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2015 Municipal Candidates Guide

Preliminary Election: Tuesday, September 8th

Election Day is Tuesday November 3rd, 2015
Polls open at 7am and close at 8pm
The Ballot will include

City Council At-Large

City Wide. Voters can select up to 6 out of 12 candidates

City Wide. Voters can select up to 1 candidate
**Note: The Mayor is a member of the City Council. You must vote for your desired
candidate on the ballot twice: once as Councilor-At Large, and once as Mayor

School Committee
City Wide. Voters can select up to 6 out of 10 candidates

District City Councilors

Voters select 1 of 2 Candidates in D1, D2 &D4.
There is only one candidate on the ballot in D3 &D5.
To find your district go to

The Candidates
Morris A. Bergman*
Candidate for City Councilor At-Large
11 Kensington Heights
Worcester, MA 01602
Phone: (508) 981-5934

Current/Past Occupations:


Why are you running?

To help Worcester reach its potential as the

second largest City in New England in
providing economic opportunities and
a great quality of life to all its residents.

I am advocating for:

1) Creating greater opportunities for

homeownership for those that have
historically been unable to;
2) reducing "red tape" for new business
development and developing a free mentor
program to assists new business owners;
3) investing in our greenspace by developing
plans/policy for the replacement of trees
removed because of disease and/or street

William S Coleman III

Candidate for City Councilor At-Large, Mayor
36 Acushnet Ave.
Worcester 01606
508-826-1307 (talk or text)
Facebook: William S. Coleman III

Current/Past Occupations:

Substitute Teacher Worcester Public Schools

Retired Nutrition Educator University of Mass,

Why are you running?

I am running to bring the government to the

people and to make our City Council
immediately responsive to the concerns of our
I want to give the taxpayers and business
community of Worcester the government they
want and need.

I am advocating for:

1) Economic development projects that link our

neighborhoods and our citizens with
employment opportunities and neighborhood
enhancement projects.
2) The construction of new school buildings to
replace old antiquated buildings that are not
safe for our children and teachers, along with
a state of the art futuristic public safety center
that would incorporate police, fire, and state
and federal emergency responders.

3) A friendly business working environment with

our elected and appointed government
officials and the agencies that streamline
permitting processes. I want Worcester to be a
leading Business Enterprise Center that
attracts industries who want a great location,
educated, skilled and loyal workforce.

Michael Gaffney*
Candidate for City Council At-Large, Mayor
1 Bancroft Tower Rd
Worcester, MA 01609

Past/Current Occupations:

Self-employed attorney in Worcester

Why are you running?:

To bring decisive leadership to city council so

we can restore safety to our streets and
schools, practice responsible fiscal
management, and implement an effective

economic development strategy.

I am advocating for:

I am advocating for the safety of our teachers

and students by providing the necessary
resources and proper administration in your
I am advocating for safety in our streets by
improving our ability to fight crime; per MSN

Money we are ranked 9 worst city to retire in

because, based in recent crime data,
Worcester has a crime rate that is higher
than 97% of cities and towns in
Massachusetts, and is one of the 100 most
dangerous cities in the United States.
I am advocating for responsible fiscal
management and effective economic
development because our taxes continue to
rise with diminishing services as we focus on
trickle-down economics with large-scale
projects while abandoning small businesses.

Juan A. Gomez
Candidate for City Councilor At-Large
16 Northridge Street
Worcester, MA 01603;; 774-696-7123; on
Facebook - gomezforworcester

Current/Past Occupations:

President & CEO of CENTRO, formerly known as

Centro Las Americas. CENTRO
is the largest minority-run, multi-cultural,
multi-service, human services
organization in Central Mass.

Why are you running?:

I am running, because I have the commitment

to our community, 30 year history of serving
our country, state and city, experience,
education, and the track record of success as
a leader and executive, to help this city move
forward. I am also the only candidate in this
race with a clear and comprehensive plan to
bring jobs to our city.

