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gaytimes magazine number 449 August 2015


New Hollyoaks
couple stripped
in a hot tub!


hearthrob on
the future of
Paul and Ben

Chemsex secrets
Meet the gay men
going to chill outs
Closet culture
The dangers of gay
living in Sri Lanka
Anden gay
Te nius

Edinburgh Fringe
Our essential guide
to the hottest shows!


The new F-word

Can homophobia
ever be banter?
Pink politics
Will Britain have its
first openly gay PM? / @gaytimesmag

Behind bars
with the stars
of TVs best

Whats next
for Pearl and

Julian Clary / Courtney Act / MS MR / Jeremy Irvine / Craig Robert Young / John Newman

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24/07/2015 15:07


Official Government Test Environmental Data. Fuel consumption figures mpg (litres/100km) and CO2 emissions (g/km). ADAM S 1.4i 150PS Turbo: Urban: 37.2
Car shown is ADAM S 1.4i 150PS Turbo in Ill be Black with Red n Roll roof colour pack and Morrocana Recaro seats.

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22/07/2015 14:00


Design your very own unique ADAM from a palette of 19 body colours, 7 roof and mirror
colours and 25 alloy wheels. Theres no end of combinations of exterior and interior
accessories and trims, and hi-tech gizmos galore. Go create at


(7.6), Extra-urban: 57.6 (4.9), Combined: 47.9 (5.9). CO2 emissions: 139g/km.

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22/07/2015 14:00

slot her!



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06 GT Fitty
12 Julian Clary
14 Michelle Visage
16 Jeremy Irvine
20 Dan Cohen
28 Sweetie, Darling?

77 Packing it
88 Splendor in the grass
92 Ben Cohen


30 Analysis: A gay PM?
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Ignorance is bliss.
Truly, it must be. I spoke
with someone very
recently who wasnt
aware that marriage
hadnt been an option for
all people in America
until but a few weeks ago. I was surprised, but
maybe I really shouldnt have been.
Dont get me wrong, you know I dont care
about the constant coverage of the marriage
aspect of it I care about the being equal part
of equality. But thats not the point apart from
being bleedingly obvious. The point was that, in
an age where weve never had more information
literally at our fingertips, Im surprised people
can still live in a world of their own making.
Perhaps thats the age of the selfie for you,
perhaps its just a much better place to live. Or
perhaps its still a worry, because it often results
in knee-jerk online reactions to things people
dont really understand or know enough about.
And yes, you could say, What are you doing
about it? We could pump out information and
remind people of world facts 24/7 and people
still wouldnt see things, and often the bigger
picture. Because ignorance IS bliss, and its
easier to have an opinion and pass judgement
on a topic you havent read than to take precious
time out of busy lives to fully understand.
We need to look up from our smartphones,
our tablets, our mindless social media and
be reminded of the real world once in a while.
Because its a frightening thought to be reminded
that what is given can still be, and in many
places around the world has been, taken away.
Darren Scott @darren_scott



136 Halloween Horror Nights




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24/07/2015 11:21

gt fitty


006-008 FIRST Fitty.indd 6


22/07/2015 15:01

Callum Wright
is so hot, he
practically melted
our servers when
we put the video
for his single 1,
2, 3 online. So,
of course, we
just had to bring
him onto these
hallowed pages.
Spreading the
sunshine with a
little Bajan spice,
heres this months
GT Fitty

Callum! We love your single 1,

2, 3. How did it come about? I
wrote 1, 2, 3 at the end of last year
in London, actually. I was the fifth
wheel on a dinner date with two
married couples. The first couple
was so obviously still in love with
each other. Twenty years on and
they were still touching each other
up and cuddling up they were
just so in love. They other married
couple was obviously NOT like
they couldnt even look at each
other. You could cut the tension
with a knife, it was just terrible. I
just sat there and watched the two
extremes. So I wrote 1, 2, 3 from
the perspective of the couple that
were in love and how easy it was
for them. It was as easy as 1, 2, 3.
And thats how it came about.
You write all your own music.
Where does your inspiration
come from? In Barbados youre
exposed to everything. Caribbean
pop, ska, reggae, Bob Marley
and youre also exposed to a lot of
the mainstream pop on the radio
too. Being exposed to those two
extremes has resulted a lot in this
sort of fusion now. My reggae pop
fusion. So pop music but with a
little Bajan spice.
What made you leave your

006-008 FIRST Fitty.indd 7


22/07/2015 15:01


gt fitty


paradise island to come to

rainy Britain? I had 21 years of
doing nothing. Now Im ready to
start working. Twenty-one years
in Barbados of just sitting on the
beach. Now its time to get my
shit together.
Whats next after 1, 2, 3?
Anything that youre aspiring
to? Hopefully taking this sunshine
global! But Id love to get on some
festival stages for sure and do some
big performances. Glastonbury
especially. It has a bit of everything
something for everyone. I dont
think thats on the cards just yet
But it cant hurt to dream.
Howve you been enjoying
the attention from the gay
community? Its been insane! I
remember when you guys tweeted
me and I checked my followers
It was crazy the response I was
getting. Its great that people are
receiving my music as well as they
are gay or straight.
We cant help but notice youre in
great shape How do you keep
so fit? Its definitely outdoorsy
things. We surf a lot in Barbados,
and I also did a lot of running. I ran
for my school, I ran for Barbados.
But now over here, Im just the
biggest health and fitness freak.
I gym four or five times a week.
I cant go a day without doing
something I guess its in my
blood. My dad was just a massive
marathon runner back in the day
and my brother is a triathlete.
And finally, the question we ask
every GT Fitty Whos your man
crush? My man crush? Its gotta
be Biebs! I dont know why But
maybe not with his new hair. I was
talking to a mate of mine the other
day about this, actually, and you
cant count out Leonardo DiCaprio.
Hes SUCH a boss. My favourite
actor of all time Just such an
absolute boss. Hes Jack Dawson!
Callums single 1, 2, 3 is out now on iTunes,,

006-008 FIRST Fitty.indd 8

22/07/2015 15:01

GT449-003-034.indd 9

22/07/2015 17:48

gday sport!


With Neighbours celebrating
30 years of soap drama,
newbie and former
Australias Hottest Tradie, no
less Matt Wilson and his feast
of Aussie abs are set to cause
quite a thunder down under.
With all our pulses racing, Matt
will appear on our screens as a
gay male stripper. Well, what
more could we possibly ask for
to celebrate such a milestone
birthday? Gday!
Neighbours weekdays at 1.45pm
and 5.30pm on Channel 5,
@mattywilson88, @neighbours


010-11 FIRST Speed Mix.indd 10

23/07/2015 17:12


practically royalty
With the country in tatters, step into the magical world of mystery as La JohnJoseph cabaret starlet and utter sweetheart
divides political agenda, takes the welfare state in-hand and makes Britain great again! With greater delusion than Nigel
Farage, La JohnJoseph is a mistress that can, if you like it or not, turn the world upside down through this new show, and
make things a little bit better for us all. Practically Royalty is at Londons Wonderground 15 August, @lajohnjoseph.


010-11 FIRST Speed Mix.indd 11

6-9 August
Watching more
than 150 hot air
balloons ascending
overhead at the
Bristol International
Balloon Fiesta is a
surreal experience
youll never forget.
Probably worth it
for the Instagram
photos alone.

All August
The Birmingham
Museum and Art
Gallery is playing
host to a unique
exhibition, Love
Is Enough, which
merges William
Morris iconic
wallpaper with Andy
Warhols famous
pop art designs. birminghammuseums.

6-9 August
Get out of the city
and escape to
Wilderness Festival
in Cornbury Park.
Horse riding, a spa
and leading chefs
meet music in the
form of Bjrk and
Ben Howard. True
bliss with actual
working showers.

15-16 August
Itll be hearts in
mouths when the
daredevil pilots
of the Red Bull
Air Race World
Championship take
to Ascot. Theyll be
looping their way
round obstacles
while you marvel at
astounding extreme
piloting. ascot.

16 August
Bathe in the glorious sunshine while
enjoying open air
performances of
nest works, on the
rooftop of The Varsity Hotel and Spa,
in Cambridge. Book
early, though, to
guarantee a prime


23/07/2015 17:12

ts with some excitement

that news of Julian
Clarys return to the
literary world reaches
the offices of Gay Times.
The comedian and, lets
go there, national treasure has
published six books, but its been
three long years since his last
novel, Briefs Encountered.
But The Bolds is something of a
departure its a book for children.
Yes Im quite surprised, he
agrees at the suggestion this
perhaps wasnt a route people may
have anticipated seeing the former
Joan Collins Fan Club travel.
Like lots of things in my career,
you couldnt make it up. You
couldnt predict I think Ill learn
to ballroom dance or Big Brother.
Having written the novels I found
it very difficult. Its a very difficult
process writing a novel. It sort
of takes a lot of out of you. But
childrens books, you just find your
inner child and you can just use
your imagination. Its obviously a lot
easier. The problem I have with the
adults is getting anyone to take you
seriously as a writer and now you
dont have to wish for that with the
childrens books. Its as silly as you
want it to be, he explains.
Childrens books can work
on different levels, so its for the
adults reading it to the child as
well. Its a bit like when I did panto,
its a childrens show but Ive got
sort of one eye on getting a laugh
from the adults.
Theyre childrens books but part
of me thinks Ive written these for
gay men to read, because theyre
quite camp too.
The idea for The Bolds a family
of hyenas who pass themselves off
as humans goes right back to his
I used to be a member of this
junior club for the World Wildlife
Trust, so I used to get all of these
newsletters, and I used to know all
about wild animals. There was a
family living in the same road as

012-13 FIRST Julian.indd 12

us in Teddington that were quite

hairy. I had this daydream that they
werent people at all, they were
hyenas living in disguise and I used
to watch them for signs. And if they
laughed at all, that confirmed my
suspicion that they were hyenas,
and I just revisited the idea.
He admits he daydreams about
having a whole row of Bolds
books on the shelf, and says
that the sequel is already due for
release in 2016. But a return to
adult novels isnt off the cards.
Id like to. I might do. I mean,
the way my lifes worked out
I just seem to rotate different
activities, so you can do a tour
and then panto, then you can do
Just a Minute. So to keep myself
interested in myself, it seems I
have to kind of change what I do
every few months. So after all the
fun of childrens books, I think a
bit of filth and adults books will be
called for.
Animals have always played a
large part in Julians life, but what
about actual children?
No. I thought about it and its
something I really wanted about
ten years ago. I was talking with
my lesbian friend about having
a child, I remember she worked
out her cycle for when I had to
go around and ejaculate in the
bathroom but we didnt somehow
get around it. Its too late now
really, Im 56. I dont know if Ive
got it in me. So there we are. Its
dogs and chickens.
His love of animals is well
documented throughout his
glittering, showbiz career. Most
recently, he fronted Give a Pet a
Home on ITV, and a new show,
Nature Nuts, is imminent.
Further dates are lined up for his
shows at the suitably stylish Crazy
Coqs in London this year, followed
by a stint in panto for Birmingham
Hippodromes Aladdin, with a
tour to follow in 2016. Thankfully
hes still got his country home to
escape to.

I remember when we used to

go on tour, the show was one thing
but it was all about, oh were in
Sheffield, we must go out. So you
just go to all the gay clubs in all the
different towns. And now if I do a
show, you just go back to the hotel.
You might have a dry white wine in
the bar if its Friday night, but the
sort of raving side of life doesnt
interest me anymore. We evolve,
dont we? Its all for the good.
Also, theres less gay bars.
I know, the gays only have
themselves to blame. Being on
Grindr, who needs to go and sit
in a bar and buy drinks when you
can just look on your phone. Im so
upset that The Black Cap closed.
My place in Camden is just around
the corner and I used to go there
a lot, but I havent been there for
about five years myself, so I can
hardly become radical about it.
But there was a different case to
that. If I think about it, that place
was quite busy. It was closed
for sort of commercial, financial
reasons rather abruptly.
Gay venues closing down is
becoming more commonplace
across the UK
Yes, its awful. I think thered
be repercussions. If its not all
about sex, if you just want to be
with other gay people, therell be
nowhere to go.
The repercussions also include
the way that people interact with
each other, we suggest. Because
theyre so used to only doing it
online and being quite short with
Yes, I know. Hello, are you top
or bottom? is peoples opening
lines to me now. Also peoples
emotional development and,
who knows, in ten years time, no
one is going to know how to have
relationships. Just get straight
down to business. I dont know
what people will be like. Its
heartless isnt it? n
The Bolds is out now, @julianclary

22/07/2015 15:03

ijul a



012-13 FIRST Julian.indd 13


22/07/2015 15:03


[michelle visage]


The top three T

with Michelle V


Quinoa Milk It
sounds nasty, but its
vegan, gluten free,
healthy and tasty.

Howve my
UKabies been
enjoying your
summer? I literally LOVE the UK
in summertime, especially in the
parks: the shorts, the white bodies
sometimes orange if youre from
Essex, Liverpool or hang out with
Katie Price and the yummy 99s
Im VERY excited for October,
because thats when the entire
Family Visage makes their way
to your fair country. My kids have
never been to the UK, so this is an
extra special trip indeed. Well be
sight seeing the traditional way
Tower of London, Stonehenge,
changing of the guard, etc. But
then we will do it Mamas way
the Tube, Primani, Soho, London
Dungeons, etc.
Were also reaching the end of
the UK Pride celebrations. I wish
more than anything I couldve
been there to celebrate I heard
London Pride was AMAZING! But
I know youll forgive me when you
see what amazing surprises I have
in store for you.
2015 has been an amazing
year for equality thus far and
its not even close to slowing
down! When the Supreme Court
ruling was announced and

014 FIRST Visage.indd 14

equal marriage was legalised

across America, I was in Disney
World with my family. The
happiest place on earth became
happiER with the news that we,
in America, are free to marry
whomever we love. It was a
day Ill never forget, tears were
flowing everywhere.
This is a huge step forward
for equality in the States,
ESPECIALLY during Pride
month. It makes me SO happy to
see all of the rainbow covered
default pics on socials but
lets keep pushing forward and
further, and continue the fight
for equality worldwide. This isnt
the end of the fight and I, for one,
will continue to stand shoulder
to shoulder with the LGBTQ
community every step of the way.
So until next time, lets celebrate
what we have, be grateful for the
victories we continue to earn and
love your life as it is today as
there are way too many out there
that arent able to do that.
Ta-ra kids! Remember, hit me
on Twitter at @michellevisage
and pop along to michellevisage.
com, where Ill welcome you with
open bosom. See you
all next time.



A*Men Ultra Zest

by Thierry Mugler:
limited edition
Its a male
fragrance that
I LOVE to wear.

itsus Garden
Shed Salad
You cant turn any
corner in London
without running
smack into an itsu.
Make a healthy
choice on the go!

Dear Michelle
Can you explain the
judging criteria on
Drag Race?
From @teibner94

Yes Tucker, I can.

For me its simple it
comes down to what
the challenge is and
how they interpret it.
Creativity, ingenuity

and confidence are

some of the things
I look for first and
foremost. Theres
SO much more to
drag than being
passable or fishy.
Those things are
cute, but predictable.
I love the drag that
makes my jaw drop
and that aint easy.


On the set of the housemate entrance interviews

for Big Brothers Bit On The Side

22/07/2015 15:04

12th-26th SEPTEMBER 2015

Gay Times.indd

22/07/2015 17:49

Hes the young British actor thats become hot

Hollywood property. From life riding up front in hit
Spielberg film War Horse, to escaping the grasp of
Michael Douglas across the desert in Beyond the
Reach. As this heated desert blockbuster comes
to DVD, we talk faking it to Hollywood, flying the
British flag stateside and leading the march in the
upcoming Stonewall movie with Jeremy Irvine

Life is anything but quiet for

this Cambridgeshire export. After
treading the boards in Londons
West End, he leapt to international
fame and has taken the bright lights
of Hollywood in his stride. But life
wasnt always this bright Jeremy,
tell us. After leaving university,
he snatched his first professional
job when he cheated his way
into an audition. My first break
actually came when I turned up
to an audition uninvited for the
Royal Shakespeare Company, he

I was hired on the Friday and

auditioned for War Horse on the
Monday. And then, this whole mad
experience started.
From stage to screen, Michael
Morpurgos original novel of War
Horse has ridden high for many
in live theatre, but adapting it for
screen was tough, Jeremy explains.
Well, nothing more than learning
how to ride a horse with just two
months of intensive training; which
he describes as very painful. No
guessing why. Although he assures

method acting stripes during his

preparation to film The Railway
Man, after eating little or no food for
almost two months, before moving
swiftly into the desert with film
Beyond The Reach.
And thats where he met his now
friend Michael Douglas. Taking
inspiration from Robb Whites
novel Deathwatch, Beyond the
Reach follows a dangerous
game of cat and mouse across
the Mojave Desert, in which his
character witnesses a murder by

explains. I somehow got the job

and was going on stage every night
to do what was really my hobby.
A little unsure of his future, Jeremy
explains that he was never sure if
it would work out on stage. Later,
after finishing his run in London, he
decided to try his luck at film.
With a little help from his friends,
Jeremy began filming his own
showreel in order to begin applying
for jobs. I spent time with a friend
until 3am most nights making it look
good, he laughs. Not afraid to dive
straight in, he then took his shiny
new work to agents in search of a
new direction. Laughing, if not a
little ashamed: I basically lied my
way in and it somehow worked.
Jeremys perseverance paid off
and Hollywood soon came calling.

us he did still have fun, but with his

feet firmly planted on the ground.
The horse was lovely, but riding
was another thing.
This is also where his first
professional encounter came with
cinema icon, Steven Spielberg.
When I first met him, I saw him as
this person who I grew up idolising.
As soon as you start working with
him, you realise why hes had such
an extraordinary career.
Very quickly, he becomes a
colleague and somewhat paternal
with you. He almost held my hand
and lead me through the whole
He later appeared in Charles
Dickens Great Expectations and A
Night in Old Mexico, among others.
Jeremy also earned some serious

Douglas character John Madec.

With the nearest town 45 miles
away, Jeremy, who plays rookie
tour guide Ben, fights to survive
the blistering heat and fight off
Madec in a sickening contest for
survival. Its going back to the
old fashioned writing that plays
two characters off each other, he
says. I remember when I read
the script, I hadnt read anything
like it. Thats a surprisingly rare
thing today.
Playing opposite a multi-award
winning icon is no mean feat.
Jeremy admits that he did, however,
have to pinch himself during
filming. Two months in the desert
with him and constantly thinking,
What could I learn? is kinda
what attracted me to the film. Hes



016-17 FIRST Irvine.indd 16

23/07/2015 16:45


incredibly playful in what hes doing

and he loves it. Its totally infectious.
One day, two hours in the desert, he
said to me, Hey man, wanna camp
out here tonight? And I was like,
YEAH! Sounds cool man. Hes a
pretty cool guy.
Following its cinematic release,
Jeremy tells us hes still in regular
contact with Michael, but hes trying
to play it cool where possible: I
try not to get in contact that much,
but, I still cant help but disbelieve
that Ive got him in my phonebook.
Another splash in the celebrity pool
for this Cambridgeshire lad.
But this British homeboy, who
admits he prefers the small village
life to the concrete streets of
Hollywood, takes it all in his stride.
I just treat it all like a laugh, really.
I take the work very seriously and
I get that it looks easy from the
outside, but it really isnt. But he
isnt afraid to remember the journey
hes been on: You have to work
fucking hard to do a good bit of
cinema and I just have to make sure
my bit is the best that I can do, and
be happy with that. And usually, Im
just happy to have been chosen to
give it a shot.
Later this year, Jeremy will lead
the march in the hotly-anticipated
Stonewall movie, which tells the
story of the events that inspired one
of the greatest changes in LGBT
rights the Stonewall riots.
The film will follow Jeremys
fictitious character Danny Winters,
who leads the rebellion fighting
for equality and change in 1969
New York.
It feels more than just a film,
so you have to approach it more
delicately, he says of his upcoming
role. Its based on real events and
is a subject matter thats the start of
the change; and thats why I think
its gonna be a pretty special piece
of cinema for this community. n
Stonewall the movie is due for release
in the autumn, @stonewall_movie,
Beyond the Reach is out on DVD now,

016-17 FIRST Irvine.indd 17


23/07/2015 16:45

fours company



Marvels first family are back
again. No more shirtless
Chris Evans heating up the
screen as the Human Torch
Foxs new reimagining of
Fantastic Four hits cinemas this
month and heralds a whole new
start and cast for the longrunning comic book series.
Fox also own the rights to all
things X-Men, so were hoping
they get in on the crossovers
the *other* Marvel Cinematic
Universe are so fond of...

Fat bottomed girls

...make the rockin world
go round. But youre
gonna need a record
player if you want to
make Queens next
release go round. The
band, of course fronted
by the late, great Freddie
Mercury, is releasing
Queen: The Studio
Collection which
includes each of the
bands 15 hit studio


018 FIRST Queen/Four.indd 18

albums, sourced from

original master tapes,
and pressed on glorious
heavyweight 180 gram
black vinyl. Theyve even
teamed up with Rega to
bring a special Queenbranded turntable, too.
If you want to listen
to the band like your
mum and dad used to
in the 70s, preorder
at studiocollection.

23/07/2015 17:10

0203 322 7075

GT449-003-034.indd 19

22/07/2015 17:49

Its the series that

made us laugh, cry
and laugh once again.
And it even taught us
a few things about
coming out in the
classroom along the
way. But with My Mad
Fat Diary now a closed
book, you can now
look across the much
loved series with a
special DVD boxset.
Including out favourite
chic geek turned uni
hunk, Archie, played
by actor Dan Cohen.
We couldnt resist
the chance to get the
schoolyard goss one
last time...

Playing a character described as

half-geek, half-rock god wasnt too
big a stretch for Dan Cohen. The geek
part is easy, admits the actor, who won
our hearts as the bespectacled Archie
on My Mad Fat Diary. Thats me all
over, but I strongly embrace the idea
that everyones a bit of a geek. Its just
another way of saying youre passionate
about a very specific thing.
To prove his point, the 29-year-old
Londoner goes into a spiel about his
love of movies in general, and director
Paul Thomas Anderson in particular. But
what about the rock god stuff? Another
laugh. I just trusted them to mostly do
that with camera angles and tricks like
slow motion.
They did a good job, making Archie
one of the most endearing characters
circling heroine Rae Earl [Sharon
Rooney] across the shows three series.
It recently ended its run and is out
this month on DVD, offering viewers
another chance to ogle Archie, and
for the actor himself to reflect on the
characters journey from sexuallyconfused teen to out-and-proud

020-21 FIRST Fat Diary.indd 20


23/07/2015 14:44


university-bound young gay man.

Did Dan see Archie as a role model?
I tried not to, he muses. I tried to
play him more as just a human being
and a person whos struggling with his
own stuff. I wanted to avoid playing him
in any sort of preachy way or making
any statements. To be honest, I havent
spoken to a lot of people about the effect
hes had as a character.
My Mad Fat Diary was his big break,
prior to which hed been in a band
and had only a couple of minor credits
on his acting CV, and he keeps a
low profile. Hes not on Twitter, just
Instagram. And I guess people are a
lot less vocal on there, but I know other
cast members have had nice things
said to them about Archie. If hes had a
positive affect then thats great.
Does he have any advice to young
people contemplating coming out?
Dan ponders before answering. Its
a difficult question because theres a
difference between having actually
done it and having acted it. Im hesitant
to say, From my experience because
I have no experience of doing it, but

Id say its a tough situation that should

be handled sensitively. People whore
thinking about coming out should, I
think, be brave and do what they feel is
right for them. I imagine each persons
experience is very different and very
specific, but your life will always be
much better and much happier if you feel
good about who you are as a person and
you feel honest about who you are.
Archie is certainly happier by the end
of series three. In the first series he was
very ashamed of his sexuality and he was
keeping it a secret, so it was nice to get to
play Archie as being more confident and
actively pursuing stuff rather than being
forced into situations.
Thus we got to see him go on an
awkward first date with a guy from
Raes record store that soon morphed
into a very raunchy second encounter,
which pleased Dan immensely. A lot
of decisions were made on his behalf.
He was kind of forced into things that
ended up being good for him but they
werent necessarily decisions hed made
for himself. Even his coming out was
instigated by Rae in the second series. So

it was nice to get to a point where he was

making decisions for himself, deciding
what he wants and figuring out who he
is. At the end, hes heading to university
with a lot more confidence not just about
his sexuality but about everything.
Thats the thing Dan most admired
about the character. Hes still only 18 or
19 and the confidence he finds in series
three is something I wish Id had at that
age, to go, I know exactly what I want
and Im gonna go for it.
Dan, who looks a good ten years
younger than his actual age, took a
little longer to find his calling. After
leaving university he played guitar in
a band and had a temp job at a music
PR company, stamping envelopes and
collecting news clippings, which bored
him senseless. Then around age 23
he read an article about an actor he
admired. The name eludes him now, but
he vividly remembers the effect it had
on him. Literally within 20 seconds of
reading it I decided I was going to apply
to drama school, went home and did it
that very day. Id always loved film and
TV and theatre, but I never had the balls
to go out and do it until I was older.
Does he regret not pursuing music as a
career? Dan doesnt hesitate. Im much
happier as an actor than I think I wouldve
been as a musician. I have friends
whore musicians and I dont imagine Id
enjoy that rhythm of life where youre
constantly touring or in a studio. He
laughs. Plus, I dont think I have the
skills. The very minor amount of singing
and guitar playing I did on this show was
just about as much as I can handle.
With My Mad Fat Diary done and
dusted, hes doing the rounds of
auditions. Saying goodbye to Archie
was pretty sad. When I shot my final
scene I remember thinking then, Enjoy
shooting this as a goodbye to Archie,
he says. But whats going to be really
weird is not doing the gang scenes. We
all got on really well and its going to be
weird not working with them again. He
sighs. Maybe in five years theyll do
some kind of reunion movie and we can
all get back together. n
My Mad Fat Diary series three is on All4 now. Series
1-3 are out now on DVD.

020-21 FIRST Fat Diary.indd 21


23/07/2015 14:44

bare necessities




West End Bares

takes off
Its the season of sunshine
and taking off and thats
exactly what were doing.
This year, to celebrate
the launch of West End
Bares, were joining the
much-loved charity event
as it raises money for the
MADTrust. Taking the
hottest performers from
across the West End and
mashing them together,
this years theme will see
us all get a little hot up top
and take off into the arms
of charity. Climb onboard
with GT for a first look
at exclusive photos and
video for the event on 20
September, via
West End Bares is an 18+ only event,
9:30pm and 12am,
@westendbares, @madtrust.

Fighting back New film Closets is an interesting

one. Mixing homophobia with, urm, time travel,
its a film about trying to change the views of
those whore unwilling to open their minds. When
16-year-old Harry is caught dancing in a dress
by his mother in 1986, he travels 30 years into the
future, where he meets teenager Ben in the same
bedroom. A friendship forged between the past
and the present day, the young gay teens join
forces to help them deal with lifes uncertain future.
Oh, and our pal Julie Hesmondhalgh is in it, too.
UK screening dates begin this September,


022 FIRST West/Closets.indd 22

23/07/2015 16:20

Free Remington
trimmer perfect for
summer manscaping!
Never miss an issue
Save 30% on the
cover price
Delivered to your door
before it hits the shops
Only 3 per issue



SUBS PAGE 2015 449.indd 23


23/07/2015 11:43


Hes a man with as

many talents as he has
different characters. As
actor Stephen Humpage
prepares to step onstage
at the Edinburgh Fringe
for his acclaimed oneman show Thief, he tells
us about his favourite
new character Sailor and
baring all on stage. Not
for the faint of heart...
On the first
in his new


Complete dread!
Followed by the
thought, What the
fuck am I doing

On his
of the new

Playing Sailor
is amazing!
Everything thats
horrible in the
world is wrapped
up in this volatile
man. Actors love
to play intense, full
on characters, and
theres literally none
better than Sailor.
He was raised
in brothels and
abandoned by his
mother as a child.
He attracts danger
and danger is what
he relishes Or
does he?

On Sailors

Even though Sailor

portrays himself
as someone you
wouldnt want to
cross, he has a
colossal amount of
vulnerability and,
a year on, Im still
discovering things
about him. Thats
uplifting and its
hugely rewarding
to play a role that
has such an impact
on audiences. I
love it when theyre
still debating about
what theyve just
witnessed in the bar

On the Sailors
take on life
and sex...
Sexuality is
never a thing I


024 FIRST Theif.indd 24




use to identify
myself. Being gay/
or anything, to me
is just like being
blonde, or having
a favourite flavour
of crisps. Its just a
part of who I am; a
man, who happens
to be gay, is an
actor, with brown
hair, and who has
a fondness for salt
and vinegar crisps.

On expected
nudity on

Everything is
on show and
everything is being
scrutinised. That
was something
I had to become
comfortable with
quickly, so that I
didnt worry about
it. I look forward
to that scene now
because, ultimately,
its not me the
audience see, its

On gay

It doesnt matter
if its a man or
woman, or two
men, or two
women standing
up declaring their
love; weddings
should be fun.
And as everyone
knows, we gays
know how to throw
a party. So, now we
are married. Its a
tremendous feeling
and achievement to
be able to say that.
---------Thief runs from
6-30 August,
8pm, at Sweet
Venues (Venue
18), Grassmarket,
Edinburgh. Tickets
via from edfringe.
com, @steveo597.

