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Name and Information Address

CUTTING EDGE", a group of young & talented #20, 1st Floor, 1st Cross,
qualified Architects who can provide excellent Sampige Road, Malleswaram,
designs with a broad vision which is a result of Bangalore - 560 003
experience of practical Architecture since 2003. Tel:+(91)-(80)-4155 2100

Techlogique Consulting Pvt. Ltd.

It is one of the latest metamorphosis for Audio- Suite 8 & 9, Gem Plaza 66, Infantry
visual, Architectural lighting, and visual Road
communication. Bangalore - 560 001
Tel:+(91)-(80)- 65607426-8

DKA Hybridarch
DKA Hybridarch is a well reputed company for 23 Old Madras Road Ulsoor
providing quality architecture work to their Bangalore - 560 008
clients, they provide their services in private, Tel:+(91)-(80)- 4113 3700, 4113 3222

corporate, aviation, institutional, residential

and commercial.

Concorde Designs Pvt. Ltd.

Concorde Designs Pvt. Ltd. is well recognized No.27, Ground Floor 2nd Cross
company in this region, it has also their offices 10th Main Road, Off 100 Feet Road
in other parts of India. They provide A to Z Indiranagar 2nd Stage
services in architecture such as designs, Bangalore - 560 038
structural and civil engineering etc. Tel:+(91)-(80)- 4148 6763, 3296 5578

SEMAC Private Limited

SEMAC is one of the leading Indian multi- 24, Palace Cross Road
disciplinary consulting firm, offering a complete Bangalore - 560 020
area of services in integrated architectural and Tel:+(91)-(80)- 2344 6284, 2344 2407

engineering. Fax:+(91)-(80)- 2336 9262

Chitra Vishwanath
Located in North Bangalore, Chitra Vishwanath No. 1022, 1st Floor, 6th Block
is an architect in the city who designs homes as H.M.T. Layout, Vidyaranyapura
well as commercial buildings with Bangalore - 560 097
environmentally sound and cost effective Tel:+(91)-(80)- 4167 2790


Advith architecture firm is located in North 37, Chiranjeevi Layout, Hebbal
Bangalore and managed by S. J. Anthony. They Kempapura Road
provide services in the field of architecture, Bangalore - 560 024
interior, structural etc. Tel:+(91)-(080)- 2333 1733, 2363 7071

Motiffs Arrchitects
Motiffs Arrchitects was setup in 1998, it 102,first floor,Abhishek Complex, #
executes various projects such as commercial, 577, 17 th. Cross
recreational, office buildings, housing complex Sampige Road, Malleswaram
etc. Bangalore - 560 003 Tel:+(91)-(80)- 2336 6284

It is a team of young and dynamic well No: 13, 1st Floor, 1st Main
qualified professional, setup in 2000. K&A Jayamahal Extension
offers services as architects, interiors, Bangalore - 560 046
planning, visualization and landscapes. Tel:+(91)-(80)- 3290 0525 Fax:+(91)-(80)- 4127 9109

ONA Studio
Established in 1980, ONA is one of the oldest 3, Prime Street, 302 Greenfield
architectural firm in Bangalore, it is also known Appartments
as Omarnisar architects. The firm has shown a Bangalore - 560 025
steady growth in maintaining high standards of Tel:+(91)-(80)- 2221 6001, 2221 6029

designs. Fax:+(91)-(80)- 4114 2107

PMK Architects
PMK Architects was setup in 1980, the firm 8/201 Batavia Chambers
began their work related to industrial Kumarakrupa Road, Kumara Park
architecture and yet today the firm is Bangalore - 560 001
continuing to provide satisfactory work to their Tel:+(91)-(80)- 2226 9838

clients. Fax:+(91)-(80)- 2220 3904

It is a team of young and enthusiastic 77/3, 2nd Cross, Mountain Street
professional, having over six years of Jayanagar, 1st Block(east)
experience in this field. They deal with variety Bangalore - 560 011
of projects in residential, commercial and Tel:+(91)-(80)- 2653 8170

apartment construction.

