"Will. She. Die." Alice spoke aloud, her voice unnaturally rough, her chest heaving to and fro her body, shaking abnormally.

I more or so felt the agony, the pain, the fear, more then saw it, I just felt what she felt; it was overwhelming. It was extremely strenuous to observe the hurt, just in her eyes, as she stood two steps ahead of me, looking geniunely vulnrable.I wanted to move, but something inside me, the gears that made me 'work' wouldn't move. Without warning, all too suddenly, Alice fell to her knees before us all. It was so sudden that I hadn't seen it coming, I did feel a change in the atpmosphere, though. I saw Edward take a hesitant step forward, towards Alice, at the same time I did, but Esme was there before both of us, her arms wrapped around Alice's waist. I heard slight pandemonium from the corner of the room I had my back to; the human boy saw Esme suddenly appear with Alice. Mistake one. I looked over my shoulder, and for an instant the boy'd been smiling; until he made eye-contact with me. I gave him a small smile-if you concider barely moving the left corner of your lip a smile-and turned back to Alice, whom looked to be in a trance. I looked to Edward to be sure my assumption was right; it was. Alice was having a vision. I looked around the room, and saw that Rosalie, Renesmee, Jacob and Carlisle weren't in here. Odd, I thought that they'd been in here. I shrugged it off, and saw that Bella was looking at me intently. She was nervous, though that would have been said to be an understatement and the mood she was radiating, you could see it in her eyes. I heard a small wispered "No!" from Alice, Bella and my head snapped towards her. She was looking at her palms, Edward was smilling a brilliant smile. "She'll be okay." Esme whispered to Alice, lightly rubbing her shoulder. Thats when it clicked. Rachel, whom looked like the dead, to be frank, would be okay. She'd be alright, she'd be a happy, go-lucky, human girl once

again. And then it hit, again. The assumption that she would be alright could also mean something else entirely.

She would become a vampire. Edward seemed to of laugh at someones thoughts, mine possibly, but it was not a confirmation, nor anything else. I felt my body stiffen suddenly, and my head turned mechinacly towards Rachel. "You can't." I said, not meaning to actually speak aloud. "I won't." Edward added, his voice sadly grim, his mood not much different. Alice looked up, "I won't." she added, Esme looked down. "I will." She said, and I knew she would be crying if it were possible; she'd loved Rachel as if she was her own daughter. I smiled to myself, glad that Esme seemed pleased. As fast as I brought the smile up, I'd dropped it. We were talking about taking someones life, weather it for the better or not, and turning them into a blood-thirsty vampire. It meant we'd have to move, and start all over, again. I watched Alice and Edward both focus there eyes, and smiles come up on there face at the same time. I still felt as though this was a lost cause, they shant smile when someone would become a vampire. Carlisle came into the room, and he looked amused. "She'll be okay, won't she?" he questioned Alice, fumbling with the papers on his clipboard. Esme looked up at him cautiously, "Ciaran, dear, does your family know you're here?" she said to the boy, still looking at Carlisle, whom nodded. "No, I'll go let them know." He assured her, leaving the room. Edward crossed the room, and shut the door, as he did so Alice jumped up off the floor, smiling proudly at whatever her vision had shown her. "Yes! She'll be okay!"


As I lay on the hostpital bed, fully concious, I began to hear voices. I wasn't sure if they were real, or I was dead.

