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equivalent to twenty-five (25%) percent of the sum

Republic of the Philippines

sought to be recovered, which in no case shall be
less than Twenty Thousand Pesos (P20,000.00) if
the services of a lawyer were hired.6
In accordance with the terms of the Loan
G.R. No. 141811 November 15, 2001 Agreement, respondent Este del Sol executed
FIRST METRO INVESTMENT CORPORATION, several documents7 as security for payment, among
petitioner, them, (a) a Real Estate Mortgage dated January 31,
vs. 1978 over two (2) parcels of land being utilized as
ESTE DEL SOL MOUNTAIN RESERVE, INC., the site of its development project with an area of
VALENTIN S. DAEZ, JR., MANUEL Q. SALIENTES, approximately One Million Twenty-Eight Thousand
MA. ROCIO A. DE VEGA, ALEXANDER G. and Twenty-Nine (1,028,029) square meters and
ASUNCION, ALBERTO M. LADORES, VICENTE particularly described in TCT Nos. N-24332 and N-
M. DE VERA, JR., and FELIPE B. SESE, 24356 of the Register of Deeds of Rizal, inclusive of
respondents. all improvements, as well as all the machineries,
equipment, furnishings and furnitures existing
DE LEON, JR., J.: thereon; and (b) individual Continuing Suretyship
Before us is a petition for review on certiorari of the agreements by co-respondents Valentin S. Daez, Jr.,
Decision1 of the Court of Appeals2 dated November Manuel Q. Salientes, Ma. Rocio A. De Vega,
8, 1999 in CA-G.R. CV No. 53328 reversing the Alexander G. Asuncion, Alberto M. Ladores, Vicente
Decision of the Regional Trial Court of Pasig City, M. De Vera, Jr. and Felipe B. Sese, all dated February
Branch 159 dated June 2, 1994 in Civil Case No. 2, 1978, to guarantee the payment of all the
39224. Essentially, the Court of Appeals found and obligations of respondent Este del Sol up to the
declared that the fees provided for in the aggregate sum of Seven Million Five Hundred
Underwriting and Consultancy Agreements executed Thousand Pesos (P7,500,000.00) each.

by and between petitioner First Metro Investment Respondent Este del Sol also executed, as provided
Corp. (FMIC) and respondent Este del Sol Mountain for by the Loan Agreement, an Underwriting
Reserve, Inc. (Este del Sol) simultaneously with the Agreement on January 31, 1978 whereby petitioner
Loan Agreement dated January 31, 1978 were mere FMIC shall underwrite on a best-efforts basis the
subterfuges to camouflage the usurious interest public offering of One Hundred Twenty Thousand
charged by petitioner FMIC. (120,000) common shares of respondent Este del
The facts of the case are as follows: Sol's capital stock for a one-time underwriting fee of
Two Hundred Thousand Pesos (P200,000.00). In
It appears that on January 31, 1978, petitioner FMIC addition to the underwriting fee, the Underwriting
granted respondent Este del Sol a loan of Seven Agreement provided that for supervising the public
Million Three Hundred Eighty-Five Thousand Five offering of the shares, respondent Este del Sol shall
Hundred Pesos (P7,385,500.00) to finance the pay petitioner FMIC an annual supervision fee of
construction and development of the Este del Sol Two Hundred Thousand Pesos (P200,000.00) per
Mountain Reserve, a sports/resort complex project annum for a period of four (4) consecutive years.
located at Barrio Puray, Montalban, Rizal.4 The Underwriting Agreement also stipulated for the
Under the terms of the Loan Agreement, the payment by respondent Este del Sol to petitioner
proceeds of the loan were to be released on FMIC a consultancy fee of Three Hundred Thirty-Two
staggered basis. Interest on the loan was pegged at Thousand Five Hundred Pesos (P332,500.00) per
sixteen (16%) percent per annum based on the annum for a period of four (4) consecutive years.
