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© Yoel Doron, 2005.

Six Thinking Hats Exercise

Have each member of the group put on one of the following hats, and then

examine the picture of the cricket bat on the next page.

1. White hat: factual, describes what is there

2. Red hat: intuitive, expresses how one feels when one sees the object

3. Green hat: creative, comes up with ideas

4. Black hat: negative, sees what is wrong with everything

5. Yellow hat: positive, sees what is good in everything

6. Blue hat: controls the process, runs the discussion, decides which hat

to put on when

Lessons 1 and 2

© Yoel Doron, 2005.

Picture of cricket bat downloaded from

After looking at the picture for 2 minutes, the following questions are to be

answered by the respective members:

1. Blue hat: In which order should the group go through the hats?


2. White hat:

A. Whose bat is in the picture?_________________________

B. How much does it cost?________________________________

C. How many bats of that edition exist?______________________

3. Red hat:

Lessons 1 and 2

A. How does looking at the picture make you feel?


B. Would you like to own such a bat?________________________

4. Green hat:

List 3 ways that you could go about acquiring such a bat, assuming

that it is not for sale.

A. ___________________________________________________

© Yoel Doron, 2005.

B. ___________________________________________________

C. ___________________________________________________

5. Black hat:

A. Of the 3 ways mentioned above, which is the least practical?




B. Which, if any, is immoral?______________________________

6. Yellow hat:

Of the options mentioned by the green hat, which seems the best


Lessons 1 and 2