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25th September 2015

Issue 4

Unlocking potential .Changing lives

Principals News
It has been a great week at

and our Learner leaders for or-

watched Manchester United

ganising it! For more information

beat Ipswich Town 3 - 0 in the

and pictures have a look at the

Capital One Cup Third Round.

Darton! We have been busy

website and on the back page!

carrying out departmental

We also welcomed a number of

reviews over the last two weeks

our Year 7 parents to school on

and it has been really

Thursday evening, hopefully this

encouraging to see the

early parents evening gave the

improvements around school. I

op p ort unit y t o address any

h ave had the p ri vi lege of

concerns much earlier.

We are currently revisiting our

observing some great lessons

curriculum offer, Mr Woodcock

is leading on this and has pulled
together a questionnaire which
has been emailed to all our
learners and parents.

and some real focus from our

Year 11 had a successful trip to

We would be really grateful if


the theatre to watch Romeo

you could support us by

and Juliet on Thursday and a

spending a few minutes

We had a great Macmillan

number of learners visited Old

completing it! The questionnaire

Coffee morning on Thursday,

Trafford with the Performance

huge thanks to Mr Gardener

can be found here.

team on Wednesday evening to

I hope you all have a wonderful

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Kate Davies

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Important Dates

Wow - what a victory!

We have added key dates for the

academic year on the college
website - these have also been
email out to all parents/carers. To
view these please visit -

A brilliant result for our rugby team this week who

took part in the mini Rugby Cup Final at Shaw
Lane. Our players were New Zealand for the
evening and were up against other nations
(teams for other secondary schools in Barnsley).

A great match all round with New Zealand

smashing their way to victory. RFU co-ordinator
said the quality of the rugby was of a high
standard and the school players showed some
real determination in all games. It was really
good to see plenty of smiles on faces and
England Rugbys core values on show throughout Well done Boys !

Parents Evenings for 2015/2016 Year 9 Parents Evening


Year 8 Parents' Evening (1) 26.11.15

Year 8 Parents' Evening (2) 03.12.15
Year 11 Parents Evening


Year 10 Parents Evening


Coffee Morning to support Macmillan Cancer

Year 7 Parents Evening (1) 10.03.16

Year 7 Parents Evening (2) 17.03.16
The above parents evenings will
take place between 4.30pm 7.30pm.

School Blogs
This week the spotlight is on the
Ethic of Excellence Blog

Ruby (mini) World Cup


It was great to see our learners,

s taff and communi ty come
together for the Macmillan Coffee
M o r ni ng thi s week a t D a r to n
The morning was well supported
with cake donations for this event
and many came to buy from a
huge range of bun, cakes, pies
and many more fancies
everyone was spoilt for choice!

discussed their work and

provided a guided tour of the
college for members of our
community. They continued to
work hard serving our staff and
their peers during the morning
A great time was had by all and
we are looking forward to
holding more events with our
co mm uni ty v er y s o o n . T he
coffee morning raised over 200
for MacMillan Cancer Support.
Well done to everyone who was
involved and thank you for all
your hard work.

Learners provided table service,

Here are just a few snippets from the great learning this week
Great news, Jason Clark 7JSH has been listed for the Pride of Barnsley
Awards for his fantastic fundraising - well done Jason!
Great perseverance by Brody Cawthorne-Cole 7RCO with his writing
narrative this week - Good Work Brody!
Brilliant work in English from learners Eleanor Baker 7ABA and Lauryna
Tolson 7ABA this week keep up the great work girls!

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