23/07/2015 17:35



Get the latest Hot Tips for your wedding from Britains
top people in the know. Find everything you need to help
you organise, plan & design your wedding on Venues, Photographers, Cakes, Suits,
Stationery, Transport, Jewellers, Entertainment. We have it all.
Free wedding advice hot line 08003357570.


wedding1.indd 1 25

24/06/2015 10:47




Whos the most beautiful man of all?

Well, apparently its not us AGAIN.
The third issue of man madness
magazine that is The Most Beautiful
Man In The World has just been
released, and once again living up to
its name the team have slaved away
travelling the globe to track down,
yes, the most beautiful men in the
world. Its a hard life, dear reader. n

Safety made sexy Always

primed and ready for action, you
can now find the iconic Tom of
Finland on a range of, urm, fire
blankets. Yes, really. Thanks to
the Tom of Finland Foundation
and Finnish fire safety company
Jalo Helsinki, you can take your
pick from The Leader, The Hero,
The Dog or The Aviator. And hey,
if everythings under control in
the kitchen, at least youll have
something nice to look at. n


026 FIRST Man/Finland.indd 26

23/07/2015 16:22

Some people need

renovation or retouching, some
are pretty perfect apparently,
some are in need of a polish
and some are just as found.

We believe wonderful and

extraordinary things are much
the same
7173 Lots Road, Chelsea, London SW10 0RN

T: +44 (0)20 7376 6800 E:
GT449-003-034.indd 27

23/07/2015 10:47

Shes the
Australian Idol
contestant thats
now the first lady
of drag Down
Under. Resting
on anything but
pretty, we catch
her in the act
with our sweetie
jar of random
question. Shantay,
you stay. This is
Courtney Act


028-29 FIRST Sweetie.indd 28


22/07/2015 15:06


Whats the most embarrassing

moment of your career? When my
right testicle popped out doing a
fan kick on stage. I believe theres a
video online
Whats your campest moment
ever? Theres this one time in
Barcelona. [Laughs] It was 6am
and we werent allowed to put
any music on. But there was a
kids pool, so I stripped down
to my bathing suit, in drag, and
proceeded to sing pop songs
for a group of about 40 mean
gays. I basically just entertained
everybody by splashing around
singing for like two hours until we
were allowed to turn the music
back on.
Whos your biggest crush?
[Pauses] Ahhh, well. It was James
Franco, but now its Russell Brand.
I read his book Revolution and I fell
in love with his mind.
Whats your guilty pleasure?
Justin Biebers Instagram.
If there was to be Courtney Act:
The Movie who would play
you? Well Itd have to be a boy
dressed as a girl, because I just
recently found myself criticising
a film in Australia with a trans
character being played by a real
female. Not that Im trans. Whod
play me Maybe Justin Bieber?
I think hes a bit too masc now
though. So, maybe Ellen?
What characteristic do you most
like about yourself? Im a bit of a
Pollyanna, which can go both ways,
but I definitely like it.
Whats the one essential thing
you have to take on holiday with
you? Probably moisturiser.
Ellen or Oprah? Oh, totally
Whats your hidden talent? My
talent when I was 14 was putting my
penis between my legs and going,
Look everyone, Im a girl! I
realised that Id one day turn it into
a profitable vocation.
Whats the rudest word that you
know? Probably cunt. I dont know

028-29 FIRST Sweetie.indd 29

if theres a ruder word?

What would you call your
autobiography? Boys Like Me.
Which reality TV show do you
most want to go on? Dancing
with the Stars.
Would you rather have no teeth
or no hair? Erm, no hair, because
I can wear wigs. I mean, I guess
you can wear dentures It works
for Bianca Del Rio. [Laughs
Three words that describe you
first thing in the morning are
Puffy, tired, but usually happy.
If you could only eat one food for
the rest of your life what would
that be? Broccoli, cos I like green
things. Especially when travelling,
I just need to eat broccoli.
Whats the one film you can
quote every line from? Spice
World! [Laughs]
Whats the last thing you read
about yourself on the internet?
Oh, God! I made the mistake today
of going to the RuPauls Drag Race
fan page on Facebook. Someone
on there was saying I was boring:
Shes pretty, but shes boring.
Whats the most expensive item
that youve ever bought? Does my
working visa for the US count?
Are you in love? Nope.
If you could change one thing
about your physical appearance,
what would that be? Erm An
extra couple of inches wouldnt
hurt, would it? [Laughs]
Your favourite song to sing in
the shower is? Losing My Mind
by Stephen Sondheim. A total
Bernadette Peters moment.
Kylie, Madonna or Gaga?
[Sighs heavily] Im gonna say
Argh! [Pauses] Gaaagaaa? Cant
I choose all of them? All three! I
cant decide. Just an orgy of pop
divas for me.
Who was the last person to see
you naked? A boy. A straight
identifying boy from the midwest
of America. I dont know if were
still dating but we were for about
six months. [Laughs] I think when

I see him, hell see me naked

Double denim amazing or
awful? On other people, amazing! I
just dont know if Im cool enough to
make denim fetch.
Have you ever thrown a diva
strop? Erm I feel like I have, but
maybe I blocked it out. Im a good
girl really.
Whats the best bit of advice
youve ever been given? You need
to think of drag as a strength, not a
Whats your least favourite TV
show? Ive never seen a Real
Housewives. So either that, or
sport. I hate sport.
Whats the worst date youve ever
been on? I actually havent really
been on that many dates. Im a drag
queen, that doesnt happen to us
often. [Laughs]
How many hours sleep a night
do you need? I need eight, Id love
ten, but I only usually get four.
Do you worry about your
weight? Actually, yes. Which I
know is kinda ridiculous. I think
that everybody does a little bit. I
certainly do now Im in my 30s. Its
not as consistent as it was in my
20s, sadly.
Whats the strangest thing
that youve ever put in your
mouth? Vagina! [Laughs] There
was this one time, a hot straight
male German model, my very
beautiful lesbian friend and
her girlfriend were taking him
home, and asked if I wanted to
come. I ended up having sex with
his girlfriend while myself and
the two lesbians had a lesbian
threesome as he watched.
And finally whats the one word
that people use to incorrectly
describe you? Pretty is ALWAYS
one that I find reductive. I like to
feel, especially if you watch my live
show, that people see that theres
many more faces to Courtney Act
than just pretty.
Courtneys album Kaleidoscope is out now,, @courtneyact


23/07/2015 10:22






refer to me as the gay Tory,
nothing else, Ivan Massow says,
recalling the 1999 Conservative
Party conference where he
chaperoned Margaret Thatcher.
Ivan joined the Tories a year
after Section 28 was introduced,
because I wanted to change them
from the centre. A decade or so of
high profile coverage came from it;
the idea of a gay Tory perplexing
both the establishment and its
opposition. This year he threw his
hat in the ring for Mayor of London.
Hes not the only out person
running for major political office.
Angela Eagle, the first lesbian to
be elected, and Ben Bradshaw, the
first gay man to be selected and
elected, are both running for deputy
leader of the Labour Party. Its
barely a generation since these MPs
overcame the homophobia of some
to be elected. Now the tables could
be about to turn is Britain ready to
be run by gay people?
In this race [for Mayor of London],
Id prefer to be gay than not, Ivan
candidly admits. I cant see any
disadvantage, to be honest, and
I think it helps you to understand
people whore in minorities and

030-31 NEWS Analysis.indd 30

their issues. In London, its a

patchwork of all sorts of different
minorities in some senses theyre
really the majority and being gay
means I can understand their plight.
Ive got friends who say they
wish they were gay! I dont think
theyre LGBT, but there are so many
schemes and things to help get gay
people into Goldman Sachs, the city,
places like that, that it can almost be
a lot easier to get on if youre gay.
Which it certainly wasnt back when
I was starting out.
But as anybody whos lived in
rural Britain will know, social
attitudes can be slow to shift.
While it might be OK for a guy
to cavort through Shoreditch in
hot pants, hand-in-hand with his
boyfriend, the same display in a
rural Devonshire Post Office might
frighten the locals to death.
Back in 1997, that was the
experience of Ben Bradshaw
minus the hot pants, of course. He
was pitted against one of the most
ferocious homophobes in the British
media, standing for election in
Exeter. He was just the resident
rent-a-homophobe at the time,
constantly on the radio and TV
giving his awful views, Ben recalls.

Dr Adrian Rogers described

homosexuality as a sterile, disease
ridden, God-forsaken occupation
during the election. The ridicule
of his sexuality was constant, but
it never phased Ben who has just
been elected for the fifth time. Dr
Rogers, incidentally, gained hardly
100 votes at this years elections,
now standing as a UKIP candidate.
Standing for deputy leader of the
Labour Party, its just not an issue
now. Not one person has raised the
issue in a negative way. We had
a hustings recently and someone
asked about advancing LGBT rights,
and all the candidates had obviously
thought hard about the issue. Thats
where British politics is these days.
The same position is being
contested for by Angela Eagle.
She came out in 1998 while a
government minister, after six years
on the green benches. I decided
that if I were to be expelled for
coming out which, of course, had
happened to the only other lesbian
whod come out, in the 1970s then
that would be it. I went to John
Prescott, and I told him about me
being a lesbian, and he looked at
me and went: Was that it? Tell me
something I dont know love!

23/07/2015 13:18


Ben Bradshaw

030-31 NEWS Analysis.indd 31

I then went to Chris Smith for

some advice, because hed come
out as gay in 1984, and he didnt
believe me! Theres something
about gay men I dont think they
believe lesbians are real.
Either of these candidates could
go on to become Deputy Prime
Minister of the United Kingdom,
making them one of the most
high-profile gay politicians in the
world. Thereve been just three
openly gay leaders before them
though Ivan Massow insists thats
untrue, Everyone knows Edward
Heath was and they could hold
real influence.
I hope the community would be
proud of me, Angela says. I think
it would show there isnt prejudice
these days. You know, I was asked
what the tabloid press would attack
me for if elected, and I said, Im a
socialist, a feminist, a vegetarian
and a lesbian. I even bake my own
bread. So theres plenty for them to
go on before my sexuality.
I just dont accept being gay
would stop someone from being
Prime Minister, Ben Bradshaw
says. Not having the right
message and not engaging with
the electorate is what stops people
from becoming Prime Minister, not
sexuality, not now.
Ivan ardently agrees. It could
alienate some people, but I think
itd also attract ten times as many. I
think the idea would actually quite
appeal to lots of voters; they like the
idea of progress. Being gay or black
or posh or Jewish, theres always
something someone can attack you
for, but ultimately you have to work
past those labels.
With British politics as
unpredictable as it is, who knows
when well see one of us walk into
Downing Street. But its never been
closer. Angela, Ben and Ivan are
the first to put themselves forward
for such high office. They may not
succeed, but their trying could just
inspire someone who will to take
the chance. n


23/07/2015 13:18



Big Brother stars Danny
Wisker and Marc ONeill
got in bother for using
faggot on Twitter. But
their friends were quick
to defend them as just
having a laugh. As the
debate rages on, we ask if
its ever really acceptable
to use the F word.
Silly banter Mario The Mole Mugan

Mario is Dannys friend and was a contestant on series 11 of Big

Brother. He tweets at @supermariomugan.

As usual Big Brother is creating controversy with

housemates Danny and Marc using anti-gay words
such as faggot on their Twitter accounts.
Naturally, this has caused uproar and both parties
being branded homophobic. In todays age of hypersensitivity, I do feel that social media can and does
get taken out of context, with virtual witch hunts
becoming commonplace.
I know Danny on a personal level and hes not
homophobic in the slightest. During our time
filming, we shared everything from meals to beds
and had a great laugh. Wed always make a joke of it
that he was taking me to bed after a nights shooting.
When out socialising, hed refer to me as his wifey.
The fact is a lot of straight men use inappropriate/
sexist/racist words, which they shouldnt, but they
do. Its just how they are. We live in an age where the
modern man is metrosexual to the extreme and a lot
of straight men still use what would be described as
gay slurs as an affirmation of their heterosexuality,
albeit a totally misguided way of affirming it.
They use words such as fag as a way of challenging
each other in their pecking order, and name calling
has long been used as means of peer bonding. Yes, the
words can be negative, but it doesnt mean they hate/
fear/persecute any particular portion of society.
My friends have lots of things they call me and each
other when we go out drinking and its part of their
banter. But if anyone I didnt know tried to abuse or
threaten me, theyd be the first to fiercely defend me.
And that doesnt apply to just straight men. If
anything, I hear more negative gay words when Im out
on the scene than around any of my straight friends.
Just at London Pride recently, the words poofter
queeny and queer were thrown around quite a lot
and, again, it was in humour among friends. Does that
suddenly make them all homophobic?
One word said on Twitter doesnt make someone
homophobic; it just makes them look silly. n

032 NEWS Debate.indd 32

Unacceptable Matt Horwood

Matt is a communications officer at Stonewall. He tweets at

@matthewhorwood, while Stonewall tweets at @stonewalluk.

Lets talk about homophobia.

Homophobia, and the fear of it, is all around us. Its
telling your grandparents youve not got a girlfriend
because youre still enjoying being single. Its
trolls on Twitter who use sexual orientation as a
means of insulting celebrities they dont like. Its
not being able to hold your partners hand while
walking down the street. Its the bullies who isolate
and intimidate the boy in their year group whos
been labelled as gay. Its the 75,000 young people
who were bullied for being gay last year. And the
21,000 of those who attempted suicide.
And it isnt always direct. Or, in fact, intentional.
Homophobic banter is an issue in our workplaces
and in our sports. Ninety-nine per cent of young
people have heard thats so gay or youre so gay
used as an insult in their schools.
Straight privilege means that for those who arent
attracted to the same-sex, none of the above are
barriers they face in their day to day lives. And that
privilege does mean that even people who fully
support the gay community can slip up. It happens.
Whether someone is a homophobe is different to
whether someone has said or done something thats
homophobic. Faggot is a homophobic slur. So is
fag. And so is gay boy. I dont think anyone would
disagree with that. Using those words to describe a
friend doesnt change that. Nor does using them to
describe someone straight.
Id encourage Danny and Marc to recognise that
this sort of language is unacceptable, perpetuates
homophobia and is offensive to gay people and,
potentially, anyone who isnt homophobic.
Stonewall doesnt shut its doors to people who
make mistakes and want to move on. Were here for
people who want to learn. If Danny and Marc ever
wants to swing by for a coffee, to talk about how
they can help us tackle discrimination and prejudice
head on, our doors are always open n

22/07/2015 15:07

makes you move

Staying active has never been as fun and easy.
Climb the stairs. Ride the waves. Go for a run.
Polar Loop tracks all your moves and shows how
theyre good for you. With your smart bracelet,
mobile app and web service, reaching your daily activity
goal is a breeze.


Discover more

GT449-003-034.indd 33





034-35 NEWS Gilbert Baker.indd 34

22/07/2015 15:09


His scientific research

has helped save the
lives of millions of
cancer patients and
hes still only 18-yearsold. When it comes to
celebrating heroes, we
cant think of anyone
more worthy than gay
scientist Jack Andraka

much higher odds of surviving. He gave

his results at a TED talk in 2013, when he
was 15-years-old. The one thing Jack wants
people to know about him is that hes faced
resistance. I wasnt just this superhuman
person who got immediately accepted
into a lab. I did get rejections, and some of
them were pretty harsh, and not everyone
believed in me at first. This is something
that he reveals in his book Breakthrough,
which he co-wrote with Matthew Lysiak.
Im here to show that youll go through
hardship like I went through I got knocked

who are in the science community.

He also exposes the role that the
media plays in shaping perceptions of
important LGBT figures. There are a lot
of stereotypes that are perpetuated by
media about the LGBT community, where
typically those LGBT people whore in
the media are either an actor or fashion
designer or things like that. In his own
experience, Jack feels that the media have
glossed over his sexuality: I feel that
they kind of washed out [the gay] aspect of
me, but Im glad for the media exposure.


measured in their fame and fortune, but
rather how many lives they positively
impacted. Thats what Im really aiming for
here. Jack Andrakas journey has barely
begun, but hes already changing the
world for the better.
Aged just 18, Jack has received a number
of honours for his prominence as an openly
gay scientist; placing on both the Out100
and The Advocates 40 Under 40 lists.
Jack has also been granted a National
Geographic Emerging Explorer award,
giving him funding for his research, which
currently involves exploring the uses of
nanorobotics in the treatment of cancers.
All this has been going on while Jack races
to finish the last of his high school work,
before starting university.
It can be stressful sometimes, he admits.
Im still learning time management, so
sometimes Ill procrastinate. Having
revolutionised the detection of pancreatic
cancer which could potentially saving
thousands of lives by his 15th birthday,
we dont think procrastination is something
Jack has to worry about.
When a close family friend died of
pancreatic cancer, Jack sought to improve
the diagnosis procedure for the disease.
Before he stepped in, 85% of pancreatic
cancer diagnoses occurred when the patient
had a 2% chance of survival. His research
led him to the discovery of a new test that
is almost 100% accurate and can detect the
disease much earlier when the patient has

down a lot of times but you can still go out

there and succeed.
Jacks personal hardship relates to his
public coming out at age 13. His school
career was tainted by homophobic
bullying from students and teachers alike.
Jack admits: My teachers would publicly
humiliate me and my classmates would
laugh about it. Some five years later,
things have turned around for Jack. He
begins his studies at Stanford University
in the autumn with an extensive group of
friends. I already know a bunch of people
going in. Im going in with at least 30
friends, so itll be super fun.
However, Jacks previous feelings
of ostracisation could resurface if he
continues in the scientific world. As an
openly gay scientist, hes a member of an
alarmingly small group. Jack is one of only
three scientists included on the 2013 OUT
100 list, and the only other gay scientist
he knows by name is Alan Turing. Jack
recalls attending science competitions
where entrants from other countries would
nonchalantly tell him that gay people face
execution in their homelands.
In terms of visibility of the gay
community, its next to none in my opinion,
he comments. For Jack, increased LGBT
visibility in the sciences should come from
both within the community and beyond.
All too often, Jack feels like the LGBT
community doesnt really highlight out
scientists. The first step to that is having
the LGBT community promote the members

Nevertheless, Jack insists that he doesnt

consider his sexuality to be important in his
scientific career: I see myself as a scientist
first and then gay.
In order to change the way young people
both gay and straight view the sciences,
Jack feels strongly about reforming the way
schools teach STEM [Science, Technology,
Engineering, Mathematics]. We teach
science as this very cold, hard discipline
thats only facts and theories, he argues.
Its kind of like a bulimic learning
model, where we try and cram as much
information down kids throats as possible
to have them puke it up on a test and then
forget. Jacks suggestion to revolutionise
STEM education is for the children to put
down the textbooks and get their hands
dirty by engaging in more hands-on
exploration of the world around us.
For a young man whose own exploration
has already changed our world, Jack is
continuing to push himself as he begins
the next phase of his career at university.
Where does he see himself in ten years?
Probably graduating from med school.
I want to become an oncologist or a
We have no doubt that with everything
Jack has already achieved, hell continue
to push boundaries in the vanguard of
LGBT scientists. We look forward to the
journey. n

034-35 NEWS Gilbert Baker.indd 35

Jacks book Breakthrough: How One Teen Innovator is

Changing the World is out now,,, @jackandraka


22/07/2015 15:09

[benjamin cohen]

I have to admit,
I was being a
little mischievous
when I asked the former Liberal
Democrat health minister
Norman Lamb if there should
be gay or lesbian characters
in Peppa Pig. Hed been telling
PinkNews about the need for more
LGBT characters in childrens
programming and I wanted to test
how far hed go.
I also knew that itd make his
PinkNews Lib Dem leadership
interview more newsworthy
even though Norman lost out in the
leadership race to Tim Farron.
As a true liberal, Norman of
course said that there should
be no limits on where LGBT
issues are discussed and that it
was important for LGBT people
to be seen across all television
Cue predictable outrage from
the Daily Mail, which immediately
interpreted the PinkNews story as
meaning that Norman thought that
Peppa herself should be a lesbian,
and I was duly asked if Id go in
front of the cameras to defend the
concept on the BBC.

036 COLUMN Ben Cohen.indd 36

As I sat waiting to go on the air, I

realised why Peppa Pig was most
definitely the right place for LGBT
characters to appear, as I thought
about the biggest Peppa Pig fan I
know my almost three-year-old
niece Isabelle.
Isabelle has two gay uncles,
myself and my boyfriend, whom
she calls Uncle Anthony. She also
has two gay grandmas, as my
brother-in-laws mum Naomi is
gay. She calls one nan and the
other nona, as Naomis partner
Gill is from an Italian family.
Isabelle thinks nothing of the
fact that some people in her life
are in same-sex relationships and
was telling me how she thought
her one-year-old sister Amelie
will marry a girl, not a boy.
Its imperative that Isabelle
sees families that reflect her own
family structures on television.
This doesnt mean that Peppa
herself should be coming out
as a three-year-old lesbian
pig or announcing that shes
transgender, but rather one of
Peppas friends could have two
mummies or two daddies. It could
just be an incidental part of a


made now
to very
about the
of samesex
will do
much to
the way
behave as
they grow




storyline, but itd normalise samesex relationships in the eyes of so

many of her generation.
The likelihood is that most
children will think nothing of
it. Most children are inherently
not racist, sexist, homophobic
or transphobic. They basically
just see a person, without
labels or judgements. Its only
as they grow up and become
aware of societal prejudice that
we risk homophobia, racism
and the like.
Strong messages made now to
very young children about the
absolute normality of same-sex
couples will do much to change
the way they behave as they grow
up, the first generation whove
always lived in a society where
LGBT rights are enshrined in law.
Theres a second benefit too,
because very young children are
by no means the only viewers of
Peppa Pig. I can vouch for that
its almost impossible to see
my niece without being inflicted
to at least three episodes of the
programme either on a DVD
or on my iPhone, which she
instructs me to use to find clips
of the aforementioned Peppa on
In reality, many, many, parents
and grandparents, some of
whom themselves may have a
lack the proper awareness and
understanding about same-sex
relationships, will be watching too.
If they see their little child
or grandchild smiling along
as Peppa meets a gay couple,
theyll hopefully realise too that
theres no reason to be scared
about the prospect of their own
child becoming gay, or their gay
neighbours marrying and having
children of their own.
Who knew that Peppa Pig, of
all things, could herald a new
age of equality? I sincerely hope
the producers will
consider making this a
reality. n

22/07/2015 15:10

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22/07/2015 17:54

He was plucked from

the West End stage
and turned into a bona
fide EastEnder. And
in just a few short
months, Jonny Labey
has become one of the
hottest young acting
talents on telly. It was
somewhat inevitable,
then, that hed turn
up on the cover of GT.
Gentlemen, for your
viewing pleasure,
heeeeeeres Jonny


038-46 FEAT Jonny Labey.indd 38

22/07/2015 15:12



038-46 FEAT Jonny Labey.indd 39


22/07/2015 15:12

ts hard to believe, isnt it? That
people are still reacting negatively
to two blokes kissing on screen?
When Lord Michael Cashman
locked lips with Gary Hailes as Colin
and Barry in EastEnders in 1986,
it led to lurid national headlines,
hate mail and even questions being
asked in Parliament. Things arent
quite that bad in 2015, but when
Jonny Labeys Paul Coker shared
a kiss with Ben Mitchell, played
by Harry Reid, in June, it sent
bigoted trolls into meltdown with
homophobic comments springing up
all over social media.
No matter what the storyline is,
therell be a backlash, Jonny tells
us quite matter-of-factly, as we
start our interview. Were pulling
no punches and going in with the
heavy stuff. It was all very positive,
I thought, but it wasnt until I got
curious and started nosing around
that I found the negative ones. But it
doesnt matter if its a rape storyline
or a murder; theres always people
that are affected by them. It doesnt
matter if its gay or not, theres
people that dont agree or arent
comfortable watching.
Its a diplomatic approach to
take, but maybe Jonnys cavalier
attitude towards it all is thanks to the


038-46 FEAT Jonny Labey.indd 40

thousands and thousands of fans on

Twitter who shot the trolls down for
their antiquated views.
There were fans writing stuff
like, Its 2015, you need to move
on from this stupid discrimination
against gay men! People wouldve
been fine if it was a guy and a girl
At one point, someone online
asked Jonny to object to soap
storylines that are lead by sexuality.
He quickly jumped to the defence of
his characters choices. With Paul,
hes very outgoing and forward,
so as a gay character, thats what
he wouldve done! He cant dull
things down because people arent
comfortable with it, he riles.
Thats just him.
But when youre asked to lock lips
with another fella in front of millions
of viewers, and on your very first TV
job no less, surely theres going to
be a bit of nerves?
It doesnt faze me in the
slightest, Jonny proclaims, and I
know a lot of gay men, so it doesnt
bother me. After a few schoolboy
chuckles and those rosy cheeks
brightening, he adds: A kiss is a
kiss, it doesnt really matter if its
between a man or a woman.
Its going to take more than a few
keyboard warriors with more time
on their hands than sense to wipe
the smile off Jonnys face, though.
Hes grinning from ear to ear
during every second of our shoot
dressed in jeans and an open shirt,
continuously touching and adjusting
his long curly locks and you cant
help but feel his happiness exude
from every pore of his chiselled
body. Yes, he has abs. Lots of them.
But well get to that a bit later.
Jonny Labey came fresh to our
screens from the glittering lights
of Londons West End. But even
though hes a musical theatre
graduate, hes anything but a
stranger to the screen, appearing
in LGBT film Soft Lad this year.
His EastEnders journey began
late last year, and Jonny soon found

22/07/2015 15:12




038-46 FEAT Jonny Labey.indd 41


22/07/2015 15:12






038-46 FEAT Jonny Labey.indd 42

22/07/2015 15:12


038-46 FEAT Jonny Labey.indd 43


22/07/2015 15:12



038-46 FEAT Jonny Labey.indd 44

22/07/2015 15:12


himself, script in hand, on the world

famous Albert Square.
For that whole day, youre at
home, waiting for the phone to
ring, he explains, when we ask him
about first hearing hed secured
the role of Paul. And when it did
finally happen, this Jersey-born
boy celebrated the arrival of his
upcoming Walford adventure in true
style. I got the call, hung up and
shyly walked into the living room
and announced that I was gonna
be on EastEnders, he laughs. We
opened a bottle of champagne that
night, thats for sure
He likens his first day on the set to
a first day at school: Its massive,
its so huge, its COLOSSAL!
Seriously, this kid is excited,
rekindling his delightful smile
that still screams Is this really

programming, with an aftershock

that ripples throughout the entire
Square. The BBC even received
complaints after a scene between
the pair in a funeral parlour. Paul is
excited by Ben, explains Jonny. But
Ben, played by the aforementioned
Harry, is battling an unwanted
relationship with character Abi all
while trying to hide his sexuality
from his dad.
With such a large part of Jonnys
time on screen spent with his costar Harry, chemistry and a little
sexual tension is a total must for the
lovers. The pair first met during
Jonnys penultimate audition and
hit it off from the start. But casting
a young actor in a national soap
opera is a tough choice for the BBC
casting team. It was important for
the creatives on the show to see

A kiss is a kiss, it doesnt

really matter if its between
a man or a woman. It doesnt
faze me in the slightest
happening?! EastEnders is
something thats been going for
years, and has such a phenomenal
following. But it wasnt until Id been
there a while and it started going on
screen that it was weird watching
it all back again. Thinking about
the millions and millions of people
watching it Thats when you start
to realise the size of it all.
And for us as an audience, we
certainly saw a lot more of Jonny
than even hed first expected. The
first two weeks were unbelievable,
he says. I had a topless scene, a
crying scene, an argument and a
kissing scene. It all went off!
Hes certainly lit a few fuses
since first stepping in front of the
cameras. But the biggest one he lit
was when he caught the eye of the
soap baddie Phil Mitchells son,
Ben. Its a storyline thatll dominate
the next few weeks of EastEnders

038-46 FEAT Jonny Labey.indd 45

some sort of chemistry between us

from the start and see if we clicked.
On a mental level, as well as a
professional one on screen.
Jonny and Harry are both
unaware at this point where their
characters choices will take
them, or if Ben will ever be able to
tell the truth about his sexuality.
Wanting to remain with the show
for the foreseeable future, Jonny
confesses that decision is down to
the audiences reaction to Paul.
But one audience he doesnt want
to rub the wrong way is the gay
one. Jonny has a level head on his
shoulders, and is quick to point
out that Paul and Ben are going
on completely unique journeys
theyre not representing the gay
community as a whole.
Were not representing gay
men in general, he starts, thats
something were certainly not


22/07/2015 15:12



doing. What were representing

is people that felt uncomfortable
coming out to their parents. This
is just the story of two gay men,
and that story for us is that Ben is
uncomfortable in coming out, and
its the reaction of people whore
wanting him to come out.
Yet such a daunting task comes
with great responsibility: Its such
a huge topic and with everyones
story being different, theres an
element of being proud to show
these two characters stories, and
hopefully help others, when and if
Ben finally makes the decision to
come out.
But despite his nervous
disposition, the honour is still very
much his: You feel privileged to
be trusted with that, with such a
huge audience watching.
When we start to discuss the
power behind soaps on telly,
and the influence they have on
those that switch on nightly, Jonny
refers back to a now-famous quote
from his colleague Kellie Bright

038-46 FEAT Jonny Labey.indd 46

who spoke at the Soap Awards:

Actually, thats the funny thing
about soaps, he begins to explain,
Kellie said they have more
power than all the politicians
put together, and because of
that, when you do storylines like
this one now; suddenly theres
a lot of onus put onto the actors
But its not all fighting the
good fight and trying to make
a difference in the world. Jonny
originally started on his career
path because he wanted to have a
job where theyd allow me to have
long hair. The locks, all Jonnys
own, are usually a little shorter
than we see each weekday at 8pm,
which is all very new for him.
And while were talking about
aesthetics, we cant not talk about
the body. After a quick flash and
readjustment, and our focus back
up to his face, Jonny discusses
something called a gym and how
hes quite fitness prone anyway.
At this point, we finally found a

thing to dislike.
As we begin to end our chat,
talk turns to the future for both
Jonny and his character. With an
exciting future ahead for Paul, his
relationship with Ben will move
through some difficult challenges
as they face off against their
own inner demons in true soap
fashion, of course. But Jonnys
hopeful that, regardless of the
struggles, the pair are able to
make a change to a viewers life;
for good. From fights, struggles
and the inevitable kisses, it seems
nothing is quite off bounds for this
Jersey boy turned soap star. When
we ask him if theres any limits to
stop him from reaching his goals,
that infectious smile spreads
across his face again, he leans
forwards and tells us: Im willing
to do whatever.
Jonny Labey, youre our kinda
guy. n
EastEnders, weeknights, 8pm, BBC One,
@jonnylabey, @bbceastenders

22/07/2015 15:13


SOHO 5-7 Brewer Street, Soho, London, W1F 0RF, 020 7734 4031
BRIGHTON 112-113 St Jamess Street, Brighton, BN2 1TH, 01273 683 680

449 barcode.indd 247

21/07/2015 14:54

Life behind
bars reaches
a whole new
level for the
inmates of
Wentworth, as
series three
cements the
as the best
drama on
Yes, were
going there

Bea Smith
Danielle Cormack


048-52 FEAT Wentworth.indd 48

22/07/2015 15:14


Are you aware of how popular

the show is world-wide? Yes, its
reaching out to many countries by
way of social media and its gaining
some amazing traction. There was
the initial swell of Prisoner fans in
Australia that were eager to watch
Wentworth and see how it was. But
in other parts of the world, where
Prisoner was never broadcast,
Wentworth has now got a following
and its standing on its own.
Do you appreciate what great
television youre making? Ive yet
to view it through those eyes. I find it
hard to be objective about projects
Im part of because Im part of the
inner mechanics behind it. But Im
genuinely overwhelmed by the
shows popularity. We have a healthy
regard for the characters whove
now been recast by these legendary
actresses and have divorced
ourselves from the original.
Did you watch Prisoner as a kid?
I did, but I was so young I cant tell
you any of the storylines. I certainly
remember the tone of the show
and the position of the characters
Bea being top dog and Lizzie
chain smoking and wisecracking.
And I remember it was set in an
environment I found intriguing.
Back in New Zealand, Id come
home from primary school and it
was on TV at 2.45pm. Other kids
were watching Play School and I
was watching Bea shanking people!
What similarities do Wentworth
and Prisoner share? Prisoner was
groundbreaking and towed some
pretty controversial lines. I like to
think we too are groundbreaking
and exploring themes that havent
been seen before on television.
Would you be up for a Wentworth
fan convention? I just did
Xena: Warrior Princesss 30th
anniversary convention in LA
[Danielle played Queen Ephiny]
and now Im in the world of
Wentworth conventions. Doing that
kind of thing is all part and parcel
of playing a character. If people
werent watching the shows, our

048-52 FEAT Wentworth.indd 49

shows wouldnt get commissioned.

