I stood there on the pink tile, starring at the rack, pondering the choices. Jazz was behind me, one arm wrapped around my waist, the other holding up a color choice.

I shifted my eyes to the color he held up, a light gold with red sparkles. I tilt my head to the left, getting a different angel at the texture. I smiled up at Jasper, whom had a triumphant smile of his own displayed proudly upon his ablaster colored face. "I think we need five-hundred bags in this color." I told him gingerly, he laughed aloud as he set the color down on the rack. I wiggled around in his arms, turning so that my face could lay on his chest. I felt his arms wrap around my waist and shoulders, soft and warm. I pressed my face into his cashmire sweater, taking in his scent before I pulled away. He smelt like vanilla, honey and cucumber, the way he smelt made me- "Alice, the way you're feeling isn't really aproprite for public, now is it?" Jasper chuckled, pulling me out of my fantasy. If I could've blushed, I would be the deepest shade of crimson. I pulled my face out of the security of his sweater, meeting his eyes. "Maybe later, then." I said giggling. He bent down the seventeen inch height difference, and kissed me softly on the lips. If my pulse could quicken, if I had one, it would be fast enough to break through my veins. He pulled away, a cocky smirk on his face, and nodded towards the table. "Shall we?" He suggested, and I jumped up and down. "We shall!" I squeeled, sounding like a seductive, slutty five year old. Terrible comparison. I intertwined my fingers in my one true loves, and skipped over to the counter, which was three inches taller then me. I frowned, discourged. I felt Jazz's eyes on me, so I turned to look at him. He had one brow raised, looking at me curiously, sampleing my mood, I guessed. I answered him by putting my left hand flat on my head, and running it straight into the counter, hitting my hand lightly. I heard him laugh, and I then felt his strong arms around my waist, holding me up so I could see over the counter. I giggled, smiling at him. He just shook his head, smiling back at me. I looked back to the counter, and tapped the bell on the desk with my finger. A tall (envious) black-haired, dark-skinned woman stepped out of the office, a smile on her face. "Welcome, what can we do for you?" She asked in a strong Jamacian accent. I re-situated myself in Jaspers arms, smiling all the while. "We need fivehundred of your fabric bags." I answered her, she nodded as she sat in the chair at the front desk, writing on a notepad. "What color?" she questioned

me, "The gold with red." I answered her again, and she smiled up at me. "We have those in stock right now, would you like them now?" she said, and I smiled. I had already known that they had them in stock. I shot Jasper a quick glance, and he winked at me. "Sure." I answered the woman as I turned back to her.

After we had gotten all the boxes of bags (Ironic, boxes and bags.) loaded into the Range Rover, we had to go to this store in a mall that had some of the things I ordered for the gift bags. "Which way is it, Alice?" Jasper asked me impaitently, I smiled at him, "Left." I answered sweetly. He laughed a nervos, irritated laugh, but commenced walking left. "This is a pretty road. Is it cobbelstone?" I asked, swinging the hands we'd interlocked back and fourth. "Yes, It is. There are bullet shell-caseings in it, too. Thats odd, I don't recall any fighting going on here..." Jasper began, going off on one of his military lectures about war. I had half my attention on the discussion, half of it on what else we needed for the party tonight. I realized the store I was looking for was called UPS, I don't know what that means..

"Alice..?" Jasper said, shaking me slightly. I shook my head, smiling. "Sorry love." I said in a small voice, he scowled jokeingly at me. We trotted a little further down the outdoor path, thankful there was little-to-no sun shining. Once we arrived at the store, we walked into a small room which was the office, and then into a room as large as my bathroom (large) that was part of the front room. "Hello, you must be Miss Alice?" A short man, maybe three inches taller then myself, spoke as Jasper and I walked towards the back invintory desk. I smiled, "Yes. I'm Alice, and this is Jasper." I confirmed to him, he smiled at Jasper and then looked back at me. "Boyfriend...?" He questioned, and I smiled a bright, answering smile. He chuckled, "Okay well I have your order right here." He said, motioning to a large table with boxes upon boxes stacked upon it. I smiled and dashed, slowly and gracefuly, to the table. "I hate to say this, but I'm glad you ordered extra's. A few of the sunglasses you'd order had broken." The man admitted, walking after me, Jasper a few steps ahead of him. I smiled at the man, "Its Washington, so I doubt anyone will really wear them. Besides, I don't think many people will show, so I assume to have a lot of extras.. May I?" I said, getting higher an higher on my toes as I spoke, the man nodded, smiling. I pulled a box down, light as a feather (to me) and put it at my feet, then did so with many more. "What did you order, Alice?" Jasper asked, and I smiled. "Those things Edward runs around with.. what are they called? iPots? iPets? No.. iPods!" I answered him, laughing. "I got these touchy ones, not that we can use them.." I pouted, wishing they weren't activated by body heat. I shrugged, "I got a lot of stuff. Girl stuff, boy stuff, stuff for both of them." I said, opening a box. "She go all out, ey?" the same small man asked Jasper, he nodded. "You have no idea."

