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I declare under the penalties stipulated in art.

326 Penal Code regarding false statements

that I was not declared incapable through any type of document nor was I stopped by law
in any regard to conclude contracts nor I am in a state of insolvency. I also declare under
the penalties stipulated in art. 326 Penal Code regarding false statements the following:
the area that makes the object of the present power of attorney is my property without
passing to state property on the basis of any normative document, that previous the
authentication of the present document I have not alienate it in any way to other natural
or legal persons, through document under private or authentic signature, it is not seized, it
is not the object of Law no. 10/2001 and it is free of any encumbrances.
I also declare that the land mentioned above is not out of the civil circuit and is not object
of any litigations or investigations at court, it is not object of any equity in kind at social
capital of any trading company understanding to guarantee the purchaser against any total
or partial eviction and against any estate defects according to provisions art. 1695 and art.
1707 from Civil Code.
My xxxxxxx is empowered to negotiate with full powers all clauses of the selling
contract including those regarding the property transmission, good delivery, the eviction
and defect guarantee, the contract risk, to prove my quality as owner, and also any
activities may be necessary to fully carry out the powers of attorney.
To carry out the present power of attorney, my xxxx will represent me in relation with
purchasers, Mischii Commune Hall, notary public office, bank, OCPI Dolj- Deed Office
Craiov, with any personal or legal persons, will request and receive my fiscal certificate
for the operations that are to be carried out, will receive the certificate from which to
result that the estate is not leased, will request and receive any necessary document, will
give statements, will collect the price cash or by bank transfer, will prepare the cadastral
documentation, will submit the property documents and all required documents, will
carry out all formalities that will be necessary to conclude the sale purchase agreement,
signing in my name and for me anywhere it is necessary, his signature being fully
opposable to me.
My xxxxxxxx will also represent me in relation with Craiova City Hall, Internal Revenue
RDS&RCS, ROMTELECOM and other cable, telephony and internet companies, court,
Water and sewer company, notary public, City Hall, Bank, Financial Administration,
DGFP, Romania Post Office, Postal office or agent, any natural or legal persons.
Will be able to prepare, submit and receive documents from the institutions described
above, will receive authorizations, any necessary notices and agreements, will conclude
contracts with the companies mentioned above, will be able to alter those current, will
cancel contracts, will obtain notices and agreements from these, will pay taxes and fees to
the state, will receive equipment, will make statements on my behalf in front of notary
public for any problems that concerns me personally and will carry out all necessary
formalities in my name and for me every time it is necessary, his signature being
opposable to me.
Will also represent me in relation with Post Office (Romanian Post Office) or postman
for receiving the mail that is addressed to me.
The power of attorney is free, nontransferable and available for three years starting today
date of document authentication.