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6478 Federal Register / Vol. 71, No.

26 / Wednesday, February 8, 2006 / Notices

is available for public viewing at the of Congress and are available upon provide advice on scientific issues
Public Information and Records request. underlying the Agency’s assessments of
Integrity Branch (PIRIB), Rm. 119, the carcinogenic potential of arsenic
List of Subjects
Crystal Mall #2, 1921 Jefferson Davis compounds.
Hwy., Arlington, VA. This docket Environmental protection, Pesticides Pursuant to the Federal Advisory
facility is open from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m., and pests. Committee Act, Public Law 92–463,
Monday through Friday, excluding legal Dated: January 31, 2006 notice is hereby given that the SAB
holidays. The docket telephone number James Jones, Arsenic Review Panel will hold public
is (703) 305–5805. Director, Office of Pesticide Programs.
teleconferences on the dates and times
2. Electronic access. You may access provided above. The purpose of these
[FR Doc. E6–1711 Filed 2–7–06; 8:45 am]
this Federal Register document teleconference meetings is to allow the
electronically through the EPA Internet SAB Panel to continue the discussion of
under the ‘‘Federal Register’’ listings the Panel’s draft report, Advisory on
at EPA’s Assessments of Carcinogenic
EDOCKET, EPA’s electronic public Effects of Organic and Inorganic
docket and comment system was Arsenic. This draft report was
replaced on November 25, 2005, by an [FRL–8029–8] previously discussed at the telephone
enhanced, Federal-wide electronic conference meeting held on January 24,
Science Advisory Board (SAB) Staff 2006 (see 70 FR 76451–76452).
docket management and comment
Office; Notification of Public Background on this advisory activity
system located athttp://
Teleconferences of the Arsenic Review has been provided in Federal Register Follow the online
Panel notices published on February 23, 2005
An electronic version of the public AGENCY: Environmental Protection (70 FR 8803–8804) and July 26, 2005 (70
docket is available through EPA’s Agency (EPA). FR 43144–43145).
electronic public docket and comment ACTION: Notice. Availability of Meeting Materials
system, EPA Dockets. You may use EPA A roster of the Panel members, the
Dockets at to SUMMARY: The EPA Science Advisory
Board (SAB) Staff Office announces two teleconference agenda, the charge to the
submit or view public comments, access Panel may be found on the SAB Web
the index listing of the contents of the public teleconferences of the SAB
Arsenic Review Panel to continue Site at:
official public docket, and to access arsenic_review_panel.htm. The draft
those documents in the public docket discussions of its draft report, Advisory
on EPA’s Assessments of Carcinogenic SAB report which is the subject of
that are available electronically. Once in discussion may be found at: http://
the system, select ‘‘search,’’ then key in Effects of Organic and Inorganic
the appropriate docket ID number. 2005_dft_for_jan-24-2006.pdf.
DATES: The dates for the teleconference EPA’s Toxicological Review of
II. Background
meetings are February 23, 2006 and Inorganic Arsenic and related
EPA’s Office of Pesticide Programs February 28, 2006, from 1:30 p.m. to 4 background information on inorganic
(OPP) is entrusted with the p.m., eastern time on each day. arsenic may be found at: http://
responsibility of ensuring the safety of FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: The
the American food supply, the Members of the public who wish to technical contact for the above
protection and education of those who obtain the teleconference call-in number information on inorganic arsenic is Dr.
apply or are exposed to pesticides and access code to participate in the Elizabeth Doyle, (202) 566–0056, of the
occupationally or through use of teleconferences may contact Mr. Office of Water. EPA’s assessment for
products, and the general protection of Thomas O. Miller, Designated Federal organic arsenic, Science Issue Paper:
the environment and special ecosystems Officer (DFO), by telephone at (202) Cancer Mode of Action of Cacodylic
from potential risks posed by pesticides. 343–9982 or e-mail at Acid (Dimethylarsinic Acid, DMAV and
The PPDC was established under the General Recommendations for Dose Response
Federal Advisory Committee Act information about the SAB, as well as Extrapolation and other related
(FACA), Public Law 92–463, in any updates concerning the background information on organic
September 1995 for a 2–year term and teleconference announced in this notice, arsenic may be found at: http://
has been renewed every 2 years since may be found on the SAB Web Site at:
that time. PPDC provides advice and cacodylic_acid. The technical contact
recommendations to OPP on a broad SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: for the above information on organic
range of pesticide regulatory, policy, arsenic is Dr. Anna Lowit, (703) 308–
and program implementation issues that Background
4135, of the Office of Pesticide
are associated with evaluating and Human exposure to arsenic Programs.
reducing risks from use of pesticides. compounds may occur through various
The following sectors are represented on environmental media by their use as Procedures for Providing Public Input
the PPDC: Pesticide industry and trade pesticides (e.g., dessicants/defoliants, Interested members of the public may
associations; environmental/public wood preservatives) or from industrial submit relevant written or oral
interest and consumer groups; farm wastes. EPA regulates environmental information for the SAB Panel to
worker organizations; pesticide user, exposure to arsenic compounds consider during the advisory process.
rmajette on PROD1PC67 with NOTICES1