RSP Architects Planners & Engineers

RSP Architects is one of the well known RSP House, 30 Museum Road
architects firm in Bangalore, they provide Bangalore - 560 001
quality design to their clients and work Tel:+(91)-(80)- 2559 6868, 4196 6868

according to the needs of their clients and full Fax:+(91)-(80)- 2559 6818

fill their requirements.

Shilpa Shrungar
Shilpa Shrungar was established in 1991, they 8, Near munishwara temple,
provide complete services in architectural and Nagashettyhalli
civil engineering at a very reasonable cost. Bangalore - 560 094 Tel:+(91)-(80)- 2341 8276

Zachariah Consultants
Zachariah Consultants is one of the renowned 21/4, Craig Park Layout, 21/4
architect firm situated in Bangalore. They Off Mahatma Gandhi Road
provide service like architectural designs which Bangalore - 560 001
add commercial, residential, hospitality, Tel:+(91)-(80)- 2558 6468

institutional etc.
Montimers offer reliable architectural services No.12, New No.3, Kurichettu
to their clients on a very reasonable cost. They 1St B Main, S.T. Bed, 4th Block,
have completed more than 300 projects in the Viveknagar post
area such as residential, industrial, apartments, Bangalore - 560 047
schools etc. Tel:+(91)-(80)-2553 4834

D- Quadrant
D- Quadrant is a team of progressive 10, 2nd Main, 1st Block, R.T Nagar
architects, engineers and graphic designers, Bangalore - 560 032
established in 2002. The firm is impressed Tel:+(91)-(80)- 4153 2396

everyone by their steady growth and extensive

portfolio of successful projects.

WS Atkins (India) Pvt Ltd

It is a globally known architectural firm having Vectra House, 3rd Floor # 15
their offices all over the world, they offer 1st Main, 6th Cross Gandhinagar
international standards of designs and services Bangalore - 560 009
to all their clients around the globe. Tel:+(91)-(80)- 4153 0000 Fax:+(91)-(80)- 2235 6289

Dev Bildikar Architects

Dev Bildikar started its architectural work in the 1250, 32 G Cross, 4T Block,
year 1993, he is an architecture graduate from Jayanagar
the Penn State University. The firm has worked Bangalore - 560 041
on a variety of projects for corporate and Tel:+(91)-(80)- 2663 7629

individual clients.

N.G.Associates was founded by Mr. T. J. Das, 4, Ramamurthy Complex, Kamaraja
he has more than 12 years of experience in this Road, 2nd Cross
field. They provide a complete array of services Bangalore - 586 142
for architectural & interior design projects. Tel:+(91)- 98452 16509
Mistry Architects
Mistry Architects is a well known name in the 444, 13th Cross, 5th Main, II Stage,
field of architecture. He has won so many Indiranagar
prestigious awards in the field of architect. Bangalore - 560 038 Tel:+(91)-(80)- 2525 7529, 2525 6266

Fax:+(91)-(80)- 2525 6474

Sundaram Architects Pvt. Ltd.

Sundaram Architects Pvt. Ltd. is one of the 19 Kumara Krupa Road Bangalore
most successful and experienced architectural GPO
engineering organization in India. Established Bangalore - 560 001
by Mr. Sundaram, his creative ideas and Tel:+(91)-(80)- 2238 0701, 2238 0702

innovative concepts bring this in a unique and a Fax:+(91)-(80)- 2238 0703

new perspective towards architecture.

ACE Group
ACE Group is one of the finest architectural 300, 1st Floor, Sankaran Complex
firm, setup in 1984. The firm is having good Langford Road
experience and already successfully designed Bangalore - 560 025
and execute projects in various fields such as Tel:+(91)-(80)- 2222 3999, 2222 4000

residential, commercial, industrial etc. Fax:+(91)-(80)- 2227 5252