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To Be Born Again:

What does it mean, to be "Born Again"?

It means the conscious part of you that lives, must die.
It means that the dead subconscious part of you, must live.
The conscious mind is intellectual, carnal, requires sight to see and
believe. While the subconscious must rend the veil of the
conscious, as light pierces the darkness, as the stone rolls away
from the tomb, so must the subconscious return to life.
To be carnally minded, to be conscious minded, is Death.
To be Spiritually Minded, to be Subconscious minded is Life.
The Conscious of YOU must die, so that the Subconscious can live.
The conscious is temporal life and is eternal death, the
subconscious is eternal life and one can never die.
Darkness, doubt, fear, sin, evil, and Satan are in the Conscious
Light, Faith, Righteousness, Goodness and Christ are in the
The Secret to killing the conscious will and desires is but One. You
must look away to Calvary, and see the one who had power to end
the conscious for you, and brought the subconscious to Life.
Faith is in the Heart, Faith is Light, Faith is a Subconscious
believing and expectation toward God.
The conscious mind is the soul, it sins daily and must die, The
subconscious mind is the Spirit in the Heart, that the conscious
mind overshadows, as a Shadow of Death. The Carnal, Conscious
will and desires must die and decrease that the risen Son of the
subconscious can increase and be raised from the dead, the
darkness has put it in.
The veil of the soul, the darkness, the shadow of separation that
stands between you and God, between you and the Spirit must be
removed and done away with. The Master but sleeps inside.

Look away to Calvary and believe that when Christ died that was
the carnal you dying, and when you do, believe this by faith from
your heart, then it will die and suddenly something new, full of
light, glorious and eternal, will awaken in you and speak to you and
sup with you and it will believe in the Words of God and in He
whom the Father has Sent. No one hates their own life, so how can
they ever kill it? Only by and through Calvary.
Jesus Christ became your dark evil conscious and died a sinners
death and went to hell for you as a sinner, He gave you the power
by leaving to you His Holy Ghost or subconscious that if you would
accept His death, you could have his life, He was showing you the
way and the truth to receive the eternal life.
His Faith and His Life and His Light and His Subconscious will come
and enter you or awaken in you and He will say to all the storms of
your life, Peace Be Still!
The Carnal conscious is the Kingdom of Satan.
The Spiritual subconscious is the Kingdom of God.
Behold the Kingdom of God is within you! That Kingdom is veiled in
darkness. God hiding behind the beastly badger skins, behind the
dark veil of the soul, longing to be released from the torment it is
in, being assaulted daily by the vicious attacks of the carnal
conscious mind. Let it die by the death of the Sacrifice of Calvary.
Then you will be releasing the other one unto eternal life.
To be Born Again is you dying so that Christ may Live, for He died
that you might live. He gave grace to you so you could come to
knowledge of truth and choose at the appointed time whom you
will serve, Life or Death.
Cut down that Tree of Knowledge at its roots and reach forth your
hand and receive from the Tree of Life and Live Eternally!
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