And without them commissioned I
dont have a job.
Whats your experience been of
Wentworths gay fan base? Some
of this seasons storylines deal
with gay relationships and themes
of intimacy in same-sex couples,
whether theyre gay or not. So
Im not surprised it has a big gay
following as there are themes a
gay audience can relate to. A lot of
people tag me on social media and,
in this season, it seems like theyve
really responded to the relationship
between Franky and Bridget. So
its obvious the storylines that
are being responded to are gaythemed. People really love Franky;
shes incredibly sexy.
Have you seen a drag queen Bea
Smith yet? The other day I was
told theres a Wentworth drag show
in Melbourne with Bea and Franky.
I communicated with them online
and said, Oh My God you guys, I
love it. The wonder of social media
is I get to converse with fans and
show my appreciation for their
How does your drag queen
compare? Shes way more
beautiful! Im hoping the show
is still going when we go to
Melbourne to film next. Id love to
be a guest one night because Ive
done a bit of drag in the past.
Youve been an activist for equal
marriage in Australia Yes and
Im bloody hoping they pass a bill
in August, which I think is a kneejerk reaction to whats happened
in the States but a great one! Its
ludicrous to me that law even exists.
I feel a genuine compassion for
people who dont have the open
mindedness to see it should be
equal. I feel sorry for you if you
live in such a microscopic fucking
world. I was fortunate to grow up
in a liberal environment where my
parents surrounded themselves
with people of all different agendas
and backgrounds and ages. Its a
monumental time. n

Were you a fan

of the original
Prisoner Cell
Block H? I was
a teenager when
it was on, but we
werent allowed to
watch it because
my mum thought it
was too violent. I
was one of seven
kids and wed open
the doors of the
lounge just enough
to poke our little
heads through and
watch Bea burning
peoples heads
under the steam
press. I remember
thinking it was a
scary show and
quite dark. When
I heard they were
doing a remake I
contacted my agent
and said Id like to
And thankfully
they made Liz
much younger
this time around
and much more
beautiful! Series
one was a clever
reimagining of
Prisoner and, by
two and three, its
really become its
own show. Some
of the original fans
have enjoyed that
weve given a nod
to Prisoner, but
the writers have
pushed it beyond
Do you enjoy
your limited
wardrobe of, well,
just tracksuits?
Theyre a great
relief because you

can eat a hearty

lunch and you
never feel it as
you have these
fabulously loose
pants on! I wear
next to no makeup so my time
in the make-up
artists chair is
brief compared to
someone like poor
Nicole da Silva,
who has to get
tattoos touched up,
and Pamela, who
has an incredibly
manicured bun.
to Orange Is
the New Black,
theres nothing
on television like
Wentworth is
there? Comparing
it to Orange is a
little bit erroneous.
But I guess
because there are
so few femaledriven, femalepopulated dramas,
comparisons are
inevitable. Ive
watched some of
it, and tonally they
are really different
as the look, feel,
production values
and essence of
the show are
different. Reading
the feedback from
American fans,
they love the fact
Wentworth is so
different from
Even watching
Wentworth and
its cramped sets
make us feel

Whats it like
working in them
each day? On our
first day, wandering
through the cell
area was quite
spooky what with
the size of the cells
and the way it was
dressed. It was
quite depressing!
When we do long
days of shooting,
we walk out of there
going, My God, I
feel like Ive been in
prison all day. Its a
very arduous show
and no punches are
pulled; it just goes
full throttle.
Are you aware
of Wentworths
gay appeal? I am,
particularly through
Franky. When the
show started she
had a strong gay
following, which
was wonderful.
I think Nicole
playing a strong,
complex lesbian
is a fantastic
part. And Maxine,
the transgender
character, adds
an interesting
component to the
show and another
layer to it.
Have you been to
a Pride event yet?
No, but I think we
should have our
own Wentworth
float! If what you do
is having an effect
and youve got a
fan base who wants
to see you, then
bring it on!n

Liz Birdsworth
Celia Ireland


22/07/2015 15:14

Boomer is one
of just a few
characters that
wasnt in the
original Prisoner
Cell Block H. How
did you approach
playing her? When
you audition there
are usually a few
paragraphs to give
you an idea of who
this person might
be. But mine was
like two lines only;
I dont think they
knew what Boomer
was, which meant
I got to go to town
and make her
whatever I wanted.
Prisoner had
a huge fan
base. Howve
they reacted to
Wentworth? It
seems to have been
a fairly seamless
transition. We treat
certain themes
with respect by
modernising them,
and focusing more
on the psychology
of the prisoners and
their relationships.
Weve been allowed
to delve into that
more than they
did in the 1970s. I
loved the old one
because it was a
huge show and still
is. I remember the
steam press, but
Boomer doesnt
have a good
relationship with it!
The stream press
is almost like a
character of its own!
While some
have compared

Wentworth to
Orange Is the New
Black, we think its
more like the male
prison drama Oz
Yeah, someone
else said that to me
recently. I watched
an episode of Oz
and had a panic
attack because it
was so violent and
I could never watch
it again. And now
here I am bashing
people and doing all
sorts of things.
Boomer isnt,
how can we put
this nicely, the
most attractive of
women, is she?
Its a blessing not
spending too much
time in hair and
make-up and, for
our wardrobe, I
know exactly how
Im going to look
every single day.
Although it doesnt
take long to do it, it
does require a lot
of adding of hair,
blotching of skin
and browning of
teeth that crushes
my spirit every day!
But it helps to throw
me right in and
means I can focus
more on what Im
doing rather than
how Im looking.
Then Ill go to an
awards ceremony
or something and
I moan because it
takes an hour and a
half to get ready and
Im so not into doing
that anymore! Id
rather wear trackies.

Comedian Rosie
ODonnell is
a huge fan of
Wentworth and
tweeted that
she wants a part
in it. I tweeted
our executive
producer that and
he favourited it, but
thats been it. Im
not going to let it
go though, I think
itd be awesome.
She brings such
amazing gravitas,
but I want her for
myself as a relative
or something. Im
not sure how well
shed do with the
Australian accent
What would you
like to see coming
up for Boomer?
Im really open
to anything that
stretches me as an
actress. Shes a lot
more vulnerable
in series three so
you see her, not
just as muscle, but
also as someone
who struggles
when relationships
Any plans to come
to the UK? I came
over for a press trip
for the first season
and were talking
about doing it again.
Plus its my ultimate
dream to work in the
UK as Im obsessed
with British TV. If I
could be in anything
Id be in Game of
Thrones or Scott &
Bailey. Im obsessed
with that.n

Wednesdays on
Channel 5 at 10pm.
Series three is
released on DVD on
12 October,

Boomer Jenkins
Katrina Milosevic


048-52 FEAT Wentworth.indd 50

22/07/2015 15:15


How do you get into the mindset

of Joan? I tie my hair into a very big
bun, put on her uniform and start
doing up the buttons! Its such a
fantastic, formidable look although
I keep finding hair pins in the
strangest places, as it takes so many
of them and teasing to get my hair
into that helmet of authority. And to
be playing somebody who has to run
an institution like Wentworth with
those personnel beneath her and in
her command catapults me into her
mindset very quickly.
Do you have any theyve gone too
far! moments when you first read
a script? Sometimes I roll my eyes
and think, Oh my Lord. Id always
have questions, but if it ever felt like it
was too gratuitous or too convenient,
wed sit down and talk about why it
was happening. Its important in this
Wentworth reimagining that theres
a lot of psychological truth in it. In
order for me to play Joan I have to
understand the logic that leads to
her behaviour, even if her logic is
twisted. I need to believe in it in

Joan Ferguson
Pamela Rabe

048-52 FEAT Wentworth.indd 51

order for it to eventually make sense

to the audience as to why things are
happening. Its not just villainy.
What can you tell us about the
third series? Well, theres a great
battle of wills going on and anything
could happen And trust me, it
does. Its very unexpected and itd be
remiss of me to give you any spoilers
of how things might turn out, and
who might be behind the walls of
Wentworth prison, and who might be
somewhere else
GT had a sneak peak of the
episode called Goldfish, and that
reached a new level of television
drama! It was a corker of an episode
that focused on Joan Fergusons
particular situation, her dilemma
and stress levels. At the same time,
it explored some of the psychology
behind her actions and behaviour.
I had an initial concern we were
looking to take her in a direction
that felt gratuitous. Because, if
viewers enjoyed hating a villain, I
was wary we were taking her down
a path where suddenly they might
have sympathy for her. Having
now seen that episode, I think they
tow that line really beautifully and
there are maybe some clues as to
understanding what may be driving
her actions. But its still pretty
unpredictable where the writers
may take her and the volatility of
Joans morality.
Did you want to keep her mean,
then? No, I just thought that Joan
believed her greatest strength was
her inscrutability. One of the themes
of that episode is that emotion is
weakness, and I wanted to make
sure we didnt let the steam out of
Joans engine as an unpredictable
force, or that we didnt play that
hand too soon and rob the audience
of the joy and fear of knowing which
way she might turn. An out-and-out
villain can become boring after a
while if theyre always going to do
something mean. So the Goldfish
episode shows Joan has vulnerable
chinks in her armour that others can
play on. She needs to keep an eye on

those or it might be her undoing.

So The Freak has a soft underbelly?
Yes, theres a lot of things she wants
and needs and that episode revealed
that, while she might want to be a
lone goddess on the pinnacle of a
very shiny mountain, in the end, part
of her needs a community to validate
her power. But that leads to potential
Joan is the strongest lesbian
character currently on television.
But her sexuality hasnt been as
explored much in Wentworth as
it was in Prisoner. Its interesting
that shes so cut off from that element
of herself. Even at this stage of her
development, she doesnt allow
herself to acknowledge or engage
with that part of her nature. So theres
room and potential there for if, and
when, she does start to wake up and
smell the coffee.
How has the lesbian community
reacted to Joan? Shes certainly
been embraced by lesbian fans
whove been fantastic in letting me
know what they think about her.
Its important we see lesbians of
all shapes and moralities on our
screens because, when a group of us
feel we are underrepresented in our
culture, its painful. So its great for
Joan to be one of the many kinds of
standard bearers.
Do you spend much time on
social media to see what fans of
the show think? When the shows
about to go on air, I turn all my
devices off. I just think its best
particularly when youre playing
someone as controversial as Joan
for those online battles to take
place without my nose pressed to
the glass. I love that people scream
and shout on Twitter and friends fill
me in on it, but I stay away and go
back when its all settled down.
Are you back for series four,
and how would you script Joans
demise? Id have to kill you if I told
you. But if I wrote her demise, Joan
would be God, flying up to heaven
and that would be her domain. And
itd be very shiny and very clean. n


22/07/2015 15:15


Maxine Conway
Socratis Otto
As a man playing a transgender
character, do you spend more
time in hair and make-up than
the female cast members? Yes!
The girls get dressed down and I
get dressed up. The only catch is I
have to be up by 4am and Im the
first in the chair, but Ive never been
treated so richly before!
What are your physical
preparations to play Maxine? I
have to book an appointment with a
beautician to be waxed before preproduction. I wax my arms, legs and
the top of my chest if theres scene
where Im in a shower or a robe.
Sometimes they start on the chest,
then I tell them to wax the whole
thing as it makes me feel a bit more
womanly. My nails grow fast, so Ive
grown them to play Maxine and all
the rest of the girls are very envious.
Whats been the response from
the LGBT community to Maxine?
Incredible, because weve kept
her so real in the sense that shes
not a stereotype. Theyve seen her
be one of the most compassionate,
loyal and strong characters on the
show. Its my favourite season so far,
its fucking brilliant and Ive been

watching it on the edge of my seat.

Have you seen any foreign TV
remakes of Wentworth? Yes, and
Ive even been on the set of the
Dutch Wentworth and got to meet
the actor who plays her, which was
very surreal. It was strange seeing
my scenes recreated before my eyes
on set with a Dutch Maxine. It was so
trippy and I got a selfie with him.
Did you realise just how dark
Wentworth was going to become?
When I signed up I had an inkling
because I knew it was reliant on
intense characters and drama. By
season three, once Maxine gets
completely accepted, she aligns
herself with Bea and we see a
whole new side of her personality.
She becomes sassy, confident and
strong, and later you see a lot of
the comedy coming out between
Maxine and Boomer. I think Maxine
recognised herself in Boomer; the
little lost person who just wants to be
loved and is not part of the norm.
How would Maxine she react
to Caitlyn Jenners Vanity Fair
cover? Shed love it! And shed
envisage herself doing something
similar, but at the same time
thinking, Thats not me! Caitlyn is
a great advocate and if Maxine had
her money, shed be having facial
reconstruction surgery too.n

As the prison
hunk, youre the
poster boy for
Wentworth Ill
take that! But to
be fair, theres not
many of us blokes.
Being surrounded
by so many women
is any mans
dream. Ive just
watched some of
series three and
Im in awe of those
actresses. When
youre working,
you go on set, do
your thing and you
want to get out.
After seeing the
final product and
seeing the women
work to such
high standards,
Im honoured to
share the screen
with them and
Im happy to play
second fiddle.
In the original
series, the cast
said that in the
green room, there
was a natural
divide between
those who played
the prisoners
and the wardens,
theyd become
Theres no such
thing on the set of
Wentworth. Aaron
Jeffrey [who plays
Matthew Fletcher]
and I have a room
we call the man
cave, while the
girls have two

women caves. I got

the art department
boys to bring up a
bar and the girls
decorated it and I
painted it pink, so
most of the time
theyre in our cave
because they find it
more interesting.
Is it an intense
show to work on?
Yes, there are days
when you get your
heavy scenes,
so I plan for it by
keeping to myself.
That helps me get
to the emotional
level thats needed
for that scene.
When in season
two, Bea becomes
top dog, the
actresses were
Did you watch
Prisoner as a
boy? I did, but
I wasnt an avid
follower. It was
just something to
watch to kill the
time. My agent
forced me to get
into social media,
which is where I
saw the Wentworth
fan base coming
through, and I was
blown away by the
positive feedback.
Did that come
straight away?
When we finished
season one, we
had a media
launch and some
of the journalists

wouldnt talk
to us because
they were such
staunch followers
of Prisoner. After
the first episode
and my characters
wife dies, I heard
everyone gasp.
The journalists
came out of the
screening blown
away and told us
that we did an
exceptional job.
We realised we
might be on to a
good thing.
Were you aware
when it picked
up a strong gay
following? I
gathered it had
when women were
saying how hot
Franky was. But
I havent been
invited to dance on
a float at Pride yet.
Im hoping Ill get
an invite soon
Youre just about
to start filming
series four. If you
wrote the scripts,
what would you
do with Will? Id
like Will to have a
dark secret that
hes secretly gay,
which is why hes
so angry, and he
doesnt have the
balls to come out
of the closet. Oh,
and he has the
drag name the
Pacific Queen and
dresses in high
heels. n

Will Jackson
Robbie Magasiva


048-52 FEAT Wentworth.indd 52

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your vacation just got sexier

GT449-035-066.indd 53

22/07/2015 17:54

Whether youre
into drag queens
or comedians,
singers or actors,
of the best
artists from
around the
world descend
on Edinburgh
this month
for the annual
Fringe festival.
And if youre
going north of
the wall to see
the wildlings for
yourself, weve
got you covered.
Heres our guide
to this years
most unmissable




054-60 FEAT Fringe.indd 54

23/07/2015 11:21


Joel Creasey is a star. At the

age of 24, our new favourite
comedian has already conquered
his Australian homeland. Joels
even supported Joan Rivers in
New York. Twice. Hes about
to embark on his very first
Edinburgh Fringe, so we caught
up with him in London to have
a good old chat about all things
showbiz. Oh, and to get him in a
pair of tiny pants. Naturally.

Joel! Hows it going? Enjoying the

English men walking around in
shorts? There are a lot of attractive
English men. Im also enjoying it
because Wimbledons on right now,
and I have the hots for Andy Murray.
Im not wild for his face, but hes got a
great body and awesome legs.
You were on the Australian version
of Im A Celebrity Get Me Out of
Here. How was that? Horrendous
and amazing. In hindsight, incredible
and one of the best things Ive ever
done. At the time, it was ten times
tougher than I thought it would be.
Did you have to do any of the eating
challenges? I was pretty lucky, I
stayed out of them until about week
four or five. I found myself in one with
this very tough Aussie footballer and
I had to eat, basically, a biscuit made
of poo with congealed blood and
fermented mealworms on top. I had
a lambs heart covered in ants. Then
I had to eat, the worst one, an actual,
full ostrich eyeball. They pop in your
Our readers will be disappointed
to hear youre in a relationship
We got together just after my last
breakup, which was odd because I
thought Id do the whole, Im gonna
be single for a while, Im in my early
20s, I need to sleep around for a few
years and then maybe find someone,
but by chance we met in Sydney
during Mardi Gras, which is kinda
disgustingly stereotypical, at the
start of last year. He was down there
doing a show [Joel is dating actor/
writer Jeffery Self] and we met at
a party one night, very drunk, and

054-60 FEAT Fringe.indd 55

because hes American, when I first

heard his accent I was like, ugh, how
annoying. And then I slept with him.
That night? I dont hold back.
We need to talk about your
experiences with Joan Rivers
She was the best. The most humble,
easy to work with, amazing woman.
I supported her in New York at the
Laurie Beechman Theatre, which was
this little cabaret room that she used
to go and perform in on her nights
off, because she just loved being
on stage. Shed stand in the wings,
in this tiny little corridor and shed
drink red wine and have her prawn
cocktail. That was her rider. Then
shed go on stage and smash out 90
minutes of standup.
The last time I opened for her,
which was ten days before she
passed away, I was doing my solo
show in New York at the time and
Id had a great review in the paper.
Anyway, I went and did the Joan
gig, did my spot, introduced her on
to stage. We crossed over and she
said, Joel Creasey, get back here,
and she called me back on to stage,
pulled out my review and read it out
to the audience. She was very cool.
Incredible. So incredible. Theres no
greater and I dont know if there ever
will be a greater comedian than her.
Youre doing the Edinburgh
Fringe for the first time. Which
is terrifying, because its so big!
Comedians never talk about the
good times, they only ever tell horror
stories, and there are so many Ive
heard about nightmare seasons in
Edinburgh and how hard it is how
everyones drunk. Im fine with that,
though, my mum will fit in. Live is just
the best and you can say anything. I
tell a lot of stories about celebrities
Ive met that I cant really do on TV
for legal reasons, so in the live shows
is where you get the good stuff.
Your Twitter bio says youre a good
kisser. I am. I was voted, in grade
nine, best kisser in the year by the
other girls in our sister schools. Yeah,
I was kissing a lot of girls in grade
nine. I think I was covering up for

the fact that I was gay. Its my biggest

Any tips for anyone that might need
them? Dont go in too hard too fast.
Work up to it. Try and not make it too
wet. But also dont be too puckered
up because thats like kissing, like, an
arsehole. Just roll with it.
Obviously youre in a long distance
relationship, where do you sit with
open relationships? Thats a good
question. Were open, at the moment,
just because its more practical.
Neither of us really act on it. We tell
each other if we do. There are many
rules around it. They arent meant to
sleep over, they shouldnt be a friend
because that can be dangerous.
Genuinely at first when I was
considering it, the thought of being
in an open relationship terrified me,
but now Im so cool about it. It actually
really improved our relationship.
Were both young guys, if you wanna
let off steam, then absolutely go and
do it. Plus, you know, I went to the
jungle for six weeks, he couldnt
contact me, like, absolutely, go for
your life. He was in New York doing
shows. Id feel annoyed at myself if I
stopped him from having some great
sex with some hot guy in New York.
Any final words for the GT
readers? Basically, Im really
desperate to become really famous
in the UK. I will do anything it takes.
If the readers of GT could tell me the
right British people to sleep with,
the powers that be, the right people
to bribe, be it the Queen. Any of the
princes Im fine with.
Oh gosh, Harry Absolutely. Name
the time. Any Harry, really. If its Harry
Styles, Potter, yeah thatd be good.
Harry Hill? If it meant more Twitter
followers, Ill be there. I wanna crack
the UK, man. Im coming for you. Im
hungry. Ive got Australia in the palm
of my hand. Those idiots get me, you
know. Theyre obsessed with me. I
dont need them any more. Im coming
to you guys! The motherland. Fuck
Australia! n
Joel Creasey: The Hurricane is at the Assembly
Roxy, from 18-29 August, @joelcreasey


23/07/2015 11:21

As Is

when it premiered,
and now in its 30th
anniversary year, As
Is remains an honest,
unsparing and sharplyfunny examination of
sexuality, death, and
what it means to love
someone as is.
At the Bedlam Theatre,
from 7-16 and 18-30

Adrienne Truscotts
A One-Trick Pony
The follow-up to Asking
For It, Truscotts
award-winning show
that stormed the
Edinburgh Fringe in
2013, Adrienne returns
to the festival with
her brand new outing
thats got critics and
fans alike frothing with
excitement. Complete
and total genius. Dont
miss this show. At the
Gilded Balloon, from
8-17 August,


Circus, hot boys,

acrobatics. Need we
say anymore? At the
Underbellys Circus
Hub on the Meadows,
from 8-11, 13-16, 18-23
and 25-29 August

Christina Bianco:
Party of One

Britney Spears,
Celine Dion, Barbra
Streisand: No celebrity
is safe from Christinas
chameleon-like ability
to impersonate. Throw
singing, dancing and
acting into the mix, and
this quadruple threat
will be something to
behold at the Fringe. At
the Assembly George
Square Gardens, from
8-16 August,

David Mills: Dont

Get Any Ideas

From celebs to
ISIS, politicians to
Londoners, David pulls
no punches when it
comes to his razor
sharp rants, delivered
with his signature
cocktail swagger. At the
Voodoo Rooms, from
8-30 August,

Dorian Gray

Following their sell-out

2014 debut, Incognito
return to the Fringe
to conjure a darkly
satirical and physically
playful take on Wildes
gothic fable. At the
Pleasance Dome, from
8-16 and 18-31 August


054-60 FEAT Fringe.indd 56


Gabriel BissetSmith Tells the

Most Original and
Funny Joke in the

If theres one thing us gays are

good at, its being bitter and
miserable. And theres none
more bitter and miserable than
comedian Andrew Doyle. Luckily,
hes also incredibly funny. His
new show Minimalism! is about
him resolving an identity crisis.
And what better way to do that
than through the medium of
stand-up comedy?

Adrienne >

Were big fans of

Gabriels previous work
with sketch comedy
duo Guilt & Shame, so
we cant wait to see
his solo offering. Part
stand-up, part sketch
show, part theatre and,
in true Gabriel fashion,
a little bit lthy. At the
Underbelly Cowgate,
from 8-30 August,


Holly Burn: I am
Kirsty K Her spoof

As Is >

recreation of Victoria
Beckhams 73 Questions
went viral this year
when even Posh
Spice herself posted
it on Twitter. Her latest
character Kirsty K is
a fun lovin Geordie on
a world tour. A stop off
at Edinburgh then was
surely inevitable. An
incredible new talent.
At Just the Tonic at The
Mash House, from
8-30 August,

If You Leave

Explore the meaning of

being true to yourself
and the one you love
with this new hip-hop
dance show. Told
through urban dance, If
You Leave aims to bring
stories of same-sex
love to Edinburgh and
break the taboo that
surrounds gay love. If
You Leave is at Zoo
Venues, 7-22 August,

< Bromance

Holly >

Jon Cozart:
Laughter Even After
American YouTube
sensation Jon Cozart
is heading from screen
to stage this summer,
as he talks becoming
an international
internet sensation, and
performs new material
written especially for
his Fringe adventure. At
Underbelly, Ermintrude,
5-31 August,


Larry Dean Out

Now! Laugh yourself

into the night with

a self-proclaimed
bender. Larry
Deans new show,
full of personable
gags, struggles and
his shames with
stereotypes, pride
and prejudice just
not in the form of the
book. At the Pleasance
Courtyard Bunker, from

Gabriel >

With reviews calling you one

of the countrys most exciting
comedic talents, are you feeling
the pressure this time around
at the Fringe? Pressure is a good
thing. It means I have to put in the
work and make sure that the show
is good. Im not the sort of comic
who can do funny voices, or dance
around on stage, instead of writing
material. Which is a shame, really,
because people seem to like that
sort of thing.
This show was made to strip away
the debris youve amassed over
the year, and as a replacement
for therapy what makes you feel
the need for therapy? Stand-up is
a curious combination of narcissism
and self-loathing, so anyone whos
chosen to pursue it as a career is
doubtless in need of some sort
of help. And in many ways the
performance is similar to therapy.
You talk about yourself for an hour in
front of strangers and they judge you.
The only difference is theyre paying
the bill. Mind you, if my life was all
sorted I probably wouldnt have
much to say about anything.
Youve written musicals, plays
and radio plays and stand-up.
Which would you say youre most
passionate about? I see it all as
interrelated. Stand-up is essentially
theatrical. The main difference
is that writing for the stage is so
collaborative, which makes a nice
change. The musicals Ive written
with Craig Adams have been some of
my favourite projects. But I suppose
comedy has always been the thing
that drives me most of all.