he answered, laughing. I ignored their little banter, opening the boxes that I had set out. I remembered ordering more iPods then I needed to, more cases for the iPods then I needed to, something called iTunes cards. Edward said they'd be handy, so I got a some of those in pretty colors. I got all different kinds of Gucci, Ray Ban, Channell and LV sun glasses, though, foresaid, they wouldn't be needed that much. I think I went over-the-top for this, as if that were possible. "Alice, care to notify me?" Jasper said, jokeingly. "Your sense of humour is dry." I scoffed at him, sarcastically. He walked to my side, rolling his eyes. "Okay, lets see. Sunglasses? Yes, iPods? Yes. Those iTune gifty cards, yes. What else?" He questioned, and I laughed. "Some little jewlery nick-nacks for the ladies, watches for the men. Thats it." I admitted, a little sad. I wished for more, but I could not think of anything else to put in these little 'goodie' bags.

After making sure everything was in order, Jasper and I left to our car, meanwhile a large truck was delievering all the items to our home in Bellingham. As we we're walking my vision blanked out, and I almost hit the ground. Around me I saw a high-school locker room, my neice's were in there. "Alice? Alice what do you see?" I heard Jasper say. I was concentrating on my vision. "Re..nes...emee...Rach...el." I mumbled, watching them walk towards a bench. Rachel pulled out her cell phone, and her face turned into complete disgust, possible horror. My vision blanked out, as I watched Rachel fall unconcious into Edwards arms. "Carlisle." I heard him say, at the same time Emmett did. I watched as Emmett, Jacob, Renesmee and Edward, holding Rachel, rushed to the parking-lot, which is where my vision stopped. "Alice, Alice what is it?" Jasper urged. I realized the whole time I'd been having my vision we'd be in the car, mysterious. "Carlisle.." I said to him, rubbing my temples lightly. "What? What happened to Carlisle? Is he okay, is he hurt! What happened Alice?" Jasper asked me, urgently, already speeding towards Bellingham. "Go to the hostpital. Carlisle is fine." I told him, he sighed in relief, which didn't last long. "Who?" He questioned, I bowed my head. "Rachel." I admitted, my voice hoarse. "I don't know how bad it was. I got bits and pieces, Jacob and Renesmee were present. It was difficult to watch. She colapsed into Edwards arms, and they were going to Carlisle." I told him step-by-step what had happened in my vision. He nodded solemnly. He sped all the way to Bellingham, I told him to slow down. It seemed as though Rachel and Jasper, as well as Nessie, had bonded. Jazz never was a big 'family' kind of guy, so it warmed my heart (theortically, of course) to see him bond with them. Once we arrived at the hostpital, Jasper parked in the first spot he saw, and got out, walked over to my door, opened it for me, took my hand; we rushed to the ER. Once we got there we were stopped by a nurse. "You can't go that way." She commanded us,

rudely. I gave her a 'oh-yes-I-can' stare, which she returned. "My sister is in there." Jasper said, and she looked at him. "Okay? Whats that mean to me?" she scoffed at him, I laughed rudely. "And my father is the doctor. I'm sure you know him, Dr. Cullen?" I said, and her eyes widend, "Go ahead." she said, sounding innocent. I rolled my eyes, "Thats what I thought." I said, being unusually cold to her. Jasper and I raced, at human speed, through the hostpial to Carlisle's office.

