep." I admitted, a little embaressed. She smiled at me, "Why don't you come downstairs and I'll get you something to eat. You can tell me about it if you'd like." She said, reaching her hand out towards me. I took her hand and she pulled me into her arms and ran down the stairs to the kitchen. She set my on my feet by the breakfast bar. "Where is everyone?" I asked, and she smiled. "They're hunting. What would you like? Eggs? Pancakes?" she said, and I nodded. "Either." she pulled out flour and began mixing pancake batter. Minutes later Renesmee was coming down the stairs. She looked at me as though she'd seen a ghost. "Why're you up so early?" she asked, and I gave her a half smile. "The Volturi stared in my dreams last night." I admitted, Rosalie hissed and Renesmee's eyes went wide as she sat in the chair beside me. "You too?" she said, and I understood why her eyes widend. "Yep, I dreamt they came to kill me." I told her, and she nodded as though she did too.

After Rosalie made us pancakes, which were amazing, we went upstairs to shower. I took a rather quick one, washing my hair twice. When I got out of the shower I saw that the bruises on my arms were almost tottaly gone, so I could wear a short sleeved shit this coming weekend. But the stitched up laseration on my arm that Nessie had sewn up wasn't, but It would be okay. I did my hair as the woman at the salon Esme and Renesmee took me to, as well as my make-up. When I walked into my closet I saw that Renesmee had put an outfit on the door, thinking I might need some help. I smiled to myself and put it on, it was a cute dress with a light coat and ballet flats. I looked like a princess, and I felt like one too. "Hey, remember how you said you were a princess without the castle and crown?" I heard Renesmee say as she approached me. I laughed. "Yes." I replied, seeing where this was going. She came in my closet and put a silver and dimond tiara on my head. "Well I thought the crown was a little much, so how about a tiara?" She said smiling, I rolled my eyes and hugged her. "Thanks a lot. Its really pretty." I told her, and she smiled. We looked almost identical, her dress was a little

shorter and she had heels without a coat, I had flats and a coat. "You look really good." I told her, and she smiled. "Lets go. I have to hunt down where those party invites went. We have to be really outgoing, and just be like 'Hi, Im Renesmee. I wanted to invite you to a party I'm having this Friday night. I hope you'll come, bring friends.' or something. I don't know.." Renesmee muttered as we pranced down the stair case. Alice was waiting at the end. "Ready to get your invites sent out?" She asked us, more eager then either of us were. We smiled as we walked to the garage.

We drove up to school, but rather then parking off to the side, we parked in the middle of the lot. Everyone stared as we pulled in and parked. "Here, take these. Introduce yourself and tell them we want them to come. If they ask why and say they don't know you, tell them its like a house warming party for you and your siblings. Okay?" Renesmee said as she handed me a stack of admission-ticket invites. I nodded, and got out of the car. I saw a group of people, girls and guys so I decided to go over there. They all watched me as I approached them, I smiled wide. "Hey, I was wondering if you guys would like to come to a party me and my sisters are having this weekend?" I asked, and they all smiled. "Its Friday night, its sort-of a house-warming thing for the kids. Theres an ice skating rink, laser tag, swimming and a bunch of other stuff. We'd love it if you'd come." I told them, handing them all an invite. "Where exactly is it?" some girl asked me, and I smiled at her. "Our house." I replied, and her eyes widend, "Laser tag at your house?" she asked, and I nodded, "Come and see. We have a lounge, ice skating, rock climbing wall, swimming a salon and everything." I told her, and she smiled. "I'll be there. Friday, right?" She asked and I nodded. "Friday at four until midnight. Come whenever." I said as I walked away, I heard them all talking about it. I gave a lot of people invitations, and I had no idea how many Renesmee gave me but I had about ten left when I met back up with her. She smiled and waved the ten or so she had left, and I smiled at her. I felt a boy tap me on my shoulder and I spun around. He was so tall, so handsome. "Hi, I was wondering if you'd mind me coming to your party?" He asked me, and I smiled. "Suree. Bring a swimsuit." I

told him when I handed him a invite. He smiled at me and walked to his class. On the way to our first period we got rid of the rest of our invitations.

Our first three periods went by really fast, gym went by the quickest. Renesmee played basketball with the boys again and I played volley ball with the girls. They were all coming to our party. Fourth period I was looking forward to becasue Alice would be there. When we walked into the dance studio we saw a crowd of girls, all together. I smiled when I saw Alice the center of attention. "Im sorry about being a total bitch the yesterday. And I'm not saying that because I want to go to the party. I was just being rude. Kelly and I are really sorry.." a blond girl said to Renesmee, the girl who tried to trip her. I looked to see if Catlin was anywhere in the studio, and she wasn't. I wondered where she was, but I didn't worry too long. Renesmee was towing me along with her towards Alice's mob. When we walked over to where she was standing I saw that she had at least two hundred invites in her hand. I dropped my mouth wide open. She hadn't given any out yet. "Rachel, take these." she said to me, handing me the stack of invites. "Put them in your bag and save them for later." she told me, and I did. I guessed the girls were crowding around her asking for an invitation. She wouldn't give. I rolled my eyes and sat my bag down as the teacher called the girls to order. Today we had some salsa-like dance to learn, it was simple. The teacher showed us once, Alice and Renesmee were dancing like they were pro's. I laughed when they tought me, it was so simple. Nobody else could get the dance down, and we looked amazing. I smiled that whole class. Lunch was going to be a bit difficult, I knew everyone would come ask for invites, and since Emmett wasn't here to scare them away.. But Jasper would be sitting at our table, he wasn't cool enough for the teachers lounge, or at least thats what I told him. We met Jasper on our way to lunch. Renesmee and I got our food and walked back to our table, people were obviously following us. When we got to the table, to my supprise, only Alice and Jasper were seated. As we sat down a group of boys from our gym class requested to sit with us for today, so we allowed them. The whole time they sat there they only talked to

Renesmee and I. Jasper seemed irritated by there presence, and I was kind of amused. He kept looking at me and seeming as though he wanted to laugh. I just grinned. Fifth period English was a breeze, all we had to do was write about Shakespere. I was fine with that. Sixth period Creative Writing was just as easy, with five minute quick writes so our teacher could see our potentiol. Alice and Renesmee had whole essays done before the five minutes were even over. I had given out the last of the invites durring lunch and on our way to the car. We made a point to tell everyone that if they didn't bring the invite with them they couldn't get in. Emmett was stoaked with being the bouncer. We made sure that Rosalie would be there to keep him in order, and not tormenting the children. He, of course, thought it to be unnessacary. Once we got home we were greeted by Esme, Bella and Rosalie, they, with Alice, decided we all would go get a party outfit. So we all got in the Range Rover and went to the local mall. "This is going to be the best party ever!" Alice sang as she hopped out of the car. I just laughed at her enthusiasm, she was good company though. "Yes, how exciting." Bella told her, and everyone then laughed.

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