23/07/2015 11:21


Whos been your biggest comedy

inspiration? When I was a youth
Id watch Victoria Wood endlessly.
Without a doubt it was her influence
that helped to develop the core of
my comic vocabulary. In fact, when I
started stand-up, I could hear some
of her rhythms in the way I delivered
the lines. I think its fair to say that
I wouldve gone down a different
path if it werent for her. I probably
wouldve been a lawyer or something
and wouldnt be so poor and bitter.
So thanks for that.
Theres a video on YouTube
showing you dealing with a
heckler who then throws their pint
of beer on you. Is this as bad as the
heckling has ever got? You get all
kinds of gigs as a stand-up. Most are
genuinely enjoyable, but every now
and then you wade into the abyss.
You cant understand true horror until
youve performed at a corporate gig
in Leeds for a group of homophobic


What keeps you coming back to the
Fringe Festival? I find the Scottish
accent inherently arousing.
Doing a full month of shows at
the Fringe must be difficult. Do
you find your show changes and
evolves as the festival goes on? The
show is always changing. If I didnt
play around with my material the
show would lose its freshness. Thats
one of the great things about standup; every show is different.
Who are you most excited about
seeing this year? Many of my
favourite comics are on at the same
time as me, so Im definitely not
going to plug them. Lets just say Im
the only one worth seeing and leave
it at that.
And finally, whats your best one
liner? It involves two beekeepers
and an oversized scotch egg. Its a
hilarious joke. Probably the best joke
ever written by anyone. Youll just
have to come and see the show to
hear it. n
Andrew Doyle: Minimalism! is at The Stand Comedy
Club 5 & 6, from 7-16 and 18-30 August,

054-60 FEAT Fringe.indd 57


23/07/2015 11:21


There are very few as well
respected as Miss Behave. After
all, shes the Queen of Variety. At
the Edinburgh Fringe this year,
she brings her incredible show,
Miss Behaves Gameshow, to
Assembly Checkpoint in August,
before returning to smash
the London Wonderground in

I started in the gutter of Leicester

Square at 13 as a flyerer, Miss
B shares as we catch up with her
amid her Fringe preparations. Ive
worked the street, busked in bars,
played to confused elderly rich
people in Germany while theyre
eating an expensive dinner, travelled
round the world as a speciality act.
Ive swallowed swords, tables,
chairs, scissors. Ive produced and
hosted countless variety shows
from the Roundhouse to the Albert

054-60 FEAT Fringe.indd 58

Hall. Ive been the go-to dont try

this at home person for random
television shows, and through it all
Ive been fractionally inappropriate
wherever I go.
It was starring in variety shows La
Clique and La Soire for the best
part of a decade that catapulted
Miss Behave to her even bigger
global fame through years of
international touring.
Working in La Clique and La
Soire is an amazing experience,
she says. Doing the same thing
every night to perfection is a divine
skill, and delightfully, I have it. But
after ten years of eight shows a week,
every week Well, for a lady who
likes a tequila or 17, a certain level of
insanity starts to slip in.
I wanted to create a world so free
and crazy that the only thing I knew
was that I didnt know what was going
to happen. I also knew I wanted to

Im in a
Girls video
but got
Im in
the video
like a
scary, red
eyed, Baby

play with phones. Were all glued

to our phones. Its like weve all
got a third arm now. But nobody in
showbiz has really acknowledged or
played with it at all. I wanted it to be
OK, integral even, that you use your
phone in the Gameshow, as you do in
life all the time!
From games that involve playing
with Twitter, selfies and Shazam, to
games involving smashing phones,
downing a pint fastest and shouting
the loudest, contestants seem to do
anything to win points. Weve had
a buff straight man taking off all his
clothes, to someone running out in
the pissing rain and coming back
with flowers, chocolates and 50. Its
amazing what the two teams will do
to win. Someone chose to give back a
TV theyd won in exchange for more
points. Its like a mob thats competing
to have the most fun.
The truly great thing, for me, is

23/07/2015 11:22



the lack of rules. I hate enforced

participation and theres none in this
show. It works whichever way you
play. If you want to do stuff, great.
If you dont want to do something,
great, you dont have to. You can text,
watch, sleep, do what you want. Its
up to you. Sleepers automatically get
seven points for their team but we
havent had any of those yet.
As someone whos worked in
the industry for a while, we had to
ask Miss Behave for some of her
favourite showbiz stories. I got to
meet Liza Minnelli when I performed
on the Graham Norton show. Got to
perform for her, live on the telly. I
was wearing a pinstripe rubber suit
and sporting a Sally Bowles haircut.
I stuck a rose through my tongue
while next to her. Freaked her right
out! Ive set and broken the Guinness
World Record for most swords
swallowed by a woman. I was in a
Spice Girls video. At this point we
have a minor freak out. Surely that
was every young gay mans dream
when they were little. Yeah, for
Who Do You Think You Are. They
were such lovely ladies, though it
was a long, long day of shooting,
I met a handsome technician and
accidentally got rather stoned. Im
in the video looking like a scary, red
eyed, Baby Spice With tattoos.
As a professional sword swallower,
the connotations are just ripe for
the picking and so we jump right
in. Does she have any blowjob tips?
You really are talking to a lady who
LOVES sucking cock, she cackles.
Deep throat is only 20% of a good
blowjob, an important 20%, but
only 20%. Play it like an instrument.
All cocks are the same instrument,
but all are played differently. Like
an orchestra warming up before a
concerto, be responsive to what the
instrument needs before really hitting
that final crescendo. Miss Behave
winks and laughs. Miss Behave by
name, misbehave by nature.
Miss Behaves Gameshow is at the Assembly
Checkpoint, from 11-15, 18-22 and 25-29 August,
and at London Wonderground on 4, 18, 25
September, @stillmisbehavin

054-60 FEAT Fringe.indd 59

5-30 (not 17) August,


Le Gateau
Chocolat: Black

Gateau is back in
Edinburgh this year
with an intimate and
confessional portrait
of his life; hopes,
fears and his battle
with depression.
Like everything he
touches, it promises
to be exquisite. At the
Assembly Hall, from
8-16 and
18-30 August,

Stephen >

Mae Martin: Us

Two-time Canadian
Comedy Award nominee
Mae Martin, as seen
on Russell Howards
Good News and heard
on BBC Radio 4, comes
of age in a new show,
where shell consider
the labels projected
onto us, and those we
give ourselves. At the
Laughing Horse at City
Cafe, from 6-16 and
18-30 August,

<Paul Foot

Odd Shaped
Balls: Tackling
Homophobia in

Kick homophobia to
the side, as play Odd
Shaped Balls explores
the stigma surrounding
homophobia in sport.
Ahead of the Rugby
World Cup, discover
why today is the best
day to be exactly who
you really are.
At the Space Triplex, 1729 August, @osbtheplay

Trans >

Paul Foot


Tina C >

With an almost cult-like

following, The Guild of
Connoisseurs will no
doubt be on hand to see
Paul take another turn
in the Scottish capital.
Hes been called a
comedy genius by six
national newspapers.
So, you know, thats
something. Equal parts
sublime, ridiculous
and hilarious. At the
Underbelly Cowgate,
from 8-16 and 18-30
August, @paulfoot

Rhys Nicholson:

Dripping with charm and

oozing hilarity, Rhys is
another hot young talent
exported from Down
Under. There must be
something in the water
Forward is Rhys third
Fringe show, tackling
heirlooms, legacies
and, that ol favourite
for comedians death.

At the Underbelly in
George Square, from
8-31 August,

Stephen Bailey:
Shouldve Been a

This year, Stephen

talks about being
apologetically yourself
and having conviction.
But more importantly,
Jane McDonald called
him truly unique
and anybody with that
quote on their press
release immediately
pricks our interest.
At the Pleasance
Courtyard, from 8-18
and 20-30 August,

Tina C: Herstory

Faux country music star

Tina C takes us from her
white trash roots to her
White House aspirations
with the second volume
of her biography,
Complete and Utter
Country. Worth it alone
to hear one of the nest
country songs ever
penned, If You Cant
Live Without Me (Why
Werent You Dead When
I Met You?), played
live. At the Underbelly
Potterrow, from 8-17
August, @kit_green

Trans Scripts

The struggles and

triumphs of six
transgender women
unfold with honesty,
intelligence and wit in
this groundbreaking
exploration of gender
and identity. Created
from actual interviews,
Trans Scripts provides
a rare and intimate
glimpse into the lives of
people embracing their
authentic selves, and
offers testament to the
resilience of the human
spirit. At the Pleasance
Courtyard, from 8-17
and 19-31 August

La Clique and The

Famous Spiegeltent
presents VELVET

The ultimate disco

cabaret. Look out for
the dreamy and divine
Brendan Maclean and
the wonderful Craig
the Incredible Hula
Boy. Sexy, spectacular,
sparkling and, yes, even
a little sadomasochistic,
this show redenes
cabaret as we know
it. At The Famous
Spiegeltent, from 5-9,
11-16, 18-23 and 25-30


23/07/2015 11:22

Ahead of his shows at the Fringe

plural, hes a busy boy we
got the rather lovely and very
funny Tom Allen on the blower,
and talked about Grindr in
Newcastle and his tips on how
to survive the festival.

Hello Tom. How are you? What

are you up to this morning? Im
very well. All the better for hearing
from you. Im in Newcastle this
morning after I show I did last
night. Im speaking to you currently
surveying the view from my
Holiday Inn Express. Im enjoying
Newcastle, as you can imagine. Its a
good city. I really like it. Lots of gay
bars. Its got everything you want
on a trip. Theres always that option.
And theres a John Lewis.
Not to be presumptuous, but if
you have the application, have
you switched on Grindr? What do
the locals look like? Most Geordie
men, in my experience, which is
not that extensive, but most of them
are quite blokey. Thats the term Id
use. Blokey and no nonsense. Plain
talking and quite blokey, which is
no bad thing with me. I dont like

somebody who minces their words.

We do have a problem with str8acting as a phrase though. So do I.
Theres nothing straight acting
about sucking cock. [Laughs]
Yeah, absolutely. I would say a really
ugly side of our community is when
we kind of have that, its just inverted
homophobia. We turn on ourselves.
Straight acting, its a really horrible
way to make us feel self-conscious.
Do we act right or wrong? Do we act
OK? Are we OK? If we were to talk
about it in gender theory terms, its
all a performance really. You can
be as blokey as you like but its all
a construct. A lot of people dont
buy into that Judith Butler-esque
narrative and so you just have to be
yourself. Nothings more important
than confidence, as Tom Ford says.
Are you excited for the Fringe?
Yes, its always a bit terrifying, and
everything good feels terrifying,
in my opinion. Its hard work but
its good. Im doing two shows this
year. Im doing one show called
Both Worlds at The Stand, and thats
what Im doing in the afternoon,
and at the weekend Im doing a
show at midnight at the Pleasance

Courtyard called Everyones



Talking at Tom Allen, which is a

sort of chat show meets lifestyle,
daytime television show with
makeover segments and recipes
and everything else. Sort of a bit
like This Morning but worse!
Do you have any Fringe survival
tips? Do an online shop. Go to John
Lewis towel department to calm
down. Buy a poncho, you wont
regret it. Make sure its a waterproof
one. Dont buy a woollen one in the
way that people wore ponchos eight
years ago. Buy a plastic one. Pack
layers. Its very important that you
pack appropriately because youll
regret it when youre freezing cold.
Do you find that your show
changes from the beginning of
the Fringe to the end? I think its
important to. The Fringe is a great
time to learn, because you do it
for such a long time, and there are
days when its flying and you learn
from that, but you learn from just
the fact that youre doing it every
day. You want to keep yourself sane
and so you naturally change it. You
want to get a live experience, so
if something happens in a room,
someone comes in late, if someone
starts shouting things out then
you have to be able to deal with


that. Thats the great thing about,

whatever level youre at, Edinburgh
is a great place to learn. That sounds
really worthy, doesnt it? It does
help the profile, build a following
and show people what you can do.
But if you see it for yourself as a
chance to learn and develop your
craft, then itll serve you very well.
Thanks for the lovely chat this
morning. My pleasure. I feel like
Ive just talked around the issues.
Talked about gender identity, weve
talked about Grindr in Newcastle.
Grindr in Newcastle sounds like a
lovely, British, new wave film.
We should make that. Ill get Ken
Loach on it.
Tom Allens Both Worlds is at The Stand Comedy
Club 5 & 6, from 7-16 and 18-30 August,


054-60 FEAT Fringe.indd 60

23/07/2015 11:22

GT449-035-066.indd 61

22/07/2015 17:54

of wisdom


062-65 FEAT Drag.indd 62

22/07/2015 15:16

[drag race]

Was there a more

controversial series
seven queen than
Pearl? We talk
going head-to-head
with Ru, what she
*really* thinks of
Ginger and why
shes releasing a
fragrance... But
no, before you ask.
She didnt send us
dick pics
Pearl! Congratulations on
making top three. Howre you
feeling in the wake of the final?
Urgh. I feel great. I mean, I feel like
its a big weight off my shoulders.
Its like a sense of relief. Like Ive
been working for someone for the
last year and now Ive just quit my
job, you know what I mean?
But now youre in a whole new
job. Youve got a single and an
album coming out The whole
point of the album is to open up
the the younger generations
mind as to what music is, what
partying is. Traditional house
music is obviously very upbeat,
but I wanted to make something
thats a little more sexy. Something
that you can listen to while you
get ready, but something that you
could hear in the club at 5am.
Something you could work out to.
I feel like its pretty well-rounded.
Theres a lot of heavy, heavy
sounds but theres also light, more
traditional styles.
And you make out with Detox
in the Love Slave video Yeah.
I make out with Detox and then
she pees on me a little bit. I didnt
want it to be so graphic, more of
like a nod to peeing. [Laughs] So it
wasnt so blatant, in your face, piss
scene or anything. It wasnt like a
fetish porn.
And also youre releasing
your own perfume, which is
just phenomenal. [Laughs] Im

062-65 FEAT Drag.indd 63

really taking advantage of this

opportunity. I might as well.
Theres only so many moments
in your life where people will
call you and offer you products
like a perfume, and all you have
to do is coin a hashtag from the
show you were in. And if that can
collect royalties, I mean, why not?
Why wouldnt I? That was the fun
part. Theres a lot more to doing
an album, but when it comes to
perfume, you just sort of make the
samples and once you tell them
what you wanna smell, it comes to
a matter of approving what you like
and designing a bottle and thats it.
Much easier. So why wouldnt I?
We need to talk about that standoff
scene with RuPaul. It was one of
those moments that blew up the
internet. It was definitely iconic.
From what Ive seen, half of people
really understood, were behind
me 100% and thought it was great.
But theres the other half, that Id
probably agree with more, that just
thought I was being a brat. I wish
that itd never happened. Id rather
me and RuPaul just love each other
the entire time, but it happened
and it is what it is. Would I do it all
over again? Hell yeah, of course.
They didnt even show half of how
uncomfortable that whole moment
was. I mean, Ru was talking at us
for 30 minutes, it wasnt like some
silly quick thing. I was sitting there
getting my ass handed to me for 30
minutes. Ive never been one to be
intimidated by anybody and Im not
saying RuPaul is not intimidating,
shes someone that I have a lot of
respect for. TV RuPaul and then
reality RuPaul are different. But
not just RuPaul no one was what I
thought they were gonna be. In that
moment, I was just like, Who is this
bitch staring at me now after this?
Why is this happening? So anyone
with a backbone or a spine wouldve
said something.
In that whole reality construct,
that you shone through as being
someone who held your own and


22/07/2015 15:16

were true to yourself. That did

show, we reckon. I never felt like
I was acting. You know, Ginger, as
much as I love her, the bitch just
kind of gave them whatever they
wanted at any point. I felt very nonconforming while I was there. In my
mind I always thought, Ive gone
this long in my entire life without
winning RuPauls Drag Race, so Im
not gonna sacrifice who I am just for
the sake of being on this completely
unreal reality show. So yeah. You
can respect that, or you can think
Im an idiot who shouldve done
what I had to do to get through.
You said in the final episode that
youre single at the moment.
What do you look for in a guy?
Anyone that can make me laugh.
Thats my favourite. I dont know.
When I think about my exes, the
best parts were just laughing with
them. I just like guys that arent
little babies, you know? Ive worked
so hard my life, so I like guys that
are really ambitious, that work
really hard and that are successful.
I date older guys normally. I dont
know the last guy I dated that was
under 40. Its just because theyre
older and established and theyve
worked. They know what its like to
work and they have success and its
not even about the money. Having
someone that was that ambitious to
become successful is very sexy to
me. I dont know, someone just like
me. [Laughs] Which is probably
why Im single.
And finally, whats next for
Pearl? Well, Im really hoping
this album is gonna be a huge step
in the door to becoming a music
producer and DJ. I dont wanna do
drag as Pearl forever. It hurts, its
exhausting, its a million different
feelings and emotions. Id like to
just be as creative as possible.
But hey, if I have to capitalise
and make a perfume, I mean,
whatever. Who cares? My merch
alone is paying my rent. n, @pearliaison


062-65 FEAT Drag.indd 64


22/07/2015 15:17

[drag race]

Ginger Minj was

one of series
sevens funniest
queens. A selfconfessed
glamour toad,
she made us
laugh with her
witty one liners
and incredible
acting ability that
gained her the
attention of the
one and only John
Waters. We spoke
to Ginger a couple
of mornings
after the finale
to congratulate
her on the top
three Drag Race
and to find out
why she got more
out of it than she,
ahem, put in...
Since the finale, you released
your first single, Ooh Lala Lala,
and youve had a great response
online. People love it. Its a little
nerve-wracking when you actually
care about something and put it out
into the world for criticism theres
always that fear of rejection. But
everybodys seemed to really
embrace the song. I wanted it to be
something that was all-inclusive
and so far, so good.
Thats from an upcoming full
length album? Yes More than
full length. Uncut and beautiful.
Can you tell us more about your
uncut, full length and beautiful
album? [Laughs] Id love to, but I
havent recorded it yet! But I have
a duet coming up with Margaret
Cho thats absolutely hysterical.
Shes one of the most incredible
people Ive ever met in my life
and, if nothing else, Drag Race

062-65 FEAT Drag.indd 65

opened up the door for me to be

able to communicate with my
idols. Theyve all inspired me
and thats why I decided I dont
wanna just do one song I wanna
do an album. I really wanna
focus it around the things that
are important to me in life, and
Margaret just jumped on the
bandwagon right away. Shes been
incredible. I think everyones
gonna love the duet.
During the finale, John Waters
recorded a video message
supporting you and there
was the challenge where
you played Edith Massey so
brilliantly. What was it like to
meet him? Surreal. It doesnt
feel like it actually happened.
In the moment, I felt like it was
happening forever and it was
never going to end, and three
seconds later when he left, it
was like, that didnt happen,
that never happened, I swear
to God somebodys fucking
with me. When I was growing
up, he and Divine and their
movies were my saviour. They
were the only things that gave
me a glimpse into what my life
could be, because I knew I was
very different from all the other
people and its because of the
two of them and everything they
created that I eventually had the
courage to do what Im doing
now. In a lot of ways I owe him
Not my career, but my life. I told
him I didnt win, so my schedules
kinda clear, lets do a movie!
Obviously, now youre working
so much, do you have to travel
with shaved eyebrows all the
time? Its so weird because Ive
spent my entire life as a performer
in one way or another, but since
drag has been all-encompassing,
all-consuming at this point, I dont
have eyebrows. I just have little
nubs and my hair is so long. I
just wanna look like a boy again,
because every time I walk into the
bathroom at the airport, theres

inevitably some old man that

goes, Mam, youre in the wrong
restroom. Then I open my mouth
and say, Get your hand off my
dick, buddy! [Laughs] And you
cant blame them because Ive
got long hair, soft facial features
and I look luxurious, beautiful and
glamorous all the time.
So you didnt know that your
dad was going to record that
video message for the finale?
No. Before Drag Race I was
known as such a nice, sweet, icy
personality. Ill be very kind to
you and Ill laugh and Ill giggle
and Ill play, but I dont show
emotion. Drag Race turned me
into a sobbing, weeping baby
mess time and time again. And of
course, they had to get that one
last shot in before the series was
officially over. Lets bring her dad
on and have him cry! And I did. As
much as I thought that it might be
embarrassing to share that with
the world, its not something that
I set out to do. I didnt wanna talk
about that aspect of my life at all,
but it was really kind of cathartic.
I felt the weight of the world lifted
off my linebacker shoulders and
it really has opened a door for my
father and I to have a relationship
for the first time in my life. Im 30
years old now and its the first time
I feel like Ive had a father. Im
already a much better person for
having done it.
Anything else youd like to get
off your chest? Well, Im not really
a bitch, I just play one on YouTube.
I think that whos to say where my
careers gonna take me next. Ive
got a lot going on. Ive got a lot of
eggs in the basket. A lot of eggs,
eggs, eggs! The skys the limit and
who knows, maybe its not too late
for me to win a crown there might
be All Stars 2 or something else
around the corner. Keep your eyes
peeled. n, @thegingerminj


22/07/2015 15:17



066-70 FEAT Chillouts.indd 66

22/07/2015 16:17


The rise of smartphone apps

has made it easier than ever
to attend or organise an orgy.
Rebranded as chill outs theyre
becoming more and more
popular with post-clubbers
looking for group sex that can
last for days. But the associated
drug use is also being blamed
for contributing to the rising
number of HIV cases in gay
men. GT talks to those who
attend and those who deal with
the sexual health consequences
Many of us have been there its
the early hours of the morning, the
club is closing its doors, and were
horny, yet to pull and not ready to
head home.
Over the last five years,
smartphone apps have remedied
that dilemma by making it easy
to hook up with a random shag
with the swipe of a screen. Now
users are going one step further
by organising and inviting others
to a chill out or in old fashioned
terms, an orgy. And drugs often go
hand in hand with sex parties.
The first time I went to one
Id been out with my friends,
explains Christian*, 22. They
were done for the night and I
wanted to continue. There were
several people on Squirt and
Grindr nearby advertising chill
outs so I replied and went to the
nearest one. It was as easy as that.
It wasnt like the orgies Id seen
online, the rooms werent full of
Bel Ami models all getting it on.
It was of guys of all ages, mainly

066-70 FEAT Chillouts.indd 67

in their 30s and 40s, and some

old enough to know better. Most
of them were naked and doing
something sex-related.
I didnt fancy many of them but
as Id made the effort to go there,
I thought Id get stuck in. I necked
GHB first to chill me out, then, once
I found a few lads to fool around
with, I snorted a little mephedrone
the effect it had on me was like
popping a handful of Viagra.
To keep up their stamina, more
than three quarters of men who
admit going to chill outs indulge
in chemsex a term used to
describe sex that occurs under
the influence of drugs taken
immediately before or during the
sexual session.
The most popular drugs-du-jour
include crystal meth, GHB/GBL/G,
mephedrone and to a lesser
extent cocaine and ketamine. All,
except ketamine, are stimulants
that increase your heart rate
and blood pressure and trigger
euphoric feelings and sexual


22/07/2015 16:18

If youre
planning to take
crystal meth,
its important to
know that its a
very powerful
drug which is
likely to fog
your judgment,
advises Matthew
Hodson of GMFA
At the very least
its advisable to
set yourself some
boundaries before
you start your
bender and think
about what you
want to do, how
long you want to
stay awake for and
what your limits
are with regard
to safe sex. And
if youre using
crystal regularly,
take calcium and
supplements and
keep an eye on
your body weight.
If youre in a
situation where
youre taking
drugs and losing
sleep, theres
the potential for
damage to your
liver, kidneys and
heart. If youre on
HIV medication
and havent
planned for a
major session
then you might
end up skipping
a dose or more.
If it happens


066-70 FEAT Chillouts.indd 68

often enough,
this can mean the
treatment is no
longer effectively
suppressing HIV
in your system.
Every week
clinics are filled
with crystal meth
users asking for
PEP because
theyve had risky
sex while high on
Tina. If youve had
sex which has put
you at risk of HIV
infection during a
party, go to a GU
or A&E service as
soon as possible,
it has to be within
72 hours, and
ask for PEP a
months course of
HIV medication
can prevent you
from becoming
if youve been
exposed. n,

arousal. So, when you add easyto-locate and cheap narcotics, less
inhibitions and a room full of horny
men, risky sex is almost a given.
Once youre under the influence,
it doesnt matter what the guys look
like, because youre so hungry
youll fuck anything or anyone,
continues Christian. You just feel
like you can do anything and no
ones going to judge you. I had safe
sex with a couple of them, but as the
party and the meph continued well
into the next day, I was too horny to
think about it anymore.
A recent chemsex study
commissioned by the London
Boroughs of Lambeth, Southwark
and Lewisham came following a
rise in HIV diagnosis in the gay
community. It revealed drugs
were often taken in combination
with sexual sessions occurring
over extended periods of time,
sometimes involving large numbers
of sexual partners.
It reads, the perceived rise
in the use of drugs during sex
has promoted concern about the
possibility of high-risk sexual
behaviour. While its not possible to
say that using drugs causes sexual
risk-taking behaviour, its possible
to say that there is an association
between the two: men who use a
range of drugs during sex are more
likely to report engaging in HIV
transmission risk behaviours than
men who dont.
Matthew Hodson, chief exec of gay
mens health charity GMFA, warns:
If youre going to chill out parties
and taking chems, you could be
putting yourself or your partners
at risk of HIV and STIs if youre not
having safer sex. The more people
you fuck, the greater the risk of
being exposed to them.
Theres a strong relationship
between group sex and
transmission of Hep C, for example,
which used to mainly be seen
in men living with HIV, but is
increasingly being seen in gay men
whore not HIV-positive.

As your inhibitions lower, it can

be easy to get caught up in the
moment and find yourself doing
something or someone you
wouldnt if you were sober.
Carl*, 36, has been to around a
dozen chill outs over the last year
but is adamant hes neither had
unsafe sex or used drugs. It all
depends on whos organising it, he
says. Ive turned up to a couple of
flats which were as dodgy as hell,
with people doing all sorts of unsafe
things to each other, so Ive left.
But others Ive been to are much
classier affairs. Some people do
drugs, but its their choice and
no one forces them on you. And a
lot of guys prefer to abstain from
them. The only stimulants Ive used
are Viagra and thats just to keep
me going. I dont think, as a rule,
chill outs do any harm if theyre
organised right. A house with two
dozen fit guys whore all up for a
good time is brilliant.
Writer and director Mitch Marion
examines the rise of chill out
parties and drug use in his new and
harrowing short film G OClock,
starring Leon Lopez. Ive been In
London for eight years and have
noticed a radical shift in the past
couple of years towards the party
leaving the clubs and going into the
home, Mitch explains.
I did quite a bit of research in
making the film and, for a lot of
guys, it gets to the point where
they cant have, or enjoy, sex
sober any more. Its an addictive
cocktail. I believe having sex on
drugs on occasion can be handled
and incorporated into functioning
lifestyle, but when it becomes the
priority, which is the way the party
culture in London is at the moment,
it becomes everything for these
guys. Its all they know, all they care
about and all they do.
Theyre all men doing the same
thing and theyre all in the same
boat. It becomes a sub-culture
where they think its OK. But theres
a danger to it.

22/07/2015 16:18


066-70 FEAT Chillouts.indd 69


22/07/2015 16:18


Figures from the Antidote service

[part of the charity London Friend]
reveal nearly all men who admitted
to using crystal meth took it during
chill outs or at saunas, while 75% of
mephedrone and 85% of GHB/GBL
users only use the drug when sex is
Another side effect of sex on tap
and chill out parties is the toll it can
have on developing one-to-one
relationships. Stuart*, 34, started
going to chill outs when he came
out of an eight-year monogamous
relationship. Now he admits that he
struggles to become aroused with
one-to-one sex.
I take it for granted when I go
to a chill out party that I can do
whatever I want with any like
minded people, he begins.
Nobody there judges you, and if

they say no to something, chances

are someone else in the same
place will say yes.
When youre dating one person,
youre much more restricted to
what you can experiment with,
unless you find a like-minded
person and thats a bit of a rarity.
So the more chill outs you go to,
the more that only group sex and
experimentation become the norm.
The last guy I dated only lasted
for five weeks. Sex just wasnt a
turn on when I wasnt in a room
with other people watching or
joining in with us. It was boring,
and it scares me now that one-toone sex isnt going to be enough
for me ever again.
Mitch Marion echoes the view.
And from his research, which
included going to a chill out party

and talking to many friends who

attend them, some use them to
escape reality. A lot of gay men
have gone through coming out
and had a tough time, and some
people dont cope with that so
well, he continues. The guys
I see partying too much are the
ones trying to escape their daily
lives and do something thats
fun, sexy and attractive at the
beginning, but they go past the
point where they dont know
where to stop.
Ive had friends that havent
dealt with it in the best way and
one had to leave London to get
away from it because he was
spiralling out of control.
One of the main points I wanted
to make with G OClock was
that theres a time when you can
party too much. Most people who
experiment with drugs, straight
or gay, partied in their 20s and
got to a point where it became too
much and they dialled it back.
However, because of the way
gay party culture is accelerating,
theres more people doing drugs
and going to chill out parties, so
it becomes normalised. And it
shouldnt be.
But for Carl, chill outs offer more
than an ordinary relationship could
ever have. Its one of the benefits
of being gay, he continues.
There are very few parameters
that surround our lifestyles and
equally few moral expectations.
Society as a whole assumes gay
men to be promiscuous and that we
push the boundaries, so who am I
to go against that? And thats the
best thing about being gay, that we
can do what we like, when we like
and with whom we like, as long as
its consenting.
Being intimate at a chill out
with like-minded lads gives me
everything I need in my life right
now. No commitment and plenty
of sex. n
Names have been changed on request,


066-70 FEAT Chillouts.indd 70

22/07/2015 16:18

h o t e l l my k









s i V e G ay h o t

Gay hotel

mykonos island,
Greece Cyclades islands
+30 22890 23952
+30 24210 24684
+30 22890-23747
E.indd 2

06/03/2014 17:59

Since it first hit the stage in 1996,

Lord of the Dance has taken
the beloved tradition of Irish
dancing away from the Emerald
Isle and turned it into a global
And its latest revival, Lord of the
Dance: Dangerous Games, wants
to take the art form even further,
revolutionising the original
production with new technology,
costumes and a lead wed quite
like to get Irish jiggy with...
Born to Irish parents in
Manchester, as the youngest
of five children and the only
boy, 28-year-old James Keegan
started dancing at the tender age
of four. By 17, hed joined Michael
Flatleys Lord of the Dance. And
after 12 years of world tours and
performances for royalty, he
shows no signs of slowing down...

