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2980 Federal Register / Vol. 71, No.

11 / Wednesday, January 18, 2006 / Notices

Continuum AEC232 BioPlus BA2921 You must include the DS form

Continuum AT201 Pot 804 number (if applicable), information
Continuum AT202 KlarAid CDP 1339P collection title, and OMB control
Continuum AT203 KlarAid IC 1172P number in any correspondence.
Continuum AT205 KlarAid PC 1192P
Continuum AT220 PolyFloc AE 1115 Requests for additional information
Depositrol PY505 PolyFloc AP 1100 regarding the collection listed in this
Depositrol PY5200 PolyFloc AP 1120P notice, including requests for copies of
Depositrol SF502 ProSweet OC2532 the proposed information collection
Depositrol SF504 ProSweet OC2533 should be made to Corrin Ferber,
Dianodic DN300 ProSweet OC2534 Attorney Adviser, CA/OCS/PRI, U.S.
Dianodic DN302 ProSweet OC2543 Department of State, Washington, DC
Dianodic DN310 20520–4818, who may be reached on
[FR Doc. E6–440 Filed 1–17–06; 8:45 am]
Ferroquest LP7200 202–736–9172 or
FloGard POT802 soliciting public comments to permit
FloGard POT807 the Department to:
FoamTrol AF2290
FoamTrol AF706 [Public Notice 5274] • Evaluate whether the proposed
FoamTrol AF724 information collection is necessary for
FoamTrol AF1440 60-Day Notice of Proposed Information the proper performance of our
Inhibitor AZ604 Collection: DS–3077, Request for Entry functions.
Inhibitor AZ660 Into Children’s Passport Issuance Alert • Evaluate the accuracy of our
Inhibitor AZ8101 Program, OMB 1405–XXXX estimate of the burden of the proposed
Inhibitor PM508 collection, including the validity of the
Inhibitor PM608 Notice of request for public
comments. methodology and assumptions used.
Inhibitor PM609
• Enhance the quality, utility, and
Inhibitor PM610 SUMMARY: The Department of State is
Kleen AC9507 clarity of the information to be
seeking Office of Management and collected.
RediFeed Continuum AT901 Budget (OMB) approval for the
RediFeed Continuum AT902 • Minimize the reporting burden on
information collection described below.
RediFeed Spectrus OX903 those who are to respond, including
The purpose of this notice is to allow 60
Spectrus BD152 through the use of automated collection
days for public comment in the Federal
Spectrus BD1550 Register preceding submission to OMB. techniques or other forms of technology.
Spectrus NX102 We are conducting this process in Abstract of proposed collection:
Spectrus NX104 accordance with the Paperwork
Spectrus NX106 The information requested will be
Reduction Act of 1995. used to support entry of a minor’s (an
Spectrus NX108 • Title of Information Collection:
Spectrus NX110 unmarried person under 18) name into
Request for Entry into Children’s the Children’s Passport Issuance Alert
Spectrus NX1104
Passport Issuance Alert Program. Program (CPIAP). CPIAP provides a
Spectrus NX112 • OMB Control Number: None.
Spectrus NX114 mechanism for parents or other persons
• Type of Request: New collection. with legal custody of a minor to obtain
Spectrus NX122 • Originating Office: CA/OCS/CI.
Spectrus OX101 information regarding whether the
• Form Number: DS–3077. Department has received a passport
Spectrus OX103 • Respondents: Concerned parents or
Spectrus OX105 application for the minor. This program
their agents, institutions, or courts. was developed as a means to prevent
Spectrus OX903 • Estimated Number of Respondents:
Spectrus OX909 international abduction of a minor or to
Spectrus OX1201 help prevent other travel of a minor
• Estimated Number of Responses:
Spectrus OX1240 without the consent of a parent or legal
guardian. If a minor’s name and other
SIN 524–2 CLOSED SYSTEM • Average Hours Per Response: 50
identifying information has been
• Total Estimated Burden: 1992 entered into the CPIAP, when the
Corrshield MD400 Department receives an application for
Corrshield MD407 a new, replacement, or renewed
• Frequency: On occasion.
Corrshield NT402 passport for the minor, the application
• Obligation to Respond: Voluntary.
Corrshield NT403 will be placed on hold for up to 60 days
Corrshield NT411 DATES: The Department will accept
and the Office of Children’s Issues will
Corrshield OR404 comments from the public up to 60 days
attempt to notify the requestor of receipt
Ferroquest FQ7101 from March 20, 2006.
of the application. Form DS–3077 will
Ferroquest FQ7102 ADDRESSES: You may submit comments be primarily submitted by a parents or
Ferroquest FQ7103 by any of the following methods: legal guardians of a minor.
• E-mail:
erjones on PROD1PC68 with NOTICES

SIN 524–2 MULTI FUNCTION • Mail (paper, disk, or CD–ROM Methodology:

PRODUCTS submissions): Corrin Ferber, Attorney The completed form DS–3077 may be
AE 1128P Adviser, CA/OCS/PRI, U.S. Department submitted to the Office of Children’s
BioPlus BA900 of State, Washington, DC 20520–4818. Issues by mail, by fax, or electronically
BioPlus BA2920 • Fax: 202–736–9111. through

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Federal Register / Vol. 71, No. 11 / Wednesday, January 18, 2006 / Notices 2981


