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'That for and in consideration of the

Republic of the Philippines

THOUSAND PESOS (P800,000.00),
Philippine currency, receipt of which
THIRD DIVISION in full is hereby acknowledged by the
G.R. No. 108346 July 11, 2001 VENDOR from the VENDEE, to his
entire and complete satisfaction, by
Spouses MARIANO Z. VELARDE and AVELINA these presents the VENDOR hereby
vs. AND DELIVERS, freely and voluntarily,
COURT OF APPEALS, DAVID A. RAYMUNDO and with full warranty of a legal and valid
GEORGE RAYMUNDO, respondents. title as provided by law, unto the
PANGANIBAN, J.: VENDEE, her heirs, successors and
assigns, the parcel of land mentioned
A substantial breach of a reciprocal obligation, like and described above, together with
failure to pay the price in the manner prescribed by the house and other improvements
the contract, entitled the injured party to rescind thereon.
the obligation. Rescission abrogates the contract
from its inception and requires a mutual restitution 'That the aforesaid parcel of land,
of benefits received. together with the house and other
improvements thereon, were
The Case mortgaged by the VENDOR to the
Before us is a Petition for Review on Certiorari1 BANK OF THE PHILIPPINE ISLANDS,
questioning the Decision2 of the Court of Appeals Makati, Metro Manila to secure the
(CA) in CA-GR CV No. 32991 dated October 9, 1992, payment of a loan of ONE MILLION
as well as its Resolution3 dated December 29, 1992 EIGHT HUNDRED THOUSAND PESOS
denying petitioner's motion for reconsideration.4 (P1,800,000.00), Philippine currency,
as evidenced by a Real Estate
The dispositive portion of the assailed Decision
Mortgage signed and executed by the
VENDOR in favor of the said Bank of
"WHEREFORES the Order dated May 15, the Philippine Islands, on _____ and
1991 is hereby ANNULLED and SET ASIDE which Real Estate Mortgage was
and the Decision dated November 14, 1990 ratified before Notary Public for
dismissing the [C]omplaint is RESINSTATED. Makati, _____, as Doc. No. ______, Page
The bonds posted by plaintiffs-appellees and No. _____, Book No. ___, Series of 1986
defendants-appellants are hereby of his Notarial Register.
'That as part of the consideration of
The Facts this sale, the VENDEE hereby
The factual antecedents of the case, as found by the assumes to pay the mortgage
CA, are as follows: obligations on the property herein
sold in the amount of ONE MILLION
"x x x. David Raymundo [herein private EIGHT HUNDRED THOUSAND PESOS
respondent] is the absolute and registered (P1,800,000.00), Philippine currency,
owner of a parcel of land, together with the in favor of Bank of Philippine Islands,
house and other improvements thereon, in the name of the VENDOR, and
located at 1918 Kamias St., Dasmariñas further agrees to strictly and faithfully
Village, Makati and covered by TCT No. comply with all the terms and
142177. Defendant George Raymundo conditions appearing in the Real
[herein private petitioners] is David's father Estate Mortgage signed and executed
who negotiated with plaintiffs Avelina and by the VENDOR in favor of BPI,
Mariano Velarde [herein petitioners] for the including interests and other charges
sale of said property, which was, however, for late payment levied by the Bank,
under lease (Exh. '6', p. 232, Record of Civil as if the same were originally signed
Case No. 15952). and executed by the VENDEE.
"On August 8, 1986, a Deed of Sale with 'It is further agreed and understood
Assumption of Mortgage (Exh. 'A'; Exh. '1', by the parties herein that the capital
pp. 11-12, Record) was executed by gains tax and documentary stamps on
defendant David Raymundo, as vendor, in the sale shall be for the account of
favor of plaintiff Avelina Velarde, as vendee, the VENDOR; whereas, the
with the following terms and conditions: registration fees and transfer tax
'x x x xxx xxx thereon shall be the account of the
VENDEE.' (Exh. 'A', pp. 11-12, '1. That until such time as my
Record).' assumption of the mortgage
obligations on the property purchased
"On the same date, and as part of the above-
is approved by the mortgagee bank,
document, plaintiff Avelina Velarde, with the
the Bank of the Philippine Islands, I
consent of her husband, Mariano, executed
shall continue to pay the said loan in
an Undertaking (Exh. 'C', pp. 13-14, Record).'
accordance with the terms and
'x x x xxx xxx conditions of the Deed of Real Estate
'Whereas, as per deed of Sale with Mortgage in the name of Mr. David A.