"She'll be okay, won't she?" Carlisle questioned Alice, who didn't get a chance to answer. "Ciaran, dear, does your family know you're here?" Esme asked, I had almost forgotten he was in here. I heard someone stand, "No, I'll go let them know." He assured her, leaving the room. I then heard someone else walk swiftly across the room, and shut the door, someone else, Alice, jumped up and-down. "Yes! She'll be okay!" I heard her say, and I wondered then if I could speak. "I'll be okay?" I said out loud, suprised at my own voice. Hm, I thought, I guess I will be okay. I felt someones cold hands brushing my cheek, "Oh, thank god, I was freaking out over there." I heard an unfamiliar voice say, I stiffled a 'What' as Edward spoke. "Bella." he answered my thoughts, and I nodded. Bella hadn't spoken to me much, I thought she'd hadn't liked me coming into their family, but then-again, I didn't know. I struggled to open my eyes, and as I did so I saw many curious faces peering down at me. "What happened?" I asked, rubbing my forehead, dazed. Carlisle stepped before me, "We still aren't sure. Your body just... well.. stopped, basically. Its bizzare, really." he said, writing on his clipboard. I nodded slightly, winceing at the pain that registerd with my body. "How long...?" I said, Edward smiled, "Only a few hours. Its five o' clock in the evening." he answered, I exhaled, thankful it wasn't too long of a time. I was anticipating Ciaran's return, and him being upset with himself that he wasn't here when I awoke. Edward laughed, "As am I." he agreed with me, smiling slightly. Rosalie, Jacob and Renesmee walked in the room, there expressions glum, Jake holding a diet pop. "Hello." I said, sitting up in my bed. Renesmee jumped up, like a cartoon, before projecting herself full-force at me. "You're okay!" She screeched happily throwing her arms around my neck. I coughed, sometimes she forgot her own strenghth, and nodded slightly, coughing again at the movement, "We've.." I huffed, "Renesmee, please let the child breathe." Esme said, Renesmee released her hands from my neck, "Established that." I continued, rubbing the area on my throat. Renesmee looked down at her shoes, "Sorry..." she mumbled. I smiled to her, "No worries. Now, when are we going home?" I questioned, thinking of what Id' say next. Edward laughed from the left, "Clever." he told me, I laughed. "You just woke up from some 'minicoma'" Jake began, making air quotes with his hands, "And you're wondering when were going to go home? Damn, thats raw." he said, I looked at him, confusion evident on my face. He blushed, not a normal Jacob action, "I dunno, the guys at school call me raw as hell..." He mutterd, looking at his shoes like Renesmee. Everyone burst into little quarrles of laughter, even

Esme and Carlisle.

As we laughed, I picked up my cell phone off the bedside table, remembering why I was here. I didn't think about it. I scanned the front screen, and screamed. As quick as I screamed there were multiple people around me, there hands fluttering over my body, as if they didn't know how to help me. "What? What is it?" Bella asked, louder then the rest. I huffed, "We have to get the, excuse my laughed, hell out of here! Do you see what time it is? The party!" I spoke too fast, my words were running together. I looked down at what I was wearing, and sighed. "And what AM I wearing!" I questioned, someone laughed, Alice, I guessed. "I raised you right, girl." She said sarcastically. "You're more worried about the party then your health, and your outfit, too. Come on, lets go." She said, swatching me up in the blanket like a cocoon, holding me over her shoulder. "I feel.. nice?" I said, laughing. Everyone joined in. "I'll handle Ciaran.." Emmett said, speeking for the first time, deviously. I scowled, I had forgotten about Ciaran. "Be nice?" I asked, almost commanded, over Alice's shoulder as she hauled me out of the room, the family following. I had decided I wouldn't think about my crazy stalker, maybe its a hoax. I would focus on my boyfriend, and I would focus on my family and friends, too. Tonight would be okay, if I didn't go biserk again. Alice lodged me into the Range Rover, and with that we were off, driving down the road towards the house.



I wasn't sure why I had freaked out, intensely, when I saw Rachel awake. It was one of those 'Omg, lyk, r u kay?' you see those blond girls texting about.

I didn't think of it too much, I just kept my eyes on the car in front of me, Alice's car, as I drove too fast. Jacob put his hand on mine, and instantly I relaxed. "You're anxious?" he wondered, I nodded. "It'll be okay." He assured me, and I suddenly felt worse. "Stop." I said, he kissed the back of my hand, we rode in silence the rest of the drive. Once we got to the house, I parked, barely, and launched myself out of the car. Rachel was going to kill herself, I thought. Alice had already gotten her inside, and everyone was trying to get in through the garage door, so I hurried towards the front door. I was startled by what I saw. "Alice!" I shouted, starring at the vases, upon vases, of flowers, and oh my god, the cards. "What? What is it?" she probed, coming around the front door, stopping like I did. "Woah." she breathed, her lips turned upward in a mischevious smile. "No kidding." I said, looking at the hundreds, of hundreds, of vases. "Emmett! Jasper! Edward! Get the boys and come here." Alice called upon them, and all the La Push boys came out with my family. "Get these inside, please, I have to go upstairs. C'mon Nessie, lets go." Alice said, I watched the boys pulling vases into their arms, "Nessie. Now?" Alice commanded, I tore my eyes off of them and sprinted around the house, up the stairs and to my room. "Come on ladies, get whatever you need and lets go." Alice was telling everyone, I just stared. Rachel was nowhere in sight.