Catherine Barry,
Deputy Assistant Secretary Consular Affairs, Federal Aviation Administration Federal Aviation Administration
Overseas Citizens Services, Department of
State. Advisory Circular (AC) 23–13A, Agency Information Collection Activity
[FR Doc. E6–459 Filed 1–17–06; 8:45 am] Fatigue, Fail-Safe, and Damage Under OMB Review, Request for
BILLING CODE 4710–06–P Tolerance Evaluation of Metallic Comments; Renewal of an Approved
Structure for Normal, Utility, Acrobatic, Information Collection Activity, Part 93,
and Commuter Category Airplanes Subpart U—Special Flight Rules in the
DEPARTMENT OF STATE Vicinity of Grand Canyon National Park
[Public Notice 5275] AGENCY:Federal Aviation AGENCY: Federal Aviation
Administration, DOT. Administration (FAA), DOT.
Culturally Significant Objects Imported ACTION: Notice of issuance of advisory ACTION: Notice and request for
for Exhibition Determinations: circular. comments.
‘‘Courbet and the Modern Landscape’’
SUMMARY: The National Parks
SUMMARY: Notice is hereby given of the SUMMARY: This notice announces the Overflights Act mandates that the
following determinations: Pursuant to issuance of Advisory Circular (AC) 23– recommendations provide for
the authority vested in me by the Act of 13A, Fatigue, Fail-Safe, and Damage ‘‘substantial restoration of the natural
October 19, 1965 (79 Stat. 985; 22 U.S.C. Tolerance Evaluation of Metallic quiet and experience of the park and
2459), Executive Order 12047 of March Structure for Normal, Utility, Acrobatic, protection of public health and safety
27, 1978, the Foreign Affairs Reform and and Commuter Category Airplanes. The from adverse effects associated with
Restructuring Act of 1998 (112 Stat. AC sets forth an acceptable means, but aircraft overflight.’’ The FAA will use
2681, et seq.; 22 U.S.C. 6501 note, et not the only means, to show compliance the information to monitor compliance
seq.), Delegation of Authority No. 234 of with applicable fatigue, fail-safe, and with the regulations. These respondents
October 1, 1999, Delegation of Authority damage tolerance evaluations required are Grand Canyon National Park (GCNP)
No. 236 of October 19, 1999, as air tour operators. A notice for public
for metallic structure in normal, utility,
amended, and Delegation of Authority comment was published in the Federal
acrobatic, and commuter category
No. 257 of April 15, 2003 [68 FR 19875], Register on 9/6/2005, vol. 70, #171,
airplanes. The AC provides information
I hereby determine that the objects to be pages 53039–53040.
included in the exhibition ‘‘Courbet and on approval of continued operational
DATES: Please submit comments by
the Modern Landscape,’’ imported from flight with known cracks in the
structure of small airplanes, regardless February 17, 2006.
abroad for temporary exhibition within FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Judy
the United States, are of cultural of certification basis. The AC also
clarifies the use of AC 20–128A in the Street on (202) 267–9895.
significance. The objects are imported SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION:
pursuant to loan agreements with the evaluation of rotorburst structural
foreign owners. I also determine that the hazards in small airplanes. Finally, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)
exhibition or display of the exhibit AC consolidates existing policy Title: Part 93, Subpart U—Special
objects at the J. Paul Getty Museum, Los documents and certain technical reports Flight Rules in the Vicinity of Grand
Angeles, CA, from on or about February into one document. Canyon National Park.
21, 2006, until on or about May 14, Type of Request: Renewal of an
DATES: Advisory Circular 23–13A was
2006, the Museum of Fine Arts, approved collection.
issued by the Manager of the Small
Houston, TX, from on or about June 18, OMB Control Number: 2120–0653.
Airplane Directorate on September 29, Forms(s): None.
2006, until on or about September 10,
2006, the Walters Art Museum, 2005. Affected Public: A total of 15 air tour
Baltimore, MD, from on or about How to Obtain Copies: A paper copy operators.
October 15, 2006, until on or about of AC 23–13A may be obtained by Frequency: Conducted on an as-
January 7, 2007, and at possible writing to the U.S. Department of needed basis.
additional venues yet to be determined, Transportation, Subsequent Distribution Estimated Average Burden Per
is in the national interest. Public Notice Office, DOT Warehouse, M–30, Response: Approximately 1 hour.
of these Determinations is ordered to be Estimated Annual Burden Hours: An
Ardmore East Business Center, 3341Q
published in the Federal Register. estimated 94 hours annually.
75th Avenue, Landover, MD 20785, Abstract: The National Parks
FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: For telephone 301–322–5377, or by faxing Overflights Act mandates that the
further information, including a list of your request to the warehouse at 301– recommendations provide for
the exhibit objects, contact Julianne 386–5394. ‘‘substantial restoration of the natural
Simpson, Attorney-Adviser, Office of quiet and experience of the park and
The AC will also be available on the
the Legal Adviser, U.S. Department of protection of public health and safety
Internet at:
State (telephone: 202/453–8049). The from adverse effects associated with
address is U.S. Department of State, SA– aircraft overflight.’’ The FAA will use
44, 301 4th Street, SW., Room 700, Issued in Kansas City, Missouri, on January
the information to monitor compliance
Washington, DC 20547–0001. 10, 2006.
with the regulations. These respondents
Dated: January 10, 2006. John Colomy, are GCNP air tour operators.
C. Miller Crouch, Acting Manager, Small Airplane Directorate ADDRESSES: Send comments to the
erjones on PROD1PC68 with NOTICES

Principal Deputy Assistant, Secretary for Aircraft Certification Service. Office of Information and Regulatory
Educational and Cultural Affairs, Department [FR Doc. E6–450 Filed 1–17–06; 8:45 am] Affairs, Office of Management and
of State. BILLING CODE 4910–13–P Budget, 725 17th Street, NW.,
[FR Doc. E6–460 Filed 1–17–06; 8:45 am] Washington, DC 20503, Attention FAA
BILLING CODE 4710–05–P Desk Officer.

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