Assumption of Mortgage, I paid Mr. Raymundo, the original Mortgagor.
David A. Raymundo the sum of EIGHT '2. That, in the event I violate any of
HUNDRED THOUSAND PESOS the terms and conditions of the said
(P800,000.00), Philippine currency, Deed of Real Estate Mortgage, I
and assume the mortgage obligations hereby agree that my downpayment
on the property with the Bank of the of P800,000.00, plus all payments
Philippine Islands in the amount of made with the Bank of the Philippine
ONE MILLION EIGHT HUNDRED Islands on the mortgage loan, shall be
THOUSAND PESOS (P1,800,000.00), forfeited in favor of Mr. David A.
Philippine currency, in accordance Raymundo, as and by way of
with the terms and conditions of the liquidated damages, without necessity
Deed of Real Estate Mortgage dated of notice or any judicial declaration to
_____, signed and executed by Mr. that effect, and Mr. David A.
David A. Raymundo with the said Raymundo shall resume total and
Bank, acknowledged before Notary complete ownership and possession
Public for Makati, _____, as Doc. No. of the property sold by way of Deed of
_____, Page No. _____, Book No. _____, Sale with Assumption of Mortgage,
Series of 1986 of his Notarial Register. and the same shall be deemed
'WHEREAS, while my application for automatically cancelled and be of no
the assumption of the mortgage further force or effect, in the same
obligations on the property is not yet manner as it (the) same had never
approved by the mortgagee Bank, I been executed or entered into.
have agreed to pay the mortgage '3. That I am executing the
obligations on the property with the Undertaking for purposes of binding
Bank in the name of Mr. David A. myself, my heirs, successors and
Raymundo, in accordance with the assigns, to strictly and faithfully
terms and conditions of the said Deed comply with the terms and conditions
of Real Estate Mortgage, including all of the mortgage obligations with the
interests and other charges for late Bank of the Philippine Islands, and the
payment. covenants, stipulations and provisions
'WHEREAS, this undertaking is being of this Undertaking.
executed in favor of Mr. David A. 'That, David A. Raymundo, the vendor
Raymundo, for purposes of attesting of the property mentioned and
and confirming our private identified above, [does] hereby
understanding concerning the said confirm and agree to the
mortgage obligations to be assumed. undertakings of the Vendee pertinent
'NOW, THEREFORE, for and in to the assumption of the mortgage
consideration of the foregoing obligations by the Vendee with the
premises, and the assumption of the Bank of the Philippine Islands. (Exh.
mortgage obligations of ONE MILLION 'C', pp. 13-14, Record).'
EIGHT HUNDRED THOUSAND PESOS "This undertaking was signed by Avelina and
(P1,800,000.00), Philippine currency, Mariano Velarde and David Raymundo.
with the bank of the Philippine
"It appears that the negotiated terms for the
Islands, I, Mrs, Avelina D, Velarde with
payment of the balance of P1.8 million was
the consent of my husband, Mariano
from the proceeds of a loan that plaintiffs
Z. Velardo, do hereby bind and
were to secure from a bank with defendant's
obligate myself, my heirs, successors
help. Defendants had a standing approved
and assigns, to strictly and faithfully
credit line with the Bank of the Philippine
comply with the following terms and
Islands (BPI). The parties agreed to avail of
this, subject to BPI's approval of an
application for assumption of mortgage by Thereafter, petitioners filed a Motion for
plaintiffs. Pending BPI's approval o[f] the Reconsideration.8
application, plaintiffs were to continue paying Meanwhile, then Judge Ynares-Santiago was
the monthly interests of the loan secured by promoted to the Court of Appeals and Judge
a real estate mortgage. Salvador S. A. Abad Santos was assigned to the sala
"Pursuant to said agreements, plaintiffs paid she vacated. In an Order dated May 15, 1991,9
BPI the monthly interest on the loan secured Judge Abad Santos granted petitioner's Motion for
by the aforementioned mortgage for three Reconsideration and directed the parties to proceed
(3) months as follows: September 19, 1986 with the sale. He instructed petitioners to pay the
at P27,225.00; October 20, 1986 at balance of P1.8 million to private respondents who,
P23,000.00; and November 19, 1986 at in turn, were ordered to execute a deed of absolute
P23,925.00 (Exh. 'E', 'H' & 'J', pp. 15, 17and sale and to surrender possession of the disputed
18, Record). property to petitioners.