When we got to the cornner that we'd turned to, we were stopped by a crowd of people. "Alice!" I heard Renesmee shout, and I, obviously, couldn't see her. I nudged Jazz, whom took my hand as we weaved through the massive crowd of teenagers, to Renesmee. She was standing with Edward, Jake and some boy I remembered seeing at the house, was his name Cyrin? Something like that, he'd looked really stressed out. "Is she okay?" I asked as soon as Renesmee was in hearing distance. Edward answered for her, "Shes not okay, but shes not dieing. She'll be fine in an hour or two." He said with compassion flowing through every word. I gave him a half smile, "What happened? I didn't really get a clear picture, what with Jake and Nessie..." I said to him, as he prepared himself to answer he shook his head to me, "Edward, can you assist me?" Carlisle beckoned, and I nodded as I turned to Renesmee. "I don't really know, she got a text that said something weird. I guess she'd been stalked as a child, and he left her alone but now he's back. I can't really tell you much, I don't really know." She admitted to me, and I nodded. A stalker? Sounds like my life again, that wasn't the point. "The parties screwd." I said, laughing. She scowled at me, obviously hurt by my words. "Oh Nessie, I was kidding. Lightening the mood." I said to her as I put my hand on her shoulder. She smiled slightly, and nodded. Out of the cornner of my eye I saw the 'Cyrin' boy paceing, "Who is he?" I asked Nessie, "Who, Ciaran? He's Rachels new love affair." She answered, laughing lightly. I nodded, I'd seen part of their extreme make-out scene earlier this morning. I heard Edward laugh in the other room, I rolled my eyes. "How can he laugh when his daughter is lying unconcious in the hostpital..." I mumbled to Jasper, whom just laughed at me in return. Sometimes it was exauhsting, being so enthusiastic, but I always found the best in everything. "Coming through, everybody move." I heard a gruff voice say from a short distance away. I turned around, lightly leaning on Jasper, as I watched the man pull a bed with a woman all bloodied up and broken, the thirst for her hit me like a sucker-punch. I felt Jasper stiffen as the scent registered with him, his arms going around my waist. I didn't know if this was to keep me from going after her, or keep him from going after her. Either way, it helped a tremendous amount. I shifted slightly in his arms, going on my tip-toes, "We need to hunt." I said too low, and too quick for human ears to hear. He nodded slightly, and we slid out of the ER, back to our car.

Jasper and I drove the car back to the house, where we wittnessed Rosalie, Esme, Bella and Emmett driving off, towards the hostpital. I nodded

to them as I walked out of the garage, Jasper on my heels. "Lets go." He said softly, taking my hand in his before bolting for the trees in the West of the property. As we ran, this being our second time total hunting in Bellingham, new scents sprung up all around, what with our on-going rennovation for the party, which will probably be cancled. Jasper and I parted momentarily, he ran North-West while I continued in a straight line that shot towards the ocean in the East. I caught the scent of a grizzly, and I let my senses take over, trying to push that gut feeling I had about Rachel out of my head. I continued running to where I smelt the bear, acting more like a vampire every moment.

After our very short, make-shift hunting trip, we returned to the house to wash up before returning to the hostpital, all plans for the party put on hold. We hadn't heard any news about Rachel, and I couldn't see anything, couresty of all the wolves still in our house, and Jake and Nessie at the hostpital. "Alice, is there anything we can do?" Emily asked me as I rushed down the stairs in a hurry to go. I smiled at her, "No, nothing for the time being. If I call, I want you to take this-" I handed her a pad of paper "And call as many people on there as you can, and tell them that the parties cancled." I said, rushing through the words. She smiled, nodded, and took the pad of paper. I waved slightly, walking back into the garage when my infatuation was leaning agianst my Porsche. I smiled ruefully as I skipped to his side. "Hello there." I said, my cheerful voice as perky as ever. He chuckled for a moment, then pulled me off the ground, and up into his arms. He tilt his head downward until our lips pressed together. I felt his hand slide up and down the indent of my spine, along my back, then down the sides of my torso, delcately tracing patterns on my thigh, and back up to my waist once more. He let me go softly, and sat me on two feet, laughing lightly as he did so.

I felt a tad bit dazed as I walked around to the other side of the car and got in and started the ignition. I pulled slowly out of the garage, turned slightly like a normal human would. Jaspers hand made its way to mine, which was resting on the common area in the middle of the car. He intertwined our fingers as I accelerated, being silent and thoughtful. As we approached the hostpital, I realized it was barely noon, and half the kids that went to Bellingham High were at the hostpital. I smiled that they kids weren't tottaly selfish, but then they might be trying to get out of class. Abruptly, I spoke to Jazz, "I want to get her flowers before we go back to the hostpital." I said, without thinking, turning the opposite direction, driving too fast. Jasper smiled, "I knew you would." As we drove through town, we neared the school, which I saw was closed. "What..?" I mumbled, starring in disbelief. "They closed the school down because of Rachel." Jasper enlightened me. I smiled slightly and shook my head, "You think I would've seen that." I admitted sheepishly, irritated

with myself for not seeing anything these days. "I sense your irritation, but you had a lot on your mind, Alice." He comforted me, and I scolded him. "I know its annoying when I do it to you." I confirmed his suspision, he laughed like a donkey. I rolled my eyes, continuing towards the florist. Jasper laughed at me the whole way there, which was slightly annoying, but ironicly comforting, calming, and somehow relaxing. I laughed at myself, no that wasn't his laugh, that was his will over me. I looked at him, and started laughing even harder. How could I have been so foolish as to forget that?

