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Solar Structures


ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company


Reliable Sponge Private Limited (Reliable Group) is one of the leading Structural Steel Manufacturing Company in Odisha renowned for

We are the leading Cable Tray Manufacturer under the brand name Reliable Steel based out of
Rourkela, Odisha (India).

providing global innovative engineering solutions. An epitome of quality, precision and perfection, Reliable Group is a professionally
managed company of more than 500 strong team members, driven by an unrelenting desire to excel with experience and expertise
spanning over a decades.

Our Cable Tray offers quick, easy and economical way of installing power and incrementing cable.

Reliable Group is now multi-product company manufacturing Electrical Transmission Line Tower, Sub-Station Structures, Solar
Structures, Railway Electrification Structures As OHE Mast, Portals, Rural Electrification Structures as RSJ/H Beam/BFB Pole, Grating,
Pipe Structures, Wind Mill Tower, High and Low Mast, PS & Traction Substation, V crossarms Clamps , Earthing Pipe/Strips, Fastners &
Foundation Bolts, Cable Tray, Electrical Panel Box, All type of Industrial Structures as Truss, Column, Che-quire Plate, TMT Bar, MS
Angle, GI Angle Plane Plates Etc.

Today India facing a major challenge in the Power sector. With the fast depleting reserves of fossil fuel, and our
energy needs burgeoning by the day, renewable energy has assumed great significance. With ample access to
sunlight for over 300 days a year, Solar power has emerged as a viable energy source and has a huge scope
ahead in India.RSPL (Reliable Sponge Pvt Ltd) manufactures Solar Module Mounting Structures to support the
Solar PV panels.
Reliable Group is also equipped with a strong team of design engineers who have helped optimize the weight of
mounting structure by approximately 30% thereby helping greatly in reducing the overall cost of the structure and in
turn the cost of the Solar Power Project.
We also have an in-house tool room that caters to the requirements of projects with various sectional
requirements. These unmatched features have enabled us to service the requirements of various customers, thus
establishing us as the leading Solar Module Mounting structures manufacturers.



Thickness: 1.2mm to 8mm

Length: Upto 12000mm
Material: CR Steel, HR Steel, Galvanized Steel
Yield Strength: 245MPa to 345 MPa
Type: Bare, Pre-galvanized and Hotdip galvanized
Galvanization Thickness: 10 microns - 120 microns

Main Products
1. Ground based module mounting structures
2. Roof mounted structures
3. Module mounting clamps
4. Concentrated Solar power support structure
5. Pre fabricated inverter rooms and control rooms
6. Solar powered telecom towers

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Dua Complex 2nd Floor , Panposh Road,
Rourkela 769004 (Odisha)
Mobile: +91 9437965857, 9437181275