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1) An oil tanker 3 m wide, 2 m deep and 10 m long contains oil of density 900 kg/m3 to a depth of 1

m. Determine the maximum horizontal acceleration that can be given to the tanker such that the oil
just reaches its top end. If this tanker is closed and completely filled with the oil and accelerated
horizontally at 3 m/s2 determine that total liquid thrust (i) on the front end, (ii) on the rear end
2) A vertical hoist carries a square tank of 2m x 2m containing water to the top of a construction
scaffold with a varying speed of 2 m/s2 per second. If the water depth is 2m, calculate the total
hydrostatic trust on the bottom of the tank.
3) If this tank of water is lowered with an acceleration equal to that of gravity, what are the thrusts on
the floor and sides of the tank?
4) Open rectangular tank 6 m long and 2.4 m wide is filled with water to depth of 1.8 m. Find the slope
of water surface when the lank moves with an acceleration of 5 m/s2
(i) up a 30 inclined plane, and (if) down a 30 inclined plane.
5) An open cylindrical tank. 1.20 meters m diameter and 3 meters in height, is filled with fresh water
3/5 full. The tank is then rotated at certain speed. Calculate the speed. In rpm required in which:
(a) Water will just reach the rim of the tank.
(b) The depth of the water is at zero
(c) There Is no water within 50cm diameter at the bottom of the tank.

6) An open cylindrical lank. 1.0 meter in diameter and 4 meters In height, Is filled with fresh water 3
meters deep. The tank iss then rotated at a certain speed. Calculate the constant speed, in rpm
required in which:
(a) Water will just reach the rim of the tank.
(b) Water will attain a depth of 0.25 meter at the center
(c) Water spill out is equal to 190 liter
7) An open vertical cylindrical tank 1 in in diameter and 2 m high contains 1.6 m of water. If the tank
rotates about its vertical axis, find the maximum speed that can be attained without spilling any
8) An open cylindrical lank of 0.8 m diameter and 1.5 m height contains water up to a height of 1 m. If
the tank is rotated at 100 rpm about its axis, find the pressures on the bottom at the centre and at
the edge of the tank.
9) An open cylindrical lank 20 cm diameter and 40 cm height is filled with water up to the top. Find the
quantity of water left in the tank, when the tank is rotated about its vertical axis with a speed of
(a) 200 rpm and (b) 300 rpm.
10) An open cylinder of 20 cm diameter and 30 cm height is filled with water up to the top. It is fixed on
a table at its centre which can be rotated by a motor. Determine the speed of rotation of table so
that one-third of the area of the bottom of the cylinder gets exposed.
11) A 375 mm high open cylinder, 150 mm in diameter, is filled with water and rotated about its vertical
axis at an angular speed of 33.5 rad/s. Determine (i) the depth of water in the cylinder when it is
brought to rest, and (ii) the volume of water that remains in the cylinder if the speed is doubled.
12) A closed vertical cylinder of 30 cm diameter and 100 cm height is filled with water up to a height of
80 cm, the remaining volume containing air at atmospheric pressure. If the cylinder is rotated at 200
rpm about its vertical axis, find the height of paraboloid formed.
13) A cylindrical vessel closed at the top and bottom is 0.24 m in diameter, 1.44 m long and contains
water up to height of 0.96 m.
(i) Find the height of paraboloid formed, if is rotated at 480 r.p.m about its vertical
(ii) Find the speed of rotation of the vessel, when axial depth of water is zero.
14) A cyclone is approximated as a free vortex flow. The wind velocity at a distance of 10 km from the
centre of the cyclone is 50 km/h. Calculate the pressure gradient at that point. What should be the
difference in pressure over a radial distance of 5 km from that point towards the centre of cyclone.
15) In a free cylindrical vortex, the tangential velocity of the water particles at a radius 100 mm from the
axis of rotation is found to be 6 m/s and the initial pressure is 200 kN/m2. Find the pressure
intensity at 200 mm radius from the axis.

16) A free cylindrical vortex flow. at a point in the fluid at a radius of 300 mm and a height of 150 mm,
the velocity and pressure are 15 ms and 120 kN/m respectively. If the fluid is air having weight
density of 0.012 kN/m3, find the pressure at a radius of600 mm and at a height of 300 mm.

17) A vessel cylindrical in shape and closed at the top and bottom is 0.3 m in diameter and 0.225 m in
height. The vessel is completely filled with water If it is rotated about its vertical axis with a speed
of300 r.p.m., what is the total pressure force exerted by wafer on the top and bottom of vessel ?
18) A closed vertical cylinder 0.4 m in diameter and 0.4 in height is completely filled with oil of specific
gravity 0.80. If the cylinder is rotated about its vertical axis at 200 rpm, calculate the thrust of oil on
top and bottom covers of the cylinder.
19) A closed cylindrical vessel 3 m. in diameter and 6 m high is filled with water to a height of 4.5 m.
The rest is filled with air, the pressure of which is 105 kPa. If the vessel is rotated at 191 rpm about
its axis, determine the maximum and minimum inside pressure at the base.