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H2S, NH3, Benzene, AsH3, PH3, VCM, ETO, CS2, 1,3 BD, TCE, Solvents

Field Portable GCs

For IH, Spills, Soils, Leak Detection,

Homeland Security & Area Monitoring


Portable GCs Models 121 & 122 GC

Measure Components @
ppb to ppb Levels of VOCs & S Compounds

Model 121 & 122 Gas Chromatographs

Benzene, VC, H 2S, 1,3 BD, Methane, Hydrocarbons, PH 3, AsH 3, NH 3, Air,

IH, S tacks, Area Monitoring & homeland security

PID Analyzers offers two new lightweight
portable GC (Model 121 & 122 for
environmental, quality control, IH, leak
detection, spill response, homeland
security... applications. These GCs are
extremely easy to use, light weight, &
sensitive when used with our PID. or one
of our excellent GC detectors. These GCs
will go anywhere with their light weight &
rechargeable battery . This new gas
chromatograph is the Model 121.
A companion instrument for the Model 121
and 122 GCs is the Model 102 for finding
hot spots of total VOC in wide area

Principle of Operation
The principle of operation is gas chromatography with a series of sensitive detectors with columns that can be easily interchanged, allowing the GC to be used for a
variety of applications in the field or the
lab. The detector electronics are compact
& modular.
The GC oven is isothermal (30-600C-customer settable) and will accomodate
packed (1/8 or 1/16), capillary (0.53 or
0.32 m id) or micropacked columns on a
2.5 diameter spool) can be used.
PID-description - The process of
photoionization is initiated by the
absorp-tion of a photon of ultraviolet
radiation energetic enough to ionize a
molecule (RH) by the process shown
RH + h RH+ + ewhere h represents a photon (10.6 ev)
with an energy the ionization potential
of species RH. The ions are collected in
an ionization chamber which is adjacent
to the lamp and contains an accelerat-ing
electrode (biased positively) and a
collection electrode where the current is
measured. After amplification, the current
measured is proportional to concentration.

Detectors -description
wl-PID- windowless PID- This PID
usees an Ar carrier gas and an
Argon windowless discharge (11.7
eV) so that compounds with
higher IPs like CH3OH, formaldehyde, chloro alkanes, and ethane
etc. can be detected.
-FPD (S or P) -Flame Photometric
Detector-Sample is burned in a
hydrogen rich flame to produce
chemiluminescence specific for S
@ 394 nm or P @ 525 nm that is
measured with a photomultiper/
-FID- Flame Ionization DetectorSample is burned in a H2/air
flame. The carbons ions produced
are collected in an ionization
chamber where the ion current is
proportional to concentrationDetects Hydrocarbons including
AppplicationsVOCs, aromatics, unsaturated HC, S
compounds and inorganic gases
(H2S, AsH3, PH3, NH3...). It is an ideal
detector for environmental analysis,
and QC (with its low ppb to ppm
detection limits), fenceline, ppmk
detection & field measurements...
FeaturesEasy to use
Simple to operate
Battery operated (6-8 hours)
ppm or ppb detection

GCs , Options & Applications

Brief Specifications
GC Detectors available: PID,
Windowless PID, FID or FPD
Measurement mode: Continuous
or single run
Sample Type: Gas sample only
Battery life- NiMH 6-8 hours
Readout- 2 line by 16 character
(121) or 4 line x 20 chacter (122)
LCD display with backllighting
Standard outputs:RS232; 1 VDC
Zero drift- Automatic zero
Span drift- less than 1%
every month with auto calibration
Temperature range- 35-1000 C
customer programmable
Wide range of response- from ppb
to ppm depending upon
detector (single detector only)
Carrier gas- >12 hours operation
Model 121
Dimensions:10.5 L x 3 W x

4.75 H,
Weight:2.5 pounds,Tank 2.2 pounds
(belt mounted)
Compounds: 1-4;
Stored chromatograms: 10
Model 122
Dinensions: 6.75 x 10.35 x 4.5"H
Weight: 6 pounds incl. tank
Compounds 1-20
Stored chromatograms: 50 (ASCII)

Other Analyzers by PID Analyzers

Battery/Line Operated Analyzers


102 VOCs- ppm

102+ VOCs optional ppm + 3-4
additional sensors, EC, IR, TCD, CG
107- Stack Gases- CO, CO2, NO,
NO2, SO2, O2,, H2S, HCl...
108- Landfill Gas- CO2, CH4, O2,
optiomal H2S
113-TCD, CG, Electrochemical (25)
114- IR- CO, CO2, N2O, CH4
115-FID Hydrocarbons -ppm
80- Mercury Analyzer
121-Portable GC- leak detection,
122- Portable GC single detector
GC312- Portable GC with
Embedded PC, 1 or 2 detectors

Continuous Analyzers Available from

PID Analyzers
Fixed Continuous Analyzers

201- PID-VOCs (10.6 eV)

PID- VOCs (windowless) 11.7 requires
Ar gas cylinder
FID-VOCs including methane
202-IR- CO2, CH4, N2O,HC
204- TCD- H2,
209- EC - O2,
Process Gas Chromatograph301 C- PID, FID, FUV, TCD, FPD


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Model 122 Temperature Programming Option

For Semi volatiles and Fast GC Operation

Solvents, BTEX, VCM, VOCs in air water, soil water

Micro Fast GC Capillary column

Rapid analyzis of solvents

Fast analysis of alkanes

Rapid Detection of Toxic Compounds at ppb Levels

GC 122 Temperature Programming Option