grower, and commodity groups; Federal pursuant to requirements of several laws Written and oral statements should not
and State/local/Tribal governments; the (e.g., the Safe Drinking Water Act; the repeat information previously submitted
general public; academia; and public Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and to the Panel at its previous meetings.
health organizations. Copies of the Rodenticide Act; and the Food Quality Written Statements: Written
PPDC charter are filed with appropriate Protection Act). EPA requested its statements should be submitted at least
committees of Congress and the Library Science Advisory Board (SAB) to five days prior to the scheduled

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Federal Register / Vol. 71, No. 26 / Wednesday, February 8, 2006 / Notices 6479

conference calls so that the information solicits public comment on risk an electronic comment, EPA
may be made available to the Panel for reduction options for lindane and the recommends that you include your
their consideration. Written statements other HCH isomers. This action follows name and other contact information in
should be supplied to the DFO in the up on issues discussed in the July 2002 the body of your comment and with any
following formats: one hard copy with Lindane RED, in public comments EPA disk or CD ROM you submit. If EPA
original signature, and one electronic received on that decision document and cannot read your comment due to
copy via e-mail (acceptable file format: in the draft North American Regional technical difficulties and cannot contact
Adobe Acrobat, WordPerfect, Word, or Action Plan (NARAP) on Lindane and you for clarification, EPA may not be
Rich Text files in IBM–PC/Windows 98/ other HCH Isomers. able to consider your comment.
2000/XP format). DATES: Comments must be received on Electronic files should avoid the use of
Oral Statements: The SAB Panel had or before April 10, 2006. special characters, any form of
previously received oral statements encryption, and be free of any defects or
ADDRESSES: Submit your comments,
from interested members of the public viruses. For additional information
identified by docket identification (ID)
on the SAB draft advisory report during about EPA’s public docket, visit the EPA
number EPA–HQ–OPP–2006–0034, by
the January 24, 2006 telephone Docket Center homepage at http://
one of the following methods:
conference meeting. Because of time
• Follow
limitations, oral statements will be Docket: All documents in the docket
the on-line instructions for submitting are listed in the index.
scheduled only for the February 28, comments.
2006 meeting. In general, individuals or Although listed in the index, some
• E-mail:
groups requesting an oral presentation information is not publicly available,
• Mail: Public Information and
at a public teleconference will be i.e., CBI or other information whose
Records Integrity Branch (PIRIB)
limited to three minutes per speaker disclosure is restricted by statute.
(7502C), Office of Pesticide Programs
with no more than a total of fifteen Certain other material, such as
(OPP), Environmental Protection copyrighted material, will be publicly
minutes for all speakers. Interested Agency, 1200 Pennsylvania Ave., NW.,
individuals or groups should contact the available only in hard copy. Publicly
Washington, DC 20460–0001. available docket materials are available
DFO, in writing via e-mail by February • Hand Delivery: Public Information
26, 2006, to be placed on the public either electronically at http://
and Records Integrity Branch (PIRIB)
speaker list for the teleconference. or in hard copy at
(7502C), Office of Pesticide Programs
the Public Information and Records
Meeting Accommodations (OPP), Environmental Protection