The florist was a small, pitete lady, though taller then me, as everyone was, and extremely sweet. She was from an Indian reservation in the West, and told me her whole story. I wanted to yawn, and leave, but something kept me there, waiting. "I'm sorry but were running out of time. Our sisters in the hostpital, we just came to get her flowers." Jasper interjected after fifteen minutes of her spirtual stories, sounding irritated. I nodded, smiling, something else inside of me was glad he'd done that. I stood back up, because I needlessly sat, and walked to where she was tieing ribbion on the large boque of flowers I'd picked out, and basiclly arranged myself. She smiled, handed me the recipt, handed Jasper the vase, and opened the front door for us. We left in a hurry, not wanting to hear about her ancestors rosting something else that was too vulgar for my mind. Jasper laughed at my mood as we turned back onto the highway. "Why do you feel guiilty?" he questioned, balanceing the vase in one hand on his left knee, holding my hand with his other. I preteneded to yawn, "I didn't let the woman finish her story." I admitted, he laughed.

When I pulled back into the parking lot by the ER, it was full, not a spot open. I sighed, realizeing the whole student body from Bellingham Highschool was here. I huffed to myself as I rode up the ramp in the parking garage, knowing the first few floors would be full, too. Once we finally parked on the fourth level, I took the flowers from Jasper and gracefully pranced to the stairs, which were seldom used, by the elevator. "I really hope there aren't that many people here." I admitted to Jasper as I continued jumping every three steps on the stairs, winding downward. He laughed at my statement, "I bet it'll be slam-packed in there. Its a pretty big school, you know." He told me, and I cringed slightly as the automatic door opened. It was wall-to-wall full inside the hostpital waiting room, down the hall, around every corner. I sighed, Jasper by my side, as we walked to the front desk. "Where is Rachel Cullen's room?" I said sweetly to the aged nurse behind the desk. She looked up, her face pained with some unrecignizoble emotion, "Nobody but family is aloud to visit her." she said coldly, I wanted to hit her.

"We, are family." Jasper corrected the woman. What a bad day, twice this has occured. The woman looked as though she set her feet, grounded to the Earth, "Oh yeah? Prove it." she challenged. I wanted to hit her, again. Jasper stiffened beside me, and I suddenly saw him ontop of the woman, his face attachated to her neck. "I am her sister, Carlisle is our father." I said, rationalizeing, trying to save this womans life. She scoffed, and I had to loosen my grip on the vase before I broke it. "Let. Me. See. My. Fucking. Sister." I said, almost hyperventalating. She laughed aloud, just then Edward came around the cornner, hearing our confrentation, I hoped. "Excuse me youg man, just what do you think you're doing?" She asked Edward, whom took my hand and began leading Jasper and I down the hall. He stopped abruptly, turning towards her. "I'm taking my sister and brother, to see our other sister, Rachel, whom is a paitent. Do you have a problem with that. ma'am?" He asked her, his voice cold. She shook her grey hair slightly, nodding for us to continue. "Bitch.." I mumbled, loud enough for her to hear,as we walked brisqly down the hall with Edward.

When we got to the hall which Rachel's room was located in, the hallway crowd began to thin out, people loitering became few and far between. When we walked closer to Rachel's physical room, I saw that the flowers lining the hallway, flowed into her room. I smiled at thoughtlfulness of the humans we'd barely met for caring so much about her. I set the vase Jasper and I had gotten her on the table beside her bed, which was empty of flowers. I saw that the whole family was there, Esme-Emmett-Edward-BellaCarlisle-Rosalie-Renesmee-Jake-Ciaran (I guess he counts) and Jasper, along with myself. I watched Rachel's chest, taking in short, shallow breaths, her pulse moving abnormally slow. "How is she doing?" I asked in a quiet, small voice. Nobody answered me. I looked around the room, I saw tears in three eyes, I saw three bodies crying without tears, the lack of tears they had. I wasn't going to admit it aloud, but Rachel didn't look good.

No, of course she didn't look good, she was ill, terribly sick. Why? Was she in a coma, was she just unresponsive. I thought all these things to myself, afraid to ask aloud, afraid to get no answer once more. There was one question I meant to think in my head, for nobody to hear except my favorite brother, Edward, but it slipped out, unintentionally. "Will she die?" I asked, my voice shaking slightly as I ended the sentance. I had my head down, looking at my pale-white, ice cold hands. I looked up when I didn't get an

answer. "Will. She. Die." I said, the silent sobs heaving my chest to and fro my body, yet again, no answer. I fell to my knees, my face falling into my hands, the silent sobs taking over my body.

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