"On December 15, 1986, plaintiffs were Private respondents appealed to the CA.
advised that the Application for Assumption Ruling of the Court of Appeal
of Mortgage with BPI, was not approved (Exh.
'J', p. 133, Record). This prompted plaintiffs The CA set aside the Order of Judge Abad Santos
not to make any further payment. and reinstated then Judge Ynares-Santiago's earlier
Decision dismissing petitioners' Complaint.
"On January 5, 1987, defendants, thru Upholding the validity of the rescission made by
counsel, wrote plaintiffs informing the latter private respondents, the CA explained its ruling in
that their non-payment to the mortgage this wise:
bank constitute[d] non-performance of their
obligation (Exh. '3', p. 220, Record). "In the Deed of Sale with Assumption of
Mortgage, it was stipulated that 'as part of
"In a Letter dated January 7, 1987, plaintiffs, thru the consideration of this sale, the VENDEE
counsel, responded, as follows: (Velarde)' would assume to pay the
'This is to advise you, therefore, that mortgage obligation on the subject property
our client is willing to pay the balance in the amount of P 1.8 million in favor of BPI
in cash not later than January 21, in the name of the Vendor (Raymundo).
1987 provided: (a) you deliver actual Since the price to be paid by the Vendee
possession of the property to her not Velarde includes the downpayment of
later than January 15, 1987 for her P800,000.00 and the balance of Pl.8 million,
immediate occupancy; (b) you cause and the balance of Pl.8 million cannot be
the re- lease of title and mortgage paid in cash, Vendee Velarde, as part of the
from the Bank of P.I. and make the consideration of the sale, had to assume the
title available and free from any liens mortgage obligation on the subject property.
and encumbrances; and (c) you In other words, the assumption of the
execute an absolute deed of sale in mortgage obligation is part of the obligation
her favor free from any liens or of Velarde, as vendee, under the contract.
encumbrances not later than January Velarde further agreed 'to strictly and
21, 1987.' (Exhs. 'k', '4', p. 223, faithfully comply with all the terms and
Record). conditions appearing in the Real Estate
Mortgage signed and executed by the
"On January 8, 1987 defendants sent
VENDOR in favor of BPI x x x as if the same
plaintiffs a notarial notice of
were originally signed and executed by the
cancellation/rescission of the intended sale of
Vendee. (p. 2, thereof, p. 12, Record). This
the subject property allegedly due to the
was reiterated by Velarde in the document
latter's failure to comply with the terms and
entitled 'Undertaking' wherein the latter
conditions of the Deed of Sale with
agreed to continue paying said loan in
Assumption of Mortgage and the Undertaking
accordance with the terms and conditions of
(Exh. '5', pp. 225-226, Record)." 6
the Deed of Real Estate Mortgage in the
Consequently, petitioners filed on February 9, 1987 name of Raymundo. Moreover, it was
a Complaint against private respondents for specific stipulated that in the event of violation by
performance, nullity of cancellation, writ of Velarde of any terms and conditions of said
possession and damages. This was docketed as Civil deed of real estate mortgage, the
Case No. 15952 at the Regional Trial Court of downpayment of P800,000.00 plus all
Makati, Branch 149. The case was tried and heard payments made with BPI or the mortgage
by then Judge Consuelo Ynares-Santiago (now an loan would be forfeited and the [D]eed of
associate justice of this Court), who dismissed the [S]ale with [A]ssumption of [M]ortgage would
Complaint in a Decision dated November 14, 1990.7 thereby be Cancelled automatically and of no
force and effect (pars. 2 & 3, thereof, pp 13- same had never been executed or entered
14, Record). into.' While it is true that even if the contract
expressly provided for automatic rescission
"From these 2 documents, it is therefore
upon failure to pay the price, the vendee
clear that part of the consideration of the
may still pay, he may do so only for as long
sale was the assumption by Velarde of the
as no demand for rescission of the contract