diminishing balance. The loan was payable in thirty- Simultaneous with the execution of and in
six (36) equal and consecutive monthly accordance with the terms of the Underwriting
amortizations to commence at the beginning of the Agreement, a Consultancy Agreement was also
thirteenth month from the date of the first release in executed on January 31, 1978 whereby respondent
accordance with the Schedule of Amortization.5 In Este del Sol engaged the services of petitioner FMIC
case of default, an acceleration clause was, among for a fee as consultant to render general
others, provided and the amount due was made consultancy services.9
subject to a twenty (20%) percent one-time penalty In three (3) letters all dated February 22, 1978
on the amount due and such amount shall bear petitioner billed respondent Este del Sol for the
interest at the highest rate permitted by law from amounts of [a] Two Hundred Thousand Pesos
the date of default until full payment thereof plus (P200,000.00) as the underwriting fee of petitioner
liquidated damages at the rate of two (2%) percent FMIC in connection with the public offering of the
per month compounded quarterly on the unpaid common shares of stock of respondent Este del Sol;
balance and accrued interests together with all the [b] One Million Three Hundred Thirty Thousand
penalties, fees, expenses or charges thereon until Pesos (P1,330,000.00) as consultancy fee for a
the unpaid balance is fully paid, plus attorney's fees period of four (4) years; and [c] Two Hundred
Thousand Pesos (P200,000.00) as supervision fee (P3,168,666.75). The remaining balance of Five
for the year beginning February, 1978, in Million Eight Hundred Eleven Thousand Three
accordance to the Underwriting Agreement.10 The Hundred Sixty-Nine Pesos and Twenty-Five Centavos
said amounts of fees were deemed paid by (P5,811,369.25) was applied to interests and
respondent Este del Sol to petitioner FMIC which penalty charges and partly against the principal,
deducted the same from the first release of the due as of June 23, 1980, thereby leaving a balance
loan. of Six Million Eight Hundred Sixty-Three Thousand
Two Hundred Ninety-Seven Pesos and Seventy-
Since respondent Este del Sol failed to meet the
Three Centavos (P6,863,297.73) on the principal
schedule of repayment in accordance with a revised
amount of the loan as of June 23, 1980.13
Schedule of Amortization, it appeared to have
incurred a total obligation of Twelve Million Six Failing to secure from the individual respondents, as
Hundred Seventy-Nine Thousand Six Hundred Thirty sureties of the loan of respondent Este del Sol by
Pesos and Ninety-Eight Centavos (P12,679,630.98) virtue of their continuing surety agreements, the
per the petitioner's Statement of Account dated Junepayment of the alleged deficiency balance, despite
23, 1980,11 to wit: individual demands sent to each of them,14
petitioner instituted on November 11, 1980 the
instant collection
INC.against the respondents to
AS OF JUNE 23, 1980 collect the alleged deficiency balance of Six Million
Eight Hundred Sixty-Three Thousand Two Hundred
PARTICULARS Ninety-Seven Pesos and Seventy-Three Centavos
(P6,863,297.73) plus interest thereon at twenty-one
(21%) percent per annum from June 24, 1980 until
Total amount due as of 11-22-78 per revised
fully paid, and twenty-five (25%) percent thereof as
amortization schedule dated 1-3-78
and for attorney's fees and costs.

Interest on P7,999,631.42 @ 16% p.a. from 11-22-78In their

toAnswer, the respondents sought the
2-22-79 (92 days) dismissal of the case and set up several special and
affirmative defenses, foremost of which is that the
Underwriting and Consultancy Agreements executed
Balance simultaneously with and as integral parts of the
Loan Agreement and which provided for the
One time penalty of 20% of the entire unpaid payment of Underwriting, Consultancy and
obligations under Section 6.02 (ii) of Loan Agreement
Supervision fees were in reality subterfuges
resorted to by petitioner FMIC and imposed upon
Past due interest under Section 6.02 (iii) of loanrespondent Este del Sol to camouflage the usurious
Agreement: interest being charged by petitioner FMIC.16
@ 19% p.a. from 2-22-79 to 11-30-79 (281 days) The petitioner FMIC presented as its witnesses
@ 21% p.a. from 11-30-79 to 6-23-80 (206 days) during the trial: Cesar Valenzuela, its former Senior
Vice-President, Felipe Neri, its Vice-President for
Other charges — publication of extra judicial foreclosure
Marketing, and Dennis Aragon, an Account Manager
of REM made on 5-23-80 & 6-6-80 of its Account Management Group, as well as
documentary evidence. On the other hand, co-
respondents Vicente M. De Vera, Jr. and Valentin S.