James! Straight to the point. Were

told that the new show includes
holographs and dancing robots.
We think youre going to have to
explain that one for us... [Laughs]
The thing Michael Flatley is really
good at is moving with the times.

Hes seen what new technology is

out there and put it into the show.
Basically, the storyline is that a
little spirit character is having a
dream, and she doesnt want it to
turn into a nightmare. Sometimes
people ask me where the dancing
robots came from. Im like, Well
shes dreaming, so I suppose
anything goes!
Youve been with the show for
12 years now and its taken you
literally everywhere around
the world. Im just really lucky.
Ive been to Buckingham Palace
to dance for Prince Charles and
Camilla. Its crazy going to Dubai
or Abu Dhabi and performing Irish
dance shows for the royal family
there. There are all these Sheikhs
and the women sit in their own
separate box because they cant be
seen by the men.
When youre playing around the
world it must be quite weird to
think back to when you were four
years old and first starting to
dance. The next sister up from me
was going to Irish dancing lessons.
I was basically thrown in the car
and sent along with her. From what

I can remember, I didnt enjoy

it at first. But as soon as you start
winning a trophy or two it makes a
bit better, I suppose.
Having Irish parents, is dancing
something that harks back to
your heritage? I think they just
wanted to keep the Irish culture
going within our family. I was
brought up with a mum and dad
with Irish accents and they played
a bit of Irish music for us. Im glad
they did that because it was where
they came from and because I
ended up where I am now.
Speaking of Ireland, incredible
news coming out of the country
recently with the same-sex
marriage referendum. Did that
make you feel proud of your
roots? Yeah, God that was massive.
There are a few people in the
show from Ireland, a couple of gay
guys. Someone mentioned to me
about flying back to Ireland just to
vote in the referendum. I thought
they were off their head. I never
wouldve thought it. Ireland made a
big move. It was great and goes to
show how far the country has come.
Im from Manchester, which has



072-74 FEAT LordofDance.indd 72

22/07/2015 16:56


072-74 FEAT LordofDance.indd 73


22/07/2015 16:56


such a vibrant gay scene, so I have

loads of gay mates. And there are
lots of gay people in the show, too.
Lots of my friends just go to Canal
Street and that whole gay area
because its actually a great spot.
Some of the guys I know who knew
I was doing the shoot for you were
jealous. They wanted to do it! They
were like Fucks sake man, how
did you manage to bag that?
Well when they see these pictures
theyll see why, right? Is it the
show that keeps you in such good
shape? The show is two hours
every night, so its pretty intense.
When I first joined, there wasnt
as much expected of you. Now
were lucky that the show is quite
demanding and keeps you trim
anyway. We go to the gym three
times a week and do a workout. The
show is a bit more revealing than it
used to be, we have our tops off at


072-74 FEAT LordofDance.indd 74

one point. Its funny to watch before

those numbers because backstage
becomes a mini gym for those four
minutes. Everyone is on the deck
blasting out the push-ups and trying
to get that final pump on.
How would you describe the show
to someone who didnt really
know that much about it? I dont
think youd be disappointed. I feel
confident saying that because I see
the reaction of the crowd. It takes a
hold of you and gets you out of your
seat and into the show. The original
thing that made the show so popular
is that one line of everybody doing
the exact same routine. Its what
Irish dancing has become famous
for. Theres a lot of hard work that
goes into that, but once we get there
its a great buzz every night to see
people standing on their seats and
shouting for more.
And come on. Michael Flatley.

Hes an actual legend, isnt he?

Known the world over. Whats it
like working with him? Its rare
that you get someone who gets a

Its a
to see
on their
for more

standing ovation after ten seconds

of walking out on stage. Hes
got legendary status, like Frank
Sinatra. Everybody does know his
name and its been unbelievable
to watch when hes done a couple
of the shows. The best thing is that
hes a proper gentleman. He looks
out for everyone. He does actually
care how the dancers are feeling.
Its inspirational to listen to him
and watch him get the best out of
people I know it sounds cheesy.
Thats where Ive learnt from him
the most. n
James performs the lead role in Lord of
the Dance at Londons Dominion Theatre
until 5 September, performances Monday
to Saturday at 7.30pm, and Saturdays at
2.30pm, tickets range from 29.50 to 90,, @james_keegan19

22/07/2015 16:56

WellmanJA15 GayTimes FP Ad.qxp 27/05/2015 10:08am Page 1

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Englands No.1
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GT448-067-098.indd 75

22/07/2015 17:59

Ahhh, summer. Beautiful sunshine, cocktails in hand and a
chance to be footloose and fancy free. Unless youre from the
village of Hollyoaks, that is. As the Channel 4 soap takes on the
summer with a bang, we talk to our ol friend Kieron Richardson
and newcomer Parry Glasspool, known to us as Ste and Harry,
about their plans to educate the nation on HIV, coming out and
fight, fight, fight, fight, fighting for that love

Last time, on Hollyoaks After

failing to make his marriage work
with John-Paul, it seems that Ste
played by Kieron Richardson, of
course is finally about to find some
happiness with life as a father.
But nothing is ever as simple as
that in the Chester village, is it? Stes
also HIV-positive and in love with
the mother of his child, Sinead, who
also happens to be his best friend.
And at the same time, hes catching
the eye of the closeted teenager
Harry, who just so happens to be the
son of his best friend, Tony.
Crikey. Were exhausted. Which
seems like a good enough excuse
to us to relax in a hot tub with Parry
and Kieron and find out exactly
whats in store for the pair in the
next few weeks. The first thing on
their agenda? The sex scenes, of
course. They know us too well.
It starts off with a kiss, Kieron
begins explaining, and then the

076-79 FEAT Hollyoaks.i ndd.indd 76

director is like, Rip Parrys top

off and start going down his chest.
Now, throw him on the table. After
a quick sideways glance to Parry
and a smirk, he continues: Im
like, OK, I can do that. Things got
a little heated between us, didnt
they mate?
But its all or nothing for 23-yearold Parry, as he tells us: If youre
going to go into a storyline like this,
if you do it half-heartedly, youre
going to look like a total idiot. You
need to go for it properly and get
down with the guy.
Talk quickly turns to the
responsibility of their characters
as a HIV-positive gay man and
his younger lover. Explaining
their joint stance as this being
a character with HIV who just
so happens to be gay, trying to
separate the stigma from the
community, Kieron tells us about
his own feelings as a gay actor

playing the role. When I came out

on This Morning, I didnt want to
be a spokesperson. I didnt want
to say, This is how you come out,
come on guys, tell your parents
now! And I didnt want to be a
poster boy for gay rights. When
I go out and have gay guys who
come up to me and say, Youve
inspired me, I must admit, its quite
a nice sensation to have helped
someone without even realising. I
mean, I come into work and just do
a job, at the end of the day.
Parry jumps in, highlighting
the real influence Hollyoaks can
have on the teenagers that watch
it, arguably more than any other
British soap. This is helping their
real lives. Theres going to be young
lads and girls out there whore
going to come out to their families.
We have to remember this and be as
honest as we can.
But theres more to this storyline

22/07/2015 16:57


076-79 FEAT Hollyoaks.i ndd.indd 77


22/07/2015 16:57


076-79 FEAT Hollyoaks.i ndd.indd 78

rie o

than just boy meet boy. Harrys

father, Tony, is about to hold
Hollyoaks first Pride event, in an
attempt to grab the pink pound. But
hell get more than he bargained for
when he finds out his sons sexuality,
and that his new lover is his own
best friend.
With this in mind, we soon start to
discuss Tonys expected reaction
to Stes HIV status, and whether or
not his concerns are acceptable
or misplaced. Tony is Stes best
friend, Kieron says, and hes
always been accepting and there for
him. He wont let anybody slag him
off about his HIV or his sexuality.
Its going to be interesting the
moment he finds out his best friend
is sleeping with his son whos, at
the moment, the hero. Thats the
beauty of all of this his reaction.
We take a pause in our chat to
let the boys dry off and head to do
some more filming. And on their
return, Parry tells us about his
recent introduction to the gay world
as a result of this story, and all that
comes with it. I didnt know what
a twink was until the other day,
he laughs, but I know what a bear
is now, though. Quickly learning,
arent I?
Although when Kieron hints at
which of the two Parry might be, we
see a touch of fight from the young
actor. Kieron thinks Im a twink,
but I dont like that at all! It sounds
like Im Justin Bieber! But, I guess I
fall into that category
Parry isnt a stranger to getting
a little love from the gays, though.
When I was at university, he starts
to explain, I did a play where I
had to get pretty much starkers and
cover my junk. Theres these forums
all over the place with photos Ive
forgotten about, and people on the
internet saying stuff like sexy bare
feet. I think its hilarious guys think
that of me! Its flattering. If they
appreciate it, then I appreciate their
appreciation. We think its safe to
say, Parry, that therell be plenty who
appreciate seeing this hot tub shoot.

22/07/2015 16:58


Although a gay character, Stes

new relationship with best friend
Sinead is somewhat unexpected.
And its something Kieron did
initially question when he first read
the script. My fear was that I didnt
want it to be like, Oh, you can just
turn straight like that, he explains.
But it wasnt about sex. It was about
the chance he could lose his child
and it was a decision he made in the
moment but without much thought
about his own feelings.
Does Kieron feel theres an
element of responsibility as a gay
actor to represent gay men? Well,
no, actually. But hes never too far
from thinking of how people will
react: Every time I go through
scripts and read what Im about to
do, Im reading as a gay man and as
a gay viewer. I ask myself if I would
be comfortable with watching this
on screen.
But its taken until 2015 for a soap
to actually tackle HIV with a gay
character and it absolutely angers
me. When it was first spoken about,
I was shocked it hadnt been done
with a gay character before. Why?
Thats the most frustrating thing!
So whether my character was
straight, gay, bi or a dog, it doesnt
matter. Why not tell the story? HIV
isnt a gay disease its HIV! Its
possible for anyone to contract it.
We just hope in 2015 that people
can look back to Hollyoaks and
see we took on this storyline to
make a change and to help people
Both actors, whose passion will
no doubt transfer to screen, hold
a great responsibility on their
shoulders. Yet, our cheeky former
cover star just cant help but say
goodbye in true Kieron style:
Thats it GT. Im married now. I
cant just get naked in a hot tub on
cue for you all the time.
Ahhhh, the summer n
Hollyoaks airs at 6.30pm, weeknights
on Channel 4, currently running its
#sixweeksofsummer storylines,
@hollyoaks, @mrkieronr, @parryglasspool

076-79 FEAT Hollyoaks.i ndd.indd 79



22/07/2015 16:58



GT448-067-098.indd 80

22/07/2015 17:59


pitch perfect



The historic 100-year-old sports
brand Admiral is back with a
vengeance this autumn, proving
whats old is always new. Since
being on hiatus since 2011, Admiral
Sportswear is ready to take on the
competitive sportswear and fashion
field again. The autumn collection
will be divided into two squads,
Retro and Gold. The Retro range
brings back the all stars from the
Admiral archive, focusing on the
brands football kits for inspiration.
The Gold range is a modern take
on British heritage menswear
updated to have a higher luxurious
finish, ideal for the summer to
autumn transitional months, with
many versatile pieces ranging from
polos, trousers, joggers, chinos
and jeans. Playing the field should
always look this good.
Admiral will be available at 90 Sainsburys
stores nationwide. The new collection
compromises of 28 items and prices range
from 16-30

Strap in
In the age of
totes, satchels
and briefcases,
we celebrate
one of our
oldest friends
the humble

081-85 STYLE.indd 81

Grass roots
Summer could
be coming to
an end any day
now, so we look
at transitional
pieces to help
you through to

Bear witness
Ever wanted to
know how exrugby ace Ben
Cohen smells?
Well, youre
in luck. Hes
launched a new


22/07/2015 17:08

bag it up





Phones, coffee, papers, tablets the list of whats in hand goes on and on. Sometimes
it can be hard to juggle everything with a briefcase, so it might be time for a hands
free option. The backpack or rucksack is an undisputed essential for the day-to-day
light luggage requirements. The look isnt juvenile when worn in leather with advanced
hardware, but can be dressed down casual with zips and nylon. Now, one strap or two?


081-85 STYLE.indd 82

22/07/2015 17:08






081-85 STYLE.indd 83




22/07/2015 17:08

rev your engines


classic Monty dufe

coat, updating the
boiled wool style
featuring appliqu
racing-inspired motifs.
The full 51 collection
is richly infused with
British fabrics including
tweeds, Harris Tweed
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The complete offering
includes a range of
casual utility shirts and
beautiful knits, Fair isle
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even if you cant drive
stick, you can still
channel your inner
speed racer.


Premium British
brand Gloverall put
its rich sports-led
archive in gear with
the introduction of the
new 51 Collection.
1950s British racer
Tony Brooks was
photographed wearing
the Goverall Monty
dufe coat at the
Monaco Grand Prix
in 1957, thus placing
both coat and brand
in Grand Prix history.
The autumn/winter
collection makes
a contemporary
adjustment of the



081-85 STYLE.indd 84

22/07/2015 17:08


t he force awakens

The attack of Star Wars collaborations will be fast and furious leading up to December
when the latest instalment is released. This one, however is orbiting the so-bad-its-good
territory we had to feature it. Star Wars X Birkenstocks. Dont ask why, just ask when
and how much. The Force Awakens collection launches this month and comes in three
styles with eight graphic designs, with Storm Troopers and Darth Vader, prices range
from 59.50-69.95. So go forth and insert whatever overused quote you like here.

081-85 STYLE.indd 85


22/07/2015 17:08


086-91 STYLE Shoot.indd 86

22/07/2015 17:10



086-91 STYLE Shoot.indd 87


22/07/2015 17:10



086-91 STYLE Shoot.indd 88

22/07/2015 17:10


086-91 STYLE Shoot.indd 89


22/07/2015 17:10



086-91 STYLE Shoot.indd 90

22/07/2015 17:10


086-91 STYLE Shoot.indd 91


22/07/2015 17:10




Every year we feel were getting that little bit closer to ex-rugby
ace Ben Cohen. Weve been in his pants (well, we bought his
underwear range), weve held hands (OK, we used his nail buffer)
and hes run his fingers across our face (alright, his beard scissors
have tidied up our mutton chops.) However, now well get to smell
like our favourite sports bear with the launch of his first cologne,
imaginatively titled Ben Cohen. He tells GT why he has the gays to
thank for his love of male grooming and why Strictly Come Dancing
might not be the last time youll see him in lycra

You wear a suit well, Ben. Have

you always been a dapper chap?
No, as a sportsman I spent my day in
tracksuits and not doing my hair or
looking after my skin. Since I retired
from rugby Ive learned more about
how to look after my appearance.
And Ive done a lot of work with the
gay community and they always look
after themselves. So Ive been on this
massive learning curve, about style,
clothing and grooming.
Do you now have a Carrie
Bradshaw style wardrobe of
clothes and shoes? No, Im not a
hoarder. So if I dont wear it anymore,
Ill give it away to a charity shop or
friends. My friends are mostly the
same size as me, so if they dont want
them I cant give them to someone
smaller, or the clothes would just
hang off them!
Why did you launch a range of male
grooming tools? Once I became
more interested in the male grooming
side of things, I had the opportunity
to come up with products involving
nail care, tweezers, beard trimmers
and hair care. The next generation of
young men are very comfortable with
themselves, and enjoy looking after
themselves, their skin and their hair.
Its the norm for them.
And now you have your own
cologne. So how does Ben Cohen
smell? Its a lovely cologne, its nice
smelling and fresh, and I believe
itll appeal to all ages, not just one
particular group. The first aftershave I
ever bought was Davidoff Cool Water

092-93 STYLE Grooming.indd 92

which is a classic and my cologne

isnt too far off that kind of scent. I also
like Abercrombie & Fitch. I wanted to
create something that was affordable
and not make it out of reach.
We enjoyed watching you on
Strictly, especially the tight outfits,
of course. I dont dress up in sequins
and lycra in my free time anymore,
Im afraid. But I learned a lot about
the products they used on me, as
their make-up artists and hair people
are the best of the best.
Whats the girliest thing about you?
Hmm I dont really class myself
as doing really male-style things or
female-style things. I dont even have
any guilty girlie TV programmes
I watch because I rarely watch TV.
I enjoy box sets of Entourage and
Homeland, but thats about it.
We hear youre a man who can
handle his chopper Im a
helicopter pilot, so Ill fly now and
again. I started learning in 2007

because I needed a challenge. I also

love motorbiking, but working on my
StandUp Foundation is my passion
and takes up most of my spare time,
along with my children.
How much time do you spend at
the gym? Up until five weeks ago I
hadnt been to the gym for a year. But
now I spend a lot of time there and
then Ill go maybe a week without it
if Im working. I do both weights and
cardio and Ill do high impact in a
short time. Ive been working out for
20 years so I dont need a personal
trainer, as I know what works for me.
Do you watch what you eat?
Constantly. I had my food intolerances
tested just so I could box a little bit
cleverer in the gym and didnt have to
run myself into the ground. I wanted
to try and take it easier in there. My
diet is now much more balanced
with more salads, fish, more types
of greens and I cut out dairy. I had a
good understanding of food when I

22/07/2015 17:15

played rugby for keeping bulk and
energy for the game. You could eat
a lot, but then you were running 10k
and doing a weights session every
day. I was always on my feet and its
a contact sport, so there was a lot of
intensity to it.
Did you get any sporting injuries
that still affect you? Oh yeah,
Christ, I have aches and pains every
morning. I once ripped my abductor
away from the bone (part of the
inner-thigh) and part of my bone
with it. It was my last ever game so I
never really did my rehab properly.
Now I have to be careful with what I
do sometimes. But injuries were just
part of the job.
Have you continued to dance after
Strictly? Oh no, after I finished the
tour that was it. And most weeks
on the show it was like I was doing
a drunken stumble across the
Did your body change during
training for the show? Yes, I lost
seven kilos in just five weeks. It
strips you completely, but then
youre training for seven to nine
hours a day and youre not really
eating as much. And youre shitting
yourself before each live show. That
keeps the weight off!
Did you enjoy the experience?
I loved it and Id do it again in a
heartbeat. I had a great time.
Would you do any more reality
TV? Yes, I would actually. Ive been
asked to do quite a few shows but
its a case of choosing the right one.
I dont know whether Id want to do
Im A Celebrity Get Me Out Of
Here! or if Celebrity Big Brother
would appeal. Theyd need some
serious thought first.
If you joined the next series
winter sports show The Jump,
wed get to see you in lycra
again I liked watching The Jump
so maybe Id consider that. Id be
more interested in the element of
learning something rather than
just sitting around all day on TV.
Ben Cohen fragrance is out now, exclusively
in Superdrug, at 20 for 100ml EDT

092-93 STYLE Grooming.indd 93


22/07/2015 17:16

This October, pack your Mickey ears and
join us as we head back to Disneyland Paris.
With special weekend packages from just 219 per adult* staying at a Disney
Hotel, you can book your place today with a deposit of just 50 per person!

15th - 18th October 2015

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Disney Parks

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Four magical, fun-filled days bringing

together the sparkle of Pride and the
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Disneyland Paris park tickets, a welcome
meal, partying and the chance to meet new
friends, a fun-filled weekend awaits!

With two parks to enjoy, discover the

magic of the Disneyland Park and
Sleeping Beautys Castle or explore the
world of animation and cinema in Walt
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Dumbo to shooting through the stars on
Space Mountain : Mission 2, there are
rides to suit both the young at heart and
the thrill seekers.

From grown-up kids to little loved ones,

Magical Pride welcomes families of all
shapes and sizes. With children from
just 79, theres nowhere more magical
than Disneyland Paris to create lasting
memories with family, friends and close
loved ones.


Serious Fun

Magical Pride is brought to you by Manchester Pride and is operated by Greatdays Holidays LTD, ABTA Y0380. * Price is based upon 4
adults sharing a room at Disneys Sequoia Lodge. Child aged 3-11 years when sharing a room with at least 1 adult. Promotional rates
subject to availability and not guaranteed. All events subject to modification without prior notice. Shows, attractions and parades may be
closed, delayed, modified or cancelled without prior notice, notably in case of inclement weather.

GT448-067-098.indd 94

22/07/2015 17:59





Youve seen him in sparkly

trousers on Dancing on Ice and
in swimwear on Blue Go Mad
in Ibiza, but have you seen him
tucked and in full makeup as
Mitzi? Duncan James has big
heels to ll as he steps into the
lead role in Priscilla Queen of the
Desert on their UK tour, starting in
Manchester on 20 August.
Duncan is on tour with Priscilla
throughout the year and into 2016.
For exact performance dates, visit,

...gon give it
to ya. Move
over Bruno,
John Newman
is brining
sexy back.

095 PREVIEW Open.indd 95

We talk queer
identity and
with Max
from duo

From his days
in Deuce to
starring in
The Last Ship,
we catch up
with gay actor
Craig Young.


23/07/2015 11:43




096-97 MUSIC Main.indd 96

Mark Morriss The

Taste of Mark
Morriss Where did
you go? Frontman of
The Bluetones takes
his own dulcet tones
to do a Nouvelle
Vague of soft, mid
tempo covers. From
a cafe twee version
of Laura Branigans
Self Control to a one
ngered synth strip
down of Madonnas
Angel, theyre all
given Marks indie

Kwabs Love + War

On trend, slow jam
electro with all the
90s tropes in place;
hella soulful vocals,
minimal electro
basslines, that 808
drum beat and tight,

sparse production.
Its a crisp, coherent
and immaculate
album at the subtle
end of danceorientated pop.

Beach House
Cherry Singer
Victoria Legrand
has a whispering
hypnotism in
her singing all
throughout this
record, as soft
percussion and
layered synthscapes
bolster this
background-in-thebest-sense album.
It doesnt demand
attention, but gently
lures you into the
dreamy Beach
House world.

Don Broco Automatic Bedford

boys and club tropicana enthusiasts
given their funky video for the
last single Automatic Don Brocos
debut album is a strange beast.
On the one hand, their shiny guitar
riffs and singing style mean they
should be in a nu metal band, yet
they pack in some super smooth
backing vocals and kitschy camp
keyboard parts. Theyre not afraid
of a trashy pop hook underneath
all those guitars. The overall effect
veers from a manly Busted on I Got
Sick, through to something like The
Futureheads on tracks like Fire. Its
pleasurably confusing.

22/07/2015 17:26


Jess Glynne I Cry When I Laugh

As the voice of Clean Bandits Rather Be,
Jess Glynne launched a stealth attack on the
charts and reached peak guest vocalist with an
impressive run of number one appearances.
That Hold My Hand went on to carry on the
trend was no surprise, and with her debut album,
Jess has the chance to show us shes not a one
guest pony. And shes not. I Cry When I Laugh
is packed with euphoric
hits, littered with her now
trademark jabby house
pianos and gospel choir
backing vocals. Glynne is
like a Zumba loving Adele,
a classic vocalist but one
not afraid to put her hands
in the air like she just
doesnt care. She frequently
makes use of a minor key shifts and lifts, like
multiple modern day reworkings of I Am What
I Am. The whole album is mostly bangers with
a little hint at fragility on ballads likes Take Me
Home or Saddest Vanilla for some ice-cream
related woes. It awlessly delivers on all the high
expectations and deserves to go on and dene
the sound of 2015. You wont be able to avoid it,
you might as well put those hands up.

The Fratellis Eyes Wide, Tongue

Tied At their best, The Fratellis are
like a Britpop revival, albeit never far
from some strange Americanisms
and delivery, from the Hank Marvin
moments on Imposters (Little
By Little) to the country ones on
Desperate Guy. Instead of embracing
the cheekiness of Supergrass, which
they almost capture, they instead
plumb the depths of Status Quo and
ChasnDave, with the four chord plod
and piss up round the piano that is
Too Much Wine. The songwriting is
simple, straightforward and naggingly
catchy exactly the kind of thing your
dad would put on during a really long
car journey.



ohn Newman is a lovely

northern bloke making toe
tapping Motown-influenced
pop. With the most distinctive
streaky hairdo since Pep Le Pew, his
Rudimental credentials have seen him
grace our charts and become a breakout
star all over the world, and specifically
in Kazakhstan.
His latest single Come And Get It is
classic Newman, surefire classic pop
with a whistled hook and a co-writing
credit by Greg Kurstin. An about-to-benamed second album in the bag, John is
a hard working chap with a very clear
vision; making timeless pop.
I dont want to repeat or rip off the
song that was number one in the charts
last week, he tells us from his tour van
to Hungary. I want to create my own
music thats all these influences mixed
into one and its me, no restrictions. I
dont want it to fade, its just music for
people to be able to enjoy it for what it is,
not how trendy it is.
For album number two, hes used
Michael Jacksons musicians and
worked with Charlie Wilson from The
Gap Band, so is on track to repeat the
massive commercial success and sound
of his debut Tribute. You only have to
hear one of his songs in a club to see
the impact his music has on people.
That moment late at night when Love Me
Again comes on, people start throwing
themselves around the dancefloor,
grabbing air and over emoting to John
Newmans voice. Its something hes
been able to witness first-hand.
Its really weird, especially because
people know more of my tunes than my
name or my face. Ive seen it quite a lot
and people wont know Im there. And
its so amazing to see someones reaction
when youre not there, because you
never know if someones reaction when
youre there is real. Ive been recording
an album in America for six months and
everyones going Its a hit, its a hit! Is
it? Are you just saying that? Its amazing
seeing a natural reaction.
Mr Newman gets a similarly emotional
response from his live shows, thanks
to his grounded demeanour and bad

096-97 MUSIC Main.indd 97

I feel like when Im onstage, I get

an attachment with people, because
I say it how it is and Im not walking
around going put your hands up and
throwing money at people. Theres no
ego involved in it, theres confidence.
And then Im dancing around like a
bird with broken legs trying to fly, I
think people also find it acceptable to
attempt to do that as well.
It also helps that despite being a bit of a
lad, hes nice with it.
I think its just northern humbleness,
he says when we try to pinpoint his nice
bloke image.
Its growing up in the North Yorkshire
Dales but getting the piss taken out of me
by these lads, so Ive got that northern
lad thing, but then I have respect for
people and I have good morals, and I

wouldnt ever take the piss out of people

because I know how it feels.
A lot of it is my mother keeping me the
way I am, reminding me that this is fucking
incredible and we should all be proud
of what were doing. Its my mother that
deserves the credit for that.
And - of course - hes got his gay fans too,
with their own special way of reaching out.
I had a gentleman hold up a sign the
other day in Belgium and it said You
made me gay call me, he laughs. It
was amazing.
Its quite an old fashioned method of
making contact these days.
I know, I loved it! Instead of trying to
tweet me constantly or whatever, come to
my gig, pay for a ticket and show me your
banner its great. n, @johnnewmanmusic



22/07/2015 17:26

ll caps electro pop

duo MS MR dont mess
around. Just three years
since they met, here
they are with a second album How
Does It Feel, just one year in the
making. When we catch up with Max
Hershenow in LA, he says, It seems
about right to make a record. We
feel like weve been doing it a really
long time.
He moved to LA last November
and with his partner in musical
crime Lizzy Plapinger, set to
finishing off MS MRs not-so-difficult
second album. They do a very
neat line in catchy electro pop
and, although people are quick
to align Ms Plapingers vocals to
those of a certain Florence Welch,
we actually think a more accurate
sound-a-like is Sophie Ellis-Bextor.
The band happily vacate the space
in the career jump gap from The
Audiences introspective indie to
Bextors most upbeat murderous
dancefloor incarnation.
LA has yet to fully reveal its
creative influence, so new is Max in
landing there. I feel really inspired,
exhausted and like, I go out all the
time. Its a new nightlife-y scene
that could translate well into writing
music, but well see
It matches our mental image of LA
crawling with popstars, picturing a
wide-eyed Charli XCX bumping into
Britney at the local Starbucks.
It sort of feels true, Ive met a lot of
famous people since Ive lived here.
But thats not why Im here or why Im
doing this.
One thing MS MR have in
abundance is integrity. Max
recently penned an open letter for
NME in the wake of Caitlyn Jenners
Vanity Fair cover, praising her and
widening the conversation to look
at trans issues beyond the celebrity
gloss, a rallying call to supporting
grass roots organisations. For
people who, as he recaps to us,
have an alternative gender
expression that doesnt conform to
mainstream heterocentric ideals.