mortgage obligation of Raymundo in the
has been made upon him either judicially or
amount of Pl.8 million. This would mean that
by a notarial act (Article 1592, Civil Code). In
Velarde had to make payments to BPI under
the case at bar, Raymundo sent Velarde
the [D]eed of [R]eal [E]state [M]ortgage the
notarial notice dated January 8, 1987 of
name of Raymundo. The application with BPI
cancellation/rescission of the contract due to
for the approval of the assumption of
the latter's failure to comply with their
mortgage would mean that, in case of
obligation. The rescission was justified in
approval, payment of the mortgage
view of Velarde's failure to pay the price
obligation will now be in the name of
(balance) which is substantial and
Velarde. And in the event said application is
fundamental as to defeat the object of the
disapproved, Velarde had to pay in full. This
parties in making the agreement. As
is alleged and admitted in Paragraph 5 of the
adverted to above, the agreement of the
Complaint. Mariano Velarde likewise
parties involved a reciprocal obligation
admitted this fact during the hearing on
wherein the obligation of one is a resolutory
September 15, 1997 (p. 47, t.s.n., September
condition of the obligation of the other, the
15, 1987; see also pp. 16-26, t.s.n., October
non-fulfillment of which entitles the other
8, 1989). This being the case, the non-
party to rescind the contract (Songcuan vs.
payment of the mortgage obligation would
IAC, 191 SCRA 28). Thus, the non-payment of
result in a violation of the contract. And,
the mortgage obligation by appellees
upon Velarde's failure to pay the agreed
Velarde would create a right to demand
price, the[n] Raymundo may choose either of
payment or to rescind the contract, or to
two (2) actions - (1) demand fulfillment of the
criminal prosecution (Edca Publishing &
contract, or (2) demand its rescission (Article
Distribution Corporation vs. Santos, 184
1191, Civil Code).
SCRA 614). Upon appellee's failure,
"The disapproval by BPI of the application for therefore, to pay the balance, the contract
assumption of mortgage cannot be used as was properly rescinded (Ruiz vs. IAC, 184
an excuse for Velarde's non-payment of the SCRA 720). Consequently, appellees Velarde
balance of the purchase price. As borne out having violated the contract, they have lost
by the evidence, Velarde had to pay in full in their right to its enforcement and hence,
case of BPI's disapproval of the application cannot avail of the action for specific
for assumption of mortgage. What Velarde performance (Voysaw vs. Interphil
should have done was to pay the balance of Promotions, Inc., 148 SCRA 635)."10
P1.8 million. Instead, Velarde sent Raymundo
Hence, this appeal. 11
a letter dated January 7, 1987 (Exh. 'K', '4')
which was strongly given weight by the lower The Issues
court in reversing the decision rendered by Petitioners, in their Memorandum,12 interpose the
then Judge Ynares-Santiago. In said letter, following assignment of errors:
Velarde registered their willingness to pay
the balance in cash but enumerated 3 new "I.
conditions which, to the mind of this Court, The Court of Appeals erred in holding that
would constitute a new undertaking or new the non-payment of the mortgage obligation
agreement which is subject to the consent or resulted in a breach of the contract.
approval of Raymundo. These 3 conditions
were not among those previously agreed "II
upon by Velarde and Raymundo. These are The Court of Appeals erred in holding that
mere offers or, at most, an attempt to the rescission (resolution) of the contract by
novate. But then again, there can be no private respondents was justified.
novation because there was no agreement of
all the parties to the new contract (Garcia, Jr.
vs. Court of Appeals, 191 SCRA 493). The Court of Appeals erred in holding that
petitioners' January 7, 1987 letter gave three
"It was likewise agreed that in case of
violation of the mortgage obligation, the 'new conditions' constituting mere offers or
an attempt to novate necessitating a new
Deed of Sale with Assumption of Mortgage
would be deemed 'automatically cancelled agreement between the parties."
