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Management Consulting

Translating Idea into Action

Smart Data collection at Fingertip

Digital Surveys

Data for greater insight

Comparison between the systems
Digital form features
fieldMaster & fieldServer
The Process
Screen shots
Areas of Application
About us
Our Role & Financials
A Case Study

Data for greater insight

We need (as much) baseline data.
For greater insight into data, it should be
Available in near real time.
Speed of actual process of data collection.
As much quantitative as possible.
Of best quality with minimum errors.
Location enabled (80% of all the data has some spacial component in it).
Aggregated, compiled & collated with minimum human
intervention at various levels.
Should integrate with other databases easily.
Of analytical data model instead of relational model.
Facilitating advanced analytical GIS enabled reports.

We achieve this by

A Comparison of Surveys
Paper based

Digital Paperless

Main Steps
Paper based Surveys

Digital Paperless Surveys

Prepare a survey questionnaire,

generally in MS word.

Prepare a survey questionnaire, may

be handwritten on a paper.

Get it printed, Xerox etc.

Prepare Digital form in XML.

Distribute physically to the field


Upload the form to the Server.

Conduct actual survey & write

down the responses accordingly.

Install fieldMaster App on the

Android Mobile (one time action).

Collect the forms and hand them

over for manual Data Entry.

Download the form on the App (one

time action for that survey).

Perform data entry to end up in a

Excel file (mostly) or online MIS.

Conduct actual survey. Fill up and

Submit the digital form to the Server.

Collect the finished excel file.

Download excel/csv file from Server.

Paper based Surveys

Digital Paperless Surveys

High initial startup time till the actual It is possible to start the actual data
data collection starts.
collection in 24 Hours.
Need to carry the whole survey kit .

Very less to carry around.

Data entry in Excel or some MIS is

required so as to convert the paper
based data into digital format.

Data entry into Excel or some MIS is

NOT required at all. Instead the
enumerator sends data in digital
format, from the field itself.

Data entry from the operator may

be error prone and takes time.

The data collection is error-free and

in real time from the field itself.

The overall process from start to

end is highly time consuming, by its
nature, with many interventions.

The whole process is very speedy &

precise. Also larger data in terms of
records can be captured.

Less initial setup cost.

Initial setup cost is higher.

Digital Form features (Not possible in paper forms)

It is possible to validate the form for better quality.
only integer type of field is allowed

It is not possible to move to the next field till the

required field is filled.
Branching / Skip Logic is possible. Some questions can
be omitted or added depending on the response.
Go to Q.No. 16 if the sex of the child is Girl

Constraints can be enforced on questions.

Age of the child should be between 6 & 14

Repeat Groups can be handled more effectively.

While conducting household survey, if family members are 6
then a set of questions is repeated 6 times.

Calculations are done automatically on the fly.

Digital Form features (Not possible in paper forms)

Capture the geo location of the survey object in Latitude /
Longitude. Location can also be selected from the Maps.
It is possible to attach the digital media, like picture
photograph(s) of the object(s) to be captured.
It is possible to capture the exact time of submission of
that record, so also the start & end time of the record.
Facility of choice filters with cascaded selects.
It is also possible to capture & attach electronic
signatures to the record on the fly.
The System Administrator can activate / deactivate the
form at any point of time.
Form download & submission can be done by the
authenticated & authorized users only.

fieldMaster is an Android App facilitating downloading, filling
up & submission of the digital forms to the fieldServer.
fieldMaster can held any number of digital forms with it.
There is a facility to mark the form as finalized. The incomplete
form can be filled later and sent to the fieldServer.
Along with other attribute data of the object, from a variety of
question types, it captures,
The location in latitude & longitude
The picture photograph(s)
The exact time of data capture & data submission
The digital form presents all those standard features as text
field, date and time, integer, radio buttons, check boxes etc.
It is possible to name or tag the Form for better search.
Forms can be sent online instantly or offline in bulk.

There is a centralized server to collect & store all the requisite
information and is available to the Android mobile clients 24X7.
The server can host any number of Digital Forms at a time.
The server presents a Web based interface to the user, with
authentication and authorization, for data security & analysis.
It provides basic reports in table, chart & map formats, based
on user defined criteria.
For a digital form, The server can export the record sets in
standard formats like csv, kml & xlsx. These can be imported in
to other standards based software for further analysis.
The sever facilitates web based form for data entry via
Internet, exactly compatible with the digital form.
Every record, once received, can be forwarded to external
server through REST. Also, the server itself provides data end
points through robust APIs.

The Process

Gather the client requirements

Create & upload the Digital Form to
the fieldServer (24 Hrs)
Download the Digital Form on field
Master App (only once, max. 2 Min)
Open the Form, Fill up, Save & Send
to the Server (max. 2 Min, (media?))
Repeat above step, till survey ends.
Can send forms to Server in batch.