098-099 MUS Villagers.indd 98


22/07/2015 17:33


And putting their money where

their mouths are, MS MR will be
donating a cut of their recent ticket
sales to the Third Wave Fund, a fund
that supports feminist, queer and
trans-rights organisations.
Its important for us to feel from the
beginning to use this platform in a
way that we feel it should be used.
And its a good time for gays in
alterno-pop to be speaking out and
shining a light on issues important
to them. The alternative gay pop
renaissance is underway, even if
its just gay journalists noticing the
I do think theres a tendency to try
and put people in boxes no matter
what, regardless of sexuality. Were
constantly striving to figure out
ways to identify ourselves without
feeling like were getting lumped in
with other people or giving people
preconceived ideas of who we should
be as artists.
I feel like theres this exciting
movement of increased visibility
among gay artists, hopefully, ideally,
in a way that its not the defining
feature of their project, but just one
of many. It feels like how its been
for me, its exciting and something
that I want to explore further. It feels
like theres a real space for that and
increasingly I feel like theres an
understanding of sexuality as a more
nuanced thing. Ive been extremely
lucky to carve out a unique space for
myself in terms of that.
Its not just a personal issue for Max,
but something both halves of MS MR
are exploring.
Over the past year or two, and
Lizzie too, both of us have felt this
willingness to embrace queerness,
says Max, Lizzie is straight, but
she has this queerness about her
and theres something exciting
about feeling free to play with the
stereotypes too. To be my most fey,
super flamboyant self and then go
back to something more masculine,
and then play with stereotypes.
Maybe some sort of blockbuster
gay club seems terrible and cheesy

098-099 MUS Villagers.indd 99

and gross, but sometimes its really

fun and to be able to play around
and feel comfortable in any of those
spaces is exciting. Theres something
specifically LA about that too, theres
this lack of stratification.
During our chat about all things
sexuality related, we start picking
apart the bands lyrics. Namely the
line Do you wanna make out? not
sung in a particularly sexy way on
Criminal. Thats because we heard
it wrong.
Thats not the lyric though! Its Do
you wanna way out? Youre not the
first person to get that wrong. I think
more people think its make out than
way out, its like Taylor Swift and the
Starbucks lovers.
Luckily they were going for a more
sensual vibe, so we dont feel too bad
about our dodgy hearing.
If you want to take a sexual
interpretation of it, great, were pro
that. We wanted to have a more
sensual move to it, we wanted to
be able to dance to it. But not just
fist pumpy moments more slower,
grindy moments Yeah, I dunno, rub
up against someone.
The lyrics are almost all at the
hand of the female half, but the pair
work so closely in working them
into a song. Its their rock solid ying
and yang approach that makes MS
MR so effective.
We try to write songs that are
emotionally purist, but not specific.
So you can figure out even if its
something hyper specific to Lizzie,
theres a universality to the emotion.
You may not exactly understand what
shes talking about, but you get that
feeling. When we recorded Wrong
Victory, for example, I dont quite
get what its about and she doesnt
either, but it makes you want to cry
when you hear it. Ive heard it like
a hundred times and its still just
heart-wrenching. Theres something
amazing about being about to
communicate a universal emotion. n
MS MRs album How Does It Feel is out now
on RCA Records,,


22/07/2015 17:33

C Duncan Classically trained Glaswegian
multi-instrumentalist C Duncan is a
bedroom pop pioneer. The cute new poster
boy for gay indie recorded the whole of
his debut album Architect at home in his
flat, creating a meticulously-layered sound.
Mr Duncan builds up these warm, choral
walls of sound that are like the Beach Boys
multiplied by four, singing in Westminster
Cathedral. You can hear it on tracks like
He Believes in Miracles and there are
moments on Silence and Air, with his mix
of vocal highs and sweeping melodrama,
that he sounds like Wild Beasts. Things
occasionally veer into folk-punk akin to The
Hidden Cameras, especially on his new
single Here To There. A chugging guitar
part gently pushes his angelic harmonies,
as we can hear barely a trace of cynicism
in his super cute lyrics about finding love
and sharing life with another person. So
when he wraps things up with Ill Be Gone
By Winter, hell have stolen your heart
before casually casting it aside by the end
of another season., @mrchrisduncan



Demi Lovato Cool for the

Summer Is it just us, or is
there a huge lesbian subtext to all this? Its basically
her I Kissed A Girl, right? Whatever its a massive,
tits out pop smash. Obsessed. Kerri Watt Long
Way Home Slow building Ellie Goulding out of the
club, hands not in the air moment. And a curious
star-crossed lovers gay themed video to boot! Elle
Exxe Lost in LA Like a bubblegum Sleigh Bells, its
a noisy brash Charli XCX-style toys out the pram pop
strop. About getting wasted. Will Young Thank
You Along with some ELO-sounding production, Will
returns to his think I better leave right now emotive
best. And who doesnt like a fuck you at the end of
bitter break up song? Crystal Castles Deicide A
wet rework that never dries out or ignites, poor Edith
could never really take over from Alices shadow. But
its lovely if you dont miss their former aggression.
Sarah Harding Threads The Girls Aloud solo career
you never knew you wanted, it picks up where the St
Trinians soundtrack left off. Sassy rock pop a-go-go,
who doesnt like gratuitous use of the word bullshit?
Aston Merrygold Get Stupid Michael Jackson good
vibes meets Uptown Funk for an irrepressibly upbeat
pop number. It lives up to the title and bodes well for
future solo stuff. Ty Dolla $ign ft Charli XCX
and Tinashe Drop That Kitty Were not experts
in this eld, but we think Charli might be singing about
her vagina. Its very much in the style of Fancy. And
well probably be dropping our kitty down low to it at
some point.


Formerly trading
under the terrible
name of Kool Thing,
band Evvol have
rebranded and are
releasing their debut
album Eternalism.
Much like their home
city, their music
is painfully cool
brutalist electro, both
dark and accessible.
You can hear the late
nights and breaking
dawns spent in


100 MUSIC Tracklist.indd 100

nightclubs, as deep
house lters through
that specically
Germanic electro
sound. Theyve a
mixed bag approach
to experimentation
as at times theres a
mess of feedback,
like the sound of
guitars in pain, and
at others something
that sounds like
a nose ute pops
up. Not knowing
or being able to

tell is all part of

their hipster charm.
Theyve toured
with Austra, a band
whove been cut
from the same dark
gothic electro cloth,
and are a braver
choice compared
to Risn Murphys
modern weirdness.
Eternalism is
out 7 August
on k7! records,

22/07/2015 17:35

OVER 75,000
21,000 WILL

GT449-099-162.indd 101

in the
More people have HIV
UK than ever before.
Please help us to help
Thank you.


Donate at www.pos

ber: 1001582
largest HIV charity, reg num
Positive East is Londons

23/07/2015 15:01



[01] Legend Whats better than one Tom Hardy? DOUBLE HARDY!
Which thanks to two distinct performances as both Kray twins and
some CGI wizardry is exactly what you get in this UK crime drama.
Award buzz cometh.
[02] Crimson Peak Maximum gothic horror overload in this creepy,
beautifully disturbing-looking haunted horror. Were hoping its
going to be Guillermo del Toros best since Pans Labyrinth.
[03] Spectre Daniel Craig returns for more bang-bang secret spy
sexiness, while Christoph Waltz is set to mega-villain it up as a villain
whos DEFINITELY NOT BLOFELD* (*hes defo Blofeld).
[04] Star Wars: The Force Awakens No explanation needed.
*makes lightsaber noise, throws on Bantha onesie*
[05] The Lobster A sci-fi romantic dramedy, this genre smrgsbord
has an ace cast Farrell, Weisz, Colman and an ingeniously
bonkers concept. Namely, if youre single for more than 45 days,
youre turned into an animal and forced to live in the woodland.

The Ang Lee Trilogy Blu-ray/DVD

Long before Ang Lee turned his
hand to illicit cowboy canoodling
and hoovered up all the awards
for Brokeback Mountain, he was
responsible for The Wedding
Banquet, the first Taiwanese film to
explore gay relationships. This 1993
dramedy about a Manhattan-based
gay couple whore forced to concoct
a fake wedding with a Chinese
woman seeking a green card was
surprisingly nuanced and emotionally
engaging for the time, and well worth
a watch. n n n n n
Fast & Furious 7 Blu-Ray/DVD While
we cant help but point out that Fast
& Furious 7 isnt exactly an awardsbothering cinematic classic, the
brutal, boggling reality is that its now
officially the third biggest film ever
made. Those kind of bums-on-seats
numbers mean that at least some of
you will be interested in the DVD/Bluray release, soooo n n n n n
Narcos Netflix Netflixs allconquering original slate steamrolls
on, with this based-on-a-true-story
crime series revolving around
Colombian drug kingpin Pablo
Escobar, the Medellin Cartel, and the
DEA agents sent on a mission to take
them down. Directed by Jos Padilha
and starring Game of Thrones
insanely sexy Pedro Pascal, its built
for the binge-watch. n n n n n

why we love naff movie superheroes

Ant-Man, bless
him, is never going
to top anyones
Avengers fantasy
dream team. But
he should console
himself, because
hes far, far from the
naffest superhero
committed to
celluloid. And
you know what?
We cant help but


102-103 SCREEN Main.indd 102

love the heroic

underdog here at
GT. And theres an
undeniably campy
fascination to be
found in cinemas,
shall we say, more
From Halle Berrys
cat-astrophic budget
S&M Batman
spin-off Catwoman,

to Supermans
hilarious evil
Superman III, Billy
Zanes snoozesome The Phantom,
Shaquille ONeals
lo-fi Iron Man
knock-off Steel
best superpower
being able to throw
a grenade like a

basketball and
the jaw-droppingly
camp-as-tits lunacy
of Batman & Robin
Theres something
to be said for
enjoying the silliest,
less earnest side of
movie heroics. More
power to em. n

No Offence DVD Paul Abbott is a

man who knows his dysfunctional
drama previous hits including
Shameless and Cracker so any
new series boasting his name is
always worth a punt. And No Offence
delivers in all the best ways, focusing
on a group of beleaguered, often
brutal but always impassioned cops
who battle neo-Nazis, murderers et
al on a mission to keep the streets
safe. Strong characterisation, ace
performances who knew Will
Mellor could actually act? and black
humour make this one of the years
best homegrown dramas. n n n n

23/07/2015 10:28


The blockbuster seasons in full swing and

were already over halfway through the year, but
theres still a cavalcade of movie awesomeness coming your way.
These are the films you should be getting very, very excited about.

[the list]


52 Tuesdays Cinema This Aussie

drama has steadily been garnering
critical acclaim since debuting at last
years Sundance Film Festival and
rightly so. Set over a years worth
of Tuesdays, it follows the story
of a teenage girl coming to terms
with a lesbian mother transitioning
to become a trans man. While the
structure is engagingly experimental,
its the performances and a story
focused on the connection of a
mother and child, each undergoing
huge personal changes of their
own, that anchors it with heart and
a relatable, wrenching emotional

Ant-Man Cinema
If were going to be brutally honest, Ant-Mans
hoopla-tastic, headline-snafing production
process had ANTi-success written all over it.
So take away creative visionary Edgar Wright,
replace him with the director of, erm, Bring It
On, throw in a heap of last minute re-writes,
craft a script that screws with comic continuity
and riles the fanboys, and what do you get?
Yet another Marvel hit that dees the countless
creative obstacles thrown in its path.
Scott Lang a bewilderingly buff, even more
phwoarsome Paul Rudd is an ex-con cat
burglar who catches the eye of former secret
superhero Dr Hank Pym. When the technology
behind his shrink tech falls into the wrong
hands, Pym must mentor Lang into saving the
day via some snazzy size-distorting surreality,
a super-suit and a hefty dose of snark. Honey I
Shrunk The Avengers, basically.
Sure, there are issues with pacing and the ties
to the wider Marvel Cinematic Universe are as
shoehorned as a rhino trying on slippers, but its
an adventure salvaged by a perfectly pitched
cast, high stakes that feel refreshingly insular,
and an ingeniously crafted third act ght nale
set almost entirely within a little girls bedroom.
A giANT success.

102-103 SCREEN Main.indd 103

Magic Mike XXL

Cinema XXL is
a movie focused
squarely on
entertaining and
getting you off in
equal measure.
Channing Tatum,
Joe Manganiello
and an army of
super-hot guys strip
for your pleasure.
Its not going to win
any Oscars, but
when theyre this hot
and amusingly selfaware, who cares?

Cinema ICYMI,
Amy Schumer is
the hot new comic
on the scene. And
if you didnt know
who she was before,
you certainly will
after Trainwreck a
comedy about a

relationshipallergic singleton
who inexplicably,
confusingly nds
herself in an
adult relationship.
Funny, surprisingly
touching and with
bonus naked John
Paper Towns
Cinema The writer/
unstoppable tween
force behind The
Fault in Our Stars
returns with another
book adaptation
about teen
romance, only this
time with less tears
and more mystery.
Cara Delevingne
proves shes more
than a pretty face/
clothes-horse, and
theres humour
enough to bolster
the melodramatics.

The Diary of a Teenage Girl

Cinema An indie coming of age
tale based on a sexually-explorative
graphic novel, and boasting an ace
cast playing charismatic, layered,
emotional fuck-ups? YES PLEASE.
Marielle Hellers bewilderingly
assured debut won over this years
festival circuit and understandably
so, with a story a teenager
sleeps with her mums boyfriend
as captivating as its creative
cinematography and performances.
Kristen Wiig gets her drama on,
Alexander Skarsgrd proves he can
even look good with a porn tache,
and Bel Powley better known for,
erm, Benidorm ensures its a tale
imbued with as much poignancy as
sharply-drawn wit.


23/07/2015 10:28

From cult drama Lost to comedies like Sabrina,

the Teenage Witch, nobody can accuse Craig
Robert Young of being typecast. Currently
starring in TV series The Last Ship, we spoke to
him about his days in pop band Deuce, acting as
bait for the wet knicker brigade, and his partner
Michaels flashmob proposal
At the minute youre in The Last
Ship whats that all about? Its a
post-apocalyptic show set in the nottoo-distant future when an airborne
virus has killed every living species
on earth, except for those people
that were at sea. The second season
is a rogue British vessel that comes
into their peripheral when theres
word that somebody has created an
antidote to the virus.
Is that something thats going to
go to a third season? They havent
decided yet, but the feedbacks been
pretty positive. It just depends on
what the ratings are.
You do conventions for things like
Lost and Charmed. Whats the
strangest thing youve had to sign?
The midriff of some girl and she
wanted me to put a love heart over
the I in my name! But the love heart
had to go around her belly button.
Can we talk about Deuce for a bit?
Is that something that follows you
everywhere? Yeah. Its funny, Im
really proud of my Deuce days. I look
back on it with huge fondness.
With things like The Big Reunion
on ITV, have you been approached
for it and would you be interested
in doing it? I think it was last year
it was sort of on the cards. But Lisa
already has a very successful career
and is constantly working, and with
me living in Los Angeles, we just
couldnt seem to get our schedules
right. But if the opportunity were
to arise again and if the timing was
right, who knows?
Were you out when you were
in the band or did that come
later? That came later. I started

104-105 SCREEN Craig Young.indd 104

experimenting with women and

enjoying it to a point, but deep down
I knew I was gay.
Were you ever told to keep your
sexuality secret when you were in
the band? Not really, but I was told
that my job at that time was to bring
in the wet knicker brigade. Which
meant that I was sort of the cute one
in the band to attract all the girls.
Lets face it, I wasnt the singer.
We remember you were bringing
in the boys as well... And we
definitely remember a shirtless
poster of you in Smash Hits. Do you
not look back on those things and
think thats pretty cool, having a
poster in Smash Hits? You go back
20 years and they wouldnt even give
a shoot unless you took your shirt
off. At the time I wasnt fit, so I hated
taking my shirt off and it was one of
the most uncomfortable things.
At what point did you actually
come out? I came out when I was
25. The most important people I
came out to were my parents. I felt
that I was constantly distancing
myself further from them, because
the question would come up Do
you have a girlfriend? and it
just hit me that if I want a good
relationship with my parents, I need
to be honest with them. I actually
just got engaged recently too. We
were at this restaurant in Cuba and
dancers came by the table dancing
to Kylies Love at First Sight. Then
they went up to this balcony bridge
overlooking the city and Bruno Mars
I Think I Want to Marry You came
on. And Michael disappeared, went
up a little turret, and came out and

joined them in a dance routine on

the bridge. Then he had these cue
cards that said, I want to spend the
rest of my life together with you, now
and forever, Craig Robert Young
will you marry me? Everyone in the
restaurant just went crazy.
So do you hear the patter of tiny
feet in the near future at all? Weve
talked about it. Michaels 45 and
doesnt really want to be an old dad,
but theres a sort of thing in me that
feels like I can give a better life to
someone. So, weve talked about
adoption maybe as a possibility
down the line. Theres so many kids
that need a good home.
Whats coming up next for you? I
actually just did my first gay movie.
Its called Kiss Me, Kill Me and its
a story about a guy who wakes up
in hospital with no memory to find
out that his lover has been shot and
killed and hes the prime suspect. I
play a psychiatrist, the best friend
of the guy whos the suspect, and it
comes to me to try and put the pieces
together of what happened that night.
Whats nice is that when I read the
script, it was the first time Id read
a script and thought the characters
could be gay or straight. I thought
that was sort of important for a gaythemed movie. Im also pitching
a TV series based on a short film I
directed called Pepper. Its the story
of a dysfunctional family taking in an
ageing drag queen whos just been
evicted from her home. n
The Last Ship airs on Sky One, Kiss Me, Kill
Me is released this Autumn and Pepper will be
available online after its festival run next year,

22/07/2015 18:37



ia g yo

104-105 SCREEN Craig Young.indd 105



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The best 6-pack in

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Fresh Romance courtesy of Janelle
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Fresh Romance kicked off
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Diversity is the watchword.
Each monthly issue is set to

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in Ruined to scratch your Mr Darcy

107 GEEK.indd 107

He-Man meets Ram-Man! (Actual title)

In the 80s, Mattel were churning out
Masters of the Universe toys faster than
the He-Man cartoon could introduce new
characters. The toy juggernauts innovative
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ongoing and some stand-alone,

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Super villain life
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Wolverine stabs
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continue with three stories, some

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I want you to hit

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idle hands


Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain
Game of the Month
Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes certainly did the
trick when it came to wetting appetites for the next
full-length instalment of Hideo Kojimas magnum
opus. Unveiling a suitably next generation
dynamic, the games little more than a level in
terms of its length, but a lot more in terms of its
breadth main raison dtre was to showcase
the truly open world approach the series was
moving towards a transition thats well and truly
completed in The Phantom Pain. MGS games
themselves have always had something of a
hardcore avour to them, thanks to the incredibly
lengthy, story-rich cut scenes and complex intercharacter relationships. And while The Phantom
Pain promises more of the same, the genuine
ability to decide which of a myriad of ways to
tackle an objective really does freshen things up
and adds a layer of appeal previously missing.
Taking place nine years after the events of Ground
Zeroes, The Phantom Pain sees our grizzled hero
knee-deep in another nefarious plot but this time
things like the passage of time itself and even
the weather will come in to play, both in terms of
how the game behaves and how youll choose to
approach it. Needless to say, essential!
Available from 1 September on PS4, Xbox One, PS3 and Xbox 360


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BBC Newsbeat
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Everybodys Gone to the Rapture

An open world first-person adventure
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Perfect Bake


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GT449-099-162.indd 110

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readers lives



31, Subtitler,

---------I was in London for

the weekend and I
saw on Twitter that
you were looking
for people to do this
shoot. Ive never
had pictures taken
of me naked at
least by other
people, anyway!
I post pictures of
me naked on my
Instagram account
sometimes. Im not
really shy about it.
Ive never felt like it
was a big deal.
I like my bum. Some
people have said
its quite nice. Im
generally happy
with my body. Ive
got a bit of a belly
that bothers me a
little bit. No matter
how much weight
I lose, it never
completely goes
away. I was seeing
a personal trainer
for a couple of
months, but its just
too expensive. I nd
it hard to motivate
myself. I feel like
my boyfriend was a
deliberate attempt
to go for someone
who wasnt my type.
Before I met him, I
was always chasing
people who werent
interested in me.
He chased me, but I
wasnt interested at
rst. Then I thought
that maybe I should
give him a chance.
Normally we only
see really muscly,
tall guys. Everyone
looks the same.
Its good to show
there are other body
types that can be

Case of
the ex...
Your ex has a
new boyfriend
and now you
want him
back? Sounds
like a job for

111 LIFE Open.indd 111

Youre a
walking STD
Positive Luke is
hoping that the
next exciting
stage in his life
will mean fewer
comments like
that one...

Kill em with
PJ Brennan
has some sage
advice for
when it comes
to overcoming
and bigots.


23/07/2015 14:26



112-115 REAL SriLanka.indd 112

23/07/2015 12:01




the way down the street the lights
had gone out. Power cuts are
common in Sri Lankas capital city,
Colombo, but this wasnt a power
cut. When four men arrived at Kiru
Thurairajahs house, she knew her
girlfriends stepfather had sent
them. He was unhappy with his
stepdaughter being in a lesbian
relationship and had already sent
threats to Kiru.
As the men started throwing
stones at the house, Kiru had a
decision to make. Should she call
the police, or would this just put her
in more danger? Countless numbers
of people have to ask themselves
this question when they are
harassed or even attacked because
of their sexuality in Sri Lanka.

112-115 REAL SriLanka.indd 113

Articles 365 and 365a of Sri

Lankas Penal Code, originally
introduced by British colonists in
1886, have been used to criminalise
homosexual acts which are said to
be against the order of nature or
to amount to gross indecency.
Similar laws remain in place in
India, Bangladesh, Bhutan and
Pakistan, nearly 50 years after they
were revoked in Britain.
I was going to call the police
but then I started thinking, Kiru
tells us, if I called the police, Id
have to tell the whole story about
who sent the thugs, and that I had a
relationship with his stepdaughter.
Thereve been no convictions for
Article 365 or 365a since Sri Lanka
gained independence in 1948, but
the law means most LGBTIQ people

avoid seeking protection from the

police or justice from the courts,
even when threatened with physical
Luckily for Kiru, her aunt worked
in politics and was able to send
some policemen who didnt ask any
questions, but she decided not to file
a complaint against her girlfriends
stepfather. She eventually found out
that hed convinced the municipal
council to switch off the electricity
on her street.
Although Kiru thinks the laws need
to change, she doesnt see it as the
biggest barrier gay people face.
No one worries about the law in
Sri Lanka, she said. If society was
OK with who we are, wed be OK.
Social acceptance is improving,
but only in urban areas, so Im in


23/07/2015 12:01

a much better situation than other

people. One person I know went
through corrective rape; her father
told her cousin to rape her, thinking
that this would make her straight.
Deepthi Tadanki is directing a film
about corrective rape, which she
started working on after speaking
to a young man in Bangalore, whose
own mother attempted to rape him.
The Indian filmmaker told
us: In the LGBT community,
everybody knows somebody whos
experienced corrective rape, but
nobody talks about it because of
the shame. The parents dont see
it as rape, they see it as their duty,
and they think that itll benefit their
kids future.
Cases of corrective rape have

Forget about LGBT rights, society

is not ready to accept single people
yet. You have to get married for
acceptance. So whether they like it
or not, most LGBT people do.
Koluu Ranawake, celebrity
chef, is one of the most open and
flamboyant gay people in Sri Lanka.
Having come out to his own mother
at 17, he often hears from young
people on Facebook whore afraid
to come out to their families.
I encourage them, I say, Why
are you scared to tell your parents?
I know some parents whore quite
happy about it, he said.
But other activists, like Shan,
advise caution: In Sri Lanka,
your identity and the level of
its expression depends on your

been reported as far and wide as
Uganda and Ecuador, but in South
Asia, according to Deepthi, this
issue is beyond taboo. Deepthis
team have been threatened with
an acid attack if they continue
Corrective rape isnt talked about
because homosexuality isnt talked
about, which is why families often
have limited understanding of what
homosexuality is. Some parents, so
afraid of the stigma their child will
suffer if word gets out, decide to
carry out the abuse themselves.
Understandably, many people
think its safer to hide their true
identities, often bowing to immense
pressure to marry.
Shan* hides his sexuality from
everyone in his life except for a
select few.

112-115 REAL SriLanka.indd 114

socio-economic status.
When Kiru told her mother and
father that she is a lesbian they
both threatened to kill themselves,
cutting their hands to prove they
meant it.
It was very emotional for us, she
said. We all cried for hours. It was
the first time Id seen my father cry.
In Sri Lankan culture, men dont cry,
especially fathers.
Other parents react by seeking
cures. In rural areas, witch doctors
kattadiyas offer remedies for
homosexual urges, from herbal
teas to hanging magnets from
the patients testicles. Some
psychologists continue to treat
homosexuality as a mental illness.
Kiru remembers when a friend was
told she could be cured through
female genital mutilation.

Because of issues like these,

LGBTIQ non-profit Equal Ground
run programmes to sensitise
people; teaching them what
homosexuality really is.
Last year, following
representations from Equal Ground,
the UN Human Rights Committee
put pressure on the government
to discuss the legal status and
protections offered to LGBTIQ
people. In a written response
the government said Article 12
of the Constitution the right to
equality protects persons from
stigmatisation and discrimination.
It was an important milestone, but
Equal Grounds executive director,
Rosanna Flamer-Caldera, didnt
think it was enough: The fact of
the matter is that law enforcement
agencies often violate peoples
rights based on these old laws.
In 2009, an Indian High Court
declared the countrys similarly
outdated laws unconstitutional, as
they violated equal rights. It was a
historic success, but just four years
later the Supreme Court overturned
that judgment, saying it should be
left for legislators to decide.
Speaking about this ruling,
Sri Lankan Human Rights
Commissioner, Prathiba
Mahanamahewa, said: Incidents
like these really affect Sri Lanka
because we share a similar culture,
ideology and philosophy.
Aware of statistics from the
National STD/AIDS Control
Programme, indicating the number
of new HIV cases has doubled in just
six years, Prathiba is trying to open
up a dialogue with civil society
about the law.
Theres a veil of silence in this
country, and we need to open this
veil so we can protect people.
But even within the Human Rights
Commission of Sri Lanka, there
was significant debate over
openly discussing the issue of gay
rights, because of concerns over
protecting Sri Lankan values,
according to Prathiba.



23/07/2015 12:02


This echoes issues across

largely conservative South Asia,
where power and religion have
strong links.
Rosanna explains: Theres a huge
faction of homophobic politicians
whore constantly whipping up
sentiment with their lies about what
homosexuality is.
In 2013 Norways Ambassador
Grete Lchen brought her wife
with her to Sri Lanka. In reaction
to this, President at the time
Mahinda Rajapaksa, meeting with
an ultra-conservative Buddhist
organisation said the countrys
Buddhist identity would come
to an end if we allow these
actions. Rajapaksas argument
is ubiquitous and flawed; theres
nothing within Buddhist texts
which prohibits homosexuality.
These bigots use one tiny thing
from Buddhism, saying if something
is bad for society then it should be
stopped, in just the same way they
pluck certain things from the Bible.
The argument so many people
put out is that homosexuality is
against our culture, but if any
culture violates somebodys
human rights, that culture needs to
change, says Rosanna from Equal
Parliamentary elections will be
held this month, and Rosanna hopes
this will lead to positive action from
Its time for politicians to come
out of their closets and speak up,
she said.
If this happens it could cause a
chain reaction, with more and more
people coming out across Sri Lanka
and South Asia.
Damith* explained how things
would change for him if Article 365
and 365a were revoked.
If the law changed Id definitely
marry. Then Id be very happy
to introduce my family to my
boyfriend. Id be ready to come out
and face disaster. n
Some names have been changed by request

112-115 REAL SriLanka.indd 115


23/07/2015 12:02

A gay superstar turns the tables

on a homophobic tabloid.

