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Unit 1 Introduction to Accounting

Exercise 1-1 Review Questions

Exercise 1-2 Fill in the Blanks
Exercise 1-3 True or False
Exercise 1-4 Business Forms According to Activity
Exercise 1-5 Accounting Concepts/Principles
Exercise 1-6 Accounting Concepts/Principles
Exercise 1-7 Application of Accounting Concepts
Unit 2 Introduction to Financial Statements
Exercise 2-1 Review Questions
Exercise 2-2 Business Case
Exercise 2-3 Identification
Exercise 2-4 True or False
Exercise 2-5 Business Case
Exercise 2-6 Matching Type
Exercise 2-7 Identification
Exercise 2-8 Business Case
Unit 3 Accounting Equation and Account Classification
Exercise 3-1 Review Questions
Exercise 3-2 Assets
Exercise 3-3 Asset Classifications
Exercise 3-4 Liabilities
Exercise 3-5 Liability Classifications
Exercise 3-6 Revenue Accounts
Exercise 3-7 Expense Accounts
Exercise 3-9 Accounting Equation Analysis
Exercise 3-10 Expanded Accounting Equation
Exercise 3-11 Analysing the Effects of Business Transactions of the Income Statement

Exercise 3-12 Analysing the Effects of Business Transactions on Owners Equity

Exercise 3-13 Analysis of Debits and Credits
Exercise 3-14 Normal Balance, Debit and Credit Analysis
Exercise 3-15 Journalizing, Posting and Trial Balance Preparation
Exercise 3-16 Journal Entries
Exercise 3-17 Journal Entries
Unit 4 Measuring and Reporting Financial Statements of Service Business
Exercise 4-1 A Simple Business Case on Preparing Incomes Statement, Capital Statement
and Statement of Financial Position
Exercise 4-2 Financial Statement Preparation
Exercise 4-3 Computation of Financial Statements Components
Unit 5 Measuring and Reporting Cash Flows
Exercise 5-1 Review Questions
Exercise 5-2 Identification
Exercise 5-3 Statement of Cash Flows
Exercise 5-4 Statement of Cash Flows
Unit 6 Accounting for Merchandising Business
Exercise 6-1 Review Questions
Exercise 6-2 Business Case
Exercise 6-3 Steps in the Accounting Cycle
Exercise 6-4 Business Documents
Exercise 6-5 Classification of Items
Exercise 6-6 Perpetual vs. Periodic Inventory Systems
Exercise 6-7 Identification
Exercise 6-8 Modified True or False
Exercise 6-9 Merchandising Accounts
Exercise 6-10 Cash Discounts
Exercise 6-11 Computation of Cash discounts
Exercise 6-12 Purchase and Sale of Merchandise with Trade and Cash Discounts

Exercise 6-13 Journalizing Merchandising Transactions

Exercise 6-14 Journalizing Merchandising Transactions
Exercise 6-15 Identification Accounting for Promissory note
Exercise 6-16 Promissory Notes
Exercise 6-17 Promissory Notes
Exercise 6-18 Financial Statements
Exercise 6-19 Review Questions
Exercise 6-20 Financial Statements
Exercise 6-21 Adjusting Entries
Exercise 6-22 Adjusting Entries/Adjusted Trial Balance
Exercise 6-23 Understanding and Analayzing Effects of Adjusting Entries to the Financial
Exercise 6-24 Review Questions
Exercise 6-25 Closing Entries
Exercise 6-26 Reversing Entries