I am advocating for:

I Support a comprehensive public safety

strategy to curb the current crime wave. I am
tired of hearing that Worcester is safe relative
to Boston, or some other city. No level of crime
is acceptable. And while zero crime may not
be attainable, we must address our

constituent's concerns that Worcester is not a

safe city, and not dismiss them by simply
saying, "Worcester is a safe".
Worcester's government must be much more
responsive to its constituents, much more
reflective of the people it serves. Our
government does not belong to two or three
political elites. And thus it should reflect the
interests, desires and priorities of all of us.
When elected, I will make sure that is the case.
Further, I believe we must improve academic
outcomes for all the 25,000 students in the
Worcester public schools. This means help
narrow the achievement gap, for students of
color and English language learners; but it
also means provide more opportunity for arts,
spots and gifted children. Finally, I believe
that not all children are able to succeed in the
traditional classroom. For those young people,
we must provide additional support, including
clinical and behavioral health interventions,
as well as additional support to their parents,
in a setting more appropriate for them. This
will ensure that children interested in and
able to learn in a traditional classroom, have
fewer disruptions, and teachers will have a
better environment to teach.

Khrystian King
Candidate for City Councilor At-Large
9 Victoria Avenue
Worcester, MA 01607
Facebook: Khrystian King for City Council At

Current/Past Occupations:

Adolescent Social Worker at the Department

of Children and Families

Why are you running?

As a father, social worker and coach, I am

running for City Council At-Large to bring a
true community voice to the Council, a voice
that will use hands-on experience to fight for
safer streets, good jobs and great public
schools for every neighborhood, every family,
and every child in the city.

I am advocating for:

A return to true community policing that will

build relationships and trust in every
neighborhood, and when combined with
additional resources dedicated to youth jobs
and after-school programs will lead a
reduction in the violence that has erupted in
the City.
Targeted tax breaks for established
businesses when they expand and hire city
residents, and tax breaks for Women and
Minority owned new businesses will create a
stable economic climate and encourage a new
generation of entrepreneurs to step up and
take a chance on Worcester.

Creating solid, well-paying jobs will allow

families to not just survive, but thrive, and will
provide the stability so many Worcester
residents need to realize their dreams.

Konstantina B. Lukes*
Candidate for City Councilor At-Large
24 Hadwen Road
Worcester, MA 01602

Current/Past Occupations

Why are you running?

I am advocating for:

Attorney at law
I am fighting for the future of Worcester,
because if gang violence, crime and drug use
continue to threaten business, residents and
public schools, then progress and our quality
of life will be under attack.
1. Collaboration of all law enforcement
agencies, starting with the State Police. To
maximize resources
2. Safety audit of all municipal buildings,
including but not limited to the review of the
effectiveness of installation of panic buttons,
sheets, internal cameras
3. Merger of police and fire departments
with oversight by a Public Safety

Linda Parham
Candidate for City Council At-Large
21 Salisbury Street, 202
Worcester, MA 01609

Campaign website:
Campaign email:
Campaign facebook: Linda Parham for
City Councilor At-Large
Campaign phone: 774-232-1025

Community Organizer, ordained Reverend;

Houses of Faith Consultant.
The present City Council have has failed to
realize that we are Better Together and have
not accomplished engagement of all
community members in the civic process for a
better quality of life. We can only be
successful if we provide universal civic
education and engagement to achieve
majority balance and equality rather a
majority having less access to
resources. Ways must be developed to engage
citizens in an equitable process for fair and
just representation. I want to be the City
Council person that will be the bridge from
City Hall to the community. I want to help
people find their voices again.
1. Safe Neighborhoods-Many of the residents
have expressed feeling unsafe in their
neighborhoods. In order to achieve safety,

we must acknowledge and develop an

inclusive working relationship for all.
2. Public transportation with routes and
times that fit peoples needs-Many
residents need public transportation
beyond the 9 a.m-11p.m. hours, which will
fit their needs. Especially our elderly
people who need to go get medicine and
shopping at certain times of the day and
3. Stable Real Estate Taxes- By finding
workable solutions for our taxes we can
generate good economic development
which create jobs and community
development which help the residents.
Residents are leaving the city to work and
settle in other locales.

Joseph M. Petty*
Candidate for City Councilor At-Large, Mayor
2 Grove Heights Drive
Worcester, MA 01605
Campaign phone: 774-314-7586
Campaign website:
Campaign email:
Twitter: petty

Current/Past Occupations

Executive secretary, employee retirement

system of the Massachusetts housing finance

Why are you running?