Process Diagram

Data Exports & Analysis Tools


Digital form data capture

Digital form data capture

List of Forms

Data View & Exports

Data View

Record View

Map View

Features by selection

Compatible Webform

Data Exports

Usefulness to Govt. Departments

Urban Development
Rural Development
Environment & Pollution
Water & Sanitation

Revenue Department
Various Government & Development Schemes
Beneficiary Registration & Tracking
Monitoring & Evaluation

A few areas of Application

Data collection of various Urban features & facilities

Slum, Household & Livelihood surveys in City

Village Development Plan & Microplanning

School infrastructure & sanitation survey

Location based survey of Farm Ponds

Agriculture produce data collection & analysis

Monitoring Air & Water pollution

Disaster Management & Preparedness plans

Rapid field surveys of agri farms after natural distress

Beneficiary registration & tracking system

Energy mapping for unconventional energy resources.

About myself..
Over 15 years of experience in Linux & various Open
Source Software.
Has been working for State & Centre Government
agencies, schemes & projects for past 8 years.
Worked as MIS GIS Expert at State Level Technical Cell for
Dept. of Housing, for Rajiv Awas Yojana for 10 months.
Previously working as Senior System Analyst & Associate
Professor at YASHADA, Pune, for about 5 years.
Submitted no of Concept Notes to Govt on various topics.
Extensive experience in assessment, evaluation, installation,
deployment, configuration, customization, implementation,
administration, training, maintainence & support of
diversified applications and systems.

Functional Competencies

CMDB, IT Assets & Infrastructure Management

IT Helpdesk Management
e-Learning Systems
Intranet & Web Development
Email, Messaging & Groupware
Geographic Information System
Knowledge Management Systems
Project Management
ETL, Data Integration & Analytics
Firewall, VPN, Router & Proxy Servers
GIS MIS Integration

Technical Skills


: PHP, C++, Java, Python, jQuery, HTML, CSS,

JavaScript, Web services
: MySQL, PostgreSQL, Firebird
Intranet / Web : Moodle, Joomla, Drupal, Wordpress, Alfresco,
Liferay, eXo Portal
: Zimbra email, messaging & groupware
: Elastix, Asterix
: iReport, Jasper Reports Server
: Talend Studio, Pentaho Data Integration
: QGIS, GRASS, Map Server, Geo Server, Open Layers
: Web Conferencing, Screen Casting, Video Streaming
Other Misc
: Redmine, Process Maker, Lime Survey
: IpCop & Endian Firewall Proxy, ISPConfig, CMDB
: CentOS Linux Administration, Webmin

Set up the server, install & configure server software.
Provide the fieldMaster Android mobile App.
Create the digital form to capture the information.
Upload the form(s) to the server.
Provide training to the field staff & back office staff.
Hand over aggregated & collated data in xlsx, csv, kml.
Generate advanced statistical, crosstab reports & charts
on weekly / monthly basis.
Generate maps with legends based on various criteria.
Prepare insightful status reports as per requirements.
Assist the organization in setting up Data Integration & BI
Platform in house.

Adequate field Training must be imparted to the field
enumerators so that they would submit the correct data
in minimum time period. A ONE day training is sufficient
for the enumerator, as,
Install & configure the app on the Android mobile phone.
Download the form on the phone from online server.
Field demonstration & practice session. Tips & Tricks.
Training can be imparted in the field itself & no state of the
art computer lab is required.
A hands on training is required for the back end Analyst
to view & download the data. The web interface is also
very intuitive so that the Analyst can view maps based on
the criteria defined in the form.

The Organization will appoint Praxis Management
Consulting as PMC on Terms of Reference (ToR) basis,
with mutually agreeable & fixed monthly remuneration.
The server software will be available to the Organization
Free of Cost, without any licensing.
If hosted in the Cloud, the Organization will need to bare
the requisite hosting charges.
If hosted in-house, the Organization will provide its own
computer hardware & network infrastructure.
The surveying agency will pay Praxis at a fixed rate per
collected record, as directed by the Organization.
The surveying agency will pay Praxis the Training charges,
per user, as directed by the Organization.


The Server can be an advanced PC, if deployed locally.

No need of any software procurement or development.
The system can be put to work in maximum 7 days.
Any number of digital forms can be hosted on the server.
Any new survey can be operational in 24 hours.
Tendering process is required only for appointing the
surveying agency, among the empanelled ones. Rest ALL
the things can be done in house.
The data collected is in real time, error-free & geo enabled.
Media like picture photos can be attached to the record.
The process of data collection itself is very fast.
Overall process has very less human interventions.
Data Entry into Excel or any other application/MIS is NOT
required at all. This eliminates all data entry errors.

Prospective Organizations
The system itself is multi tenant. One organization may
have several departments. The forms & users can be
assigned to departments & projects.
The Divisional Commissioners office
District Collectors office
Municipal Corporation
Zilla Parishad
Various government departments through respective
Nodal Agencies
Various state Authorities & Corporations

Recently in NEWS
Government to conduct detail survey of the families
of the farmers who committed suicides.
Also will gather information whether various
government schemes have reached to them.
To decide the ready reckoner rates of a particular
area, government to launch a new programme.
Government to build 5000 farm ponds in the state
every year to combat draught.
Hon High court ordered ban on Ganesh Pendals
those encroach roads & foot paths.
Western Railways attempt to conduct survey on
new Bombardier trains failed. Also not willing to get
it done through m-Indicator mobile App.

Thank You
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