Total Amount Due and Collectible as of June 23,Daez,
1980 Jr., and Perfecto Doroja, former Senior
Manager and Assistant Vice-President of FMIC,
Accordingly, petitioner FMIC caused the extrajudicial testified for the respondents.
foreclosure of the real estate mortgage on June 23, After the trial, the trial court rendered its decision in
1980.12 At the public auction, petitioner FMIC was favor of petitioner FMIC, the dispositive portion of
the highest bidder of the mortgaged properties for which reads:
Nine Million Pesos (P9,000,000.00). The total
amount of Three Million One Hundred Eighty-Eight WHEREFORE, judgment is hereby rendered in
Thousand Six Hundred Thirty Pesos and Seventy- favor of plaintiff and against defendants,
Five Centavos (P3,188,630.75) was deducted ordering defendants jointly and severally to
therefrom, that is, for the publication fee for the pay to plaintiff the amount of P6,863,297.73
publication of the Sheriff's Notice of Sale, Four plus 21% interest per annum, from June 24,
Thousand Nine Hundred Sixty-Four Pesos 1980, until the entire amount is fully paid,
(P4,964.00); for Sheriff's fees for conducting the plus the amount equivalent to 25% of the
foreclosure proceedings, Fifteen Thousand Pesos total amount due, as attorney's fees, plus
(P15,000.00); and for Attorney's fees, Three Million costs of suit.
One Hundred Sixty-Eight Thousand Six Hundred Defendants' counterclaims are dismissed, for
Sixty-Six Pesos and Seventy-Five Centavos lack of merit.
Finding the decision of the trial court unacceptable, was denied in a Resolution18 dated February 9, 2000
respondents interposed an appeal to the Court of of the appellate court.
Appeals. On November 8, 1999, the appellate court Hence, the instant petition anchored on the
reversed the challenged decision of the trial court. following assigned errors:19
The appellate court found and declared that the fees
provided for in the Underwriting and Consultancy THE APPELLATE COURT HAS DECIDED QUESTIONS
Agreements were mere subterfuges to camouflage OF SUBSTANCE IN A WAY NOT IN ACCORD WITH
the excessively usurious interest charged by the LAW AND WITH APPLICABLE DECISIONS OF THIS
petitioner FMIC on the loan of respondent Este del HONORABLE COURT WHEN IT:
Sol; and that the stipulated penalties, liquidated a] HELD THAT ALLEGEDLY THE
damages and attorney's fees were "excessive, UNDERWRITING AND CONSULTANCY
iniquitous, unconscionable and revolting to the AGREEMENTS SHOULD NOT BE CONSIDERED
conscience," and declared that in lieu thereof, the SEPARATE AND DISTINCT FROM THE LOAN
stipulated one time twenty (20%) percent penalty AGREEMENT, AND INSTEAD, THEY SHOULD
on the amount due and ten (10%) percent of the BE CONSIDERED AS A SINGLE CONTRACT.
amount due as attorney's fees would be reasonable
and suffice to compensate petitioner FMIC for those b] HELD THAT THE UNDERWRITING AND
items. Thus, the appellate court dismissed the CONSULTANCY AGREEMENTS ARE "MERE
complaint as against the individual respondents SUBTERFUGES TO CAMOUFLAGE THE
sureties and ordered petitioner FMIC to pay or USURIOUS INTEREST CHARGED" BY THE
reimburse respondent Este del Sol the amount of PETITIONER.
Nine Hundred Seventy-One Thousand Pesos c] REFUSED TO CONSIDER THE TESTIMONIES
(P971,000.00) representing the difference between OF PETITIONER'S WITNESSES ON THE
what is due to the petitioner and what is due to SERVICES PERFORMED BY PETITIONER.
respondent Este del Sol, based on the following
Principal of Loan AGREEMENTS.
Add: 20% one-time 1,476,500.00
Attorney's fees 900,000.00
Less: Proceeds of foreclosure Sale WAS CORRECT IN STIGMATIZING [i] THE
Return of usurious interest in the form
of: P 200,000.00
Underwriting fee 200,000.00
Supervision fee
Consultancy fee 1,330,000.00


The appellee is, therefore, obliged to return INDIVIDUAL RESPONDENTS, ARE STILL
to the appellant Este del Sol the difference of OBLIGATED TO THE PETITIONER.
