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Anne E.

Postdoctoral fellow
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
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2018 - now Postdoctoral Fellow, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, NY
Churchland lab & International Brain Laboratory

2013 - 2018 PhD, University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf, Germany
Choice-induced biases in perceptual decision-making
Supervised by Prof. Dr. Tobias Donner, summa cum laude

2012 - 2013 MSc, École Normale Supérieure, Paris, France
Dual masters in brain and mind sciences, mention bien
Research project with Dr. Catherine Tallon-Baudry, LNC, ENS

2011 - 2012 MSc, University College London, UK
Dual masters in brain and mind sciences, with distinction
Research project with Prof. Geraint Rees, ICN, UCL

2007 - 2010 BSc and BA, University College Utrecht, The Netherlands
Double major in science and humanities, magna cum laude
Exchange semester at Xiamen University, China
Research internship at the Dutch Organisation for Applied Science (TNO)

Grants and awards
15-12-2017 Best thesis award, NVP Society for Psychonomics
November 2017 IBRO international travel grant to Society for Neuroscience meeting
Fall 2016 PhD completion grant, German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)
24-06-2016 Best poster award, Amsterdam Brain and Cognition
19-12-2015 Best poster award, NVP Society for Psychonomics
Fall 2015 Travel grant to visit University of Amsterdam, G.-A. Lienert Foundation
2013 - 2016 PhD scholarship, German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)
16-03-2012 Best MSc poster, 13th Annual Queen Square symposium, UCL
2011 - 2013 MSc scholarship, Huygens Scholarship Programme, Nuffic

Talluri BC*, Urai AE*, Tsetsos K, Usher M, Donner TH. (2018) Confirmation bias through selective over-
weighting of choice-consistent evidence. Current Biology, 10.1016/j.cub.2018.07.052.
Urai AE, de Gee JW & Donner TH. (2018) Choice history biases subsequent evidence accumulation.
bioRxiv, 251595.
Colizoli O, de Gee JW, Urai AE, Donner TH. (2018). Task-evoked pupil responses reflect internal belief
states. Scientific Reports, 8:13702.

Bergt A*, Urai AE*, Donner TH, Schwabe L. (2018) Reading memory formation from the eyes. European
Journal of Neuroscience, 47(12):1525-1533.
Braun A, Urai AE & Donner TH. (2018) Adaptive history biases result from confidence-weighted accu-
mulation of past choices. Journal of Neuroscience, 38(10):2418-2429.
Urai AE, Braun A & Donner TH. (2017) Pupil-linked arousal is driven by decision uncertainty and alters
serial choice bias. Nature Communications, 8:14637.
Urai AE & Murphy PR. (2016) Commentary: Sensory integration dynamics in a hierarchical network ex-
plains choice probabilities in cortical area MT. Frontiers in Systems Neuroscience, 10:37.
Campana F, Rebello I, Urai AE, Wyart V & Tallon-Baudry C. (2016) Visual consciousness proceeds from
global to local content in goal-directed tasks and spontaneous vision. Journal of Neuroscience,
Urai AE & Pfeffer T. (2014) An action-independent signature of perceptual choice in the human brain.
Journal of Neuroscience, 34(15):5081-5082. [Journal Club commentary]
Brouwer AM, Van Erp J, Kappé B & Urai AE. (2011) The brain as target image detector: the role of
image category and presentation time. In D. D. Schmorrow & C. M. Fidopiastis (Eds.), Foundations
of Augmented Cognition. Directing the Future of Adaptive Systems (pp. 3-12). Held as Part of HCI
International 2011, Orlando, FL, USA: Springer.

Teaching and supervision
2016 and 2017 Lecturer in 3rd year BSc course Psychophysiological experimentation
April 2016 Completed graduate course Teaching in Higher Education, University of Amsterdam
2014-2016 Supervision of Elisa Battistoni, Ana Vojvodic and Ana Gonçalves (MSc research
projects), Samara Green and Lina Zakarauskaite (RiSE summer internships) and Fleur
Duyser, O’Jay Medina, Sven Kimenai and Eline Feenstra (BSc research projects)