I am committed to making Worcester a better

place for all of our citizens and Worcester is
changing and we are facing different
challenges. I want to make the city a better
place because Worcester is my touchstone
not my stepping stone.

I am advocating for:

Inclusiveness and openness in government.

Economic development that helps everyone in
the city.
A safety city for the residents of every

Robert J. Sargent
Candidate for City Council At-Large
42 Indian Hill Rd
Worcester, MA 01606
Worcester Public Schools Teacher
I am running because I love Worcester and
want to make a difference in the lives of my
I am advocating for more public safety options
for ALL neighborhoods.
I am advocating for the retention of residents
and businesses within the city.

I am advocating for more support and

resources for the students of our public

Kate Toomey*
Candidate for City Council At-Large
50 Ideal Road
Worcester, MA 01604
Facebook: toomeyforcouncil
Twitter: katetoomey

Current/Past Occupations:
Why are you running?:

I am advocating for:

Regional Outreach Representative; VP,

Community and External Affairs
I am running for reelection to continue the
work I have been doing for the past 10 years on
the City Council to support economic
development, public safety, quality public
schools and updated infrastructure. As the
first woman chair of Public Works, I led the
approval of an unprecedented investment in
infrastructure improvements resulting in 23
miles of streets and 22 miles of sidewalks to
be repaved, improving the quality of life for
citizens including addressing much-needed
ADA compliance.
1. Continued public safety efforts to include
utilization of the Community

Policing/Summer Impact models; officers

in the school; upgrading technology;
citizen engagement and continued support
of grant funding to enable the expansion of
these programs and others as needed.

2. Improved educational system in

infrastructure environments that are safe
and conducive to learning.

3. Economic development initiatives to

broaden our tax base, including initiatives
like the Route 20
Sewer Project; advocating for crowd
funding of public recreational spaces;
initiatives to provide more small business
start-up opportunities; cooperative
programs with colleges and universities to
site start-ups in Worcester, and others.

Matthew E. Wally
Candidate for City Councilor At-Large
61 Berwick Street, Worcester, MA 01602,

Current/Past Occupations

TD Bank, 2011 - Present

Community Development Manager for New
England and New York
Worcester Community Housing Resources,
Inc., 2007-2011
Executive Director

Why are you running?

I am advocating for:

I am running for an at-large seat on the

Worcester City Council because I believe with
the right vision and focus these tremendous
assets can be strategically leveraged in order
for Worcester to fulfill its potential as a model
of excellence for midsized urban cities.
Public safety initiatives that protect our
Excellence in the Worcester Public Schools.
An increase in the number of owner occupied
multi-family properties.

Christina Zlody
Candidate for City Council At-Large
3 Lansing Ave
Worcester, MA 01605

Current/Past Occupations:

Program & Events Coordinator for the Visual &

Performing Arts Department at Clark

Why are you running?:

Worcester's economy has always thrived on

the back of entrepreneurs and creators. Of
makers and builders. Of people working with
their hands to create a life for themselves and
a better Worcester.
Today, Worcester's resurgence is beginning to
thrive, once again, on the backs of small,
creative business owners. These are the
artisans, craftsmen, bakers, and makers that
have always been at the heart of our city. Our
economy is starting to grow again thanks to a
new generation of entrepreneurial business
owners in areas such as Quinsigamond
Village, the Canal District, Shrewsbury Street,
Tatnuck Square, and Downtown -- I want to be a
part of this movement to build a stronger

I am advocating for:

1) We need to encourage and support new small

businesses to open and expand, thus growing
job numbers and our tax base.

2) Worcester should be the hub of small, creative

businesses in Massachusetts.
3) As an employee of Clark University I see our
college students taking the investment we've
made in them, and leaving for other cities. We
need to offer them opportunities to live,
create, and work in Worcester.

As of 4pm 9/16, no profile listed:

Robert Sargent

Coming Soon:
School Committee

Dianna Biancheria*
Donna Colorio
Cotey Collins
Nicola DAndrea
Jack Foley*
John Monfredo*
Molly McCullough
Tracy OConnell Novick*
Brian OConnell*
Hilda Ramirez*

District 1

Tony Economou*
Cindy Nguyen

District 2

Jennithan Cortes
Candy Mero-Carlson
Larry Shetler
Ana Sequera

District 4

Jacqueline Kostas
Sarai Rivera*