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M/s Johny industrial plastic company limited was one of the leading manufacturers of
different types of engineering plastics in the country. These products, particularly the
honeycomb structured and decorative surface products, were in great demand in the market as
they were used in large quantities by most of the builders for panelling, false ceiling,
partitioning and a host of other applications for office and other structure meant for
commercial activities. As they were doing well in the market so with that they wanted to
ensure that they build a good image in the mind of public in different areas of public concern.
One of the areas the company chose for making good public image was to project the
company as one that cares good ethical practices. So the first step was taken and it was told to
the quality chief Dr. Krishna of the company to prepare detailed plan of the required
activities. So he made the detailed plan and gave it in the management department for
approval. Then a meeting was arranged with MD. Dr Krishna expressed his plan and ideas
but all the management people told him that they cannot help him in this because it has
happened in past in the company. They said it would be another hurdle and harassment for the
company. Then MD intervened and asked about the ISO 14000 which tells about the series of
environment management standard and says when they already have published this in the
news paper then why they need this to do again? Then Dr Krishna said sir we know how we
are managing ISO 14000 standard. We never show risky operations in the documents. He said
even during the audit checks most of the operations had been closed but normal operation
was not stopped, even small boys and girls are not allowed to work but in our company
almost they are working for manual work and their injuries never recorded even in shop floor
section there was so much dust that employees not able to breathe. Aspect identification and
impact analysis is made in such a way that it never show any caused to environment, labour.
Customer complaint never recorded in the marketing department. Predecessors were sacked
for not following the orders of their bosses of not using ISO standard. Then in the last MD
accepted the proposal and told him to publish this in next annual report and showing their
corporate governance.

In this case it is clearly mentioned that the management team of Johny Plastic Company has
shown in the papers that they are following all the standards of ISO 14000, ISO 9000 i.e. care
of their employees, fresh air, clean shop floor, and healthy environment inside their
organisation but they are not doing anyone of them. Employees have been expelled due to
their response because few managers were not in the favour of the work environment in the

Unethical Issues
I have found out few unethical issues in the case which are given blow.
1. Healthy environment of company is written in papers but in actual it is unhealthy
environment toxic emissions, unsafe working conditions.
2. They are not following ISO 14000, ISO 9000 standards.
3. In papers they never show their full operation, they only show a small operation
which does not involve any risk
4. Labour contractor was told to not to bring any young boys & girls during the audit das
but the fact is that only young boys and girls do all the manual work in the company
5. Physical injuries of those young boys and girls never recorded and reported
6. A pre planned aspect of identification is used
7. Even they are having ISO 14000, ISO 9000 but their shop floor do not provide fresh
air and the sound level is very deafening
8. Case of accidents are very high in operation departments
9. Customer complaints never recorded in marketing departments
10. Employees are treated as machines

According to me it is very necessary for any company to satisfy and make its employees
happy, as employees are considered an important asset for any organisation. Productivity
depends upon employees so company could have followed these few strategies to solve out
all the problems.
1. Company should maintain healthy environment inside the work area.
2. As they have mentioned a good environment in the paper but they are not following it
so they should follow all those protocols which they have mentioned.
3. Company should implement all the standards of ISO 14000, ISO 9000 so that no
employee feel awkward or bad regarding their work environment
4. Company should follow only those things which are mentioned in the report of the
company, as it follows others operations which are not mentioned in the paper. It is
unethical so company should stop doing this
5. Contractors should be warned if he brings any young boy or girl for manual work in
the company, because according to rules young boys and girls are not allowed to work
in their company. So company should stop use of child labour
6. Fresh air, pure water, clean shop floor should be there for employees
7. Employees should be given special treatment if any accident occurs
8. Company may give rewards to its employees on the bases of their performance to
make them happy and more active to do their work.
9. A customer objective department should be there in the company to handle the queries
of customers.
10. Company should maintain an open system to encourage its employees