Turns out Esme was more parinoid then me, therefore Rachel was in Esme's room being questioned. Furiously. And, oh lord, Alice. She took all of us to the little beauty padgent in the 'party' house. She'd had plans, many, many plans. She had me doing Leah's hair, my mom doing Emily's, Rosalie was doing Rachel Black's, and Alice was doing everything. At once. It was, well, typical of Alice. I just couldn't believe the party was still on. I wanted Rachel to chill out, take it easy, but she insisted on the party. We still had little clue of what went on with her. I wasn't really focusing on what I was doing, and when I looked back down at Leah's hair, it was all knotted in my fingers, half braided, half teased. I looked up and Leah met my eyes in the mirrior, she didn't look mad, annoyed or even anxious. "I know you're not focusing, and hell, take your time, I don't care. Never was into this, maybe we'll miss the party." I nodded, untangleing her hair. When did Leah become so nice? After a while I finished Leah's hair in once piece, it was braided into 'pig-tails' and wrapped around the top of her head. She looked, like some of the girls at school called it, 'stunnin. I wouldn't dare say that aloud, though. "Anything else?" I asked Alice, looking at my watch. She was about to say

something, but I put my palm up, "Ask someone else. I have things I need to do." I said, being rude, I would apologize later. I needed to get a boost if I was going to make it through the night. When I walked out of the 'salon' I almost ran into Jake, I didn't say anything, just gave him an apologetic look and kept walking. I felt bad, but I needed to go. He grabbed my hand, and looked into my eyes. "Where're you going?" he asked me, I was so stressed I wanted to throw myself on him and cry my eyes out. I didn't know where I was going, or atleast not yet. "Air." was all I said, I pulled my hand out of his and rushed out of the 'party house.' Jake was right behind me, I was halfway across the lawn, running as fast as I could. I heard him phase, and then he was right behind me. I had my brilliant idea for my 'boost' just then. When Jake finally caught up with me, he pushed his head into my shoulder, a whine escapeing between closed lips. I ran my fingers through his fur, leaning agianst him. "I'm sorry I was being mean. I'm just stressed and tired and guilty." I admitted, and he didn't have to talk to ask me what I was guilty about. I looked at him, and he gave me a half-smile, or something like that. "I don't know... I feel like I haven't been paying enough attention to you or to my mom and dad, or anyone. I don't know what to do." I admitted, rubbing my eyes, praying I wouldn't cry. A tear escaped my eye, and I was disappointed in myself. I didn't need to keep sulking, so I let go of Jake and ran a head-long-sprint towards the forest, Jake on my heels. I smelt a small heard of deer a little North of where we were, and I ran that way. Jake went the other way; I knew he'd catch up with me a little later.



After hunting a little, I felt a bit better. I knew I would be able to get through the night. I sat on the lawn, waiting for Jake to return.