and of no further force and effect, as if the The Court's Ruling
The Petition is partially meritorious. in which this Court declared that rescission of a
contract would not be permitted for a slight or
First Issue:
casual breach. Finally, they argue that they have
Breach of Contract substantially performed their obligation in good
Petitioner aver that their nonpayment of private faith, considering that they have already made the
respondents' mortgage obligation did not constitute initial payment of P800,000 and three (3) monthly
a breach of contract, considering that their request mortgage payments.
to assume the obligation had been disapproved by As pointed out earlier, the breach committed by
the mortgagee bank. Accordingly, payment of the petitioners was not so much their nonpayment of
monthly amortizations ceased to be their obligation the mortgage obligations, as their nonperformance
and, instead, it devolved upon private respondents of their reciprocal obligation to pay the purchase
again. price under the contract of sale. Private
However, petitioners did not merely stop paying the respondents' right to rescind the contract finds basis
mortgage obligations; they also failed to pay the in Article 1191 of the Civil Code, which explicitly
balance of the purchase price. As admitted by both provides as follows:
parties, their agreement mandated that petitioners "Art. 1191. -- The power to rescind
should pay the purchase price balance of P1.8 obligations is implied in reciprocal ones, in
million to private respondents in case the request to case one of the obligors should not comply
assume the mortgage would be disapproved. Thus, with what is incumbent upon him.
on December 15, 1986, when petitioners received
The injured party may choose between
notice of the bank's disapproval of their application
fulfillment and the rescission of the
to assume respondents' mortgage, they should have
obligation, with the payment of damages in
paid the balance of the P1.8 million loan.
either case. He may also seek rescission
Instead of doing so, petitioners sent a letter to even after he has chosen fulfillment, if the
private respondents offering to make such payment latter should become impossible."
only upon the fulfillment of certain conditions not
The right of rescission of a party to an obligation
originally agreed upon in the contract of sale. Such
under Article 1191 of the Civil Code is predicated on
conditional offer to pay cannot take the place of
a breach of faith by the other party who violates the
actual payment as would discharge the obligation of
reciprocity between them.16 The breach
a buyer under a contract of sale.
contemplated in the said provision is the obligor's
In a contract of sale, the seller obligates itself to failure to comply with an existing obligation.17 When
transfer the ownership of and deliver a determinate the obligor cannot comply with what is incumbent
things, and the buyer to pay therefor a price certain upon it, the obligee may seek rescission and, in the
in money or its equivalent.13 absence of any just cause for the court to determine
Private respondents had already performed their the period of compliance, the court shall decree the
obligation through the execution of the Deed of rescission.18
Sale, which effectively transferred ownership of the In the present case, private respondents validly
property to petitioner through constructive delivery. exercised their right to rescind the contract,
Prior physical delivery or possession is not legally because of the failure of petitioners to comply with
required, and the execution of the Deed of Sale is their obligation to pay the balance of the purchase
deemed equivalent to delivery.14 price. Indubitably, the latter violated the very
Petitioners, on the other hand, did not perform their essence of reciprocity in the contract of sale, a
correlative obligation of paying the contract price in violation that consequently gave rise to private
the manner agreed upon. Worse, they wanted respondent's right to rescind the same in
private respondents to perform obligations beyond accordance with law.
those stipulated in the contract before fulfilling their True, petitioners expressed their willingness to pay
own obligation to pay the full purchase price. the balance of the purchase price one month after it
Second Issue became due; however, this was not equivalent to
actual payment as would constitute a faithful
Validity of the Rescission compliance of their reciprocal obligation. Moreover,
Petitioners likewise claim that the rescission of the the offer to pay was conditioned on the performance
contract by private respondents was not justified, by private respondents of additional burdens that
inasmuch as the former had signified their had not been agreed upon in the original contract.
willingness to pay the balance of the purchase price Thus, it cannot be said that the breach committed
only a little over a month from the time they were by petitioners was merely slight or casual as would
notified of the disapproval of their application for preclude the exercise of the right to rescind.
assumption of mortgage. Petitioners also aver that Misplaced is petitioners' reliance on the cases19 they
the breach of the contract was not substantial as cited, because the factual circumstances in those
would warrant a rescission. They cite several cases15
cases are not analogous to those in the present one.