The new satirical thriller by Paul Ilett

Great writing. A fantastic debut from

a former journalist The Sun
A timely tale of tabloid culture
Attitude Magazine

Available exclusively from Amazon

GT449-099-162.indd 116

23/07/2015 15:01




Unlike the gazillions

of incredible people
that showed up
to attend Pride this year, I was
otherwise engaged, with a severe
case of pink eye and a vampiriclike hatred toward any kind of
So, like the rest of the old farts
in this world, I watched the
parade on social media, joining
in with the cyber festivities and
hey gurl banter from my cave,
as people posted their updates,
comments and pics of Pride goers
all over the net.
All I kept thinking about was
what an incredible progression
wed made. How I ached to be able
to jump back in time and hug the
hell out of those great queens of
Stonewall, and every gay hero that
ever lifted a Rainbow Flag and said
fuck you to homophobia, and say
To let them all know that every
bit of pain and hardship theyd
endured had not been in vain and
had made it possible for us to live
in the world like it is today.
I hate to think that people ever
had to go through prejudice and

117 FIRST Mikey Walsh.indd 117


[mikey walsh]

persecution like they did. But

they did. Places of support and
escape for LGBT people back then
were few, and theyd be punished
terribly, their lives ruined, just for
being who they were.
And as it stands, in a hell of a lot
of places, this kind of surrounding
is still very much commonplace,
and still unfaltering in its denial of
seeing gay as even human.
Take note gay people. Its
worth remembering this next
time you go to write a passive
aggressive tweet about being
sick of seeing rainbows.
Living in a well-populated gay
city for too long can start to cloud
your thinking. And over that
weekend of Pride, I saw more
gay people than I dread to think
actually gay-shaming, complaining
quite openly about us shoving
Pride in peoples faces and
exclaiming sickness at seeing all
those rainbow-filtered avatars.
Like any of it hurts your dayto-day living. Quite the fucking
opposite actually; these people are
out there campaigning for change;
in countries, places, cultures,
religions and peoples minds, to

How I
ached to
be able
to jump
back in
time and
hug the
hell out
of those
queens of
and every
gay hero
that ever
lifted a


rid them of that bigoted hatred,

and to rightfully celebrate the
hardships LGBT people have gone
through to be able to live with the
same rights as anyone else.
Whether it be religion, culture,
or just small-minded bigotry, you
only have to turn a certain corner
to be faced with it. Its not as far off
as youd think. And I think being
shielded for far too long in a gay
area of a cultured city can warp
peoples thinking.
There are still people out there
that think being gay is a choice
And there are still people who
are suffering for that. The last
thing we need is our own internal
homophobia rearing its head
during a time when we should be
standing together against it. And
please, dont tell me that some
people are just too gay, because
theres no fucking measure for it,
and you have no right to be holding
one. Try telling someone they are
too black without getting a welldeserved smack in your smallminded chops.
It makes you sound as bad as the
Adam and Steve crew.
Just look at what happened at
Istanbul Pride this year. Fire hoses,
rubber bullets and tear gas. That
is FAR from a world changed. And
some of us only have to make a call
home to hear that kind of mentality
toward people like us, believe me.
We have come so far. And in time,
well help the world to listen. Old
voices and traditions die out. Thats
an absolute.
And for us all to show that a
cultured world knows better than
to penalise and punish people just
for the preference on who they
love, is the way forward.
If gay Pride bothers you, you
need to think why. And fix it.
We have all come to terms with
being gay in our own ways. And
some of us can find that journey
far more difficult to
live with, or learn to
accept. n


23/07/2015 11:58

2016 CA


SOHO 5-7 Brewer Street, Soho, London, W1F 0RF, 020 7734 4031
BRIGHTON 112-113 St Jamess Street, Brighton, BN2 1TH, 01273 683 680

GT 449 red hot cal.indd1182


22/07/2015 15:02



Wipe the chocolate

from your face, Ernie
scolded as we left the
apartment on our way to the doctor.
You dont want them injecting you
with frosting.
Indeed. Who wants a plastic
surgeon filling their cheeks with
sugary cake topping? Thatd be
ridiculous. Im not saying the
thought has never occurred to
me. Im a huge John Waters fan
and every day it seems something
happens that either is, has been, or
will be the plot of one of his films.
Here! shouted the vivacious,
dirty blond-haired guy standing
in front of me on the night of my
opening at Castle Fitzjohns, gently
shoving an adorable, pudgy-faced
street urchin in my direction. You
can have sex with my son!
Even my friends were surprised.
Its the kind of thing one might
have expected to hear back in
1995, when nothing was taboo.
Back then people were always
offering up their kids in trade for
sex, drugs, even drink tickets. Not
that Im condoning such behaviour.
Its immoral. Its unethical. Its
reprehensible. But perhaps

119 COLUMN MichaelAlig.indd 119


[michael alig]

because of a combination of things,

the films, the books, peoples own
skewed memories and almost
pathological desire to impress and
out-shock one another, this kind of
thing happens all the time. Like a
scene from a John Waters movie, my
life is loaded with spectacles that
seem like Well, spectacles from a
John Waters movie.
Piss-drinking, one-legged
transsexual fame whores? Check.
An overweight drag queen
dressed as Madonna lip-syncing
in a tube top and pair of cheap 14th
Street ch-cha heels? Check.
Lest anyone think this kind of
behaviour is limited to my intimate
circle of degenerate friends or even
Club Culture in general, there are
countless examples of John Watersification throughout the American
mainstream. The reality stars of
today, train wrecks like Honey Boo
Boo and The Real Housewives,
make Dawn Davenport and Queen
Carlotta seem almost restrained.
Of course, not every reality star
is amoral and perverse. There
are hordes of decent, altruistic
souls throughout the mainstream.
Generous-to-a-fault, hard-

Like a
scene from
a John
my life is
that seem
like... Well,
from a


working individuals willing to

go to any lengths to ensure your
contentment and happiness. Take
the Kardashians. Far from the
disreputable, superficial bunch
of fame whores theyre so unfairly
mischaracterised as by the
drive-by media, the Kardashians
are truly Americas First Family.
Thats right! Screw the Obamas!
Besides her bangs and Im not
discounting them, they truly
were fierce but other than that,
what real contributions to society
has Michelle Obama made?
Vegetables? Steamed cabbage?
The Kardashians have done more
to promote core American values
than Norman Rockwell. Like Rosa
Parks and her bus, Kim and her bust
has propelled womens liberation
into the stratosphere, teaching little
girls everywhere how to utilise the
tools God has given them to get
what they want. Some might say its
unethical, whoring out our sisters
and daughters. Self-centred and
vain, their obsession with youth
and perfection. I cant think of a
more selfless or altruistic act than
having a dozen tummy tucks and
face lifts. Like other plastic surgery
aficionados, Amanda Lepore and
Pete Burns, the Kardashians are
obviously, first and foremost,
concerned with our viewing
pleasure. Spending all of their time
and money on themselves, in order
to make sure WE are happy by
giving us something aesthetically
pleasing to LOOK at. What could
be a more generous act of pure
altruism in the spirit of John Waters?
The ultimate tribute to the Pope
of Trash would be for the Pimp of
Poor Taste otherwise known
as Donald Trump to be elected
president of the United States.
Having to endure the perhaps
unavoidable, almost Idiocracyesque reality of Donald living in
the White House would surely
be the scariest, most
unappealing remake of
Desperate Living. n


23/07/2015 12:00

readers dilemmas


---------Last year I finished with my

boyfriend. We went out for
five years and grew apart. We
wanted different things and I
wasnt ready for the lifelong
commitment that he was looking
for. Ive since started dating and
havent met the one yet, but
have been having a lot of fun!
My ex was devastated when
we broke up, but now hes met
someone else. Ive seen pictures
of them together on friends
Facebook feeds we deleted
each other and he seems a


completely different person to

the guy I let go. Happy, energetic.
He seems to have moved on so
quickly; it doesnt look authentic
to me. I imagined that maybe one
day we could get back together.
I cant stop thinking about what
mightve been and if I made
the right decision ending it. Im
seeing a guy for a summer fling
but I dont think itll be anything
more than that. Im worried Ive
given up on the one and now
someone else has got their claws
in. Im desperate to tell him that I
want to try again.
Giles, by email
The Guyliner replies When you
break up with someone and cut
off all contact, they remain to you
in suspended animation like
everythings as it was when you
walked away from them, leaving their

need advice?

120-121 LIFE Guyliner.indd 120


is nothing short of a miracle, but it

doesnt mean its too quick or that his
heart isnt in it. Hes not the man you
left behind; hes a brand-new version.
A post-you model. And it sounds like
hes doing just fine.
Did you really believe, when calling
it off, that youd get back together
one day? Did you spin that line to him
at the time? You wanted to have your
fun, and theres nothing wrong with
that, but you cant expect your ex to
wait around for you to return, saying
you made a big mistake.
If life without your ex has been
unfulfilling, and flings arent doing it
for you, change your mindset when
looking for new relationships and aim
for something more long-term. You
must make sure you step into the
future, not wade back through your
past to drag the ex into your present.
Do you really mourn the loss of a
potential one or are you bored and
looking for something to play with? If
its the latter, go borrow a kitten. He
too may wonder late at night what
couldve been, but it sounds like hes
got his life back on track dont send
it veering off course again. n

Need some good old-fashioned advice on matters of love, life or relationships?

Email me in total confidence on I cant
respond individually and your emails may be edited for use in the magazine.
We wont use your real name or publish any contact details.

23/07/2015 12:04


My ex has met
someone else
now I want
him back

life in tatters. Thats not how it works,

however; their timeline is only frozen
in your head. In reality? Life goes on.
If you felt it was the right thing to
do, theres no shame that you ended
the relationship. Where it really starts
to get icky is that youve suddenly
had this epiphany right at the time
your ex finds someone new, what a
coincidence that maybe he was the
one after all.
Maybe he was, but you know what?
Too fucking late. Your boyfriend
was devastated when you ended
the relationship. That hes found
someone new, got his life together
and is happy as far as the glossy
filters of social media would have you
believe, anyway and so quickly,


The Fashion Blogger
Fashion people dont
wear clothes, they have
looks. And these outfits are
called looks because thats
what they want everybody to
do. Going out with a fashion
blogger is a bit like going out
with a model except theyre not
famous, dont have a private
jet, never have any money and,
as far as I know, models dont
lie about page views to get
their hands on free champagne
at the launch of a new leggings
range. Youll initially be
impressed by the fashion
bloggers sense of style
youve never met anybody who
was able to carry off sofa
cushions as a shawl before
but as with most things, the
novelty fades fast. First of all,
as anyone knows, every
fashion icon needs someone to
catch the moment. A
photographer, in other words.
They cant upload 100 shaky
selfies gurning in front of an
egg-white omelette fountain at
a jewellery event, so theyll
need someone snapping away
to make sure they have some
stellar #content. And that
person is you. You wont be
able to walk down the street
without them stopping you.
Hang on, theyll squeak,
standing in a pose that would
be perfectly natural if
skeletons were designed by
Antoni Gaud. Me in front of
this dumpster would be a great
shot for Freds Threads. Yes,
they always refer to the blog by
its name, like its already a
brand and not their diary. And
before you know it, their toes
are pointing inward standard
fashion blogger stance and
theyre looking off into the
distance like theyre trying to
remember the ingredients for
gumbo. Click! Your fate as a
personal paparazzo is sealed.




120-121 LIFE Guyliner.indd 121

If youre extra unlucky, theyll
drag you to events with them.
One of these a fortnight, you
could probably do; theres
usually free booze for most of the
evening and canaps are a great
way of finding out the latest
trends in undercooked salmon.
But night after night after night?
This is one hot trend thatll go off
the boil pretty quickly.
The solution If youve found
yourself with a fashion blogger
and theyre just too pretty to let
go, you need to position yourself
as the worst photographer ever.
Im talking fingers over the lens,
seeking out unflattering light,
the lot. If it doesnt put them off,
youre obviously meant to be a
timeless classic.
---------The Dating Blogger
Pray for the soul of the
dating blogger, should they have
one, for they can never find true
love and, if they do, must find a
way to ruin it completely so they
can carry on blogging. They may
be hot, they may be hilarious,
but their charm is on the meter
once theyve published, youll
be damned. They can move
conversation from dreary job
chat into gulp-worthy
flirtatiousness at breakneck
speed, usually because theyre
anxious to move things along so
they can get back to their lonely
hovel and write all about you.
Or, you know, shag you. If
theyre extra vain, and they
usually are, theyll slip you a
link to their blog as they leave.
Unless theyre saving you for the
book, of course.


The solution If you discover your

man is a vicious old dating scribe,
a rival blog is the only answer.
Make it a fashion one, to really
twist the stiletto. Or accuse them
of making it all up. They really,
really hate that.


23/07/2015 12:04

Country residence in the heart of

Beautiful County Kerry, Ireland

Carrantuohill, the highest peak of the Macgillycuddys Reeks, from the back garden.

Magnificent views overlook the valley, from a very private 3 acre site, surrounded by a
beautifully landscaped garden. Must be viewed to get the full impression.

This luxury mansion, finished with the best quality material, has been built on a solid basement/
garage/ workshop/ studio of 3,500 sq ft. It boasts a large terrace on the south side.

Away from daily hassle, this property offers you romance, cosiness and peace.
Completely furnished, it is ready for you to make it your home as soon as you arrive.

Any questions will be answered in total confidence, with all the information you need
on this beautiful residence.
Offers in the region of 1,150,000 (approx. 920,000). Selling by private treaty.
Location: Google Maps 520244.7N 94311.3W
Kilgobnet / Beaufort / County Kerry
Contact: Henri Kools, the Netherlands. Mob: 0031 6 1831 0692. Email:

GT449-099-162.indd 1

15/10/2014 15:03




Change will always

be an inevitable
transition that many
of us find familiar; its easy to
switch your hair colour, clothes,
sometimes even your man. But
larger changes seem to either
make or break a person, and while
Ive dealt with many changes over
the years, I seem to be quickly
approaching one more: university.
Ive worked hard for whats coming
and I know many people around the
world would quite literally die for
a shot at an education in any form,
but that still doesnt make it any
less daunting. Dismantle my image
and remember Im still only 20,
Ive never lived outside the West
Midlands Or without my mum.
While everyone describes me as
very independent and grownup, I cant help think that this
approaching change will either be
the best or the worst years of my
life. Im terrified.
The most daunting aspect of
moving will be new people. Im
not afraid to admit that when I
was 18, somewhat reckless and
enthralled by adulthood, I had a
lot of confidence. Something Ive

123 COLUMN Positive Luke.indd 123


[positive luke]

partly lost over the last two years

as Ive quietly traded the nights out
drinking and constant socialising,
for a nice book and a college
assignment at my bedside. You
lose contact with people, you fade
into insignificance Im no longer
Ive often thought my HIV
status may have played a part.
While not directly responsible
for anything specific in regard
to my social life, I certainly have
much less of one these days. I
always consider any gay scene
to be fundamentally built on sex;
who looks good, who knows XYZ,
whos fucked their hot best friend
and wheres the next session.
If HIV excludes or relegates
how sexual someone can be
perceived, in the context of a sexobsessed, perfection-centric gay
scene, I can see why so much has
changed for me.
I can hear my best friend in
my head, telling me Im an idiot
and that I overthink everything.
Yes Jenny, I know! But I havent a
single regret, because the path I
wouldve been on now had things
not changed, I wouldnt even

ago I was
to as a
STD by
and when
living with
HIV, its a
sad truth
that some
people will
see you
that way


want to speculate. My first choice

university, Leeds, has more than
200,000 students in its city, four
of those will hopefully be lucky
enough to have me as a flatmate.
Im very excited excited to leave,
excited for change, excited for new
opportunities and friends. But Ill
sometimes start enacting scenarios
in my head, which unfortunately
tells a lot about my stunted faith in
humanity these days.
What do you write about then,
Oh, whys that?
Youd think after two years, Id
have a degree in screaming my
HIV status from the rooftops, but its
always one of the scariest moments
in any conversation for me. And
while my often mischievous moods
will sometimes love to test peoples
reactions, in truth, theres nothing I
dread more.
Im hoping that Ill meet people
who bare no judgement, and wholl
see me without my three-letter life
label, and treat me no differently
for it. Ive seen it too much, too
many familiar faces gone sour and
vanished away. Two weeks ago I
was referred to as a walking STD
by someone, and when youre living
with HIV, its a sad truth that some
people will see you that way.
What I really want is to leave
all the bad memories behind. I
dont want to bring them with me,
wherever I end up. I need a fresh
start where I can simply forget the
places and people that shouldnt
have really mattered to begin with.
University is a matter of weeks
away and its only just sinking in
now. Its a lovely thought to know
youve achieved something that
many people said youd never do.
I hope for the best A-level results,
a team of happy and accepting
flatmates, and that my course isnt
too strenuous.
But overall, I hope
for happiness, in a new
city, away from here. n


23/07/2015 13:26



DATE 4.indd 2

23/07/2015 11:32



I was coming out

of a corner shop the
other afternoon,
my Capri Sun in hand, when I
witnessed pure unadulterated
homophobia. Im not even
talking about modern day veiled
homophobia, Im talking good ol
fashioned kids will be kids kind
of homophobia. A group of four
teenagers were walking past two
boys, both no more than eight,
playing on the sidewalk. The
game looked fun, and if I had to
guess, related to Star Wars based
off of the sound effects being
made. Now, Ive said this before
and Ill say this again, I do not
trust teenagers at all. Theyve got
nothing to lose; theyre too young
to really pay a serious price for
their actions, and each and every
one of them is all too aware of this
special dispensation.
Move, faggot, said one of
the teenagers as the others
sniggered. The young boy
stopped dead in his tracks,
his invisible lightsabre now
resting at his side. I understood
his face. It was the same face I
made when I was called faggot

125 COLUMN PJBrennan.indd 125


for the first time, right before

a class photo was taken. He
was slowly contracting, almost
imperceptibly, but I saw the shift;
he was changing who he was for
fear of recrimination. It broke
my heart. As I walked by I gave
him a high five, I didnt know
what else to do. It snapped him
out of it, sure, but the damage
was done. I remember looking to
my homeroom teacher for some
sort of acknowledgment after
my classmate Ralph called me
a faggot, but I got nothing, not
even eye contact. She couldnt
care less.
A few days later, on the
subway, I ran across some
familiar homophobia yet again.
Two men, dressed in gender
fuck drag, were heading to the
Pride parade in Manhattan.
Another man was clearly
jealous of their looks but was too
cowardly to say anything to their
faces, so instead, paced back
and forth on the other side of the
train car shouting awful things
over his shoulder. This was just
days after the Supreme Court
made same-sex marriage legal

[pj brennan]

Im lucky
to have
a picture
of my
face just
after I was
called a
faggot. It
look like
me, it
looks like
pulled my
entire face


across the country. The two men

in drag ignored the taunts while
a family sitting across from me
clearly tourists looked on in
Happy Pride, I said to the two
Thank you, replied the heavyset bearded man in the Tinker Bell
costume, with total sincerity.
That guys clearly just had a bad
day, I joked with a dismissive hand
Cant handle how fierce we are,
Tinker Bell replied.
The family from Ohio just
guessing across from me smiled
in relief. I noticed the young son
watching the whole thing go down,
taking everything in. Sure, he saw
the asshole who thought it was
his right to yell hateful epithets to
strangers, but he also witnessed
strangers smiling and paying
kindness forward to each other. I
wanted to say to him, Even a high
five goes a long way.
I know this sounds like Im really
proud of myself, but Im not. Trust
me, thereve been times where I
have played Judas, and left even
my friends out to dry for less than
40 silver pieces. Ralph, the same
boy who called me a faggot, went
after my friend once in high school,
and I sat there in silence because I
was scared. Ive always regretted
it and Im sorry, Brendan.
So maybe these moments are to
make up for all the times I stayed
silent. Im lucky to have a picture
of my face just seconds after I was
called a faggot. It doesnt look
like me, it looks like gravity got
stronger and pulled my entire
face downwards. The sadness is
heavy in my body. But it reminds
me that I cant keep quiet. I have
to give that kid the high five,
and I have to send well wishes
to the two burly men in drag,
because not everyone does, but
everyone could use
some kindness from
strangers. n


23/07/2015 12:07

average joe-mo




need advice?

126-127 LIFE Fitness.indd 126

Whether youre wanting to look good on the beach, shed a few pounds or just
live a healthier lifestyle, email me on or tweet me at
@chrisjonesgeek. I cant respond to everyone and your emails or tweets may
be edited for use in the magazine. We wont publish any contact details.

23/07/2015 13:28

[get fit]

nvy. Envy is a beautiful

thing. I mean, its not. Its
not AT ALL. But its one
crazy emotion. Or is it a
state of mind? DISCUSS.
I get envious of boys who, I think,
are better looking and more buff
than me. Which is a broad bunch.
I know I have a new picture every
month for my column, and it seems
like Im super-photo-happy guy,
but Im incredibly insecure. So I
look at other guys I admire and I
get envious. Or, I want to sleep with
them. Its the classic gay conundrum.
Do I want to BE him or be IN him?
Envy can lead down a dark path
towards being mega dysmorphic,
and its very common. Men these
days worry about both being
overweight, but also under weight.
Someone I went to university with
used to wear five or more t-shirts just
so he didnt look so small. He was
straight and was so embarrassed
when people found out what he
did that he actually started to see a
counsellor. But as people who knew
him, it just wasnt a thing and not
one person mocked him no one
cared but it was all in his head.
The results of GTs body survey a
few months ago had some interesting
results. 56% said that they thought

gay men, in general, had a poor

body image and that guys seem to
stress about it too much.
Also 33 out of 1,000 people said
theyd used steroids to enhance their
gym performance.
I hate to be that person but Im
sure that last figure is higher. I
touched on steroids in a previous
column and just how common they
are. But doesnt that just prove that
we strive to want to looker hotter
and better? Seeing a buff guy
motivates me to want to work hard in
the gym and achieve better results,
but a deep envy could lead down a
steroid route.
Please pardon the pun, but
dysmorphia sure comes in all shapes
and sizes. Bigorexia, or muscle
dysmorphia, was only coined by
American psychiatrists a few years
ago and has become a serious
issue. Guys have really damaged
themselves in steroid abuse in
the dream to be big. Its an issue
not to be taken lightly, or even
scoffed at. I suffer from bigorexia.
And it sometimes does feel deeply
embarrassing when you tell
someone out loud.
The NHS has help for dysmorphia
do NOT feel embarrassed if you feel
like you need to talk to someone.

Answer I dont

[ask chris]
Question How
do I get those
v lines that
some guys
have? Theyre
so sexy! Is there
something I can
do, eat, anything
to get them??
James, via Twitter

know, I dont have

them because I
eat too much ice
cream! But the way
to get them is to
be mindful of your
diet. Keep to a high
protein diet and
introduce carbs in the
morning for energy,
purely because
I hate advising
people to cut out
carbs completely, as
getting those lines
will be hard work.
Workout wise, try
some hanging leg
raises. They target
the lower abs and
will help develop
them lovely lines.


Chris exercise of the month

Your glutes are one of the largest

muscle groups on your body. Aint
called a rump for nothing! Heres
an exercise you can perform, well,
anywhere you feel comfortable
really, to tone up dat ass. This
is a sidekick, on all fours. Or the
naughty doggy peeing exercise.
[01] Start on all
fours with hands
underneath your
shoulders, knees
at 90 degrees.
---------[02] Keep one
leg on the oor,
and slowly lift

the opposite
knee, keeping
it bent, until it
is parallel with
the oor. Then
lower back to
the starting

BioSport headphones
If youre serious about
outdoor tness, dont
leave the house without
a pair of these clever
babies. Developed
with Intel, theyre water
and sweat resistant,
and track your heart
rate through an optical
sensor while youre
listening to your best
running mix. Plug them
straight into your phone
and they can even
augment your training
with heart rate data,
without needing to wear
one of those annoying
chest straps. 129.99
from and

126-127 LIFE Fitness.indd 127


23/07/2015 13:28


[01] Droylsden, Manchester

Situated just four miles outside
the city, with great links via bus
and Metrolink tram, Droylsden is
perfect for a first time buyer. Its
close enough to the action to allow
for an easy commute and weekend
jaunts to Canal Street, but far
enough for prices to be reasonable.
The borough of Tameside may

Old Town, Hasitngs


128-129 LIFE 2LovelyGays.indd 128

[03] Old Town, Hastings Perhaps

one for more quiet types, Hastings
is a location not exactly famous as a
gay party town. The residents tend
to be arty types who thrive on the
peace this seaside haven offers.
However, its been monikered
Shoreditch on Sea, so could be
the ideal spot for settling down.
Chocolatiers, vintage shops and
artisanal bakeries in the Old Town
make Sunday mornings very easy
indeed, and Brighton is just along
the coast should you be feeling
slightly more lively. Expect to
pay up to 150,000 for a flat and
500,000 for a four bedroom

take a few years to gain young

urbanite status, but youll save
around 50,000 compared to
buying in Manchester centre, and
youre looking at around 120,000
for a semi-detached home, so well
worth the wait.
[02] Eastside, Birmingham
With a multimillion pound
regeneration under its belt and
HS2 on the way, Eastside is about
to blow up. Another place where
you can get a great property for
under 200,000 and still have
change left over for renovations.
This is the perfect area for
young professionals, with the
journey time to London less than
two hours. Birmingham is also
known for its gay village, with
everything from karaoke clubs to
leather bars.



Its not just the

house thats a
priority when buying
property. If you want
to stay ahead of
the curve and get
the most for your
money, its worth
taking note of these
up-and-coming UK

[04] Nether Edge, Sheffield For

those who cant bear to be too far
from greenery, this is the spot for
you. Nether Edge is smack bang
in the middle of Sheffield centre
and the Peak District. If you buy
well you might be able to snag a
place with rural views, but either
way, you wont be more than half
an hours walk from fresh air and
hills great if youre ready to start
a family. The local primary gained
an outstanding grade in its recent
Ofsted report and Sheffield is also
a very gay-friendly town, with a
renowned Pride celebration and
gay bars scattered right through
the city. Best of both worlds.
[05] Acton Town, London If you
were wondering where the last
place in London is that hasnt
been gentrified yet, its Acton
Town God forbid they dont even
have a Starbucks yet. But, we all
know, gentrification means higher
prices and this is maybe the last
place in Zone 3 that you can get
a decent place for less than half
a million. Crossrail is coming in
2018, which will get you into the
city centre in nine minutes. Plus,
its a 20 minute walk to West Five,
a gay pub with drag nights, bingo
and pub quizzes. It may just be
your new local. n

23/07/2015 13:31




[2 lovely gays]



Its time to get

interactive with your
style. Interior design
often gets a bad rap. From one
extreme to the next, weve been
known to hear, Its only for the
super rich! Or, Its too show off!
And terms like cushion fluffers
get banded around like insults.
When we first started designing
for our clients, we decided very
early on that we wanted to make
great design accessible and
inclusive. Design can change
your life. And it aint just about
cushions, people.
So were getting out there and
doing a series of free design
clinics as part of London Design
Festival next month. Not only
reporting all the latest from the
festival to you, but this time being
a part of it ourselves. Weve
teamed up with the very lovely for Design Junction in
Nest came onto our radar
years ago when we bought our
first flat together and wanted
to learn more about modern
classics. Little did we know that
wed go on to work with them on

128-129 LIFE 2LovelyGays.indd 129

numerous occasions. They have

an amazingly curated selection
of quality modern design pieces
for your home and their friendly
approach is right up our street.
Its our job, as designers, to
help you find a way of using
those modern design classics
in your home in a way that feels
personal to you.
For the space at Design
Junction, we were asked to
come up with a design concept
too. With the 80s revival in
mind, weve given our scheme
a terrazzo backdrop in a fresh
clean colour palette. Weve
kept it local with terrazzo
manufacturer, Diespeker, based
just round the corner from our
South East London studio. The
lovely Kevin was helping us
with the crane and lending his
muscle on the day of the promo
shoot. Gorgeous display. And the
terrazzo was lovely too.
For your chance to discuss
your design dilemmas with us in
person, visit their website and
book in a free slot,



01 Kartell Jelly vase, 78,

02 Wrong for Hay elephant table, 239,
03 2 Lovely Gays at Diespeker. Image by Taran Wilkhu


23/07/2015 13:31




If your tastes are more Old

Money than Shock of the New,
then this is for you. Keep your
palette retrained, your silhouettes
mainly Georgian and the visiting
Dowager Countess will be
suitably impressed. A little show
is acceptable, but keep the glitz
to a minimum. We all know what
happened to poor Louis XIV...








130-131 LIFE Home.indd 130

23/07/2015 13:33

The drawing room


Comfortable button-back
thats perfect for an informal
high-tea and gossip with
the Countess. Gertie sofa.

The boudoir

A little French decadence

is allowed in the bedroom.
Smoked Glass Azaire
Chandelier, 750,


Chart the unfortunate

decline of Empire with
this set of historic global
maps. Map prints, 585,

The bathing beauty

Generously deep stand-alone

bath based on an original
reclay design. Fitzroy bath,

The classic Kindle

Elegant solid oak bookcase

with the rened proportions
the Georgians excelled at.
Georgian bookcase, 1,400,


The yacht

A reminder of our proud

nautical heritage to grace
your study. Classic English
Sailing Boat Model, 45,

The ultimate luggage
Be prepared for your Grand
Tour by keeping your entire
wardrobe in a walk-in travel
case that includes dressingtable. Denver Campaign
Dressing Table, 1,900,

t rompe lil

Whether you feel like cladding a room

in elegant Georgian panelling or
extending your property with half of
Versailles, a little visual trickery by
In-Spaces makes it easy. No planning
permission or demolishing neighbouring
houses necessary, just apply the images
to your wall and stand back. The palace
mural is made-to-measure; the white
panelling wallpaper comes in traditional
rolls and both are easily applied.
Palace mural wallpaper, 56 per metre. White panelling wallpaper,
70 per metre,

The flash light

Resist installing those harsh

electric lights with this
elegant candelabra. Riven
Candelabra Holder, 36,


The gold plate

Impressive 24-piece dinner

service for when the King
comes round to dine. Gold
Leaf Dinner Plate Set, 260,

The table lamp

A timeless silhouette with

antique craquelure glaze
nish. Somerton Glacier
Table Lamp, 395,

130-131 LIFE Home.indd 131


23/07/2015 13:33

damn fine


To make the pastry place the flour,

sugar and salt into a large bowl
and mix together to combine. Add
the butter and toss in the flour to
combine. Use your fingers or two
butter knives to rub/cut the butter
into pea-sized pieces. Drizzle in the
water, a little at a time, using a knife
to stir together. Once the dough
starts to clump together, use your
hands to bring together into a ball of
dough. Press the dough into a disc,
wrap in cling film and refrigerate
for at least an hour.
While the dough is chilling, place
the cherries, sugar, arrowroot and
the almond extract into a bowl and
stir together to combine. Preheat
the oven to 200C (180C fan).
To assemble the galette, roll


Pastry can often be seen as the difficult

mistress of baking. Got warm hands? Youll
end up with greasy pastry. Overworked the
dough? Youll get tough pastry. Basically, lots
can go wrong. But that shouldnt be a reason
to not try. This simple galette is a great recipe
to try if youve never made pastry before. Its
meant to look rustic, so making it look perfect
is pointless just enjoy this delicious tart!