I didn't see him coming, I just sensed him phase. I heard him jogging towards me, and I turned, he was shrugging back into his shirt. He was attractive, oh was he attractive. "Can I be so bold to stare?" he mocked my voice, I shook my head, "Sorry." I apologized. He dropped down next to me, "I was kidding, Ness." he said, I looked up and gave him a weak smile. He put his hand on my cheek, cupping the shape of it. "Whats going on with you lately? You seem...." He said, I finished his sentance, "Moody?" He shook his head and smiled at me, "No, but something like that. Are you okay? Anything going on you want me to know about?" He asked, I felt deafeated, weak. There wasn't anything he needed to know about, because if there was, well so did I. I looked down at the grass, noticing the sun shifting, what little sun there was. "I miss you." I told him, not knowing if that made any sense. "I'm always here, Ness, always here." he assured me; he didn't know what I meant. I looked up at him, my eyes vivid, "Do you remember that day at school where I came home crying? The day Rachel came over? You layed with me all afternoon in bed. I know you're always here for me, I just miss times like that. I didn't think about that day, not much anyway, because I was with you. I miss you like that." I told him, recolecting how I had felt the day we lay in bed, not talking, not caring about the outside world. It was magical to me. Jake lay back in the grass, pulling me back with him, looking deep into my eyes, so deep I felt as though he entered my soul. "You can have me like that anytime." he said, and I felt better just hearing him say those seven words. I scooted closer towards him, wrapping my body to his shape. "I don't want you in my life, I need you in my life." I told him, resting my lips on his neck, feeling his pulse quicken. I giggled aloud and pulled my lips from his neck, "Am I making you nervous?" I questioned, pulling back to look at his face. He fidgeted a little, seeming uncomfortable, possibly getting ready to deny my accusition. "Yes." he answered, in one movement I was sitting three feet away from his. His face was shocked, his eyes were sad. I was rejected, undeniably rejected. Jake shuffled to sit up, "I'm sorry. I seem to mess a lot of things up, don't I?" I told him, my eyes starting to drip with moisture. Jake stood up, and walked over to where I was sitting. He was looking down at me, waiting for me to get up; I wasn't moving. I felt his hands grip my arms, pulling me erect. He put his chin on my shoulder, his mouth by my ear, "I get nervous because I don't want to mess up. I get nervous because I don't know what to do. I get nervous because you're an amazing, beautiful girl who deserves better then me, yet you don't want anyone but me. I get nervous because I'm afraid to loose you." Jake

whispered into my ear, speaking slowly. "I'm in love with you, Renesmee Carlie Cullen, and I always will be." I felt his hands drop from my arms, and his head move away from my face, but I didn't see anything. My eyes went blank, my mind stopped working. What was happening to me? I blinked, and when I opened my eyes, Jake was starring at me, his eyes looked.. Well.. Sad. I wanted to speak, but I couldn't find my voice. I put my palm up to his cheek, and I watched his eyes jerk at what he saw.

I need you. I want you. I love you. I don't want to loose you. I can't loose you. I won't loose you. Don't leave me.

Jake pulled me into a tight hug, his arms wrapped around me, mine wrapped around him. My lips searched for his, and when they found their destination they were eager. As we kissed, my vision came and went from me as it did moments ago. I felt the love that I was searching for, and I was overjoyed that it was for Jake. I didn't know if I loved Jake, all along it was somewhat of a game, but now, oh but now it was real. At some point I heard Alice's voice calling for us, but I blocked it out. As we took a break to exhale and inhale, I found myself not wanting to return to the house, not wanting to have the party; but wanting Jake. "We have to go, Renesmee, people will start coming in a half hour." Jake pleaded with me. We stood there, our chests mashed together. I put my hands in Jake's back pockets, "I don't want to go." I said, sounding like a whineing two-year old. "I don't, either, but we have to." he told me, being unnaturally responsible; I then remembered I made him nervous. "Lets just run, far away, and come back tomorrow." I told him, drawing patterns on his chest. He flexed his pecks, naturally, and kissed my forehead. "No." he said, "Now, lets go." he said, making an attempt to move. I wasn't going anywhere. It seemed he knew that, too.

Jacob pulled me up into his arms, cradleing me to his chest, and ran towards the house. I sighed drammatically, putting the back of my hand on my forehead. Jake grinned down at me, glad he'd done something right. I saw Alice and my dad talking ahead of us, "For christ sake.. Why didn't they just have sex in the feild? I swear, thats what it was leading up to." My father mumbled, not sounding like himself. "Well, Jake was being resposible." Alice said, I smiled. "He wasn't doing it to be resposible, he didn't know what to do!" My father said, but then ended the conversation as he saw us coming. I pulled Jakes sleeve, and he let me onto my feet. I kissed his cheek, feeling more myself, my father's and Alice's. I then ran up to the house to get ready.

I heard my father lectureing him as I left; I smiled to myself as I jogged up the stairs.