Integrity Branch (PIRIB) (7502C), Office
Agency, Rm. 119, Crystal Mall #2, 1801
For information on access or services of Pesticide Programs (OPP),
S. Bell St., Arlington, VA, Attention:
for individuals with disabilities, please Environmental Protection Agency, Rm.
Docket ID number EPA–HQ–OPP–2006–
contact the DFO, contact information 119, Crystal Mall #2, 1801 S. Bell St.,
0034. The docket facility is open from
provided above. To request Arlington, VA. The docket facility is
8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through
accommodation of a disability, please open from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday
Friday, excluding legal holidays. The
contact the DFO, preferably at least 10 through Friday, excluding legal
telephone number for the docket facility
days prior to the meeting, to give EPA holidays. The telephone number for the
is (703) 305–5805. Such deliveries are
as much time as possible to process the docket facility is (703) 305–5805.
only accepted during the Docket’s
normal hours of operation, and special
Dated: February 2, 2006. arrangements should be made for Kimberly Nesci, Special Review and
deliveries of boxed information. Reregistration Division (7508C), Office
Vanessa T. Vu,
Instructions: Direct your comments to of Pesticide Programs, Environmental
Director, EPA Science Advisory Board Staff Protection Agency, 1200 Pennsylvania
Office. docket ID number EPA–HQ–OPP–2006–
0034. EPA’s policy is that all comments Ave., NW., Washington, DC 20460–
[FR Doc. E6–1721 Filed 2–7–06; 8:45 am] 0001; telephone number: (703) 308–
received will be included in the public
docket without change and may be 8059; fax number: (703) 308–8005; e-
made available on-line at http:// mail: nesci.kimberly@epa.govor Mark, including any Howard, Special Review and
personal information provided, unless Reregistration Division (7508C), Office
the comment includes information of Pesticide Programs, Environmental
[EPA–HQ–OPP–2006–0034; FRL–7759–6] claimed to be Confidential Business Protection Agency, 1200 Pennsylvania
Information (CBI) or other information Ave., NW., Washington, DC 20460–
Lindane and Other 0001; telephone number: (703) 308–
whose disclosure is restricted by statute.
Hexachlorocyclohexane (HCH) Isomers 8172; fax number: (703) 308–8005; e-
Do not submit information that you
Risk Assessment; Notice of mail address:
consider to be CBI or otherwise
Availability and Solicitation of Risk SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION:
protected through or e-
Reduction Options
mail. The website is an General Information
AGENCY: Environmental Protection ‘‘anonymous access’’ system, which
Agency (EPA). means EPA will not know your identity A. Does this Action Apply to Me?
ACTION: Notice. or contact information unless you This action is directed to the public
provide it in the body of your comment. in general, and may be of interest to a
SUMMARY: This notice announces the If you send an e-mail comment directly wide range of stakeholders including
rmajette on PROD1PC67 with NOTICES1

availability of EPA’s risk assessment for to EPA without going through environmental, human health, and
the organochlorine pesticide lindane,, your e-mail address agricultural advocates; the chemical
gamma hexachlorocyclohexane (HCH) will be captured automatically and industry; pesticide users; and members
and the other HCH isomers, and opens included as part of the comment that is of the public interested in the sale,
a public comment period on these placed in the public docket and made distribution, or use of pesticides. Since
documents. In addition, this notice available on the Internet. If you submit others also may be interested, the

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