Cherry Galette

into a circle, about 2-3mm thick,

Shortcrust Pastry
175g plain flour
1 1/2 tsp sugar
1 tsp salt
100g unsalted butter, diced and
75-100ml ice cold water
1 tbsp cider vinegar

dont worry. Transfer the pastry

Cherry Filling
450g cherries, pitted.
100g caster sugar
1 1/2 tbsp ground arrowroot
1/2 tsp almond extract
100g ground almonds

To Finish
1 egg
Demerara sugar

132-133 LIFE Ed&Gastro.indd 132

the pastry on a floured surface





to a parchment lined baking tray.

Sprinkle over the ground almonds,
leaving about two inches around the
outside edge clear. Top the almonds
with the cherries leaving most of
the juice in the bowl and then fold
over the excess pastry, partially
covering the cherries. Beat the egg
and then brush over the pastry,
sprinkling with some Demerara
sugar. Bake in the preheated oven
for about 45mins or until the pastry
is golden brown and the filling is
bubbling. Allow to cool slightly
before serving warm, with vanilla
ice cream.
Author of The Boy Who Bakes, Say It With
Cake and Patisserie Made Simple,

23/07/2015 14:23


(serves one)
2 slices of bread
A generous amount of Gruyre
cheese, sliced or grated
2-3 thick slices of ham
Dijon mustard
Bchamel sauce (our, butter, 2
cups milk, nutmeg, salt, pepper)

Ice cool
Is there anything better than a cider
in the sun? Well, yes, actually. A
Kopparberg Frozen Fruit Cider in
the sun. Packed in a nifty metallic
pouch, keep frozen for eight hours
and then simply squeeze into a
glass. Garnish with a tangy wedge
of lime or cooling slice of cucumber
to amp up the style factor. The
only problem? Having to choose
between the delicious strawberry
and lime flavour, or the fresh and
floral elderflower and lime. Or hey,
its summer, why not have both?
Available in 250ml pouches from Tesco, Asda,
Morrisons, Co-op and selected off licenses, 2.99

132-133 LIFE Ed&Gastro.indd 133

Were all about the classics,

especially ones that are simple to
recreate at home. A longtime lunch
menu staple, the croque-monsieur
(crock-mishur) is really just a tartedup cheese and ham toastie.
Both alarmingly comforting and
effortlessly chic as only a French
sandwich could be, chri good
bread, great ham and strong cheese
form the foundation, dutifully given
a kick from sharp mustard and
melting creaminess from bchamel
sauce. This is a lesson in sandwich
appreciation. It may appear a labour
of love, but once youve made this
once, youll nd excuses to make it
more and more.
The bread needs to be good,
not the super-soft pre-packaged
kind, nor cavernous and crunchy
sourdough. Think somewhere in the
middle a thickly sliced white loaf
from your local bakery should do
the trick beautifully. The ham has a
similar stipulation; you need ham that
tastes like ham all brous, salty
and freshly-cut. Skinny, soggy, shiny
supermarket slices just dont cut it
here, so try to get the best ham your
budget allows. Gruyre cheese is
the ideal gooey glue in this sandwich

for its nutty notes, but you can use

Emmental which is cheaper or go
all out with an aged Comt.
Turn the grill to medium-high and
make your Bchamel. Melt 1 tbsp of
butter in a pan and, when bubbling,
stir in 1 tbsp of plain our to form a
roux. Cook for a minute as you stir
constantly and then slowly introduce
the milk, splash-by-splash and still
stirring. Itll then come together
as a thick sauce you may want
to switch to a whisk if its turning
lumpy. And heres an extra tip: to
ensure the sauce is silky smooth,
warm the milk in the pan rst, then
take it out and start the steps as
above. Season the sauce really well
and stir in a tsp of ground nutmeg,
leave aside to cool.
Toast your bread lightly, not to get
colour but simply to strengthen before
being loaded. Spread each slice with
a generous layer of Dijon mustard, or
English if you fancy it hotter, and build
one slice with a dollop of sauce, ham
and nally cheese, reserving a little
cheese for later.
Grill the loaded slice for two to
three minutes until the cheese is
melted, extra marks if the ham gets
a little scorched, and then take out,
top with the second slice and drizzle
over extra sauce on the top before
nishing with the remaining cheese.
Return the whole sandwich under
the grill for a further minute or two to
get a bubbly, golden crown on top.
And you thought a sandwich
couldnt be made gourmet
Gastro Gays are Patrick Hanlon and
Russell Alford. For more visit, @gastrogays


23/07/2015 14:23

modern family


The 26 June, 2015,

shall always be
imprinted in my mind
as a breakthrough
in the gay rights
movement. Harvey
Milk will be beaming
down with great pride
from heaven. It was the
day the US Supreme
Court declared, by a
majority of five-to-four,
that same-sex marriage
is legal throughout
the US, heralding a
new era for many US
Whether youre a
proponent or opponent
of same-sex marriage,
everyone, it seems,
has an opinion on
whether its a civil right.
As an English family
lawyer, Im interested
not only in the legal
ramifications of the
decision in the US, but
the implications of the
decision on the global
struggle for equality.
Prior to this landmark
decision, each US state
treated the institution
of marriage differently.
While the majority of
states legislated in
favour of same-sex
marriage, there was no
universal consensus.
A patchwork quilt of
laws from state-tostate meant that a
same-sex couple could
be married in New
York, but if you were
to follow the yellow

brick road to Kansas,

Dorothys marriage to
Glinda may notve been
As a lawyer dealing
with international
families and crossjurisdictional issues,
Ive looked into the
status of a same-sex
marriage where one
person is a British
citizen and the other is
a US citizen.
From a legal
perspective, it doesnt
matter what the
respective nationality
is of parties marrying.
What does matter is
whether a same-sex
foreign marriage is
recognised in another
country. For example,
if a same-sex couple
married in England,
it may notve been
recognised in some US
States such as Missouri
and Alabama.
While the majority of
countries around the
world dont recognise
same-sex marriage,
Im heartened to hear
Obama eloquently
endorsing the decision
by saying, We have
made our union a little
more perfect.
What a wonderful
victory. Surely this
will pave the way for
other countries to
follow suit. n

Wishful wedding Dig out your biggest hat, were

going to a wedding. AS Chungs picture book for
little ones tells the story of same-sex love through
the eyes of a child, asking: When will my fathers
be able to wed? I can only hope for change, in the
future ahead. The little girl and her pocketful
of pride was written to help deal with lifes
challenges through loving words and it does just
that. And just to cover all eventualities, the author
has also written one about divorce so, yknow...
just in case. n Available via all good book stores,

134-135 LIFE ModernFamily.indd 134

23/07/2015 14:24


Same-sex marriage is now

a civil right in the US. But,
what does it mean if youre
a foreigner married to a US
citizen? Ronnie Mortimer, a
solicitor and head of same-sex
partnerships at Wedlake Bell,
explains it all




Finding a pet that
fits in with your
lifestyle can be
tricky. You want to get it right
for both yourself and them. An
older rescue cat already has a
developed personality with their
own preferred way of living and a
responsible rehoming centre will
match the right animal to the right
I live in a flat in Londons West
End, so wanted a cat who was happy
indoors with a good view from a
windowsill and as much decent food
and cuddling as they could handle.
Along came Oliver, who
was naturally wary at first. He
immediately started living under
the sofa, suspicious of what this
new environment could mean.
Hed obviously been sadly
mistreated prior to being rescued
and cowered all the time,
constantly expecting to be hit or
shouted at. It was heartbreaking
to see, but wonderful to be able
to rehabilitate him over time and
show him how good his new life
could be.
From flinching and running

134-135 LIFE ModernFamily.indd 135

scared, hes now such a bright,

sociable cat. Never aloof and off
alone, he always stays snuggled
up right alongside you before
curling up and purring away in
his sleep.
Yes, he still hides under the
sofa when the vacuum appears or
Jessie J sings on TV, but never for
long. All it takes is the sound of
a fridge door opening, a pingpong ball that needs batting
or the boyfriend arriving with
inevitable treats.
Its been so special to watch
him heal and grow in confidence
to enjoy his new life. I feel Ive
been rehomed with him as its
definitely his flat now. Giving
a mistreated animal a second
chance is so rewarding.
And Oliver never forgets his
colleagues at the rescue centre.
Every Christmas he donates to
make sure they can enjoy a special
dinner too, sharing in some of his
good fortune before its their turn
to be offered a new home. n
Oliver was rehomed by Paws
and Claws Animal Rescue
Service, pawsandclaws-ars., @oliversoho

Getting messy is
usually the fun part,
but why cant getting
squeaky clean be
the same? Paddys
Bathroom has created
a new range of bath
goodies that allows
kids to continue the
excitement at bath
times. From the
heavenly smells to
quirky bottles and
loaaaaads of bubbles,
Paddys Bathroom is
made from certified
organic and natural
toiletries just for your
little one. Its also
sting-free on those little
eyes, too, and for every
bottle sold a donation
is made to the Drop
Buy Drop programme,
helping kids in Rwanda
get access to clean
water. How can anyone
not want to make a
splash after that?
Available online or via
all major supermarkets,
from 5.99,

Sock it to us Suit? Check. Rings? Check. Groom?

Check. And now Pantherella has your wedding
day socks covered too with your own personal
monochrome socks. With up to eight characters
and in a choice of 147 different colours yes,
that many you can get yourself an extra sole
mate on your special day. Sadly, hunky groom not
included in purchase. n
Available direct via


23/07/2015 14:25




136-139 TRAVEL Main.indd 136

23/07/2015 14:28


here are moments

in your life that stay
with you forever
but being chased
by a knife-wielding homicidal
maniac probably isnt one of
those moments that would rank
up there as a favourable one.
That is, unless youve
travelled thousands of miles
to have precisely that happen,
such is the worldwide appeal of
Universal Studios Halloween
Horror Nights.
Lets face it although we
Brits culturally try to follow
in the mighty footsteps of
our American counterparts
when it comes to seasonal
celebrations, weve always
been somewhat lacking
when it comes to that most
supernatural of times.
And thats why, for 25 years,
Universal Studios in Florida
has celebrated all that goes
bump in the night. And indeed,
all that can bump you off in
the night And what they do

136-139 TRAVEL Main.indd 137


23/07/2015 14:28



so very brilliantly by day our

tale of travels to Hogwarts is
for another time they do even
better when the lights go down.
But before you get too afraid
at the concept of a theme park
turned gory, living, breathing
giant haunted house by night
the scareactors, for thats what
the costumed creatures that
roam the streets are called,
arent allowed to touch you.
With that in mind, and your nerves
somewhat slightly abated, lets
venture in. Dont worry, well go
first. Yes, you can hold on to us
Its not just for a select few that
the stuff of nightmares is actually
a dream come true. Horror


popular movie, television and

game franchises, and others
including Halloween Horror
Nights very own Jack the Clown
are completely original, and
completely horrific.
Horror houses during the 2014
run, when we visited, included
the as-then unreleased Dracula
Untold: Reign of Blood, where you
attempted to escape a medieval
village thats been cursed by a
horrific visitor. More vampiric
action abound at the From Dusk
Till Dawn house, where the strip
club from the Netflix TV series
took a sinister turn, and a third
year return for The Walking
Dead, this time taking the crown

Nightmares come to
life, and for a horror
buff its absolutely
a dream come true.
This ranks up there
as one of the best
moments ever. Ever
aficionados queue throughout
the night, as day turns to dusk
and then scream-filled dark, at a
number of themed horror houses
situated on massive soundstages
around the park. Many of the
regular rides remain open should
your nerves require something
of a break from the various scare
zones that you have to navigate
through on the streets to reach
your (final?) destination.
As with the houses, many of
these open-air attractions are
specifically themed.
The houses themselves are
grand, cinematic builds that make
you feel as though youre walking
through maze-like film sets.
There are some based on

136-139 TRAVEL Main.indd 138

for the biggest maze that the

Horror Nights team had ever
created. And with the biggest
maze comes the biggest amount
of scareactors and thats a hell
of a lot of undead coming at you in
the dark
Our inner geek could barely
handle the excitement of AVP:
Alien VS Predator, with park
guests truly stepping into this
cinematic universe, such was
the accuracy of the set design.
We stepped on board a Colonial
Marine ship, overrun with
youve guessed it Aliens and
Predators, and ultimately its
those marines that were trying to
get us to safety.
Try to imagine the low light,

Face Huggers jumping at you,

jets hissing steam, atmospheric
music, Aliens screeching over
the screams of guests the panic
of people trying to escape the
craft, generally. Now imagine
us, terribly British and polite,
stopping to ask a Colonial Marine
to repeat himself as he shouted
at us to either exit by the left
or to crawl down a ventilation
shaft. Get in there you pansy!
he roared, waving his not
insubstantial gun, as we and our
guide collapsed in a fit of giggles
while trying to move through a
small space that was yes, youve
guessed it full of Aliens.
Original houses included the
ghastly Roanoake Cannibal
Colony, and Giggles and Gore
Inc, which ramped up the
creepiness of clowns to a whole
new brilliant level.
But it was Dollhouse of the
Damned that chilled us the most,
with its demonic toys spawned
from hell, in a house that breaks
up from the depths below once a
year definitely making guests
stop to revel at, or perhaps recoil
from, any number of demonic
creations that the creative team
really should be applauded for.
Or perhaps seek some kind of
professional help
But thats the point nightmares
come to life, and for a horror buff
its absolutely a dream come true.
Which brings us to that maniac we
mentioned Wed have travelled
to Orlando just to visit the maze
based on 1978s genre-defining
classic, Halloween. To be chased
by Michael Myers through an
exact replica of the Myers house,
while the iconic score by John
Carpenter plays? Stuck in THAT
closet as a familiar masked face
lunges at you? Our therapist
would probably have a field day,
but this ranks up there as one of
the best moments ever. Ever.
When the fear-filled fun is
finally over, theres something

23/07/2015 14:28

about going back to your
50s-themed hotel, the recently
added Cabana Bay Beach
Resort, and hearing Mr
Sandman playing over the
tannoy late at night. After such
an iconic horror run-in, it was
a wonderful, if unintentional,
geek moment.
Although well be honest,
we did walk a little faster.
And maybe looked over our
shoulder. And yes, checked the
cupboards before turning the
gorgeous retro lights off
In classic horror movie fashion,
the nightmare never ends, and
announcements have already
been made for this years line
up. This years event has nine
houses, the most in 25 years
of scares, and twice as many
scareactors than ever before.
The first house announced for
the 2015 celebrations is Freddy
VS Jason pitching Nightmare
on Elm Streets Freddy Krueger
against Friday the 13ths Jason
Voorhees. It promises to take
you through Nancys house on
Elm Street, as well as a trip to
Camp Crystal Lake. Chased by
not one, but two serial killers?
Were queuing up already
The second house is based
on the Insidious trilogy, and
with seven houses yet to be
revealed, weve defintely got a
list of terrors we want to face
The night after surviving
our favourite horrors, we
had dinner at a restaurant
between the two Universal
parks, looking longingly over
and wishing we could live the
nightmare all over again.
Truly, truly one of our best
experiences ever. n
Halloween Horror Nights runs from
18 September until 1 November, Ticket packages are
available at
GT travelled with British Airways, who offer
seven nights accommodation at Universals
Cabana Bay Beach Resort, Orlando, from
1,299 per person,

136-139 TRAVEL Main.indd 139


23/07/2015 14:28

GT449-099-162.indd 140

23/07/2015 15:03


To advertise in this section contact Jo Vasconcelos Tel 020 7424 7451 E-mail
Deadline for next issue 11 August

A Star filled Country Break

Words by Nicky Osborne

Make tracks to the countryside from bustling Brighton or London after a

hectic week at work, and be charmed by The Star at Alfriston, a timeless
village at the foot of the South Downs. With Brighton only half an hour
away, and direct frequent train services from nearby Berwick Station to
Brighton or London, The Star is the perfect weekend getaway.
From the moment you enter the heavily beamed bar you are
travelling back in time. This Grade Two listed inn was originally built to
accommodate pilgrims on their travels between Battle and Chichester,
and is loaded with character.
The Star Inn combines history and modernity successfully. The main
bars have brick and wooden floors, chunky wooden tables and chairs,
and not one but three beautiful fireplaces which are roaring in the winter
months. Subtle lighting enhances the glow of the fire and creates a
perfect ambience, and you can lose yourself for hours as you sample
the excellent menu and wine list. A simple, airy yet elegant restaurant
is available if you wish for more formal dining to perhaps celebrate an
anniversary or birthday, and The Sanctuary offers a quiet cosy room for
reading the papers or sampling an after dinner tipple.
All 37 bedrooms have been completely refurbished and are funky and
contemporary. Warm sensuous colours create a cosy cocoon, all with

GT449-HOLIDAYS.indd 141

stylish modern bathrooms. The feature bedrooms are a must see; two
of which are located in the oldest part of the building and transport you
back in time.The Smugglers Lair bedroom has a handmade stock bed,
which whispers indulgence and romance! For the ultimate declaration of
love The Star has it all; a bespoke personal service, a variety of packages
to suit all tastes and budgets, and a choice of stunning rooms and areas
to make your wedding day extra special.
Alfriston itself is a paradise for walkers and cyclists, with the South
Downs Way running through the village. Quaint tea shops, an award
winning bookshop and elegant boutiques provide interesting retail
So, what are you waiting for? Surprise your loved one, grab your overnight
bag, and escape to the country. As a tonic for all the rush and stress of
modern life and living, treat yourself to this country retreat nestled in
the Cuckmere Valley and dont delay.
We will be at Preston Park for Pride Weekend in Brighton, please drop by
and have a chat with us!
For more information visit
01323 870495


23/07/2015 11:43

To advertise in this section contact Jo Vasconcelos Tel 020 7424 7451 E-mail

Amsterdam / Netherlands




All Gay Cruises

Gay Groups, Cruises

LA to Mexico
October 2015
Caribbean cruise January 2016
Caribbean cruise
March 2016
IstanbulAthens September 2016

Several UK round-trips in 2015

and 2016.

All gay cruises & gay groups flyers on request

Tel: 01273 708 484

In Style Travel, 27 Little Crescent, Rottingdean, Brighton, BN2 7GF



GT449-HOLIDAYS.indd 142

23/07/2015 11:44


South Africa


Burghope manor
Winsley, Bradford-on-Avon, near Bath, Wiltshire, BA15 2LA

Great base to explore Bath, Wells, Longleat, Stonehenge,

National Trust sites...
Tasteful en-suite rooms, friendly atmosphere, home-cooked meals

Contact Alan or Peter (ex of LEIGH HOUSE)

tel:+44-(0)1225 - 720216 email:


Cape Town


The Glen now boasts a beautiful Penthouse. Stay in the

luxurious top floor Penthouse overlooking the city towards
the sea and of course our two magnificent swimming pools,
and outdoor jacuzzi.
With direct lift access to the apartment, it comes complete
with your very own lounge/dining room, kitchen, study area
and 360 degree balcony.
Theres no excuse not to pamper yourself and stay in this
one off room with a view!


T. +27 (0)21 439 0086 E. INFO@GLENHOTEL.CO.ZA


GT449-HOLIDAYS.indd 143


23/07/2015 11:44

To advertise in this section contact Jo Vasconcelos Tel 020 7424 7451 E-mail


x 109mm
1 05/01/2015
71 x 109mm
1 05/01/201517:34



North Oxfordshire

e a
R eR te Rt eR a
t t

l Sauna
l Hot Tub
l Secluded Gardens
l Sauna
l Hot
Tub l Secluded

for visiting
for visiting
& Shakespeare
& Shakespeare

Near Jct 16 M1 & Jct 11 M40 l NN11 3SL

l NN11 3SL
Near Jct t:
M1 &
11 m:
843 648
t: 01295 768 866 m: 07745
843 648
e: w:

GT449-HOLIDAYS.indd 144

23/07/2015 12:01



Book Online Now For Up to 30% Discount

The UKs Only Resort For Gay & Bisexual Men

Key West
HOTEL SAUNA BAR 01803 200063


Weve been
matching our
readers with their
ideal holiday
for over 23 years.
Call Jo Vasconcelos
020 7424 745

GT449-HOLIDAYS.indd 145


23/07/2015 11:45

To advertise in this section contact Jo Vasconcelos Tel 020 7424 7451 E-mail

To advertise in this section contact Jo Vasconcelos Tel 020 7424 7451 E-mail
Deadline for next issue 11 August



Henry Hendron and Richard Hendron are barristers, twins and happen to be gay.


With a particular understanding of the gay community, The Hendron brothers are
able to advise and represent you on all aspects of civil law, including family, property,
contract, and wills and trusts.


Barristers can do almost everything that a solicitor can do, from dealing with the back
office administration of your case to represent you at court; so there is now no need
for often costly solicitors. Richard and Henry Hendron operate on a fixed fee basis, so
that you know how much it will cost from the start.
Call 020 7117 6920 now to book your initial consultation for only 250.

GT449-A-Z NEW.indd 146

24/07/2015 15:00

Accounting & Legal

Cosmetic treatments





Londons longest established gay

firm specialising in:


Civil Partnership, Divorce,

Relationship breakdown,
Children, Property, Prenuptial and
cohabitation agreements.


Purchase and sale of residential

property, re-mortgages, lease
extensions and Deeds of Trust.

Wills & Probate

Wills, administration of
estates, lasting powers of
attorney and contentious probate.


Expert in sexual offence and

indecent material.

To discuss your needs

without obligation
Telephone: 020 7433 1562
Fax: 020 7433 1625


38 Heath St, Hampstead,
London, NW3 6TE
Nearest Tube: Hampstead

Call Jo Vasconcelos on:

020 7424 7451

Property for sale

Chambers Guide 2015

Fixed fees available for your peace of mind


020 7401 6887

Top rated practice in the 2015 editions of both the Chambers Guide
to the Legal Profession and the Legal 500. Our gay solicitors have
played a key role in guaranteeing the immigration rights of lesbians
and gay men.


OH! And it makes a bit of money.
See online

Team Sass and OMD bid farewell to:

Patrice Dolan

Patrice will be leaving OMDUK after his 3.5

year career with us, just really didnt work out...
for various reasons that we cannot go into.
We wish him all the very best of luck
finding people as sassy as us!!!

Team Sass xxx

GT449-A-Z NEW.indd 147


We have been moving...

Everything, Everywhere...
For lesbians and gay men
for 25 years.



020 7254 5580



23/07/2015 17:36

To advertise in this section contact Jo Vasconcelos Tel 020 7424 7451 E-mail

Health Massage



for men - 30

07503 446534
Wonderfully relaxing massage from Bill, friendly
ITEC qualified therapist. Hotel visits available. | 07763 764 869 |

Household services



M, 43, seeks TV who likes to wear
PVC or Latex, to act upon his lifefantasy. Mancs. Box 351352
Just call 0906 200 8359 long
Bi M, 65, well built, 17 stone, smooth.
& enter the advert Box
WLTM educated, smart master,
number, 1.10/min
BDSM. S.East/travel. Box 546172
By mobile (to ads with
M, 55, enjoys cosy nights in & having
symbols) Text GT followed by
a laugh. WLTM convincing TV or TS
a space Box number followed for f/ship & loving r/ship. Ldn. Box
by a space your message &
451278 or text GT 451278
send to 84010, 1.50/text
M, 43, slim, dark-haired, recently
eg: GT 227045 Hi, liked your
divorced & bi-curious, WLTM M, mid
ad, want to talk?
20s-50s, for good times. Wrexham.
Box 808522
The advertiser recieves your
reply direct to their mobile.
M, 52, enjoys gardening, walking &
Your mobile number remains
the outdoors. Looking for an older
condential. Replying to an ad
M, 55-80, for f/ship, hopefully LTR.
will cost 1.50/text. To cancel
Gwynedd. Box 382613
this service text STOP to 84010
M TV, 40. Looking to meet similar M
70, slim, genuine, passive, likes sport in his 50s & 60s. Happy to travel or
& cinema. Seeks M for fun & f/ship.
stay with you. Belfast. Box 310699
Box 474345 or text GT 474345
M, 22, medium build, brown hair &
M, 49, enjoys relaxing music, WLTM eyes. Seeks fun M, 18-25, for fun &
gay or Bi M, 30-55, who can travel
f/ship. Durham. Box 878921
for some good fun times. N. Hants.
Box 573952 or text GT 573952
Bi M, 45, tall, medium build, good
looking, short brown hair, blue eyes.
Hard man, 39, into chilling out,
WLTM M for a bit of fun. Mids.
swimming, laughter, clubbing &
Box 266612 or text GT 266612
boxing. WLTM similar hard man,
18+. NW / NE. Box 615452
Fit, blond, sub, M CD, 47. WLTM
dominant, t, attractive M, 35-50, or
M, 66, passive, likes sport & music.
Bi F. You will not be disappointed.
Seeks M for fun & f/ship. Lanarks.
Essex. Box 643738
Box 355380 or text GT 355380
M, 55, 510, medium build, clean
Gay lad, 35, likes socialising, seeks
shaven, tactile, broad minded, sub.
ginger M, 24+, GSOH & good
WLTM assertive M for f/ship, must be
personality, with sim ints, for f/ship & ns. Berks. Box 331279
LTR. Essex. Box 217153
M, 50s, WLTM loving, understanding
Bi, TV/CD M, 39, slim, 58, fun &
TS for fun & f/ship. Ldn. Box 795124
adventurous. WLTM older, mature,
or text GT 795124
dominant M for good f/ship & fun
adult times. Beds. Box 212361 or
M, 57, looking for a M & looking for
text GT 212361
fun. Lancs. Box 598393



GT449-A-Z NEW.indd 148


Call FREE 0808 100 4849

To collect your msgs anytime

call 0906 753 4435, 80p/min

By mobile Text GTDATE

followed by a space your advert
& send to 85010, 50p/text
eg: GTDate Slim M, 28, into
pubs, football & sport. Seeks
guy for fun relationship. Cardiff.

You will receive a text with instructions

and a request to record a voice
greeting, this is essential for your ad to
appear in print. Placing ad costs 50p/
text. Youll receive alerts to voicemail
msgs, 50p/ text received. To cancel
this service text STOP to 85010


Gay guy, 53, 59, likes cycling,
steam engines, pubs, dining in/out,
nights in & out. WLTM M, 18-30, for
fun & f/ship. Soton. Box 750445
Guy, 19, looking for older M to show
him the ropes as soon as possible.
Surrey. Box 288041
M, 59, WLTM M, possibly into crossdressing, for lots of fun. Kent.
Box 461365
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girlfriend, to date in or out of the
home. Manchester. Box 373214 or
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Crossroads hotel
Lovely boutique hotel in Bournemouth

Come and relax in our newly renovated boutique hotel in

the beautiful seaside resort town of Bournemouth.

of shops, restaurants, coffee bars and snack bars all just a

couple of minutes walk away.

Whether you are staying overnight to catch a flight,

stopping for a few days or just wanting a night out at
the theatre, our hotel is the perfect place. Get away
from it all on a short break, and treat yourself to the
comfort of our quality hotel, where you can recharge your
batteries in Crossroads easy going, friendly and relaxing

Whatever your plans, you can be sure of a warm and

friendly welcome from Alex and Dennis who will kick start
your day with a freshly cooked full English breakfast.

Youll always find just what you need at the Crossroads

Hotel. We offer a great range of facilities that include six
lovely en-suite rooms and plenty of available parking. Our
greatest asset is our lovely position just a stones throw from
the sea, and the beautiful sandy beaches of Southbourne
and Bournemouth. Southbourne Grove has a wide range

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All our rooms are fully equipped with everything to make

your stay as enjoyable and comfortable as possible
including a free bottle of wine to welcome you to
Contact us at Crossroads Hotel FREE on
0800 047 6987 for a lovely hotel in South West Englands
premier resort town or why not e-mail us at info@ for more information or visit our
web site at


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TEL: 020 7739 0292

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210mm x 285mm trim / 216mm x 291mm bleed

Hot n horny hookups.


Get up to 10 days unlimited access.

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