Invited talks
29-09-2018 Women in Science annual retreat, CSHL
21-02-2018 Rahnev lab, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta
08-02-2018 McGinley lab, Baylor College of Medicine, Houston
06-12-2017 Totah lab, Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics, Tübingen
09-10-2017 Jehee lab, Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition and Behavior
16-06-2017 Sommer-Blöchl lab, Department of Systems Neuroscience, UKE
10-02-2017 Kepecs lab, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
08-02-2017 Churchland lab, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
07-10-2016 Cognitive and Systems Neuroscience group, SILS, University of Amsterdam
03-03-2016 Brain and Cognition group, University of Amsterdam
08-12-2015 Amsterdam Vision Meeting, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
22-10-2015 Computational Neuroimaging Lab, Center for Neural Science, New York University
22-09-2015 Metacognition workshop, Interacting Minds Bootcamp, Aarhus University
23-02-2013 Department of Neurophysiology, University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf
25-05-2012 Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience, University College London

Conference presentations and posters
Urai AE, de Gee JW, Tsetsos K, Donner TH. (2018) Choice history biases subsequent evidence accumu-
lation. Computational Cogntive Neuroscience, Philadelphia.

Aguillon V, Bonacchi N, Carandini M, Cazettes F, Churchland AK, Laranjeira I, Mainen ZF, Murakami M,
Sanders J, Urai AE, Wells MJ, Wool LE, Zador AM. (2018) The International Brain Laboratory: re-
producing a single decision-making behavior in mice across labs. Brains and Behavior: Order and
Disorder in the Nervous System, Cold Spring Harbor.
Urai AE, Donner TH. (2017) Choices bias the accumulation of perceptual evidence in the next trial. Dutch
Society for Psychonomics Meeting, Egmond aan Zee.
Urai AE, Braun A, Donner TH. (2017) Previous choices bias perceptual evidence accumulation. Society
for Neuroscience, Washington DC.
Urai AE, Braun A, Donner TH. (2017) Pupil-linked arousal is driven by decision uncertainty and alters serial
choice bias. European Conference on Visual Perception, Berlin.
Talluri BC*, Urai AE*, Tsetsos T, Brezis N, Bronfman ZZ, Usher M, Donner TH. (2017) Intermittent choice
alters the temporal weighting of sensory evidence in a continuous visual estimation task. European
Conference on Visual Perception, Berlin.
Braun A, Urai AE, Donner TH. (2017) Memory for past decision variables biases current perceptual choice.
European Conference on Visual Perception, Berlin.
Urai AE, Braun A, Donner TH. (2017) Pupil-linked arousal is driven by decision uncertainty and alters serial
choice bias. International Conference for Cognitive Neuroscience, Amsterdam.
Urai AE, Braun A, Donner TH. (2015) Pupil dilation signals decision uncertainty and predicts response
alternation. Dutch Society for Psychonomics Meeting, Egmond aan Zee.
Urai AE, de Gee JW, Braun A, Donner TH. (2015) Eye-opener: pupil dilation signals decision uncertainty.
Society for Neuroscience, Chicago.
Urai AE, de Gee JW, Knapen T, Donner TH. (2015) Eye-opener: decision certainty modulates pupil dila-
tion. International Convention for Psychological Science, Amsterdam.
Urai AE, Urner M, Brooks JL, Rees G. (2012) Influencing coherent motion perception through rTMS. 13th
Queen Square Symposium, Institute of Neurology, London.

Courses and meetings
September 2016 Summer school Visual neuroscience: from spikes to awareness, Rauischholzhausen
June 2014 64th Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting in Physiology or Medicine
August 2013 Summer school Brain networks and neuronal communication, Donders Institute

Professional service
Reviewer ReScience, NeuroImage, Scientific Reports, Journal of Neuroscience, Nature Human
Co-reviewer Current Biology, eLife, Nature Communications, Journal of Physiology, Journal of Neu-
rophysiology, Neuron, NeuroImage, Psychological Science
Member Society for Neuroscience, Dutch Society for Psychonomics

May 2017 Article What does neuroscience tell us about psychology?, Spiegeloog [in Dutch]
March 2017 Interview You don’t see what you see, AdRem magazine [in Dutch]
October 2015 PLOS Neuroscience social media team, Society for Neuroscience ’15
25-09-2014 Talk at Neuroscience festival, Open Science Days, Montenegrin Ministry of Science
03-07-2014 Interview Faszination Gehirn, Süddeutsche Zeitung [in German]

Languages Dutch (native), English (near-native), French, German (professional fluency),
Mandarin Chinese, Spanish (beginner)
Programming Matlab (advanced), Python, bash (intermediate), R (beginner)