P971,000.00 or (P1,730,000.00 less Petitioner essentially assails the factual findings and
P759,000.00). conclusion of the appellate court that the
Petitioner moved for reconsideration of the Underwriting and Consultancy Agreements were
appellate court's adverse decision. However, this executed to conceal a usurious loan. Inquiry upon
the veracity of the appellate court's factual findings
and conclusion is not the function of this Court for simultaneously were set to mature or shall remain
the Supreme Court is not a trier of facts. Only when effective during the same period of time.
the factual findings of the trial court and the b) The Loan Agreement dated January 31, 1978
appellate court are opposed to each other does this stipulated for the execution and delivery of an
Court exercise its discretion to re-examine the underwriting agreement29 and specifically
factual findings of both courts and weigh which, mentioned that such underwriting agreement is a
after considering the record of the case, is more in condition precedent30 for petitioner FMIC to extend
accord with law and justice. the loan to respondent Este del Sol, indicating and
After a careful and thorough review of the record as admitted by petitioner FMIC's employees,31 that
including the evidence adduced, we find no reason such Underwriting Agreement is "part and parcel of
to depart from the findings of the appellate court. the Loan Agreement."32
First, there is no merit to petitioner FMIC's c) Respondent Este del Sol was billed by petitioner
contention that Central Bank Circular No. 905 which on February 28, 1978 One Million Three Hundred
took effect on January 1, 1983 and removed the Thirty Thousand Pesos (P1,330,000.00)33 as
ceiling on interest rates for secured and unsecured consultancy fee despite the clear provision in the
loans, regardless of maturity, should be applied Consultancy Agreement that the said agreement is
retroactively to a contract executed on January 31, for Three Hundred Thirty-Two Thousand Five
1978, as in the case at bar, that is, while the Usury Hundred Pesos (P332,500.00) per annum for four (4)
Law was in full force and effect. It is an elementary years and that only the first year consultancy fee
rule of contracts that the laws, in force at the time shall be due upon signing of the said consultancy
the contract was made and entered into, govern it.20 agreement.34
More significantly, Central Bank Circular No. 905 did d) The Underwriting, Supervision and Consultancy
not repeal nor in any way amend the Usury Law but fees in the amounts of Two Hundred Thousand
simply suspended the latter's effectivity.21 The Pesos (P200,000.00), and one Million Three Hundred
illegality of usury is wholly the creature of Thirty Thousand Pesos (P1,330,000.00),
legislation. A Central Bank Circular cannot repeal a respectively, were billed by petitioner to respondent
law. Only a law can repeal another law.22 Thus, Este del Sol on February 22, 1978,35 that is, on the
retroactive application of a Central Bank Circular same occasion of the first partial release of the loan
cannot, and should not, be presumed.23 in the amount of Two Million Three Hundred Eighty-
Second, when a contract between two (2) parties is Two Thousand Five Hundred Pesos
evidenced by a written instrument, such document (P2,382,500.00).36 It is from this first partial release
is ordinarily the best evidence of the terms of the of the loan that the said corresponding bills for
contract. Courts only need to rely on the face of Underwriting, Supervision and Constantly fees were
written contracts to determine the intention of the conducted and apparently paid, thus, reverting back
parties. However, this rule is not without to petitioner FMIC the total amount of One Million
exception.24 The form of the contract is not Seven Hundred Thirty Thousand Pesos
conclusive for the law will not permit a usurious loan (P1,730,000.00) as part of the amount loaned to
to hide itself behind a legal form. Parol evidence is respondent Este del Sol.37
admissible to show that a written document though e) Petitioner FMIC was in fact unable to organize an
legal in form was in fact a device to cover usury. If underwriting/selling syndicate to sell any share of
from a construction of the whole transaction it stock of respondent Este del Sol and much less to
becomes apparent that there exists a corrupt supervise such a syndicate, thus failing to comply
intention to violate the Usury Law, the courts should with its obligation under the Underwriting
and will permit no scheme, however ingenious, to Agreement.38 Besides, there was really no need for
becloud the crime of usury.25 an Underwriting Agreement since respondent Este
In the instant case, several facts and circumstances del Sol had its own licensed marketing arm to sell its
taken altogether show that the Underwriting and shares and all its shares have been sold through its
Consultancy Agreements were simply cloaks or marketing arm.39
devices to cover an illegal scheme employed by f) Petitioner FMIC failed to comply with its obligation
petitioner FMIC to conceal and collect excessively under the Consultancy Agreement,40 aside from the
usurious interest, and these are: fact that there was no need for a Consultancy
a) The Underwriting and Consultancy Agreements Agreement, since respondent Este del Sol's officers
are both dated January 31, 1978 which is the same appeared to be more competent to be consultants in
date of the Loan Agreement.26 Furthermore, under the development of the projected sports/resort
the Underwriting Agreement payment of the complex.41
supervision and consultancy fees was set for a All the foregoing established facts and
period of four (4) years27 to coincide ultimately with circumstances clearly belie the contention of
the term of the Loan Agreement.28 This fact means petitioner FMIC that the Loan, Underwriting and
that all the said agreements which were executed Consultancy Agreements are separate and
independent transactions. The Underwriting and compensate the appellee, especially so
Consultancy Agreements which were executed and because there is no clear showing that the
delivered contemporaneously with the Loan appellee hired the services of counsel to
Agreement on January 31, 1978 were exacted by effect the foreclosure, it engaged counsel
petitioner FMIC as essential conditions for the grant only when it was seeking the recovery of the
of the loan. An apparently lawful loan is usurious alleged deficiency.