In Song Fo there was, on the part of the buyer, only Third Issue
a delay of twenty (20) days to pay for the goods
delivered. Moreover, the buyer's offer to pay was Attempt to Novate
unconditional and was accepted by the seller. In view of the foregoing discussion, the Court finds it
In Zepeda, the breach involved a mere one-week no longer necessary to discuss the third issue raised
delay in paying the balance of 1,000 which was by petitioners. Suffice it to say that the three
actually paid. conditions appearing on the January 7, 1987 letter
of petitioners to private respondents were not part
In Tan, the alleged breach was private respondent's of the original contract. By that time, it was already
delay of only a few days, which was for the purpose incumbent upon the former to pay the balance of
of clearing the title to the property; there was no the sale price. They had no right to demand
reference whatsoever to the nonpayment of the preconditions to the fulfillment of their obligation,
contract price. which had become due.
In the instant case, the breach committed did not WHEREFORE, the assailed Decision is hereby
merely consist of a slight delay in payment or an AFFIRMED with the MODIFICATION that private
irregularity; such breach would not normally defeat respondents are ordered to return to petitioners the
the intention of the parties to the contract. Here, amount of P874,150, which the latter paid as a
petitioners not only failed to pay the P1.8 million consequence of the rescinded contract, with legal
balance, but they also imposed upon private interest thereon from January 8, 1987, the date of
respondents new obligations as preconditions to the rescission. No pronouncement as to costs.
performance of their own obligation. In effect, the
qualified offer to pay was a repudiation of an SO ORDERED.1âwphi1.nêt
existing obligation, which was legally due and Melo, Vitug, and Sandoval-Gutierrez, JJ., concur.
demandable under the contract of sale. Hence,
private respondents were left with the legal option
of seeking rescission to protect their own interest. Footnotes:
Mutual Restitution 1
Rollo, pp. 37-53.
Required in Rescission 2
Rollo, pp. 68-78. Penned by Justice Regina
As discussed earlier, the breach committed by G. Ordoñez-Benitez and concurred in by
petitioners was the nonperformance of a reciprocal Justices Gloria C. Paras (Division chairman)
obligation, not a violation of the terms and and Eduardo G. Montenegro (member).
conditions of the mortgage contract. Therefore, the 3
Rollo, p. 81.
automatic rescission and forfeiture of payment 4
Rollo, pp. 21-33.
clauses stipulated in the contract does not apply.
Instead, Civil Code provisions shall govern and 5
CA Decision, p. 11; Rollo, p. 20.
regulate the resolution of this controversy. 6
Rollo, pp. 68-73.
Considering that the rescission of the contract is 7
Records, pp. 280-284.
based on Article 1191 of the Civil Code, mutual
restitution is required to bring back the parties to Records, pp. 285-293.
their original situation prior to the inception of the 9
Records, pp. 339-341.
contract. Accordingly, the initial payment of 10
P800,000 and the corresponding mortgage Rollo, pp. 75-78.
payments in the amounts of P27,225, P23,000 and 11
To eradicate its backlog of old cases, the
P23,925 (totaling P874,150.00) advanced by Court m Februry 27, 2001 resolved to
petitioners should be returned by private redistribute long-pending cases to justices
respondents, lest the latter unjustly enrich who had no backlog, and who were thus
themselves at the expense of the former. tasked to prioritize them. Consequently, this
Rescission creates the obligation to return the case was raffled and assigned to the
object of the contract. It can be carried out only undersigned ponente for study and report.
when the one who demands rescission can return 12
Rollo, p. 227.
whatever he may be obliged to restore.20 To rescind 13
is to declare a contract void at its inception and to Coronel v. CA, 263 SCRA 15, October 7,
put an end to it as though it never was. It is not 1996.
merely to terminate it and release the parties from 14
Power Commercial and Industrial Corp. v.
further obligations to each other, but to abrogate it CA, 274 SCRA 597, June 20, 1997.
from the beginning and restore the parties to their 15
Song Fo & Co. v. Hawaiian-Philippine Co.,
relative positions as if no contract has been made.21
47 Phil. 821, September 16, 1925; Tan v.
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