when it is intended that additional compensation for Attorney's fees as provided in penal clauses are in
the loan be disguised by an ostensibly unrelated the nature of liquidated damages. So long as such
contract providing for payment by the borrower for stipulation does not contravene any law, morals, or
the lender's services which are of little value or public order, it is binding upon the parties.
which are not in fact to be rendered, such as in the Nonetheless, courts are empowered to reduce the
instant case.42 In this connection, Article 1957 of the amount of attorney's fees if the same is "iniquitous
New Civil Code clearly provides that: or unconscionable."46 Articles 1229 and 2227 of the
Art. 1957. Contracts and stipulations, under New Civil Code provide that:
any cloak or device whatever, intended to Art. 1229. The judge shall equitably reduce
circumvent the laws against usury shall be the penalty when the principal obligation has
void. The borrower may recover in been partly or irregularly complied with by
accordance with the laws on usury. the debtor. Even if there has been no
In usurious loans, the entire obligation does not performance, the penalty may also be
become void because of an agreement for usurious reduced by the courts if it is iniquitous or
interest; the unpaid principal debt still stands and unconscionable.
remains valid but the stipulation as to the usurious Art. 2227. Liquidated damages, whether
interest is void, consequently, the debt is to be intended as an indemnity or a penalty, shall
considered without stipulation as to the interest.43 be equitably reduced if they are iniquitous or
The reason for this rule was adequately explained in unconscionable.
the case of Angel Jose Warehousing Co., Inc. v.
Chelda Enterprises44 where this Court held: In the case at bar, the amount of Three Million One
Hundred Eighty-Eight Thousand Six Hundred Thirty
In simple loan with stipulation of usurious Pesos and Seventy-Five Centavos (93,188,630.75)
interest, the prestation of the debtor to pay for the stipulated attorney's fees equivalent to
the principal debt, which is the cause of the twenty-five (25%) percent of the alleged amount
contract (Article 1350, Civil Code), is not due, as of the date of the auction sale on June 23,
illegal. The illegality lies only as to the 1980, is manifestly exorbitant and unconscionable.
prestation to pay the stipulated interest; Accordingly, we agree with the appellate court that
hence, being separable, the latter only a reduction of the attorney's fees to ten (10%)
should be deemed void, since it is the only percent is appropriate and reasonable under the
one that is illegal. facts and circumstances of this case.
Thus, the nullity of the stipulation on the usurious Lastly, there is no merit to petitioner FMIC's
interest does not affect the lender's right to receive contention that the appellate court erred in
back the principal amount of the loan. With respect awarding an amount allegedly not asked nor prayed
to the debtor, the amount paid as interest under a for by respondents. Whether the exact amount of
usurious agreement is recoverable by him, since the the relief was not expressly prayed for is of no
payment is deemed to have been made under moment for the reason that the relief was plainly
restraint, rather than voluntarily.45 warranted by the allegations of the respondents as
This Court agrees with the factual findings and well as by the facts as found by the appellate court.
conclusion of the appellate court, to wit: A party is entitled to as much relief as the facts may
warrant 47
We find the stipulated penalties, liquidated
damages and attorney's fees, excessive, In view of all the foregoing, the Court is convinced
iniquitous and unconscionable and revolting that the appellate court committed no reversible
to the conscience as they hardly allow the error in its challenged Decision.
borrower any chance of survival in case of WHEREFORE, the instant petition is hereby DENIED,
default. And true enough, ESTE folded up and the assailed Decision of the Court of Appeals is
when the appellee extrajudicially foreclosed AFFIRMED. Costs against petitioner.
on its (ESTE's) development project and
literally closed its offices as both the SO ORDERED.
appellee and ESTE were at the time holding Bellosillo, Mendoza, Quisumbing, and Buena, JJ.,
office in the same building. Accordingly, we concur.
hold that 20% penalty on the amount due
and 10% of the proceeds of the foreclosure
sale as attorney's fees would suffice to Footnotes
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